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uhh both??

idk how it would work

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and fck Hera! I hope they get hit by a car

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So if we do a rp out - it would be rped out in the misc chat. So I’d reply, you’d reply, etc

If it was one that one of us wrote = I would just write it when inspiration striked

like that :stuck_out_tongue:

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i sayyyy we contribute to the writing of it like think of ideas and blah blah… anddd then one of us writes it

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okie okie

I’ll pm you ideas later for the context

with the hal stuff

and the alex stuff I still need to do lol

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This is definitely unique


Y’all should do just that

And the plot thickens. Is Isabella even a real montoya?


okie sounds good

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Thank you!


This made me laugh so much


Thatd be funny tbh

He doesn’t, because he doesn’t tell any girls about them. It’s only the 2 videos.

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@raviola - i was just writing leon’s reply when i saw that you posted

just making sure - do you want me to reply or has that conversation ended?

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@Caticorn, since the blog was sent before the earthquake, want to do a Misc of Hyun-Ae’s little Hannah Montana identity being exposed?


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i thought it ended my b :sob:
we can clone dw
ellas gone so she cant correct me

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Lol. Wanted to see Niko’s reaction.

yeah that works :joy:

sorry for not replying sooner

last week was not my week