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Ah, gotcha.

Most of my characters are free the next skip if you want one of them

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Tell me what they’re like (I’d search them up on the FCs but they have only bios and no persos so I need to know what they’re like) and I’ll decide which one/s I think would go along with my chars

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I’m about to go to class, so I probably won’t get to this until after, but in the meantime, their bios have basic points about their personalities in them if you want to take a look

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nah that’s too much work I’m currently makin an assigment in Ai and we have diff types of Ai in class and at home so it’s HAAARDDD

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Good way to pass my boring life


Yes, yes it is

is that greatest showman?

I don’t think it’s Euphoria :joy:

Pretty sure it is. Right before Rewrite the Stars.

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Right before Kai’s Anthem

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:joy: The song that completely represents Jess and Kai’s relationship.


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The ultimate broken heart song


How can you leave this @daniel


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You dck

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Wow with the skip

it will have been 1 month since dan disappeared

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