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{ welcome to a prestige college where hunger for knowledge meets hunger for power; a world where magic exists and is trained only at Ninth House }

In the elusive embrace of Ninth House’s towering spires, an ancient legacy whispers through the hallowed halls, intertwining dark academia with the mystical enigma. The cryptic symbols left behind by this ancient society known as Eclipsium long vanished into history, re-emerge in the shadows and secrets of Ninth House. As the sun surrenders to the horizon, shadows stretching across the college grounds, a clandestine saga unfolds for the protagonists embarking on their two last years - a journey laden with mystery, power struggles, and the relentless pursuit of arcane knowledge. The tapestry of Ninth House, concealed within ivy-covered stones, unfolds its secrets as the four enigmatic societies vie for supremacy, unknowingly hurtling towards an inevitable graduation shrouded in both legend and dread.

4 College groups:

Enter “Quantum” the Luminaries’ Council, brilliant scholars delving into forbidden knowledge within the hidden recesses of the vast library. They hold secret study sessions in the hidden corners of the vast library, where forbidden knowledge is said to be exchanged. Their power lies in the information they possess, and their influence reaches far beyond the classroom.

Accompanying them are “Enigma Stag” the Thespians’ Guild, led by the charismatic and mysterious director known only as “The Maestro.” The stage becomes both a sanctuary as this society of performers delves into ancient scripts and hidden rituals. Unbeknownst to the uninitiated, their rehearsals are not mere enactments but veiled ceremonies, where the lines between illusion and reality blur.

In the dimly lit corners of the ancient library, whispers emerge from “Cipher” the Scarlet Quill Conclave. Talented writers and poets gather in secret, their words carrying an uncanny power that transcends mere literary prowess. As the protagonists navigate their third year, these whispers hint at the ability to foretell the future or perhaps even alter the course of events.

And lurking in the underbelly of college life is the “Umbra Coven” the Nightshade Brotherhood. Their influence is subtle but pervasive, with connections reaching into every aspect of college life. As graduation looms, the Brotherhood’s plans approach fruition, and their occult practices become entwined with the destinies of everyone at this college.

As the characters move through their two final years, the headmaster’s enigmatic presence casts a long shadow over their endeavors, influencing academic affairs and weaving an intricate thread into the narrative. His daughter, Aurora Dear and her actions, add an extra layer of complexity to the unfolding drama. Caught in the currents of ambition, rivalry, and the pursuit of hidden truths, the protagonists navigate a world where the supernatural is subtly woven into the fabric of daily life. Rehearsals, secret meetings, and occult rites mark their days, culminating in a grand celestial alignment that threatens to unravel the very foundations of Ninth House and the mysteries of the Eclipsium’s legacy.

In a mysterious blend of illusion and reality, the characters face choices that go beyond their personal destinies - they hold the fate of Ninth House in their hands. As they navigate the delicate balance between what they know and what remains hidden, Ninth House invites them to explore the limits of perception.

As the academic year unfolds, students eagerly immerse themselves in the studies offered by the school’s unique curriculum. The campus buzzes with intellectual fervor, and beneath all of that competition simmers. Each student vies for the top spot in this respective college, driven by ambition, pride, and the pursuit of knowledge. The most accomplished student will gain all the knowledge and power, making them as important as a member of Eclipsiums once was. A story they’ve been told.

What are you willing to do to get to the first place?

Welcome, we wish you good luck.

In the corridors of Ninth House, everyday life for the students is filled with mystique and academic pursuit. Each society’s unique power abilities manifest in various aspects of their daily routines, creating an atmosphere of subtle enchantment.

Quantum - Luminaries’ Council (Photokinetic Resonance)

The Luminaries’ Council’s pursuit of forbidden knowledge extends beyond the classroom. In the hidden corners of the vast library, they conduct secret study sessions, utilizing their Photokinetic Resonance to manipulate light. Gleaming tomes respond to their presence, revealing truths that remain hidden in the ordinary glow.

Enigma Stag - Thespians’ Guild (Illusion Crafting)

Rehearsals for the next performance are not mere practice sessions; they are veiled ceremonies where illusion and reality intertwine. The Thespians use their Illusion Crafting abilities to transform the stage into a realm of enchantment, immersing themselves in ancient scripts that hold secrets beyond the curtain’s edge.

Cipher - Scarlet Quill Conclave (Cryptomancy)

The members of the Scarlet Quill Conclave gather in dimly lit corners of the ancient library, where whispers of the future echo. Their Cryptomancy abilities allow them to infuse their words with a subtle power. Through their everyday poetry and prose, they unknowingly alter the course of events, leaving a trail of cryptic whispers.

Umbra Coven - Nightshade Brotherhood (Shadow Manipulation)

Lurking in the shadows, the Nightshade Brotherhood subtly influences daily college life. Their Shadow Manipulation abilities allow them to move unseen, weave illusions, and exert a pervasive influence. In the dimly lit corners and secret meeting places, shadows become their allies, concealing their actions and intentions.

Please check the Handbook in links for more information!
Special thanks to @novella for helping
If you have any questions just ask
  1. Before signing up please reserve! You are allowed to only make 2 characters, it is your decision if you want one or two, this will not change throughout the roleplay; the characters that we begin with are all the characters that we will have (keep this in mind when planning your characters)
  2. There are a certain amount of open spots for specific groups that you can check in the “Reservation and sign ups” section, therefore before reserving make sure the spot you were planning to take is open.
  3. You are allowed to create new, not returning, students but this means they are still not a part of one of the groups. They would have to undergo initiations (this part is only important for the first day and your plans)
  4. Depending on the group they belong to, they have certain abilities and level of those abilities. Keep this in mind when planning your characters (an explanation of this has already been provided above). However do not mistake this for a magical, Harry Potter fighting Voldemort type of roleplay, this is all kept minimal. You are allowed to make them good at 2 things; the other two options should be average/below average (please look at the faceclaims to get an idea of that).
  5. While there’s no strict word count, avoid one-liner responses. Aim for at least 8 well-written sentences per post that contribute to the story.
  6. Have fun, plan with other users, feel free to cause drama (;

At a certain point this roleplay will have SG feel to it - to keep the points and power levels of your characters in check. In PMs I will guide you to make sure the game is fair to every character.

𝑹𝒆𝒔𝒆𝒓𝒗𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒔𝒊𝒈𝒏 𝒖𝒑𝒔 - CLOSED

GUYS: 10

Quantum: (NONE FREE)

  1. Aurora Dear
  2. Freya Hasting
  3. Celestine Beaumont
  4. Devon Lacey
  5. Raven Iseul Laurent
  6. Ayla Ki
  7. Jim (guy)

Enigma Stag: (NONE FREE)

  1. Inessa Duman
  2. Lenore Ferrell
  3. Atlas Alstone
  4. Esther Dubois
  5. Lyra Skylark
  6. Yoo Seung-min
  7. @/katabasis (guy)

Cipher: (NONE FREE)

  1. Hayes Ferrell
  2. Thalia Starling
  3. Desdemona Sevdaliza
  4. Agastya Kumara
  5. Cayenne Cassidy
  6. @/bluecookies (gender?)
  7. @/sunflower.flow (guy)

Umbra Coven: (NONE FREE)

  1. Jesse
  2. Renlin
  3. Tae
  4. Amani
  5. Vincenzo
  6. Dominic
  7. Dante

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Posting this now since I will be very busy this last week and whole January. My plan was for this to start maybe at the beginning of February after Christmas and my exams (I celebrate Christmas in January sooo :joy:)
You’ll have a lot of time to think


This is so excitinggg! We reserve groups too right?


sigh i wish i had time for this. Decisions decisions


Yes yes

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You have like a month at least
Free some time


Do it :triumph:


It’s noooot gonna start soon so no forcing, no rush dr maam


Reserve one Enigma Stag and one Quantum why is it so hard to choose :sob:


Can I reserve one enigma stag and one umbra coven?


we’ll see we’ll seeeeee


I often contemplate moving my boy because it’s hard :sob:

Allll noted


I know I want enigma stag, but idk for the second one if I want quantum or umbra coven :sob: gonna stick with my choice for now

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ahhh I have the idea for character backstories I just can’t bring myself to write it out :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:


Female pleasaee - Maddie Ziegler

Male please - Jacob elordi

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justice for cipher

Lydia would have been cipher





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do I wanna do that



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