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Summer Prior to The Academic Year

A few days ago, Dante had limped through the finish line of his first year at Ninth House, scraping by with the bare minimum. but the bare minimum, that was enough for Dante, especially when it came to school. He didn’t get the point of half of these courses, Complete bullsh-t, he’d mutter under his breath after every particularly perplexing class. Besides his meager academic achievements, he had found his first year had been successful, he had found his place in Umbra Coven, and made some good friends across the campus but especially in his own house.

One of those friends was Renlin Duman, over the year they had gotten into trouble together a few times, but it had all been more than worth it for the thrill and excitement it had brought. While Dante would have to miss his other friends from Ninth House for a few months, he wouldn’t have to miss Renlin, as Dante had been invited to stay over with the Dumans. As he was finishing up packing his last things, he gave himself a smirk in the mirror. This summer is going to be one h-ll of a ride, he mused, anticipating the thrill and excitement that awaited.

His farewell to his mother was a casual mumble, and his father, in Dante’s eyes, didn’t merit a single word of goodbye. In that moment Dante felt quite grateful for Renlin, that he allowed him into his house, as the Blackwell house was a place where Dante preferred not to be. He then put on his motorcycle jacket, gloves and helmet. Securing his tail bag filled with clothes to the luggage rack of his motorcycle, he revved the engine and set off, music blasting through his helmet.

He was in for quite a ride to the Duman house, about an hour or 2 if everything went well. He loved the excitement of riding through all the traffic, having to constantly be alert. As a motor on the highway, one by far is the most at risk, yet that is part of what Dante enjoyed about it. Besides the wind rushing past him and the hum of the motor. Midway through, he took a break, shooting Renlin a text confirming he was on the road, making sure Renlin would be making it from the island to the mainland in time. The anticipation of the summer adventures fueled his determination to reach the Duman house, setting the stage for an unforgettable time.

As Dante cruised down the highway, the sun dipping below the horizon painted the sky in hues of orange and pink. The asphalt stretched out before him, a ribbon of freedom cutting through the landscape. However, the journey from his home to the Duman house was not without its unexpected twists. Unbeknownst to him, his spirited ride had caught the attention of a patrolling police officer.

As he accelerated down the highway, the distant flashing lights in his rearview mirror drew his attention. The realization that he had become the subject of law enforcement interest tightened a knot in his stomach. Glancing at his speedometer, Dante noted that he might have been pushing the boundaries a bit too much.

Reluctantly, he pulled over to the side of the road, the officer’s patrol car stopping behind him with a measured authority. Dante turned off his motorcycle, took off his helmet, and awaited the inevitable conversation. The officer, a stern-faced individual with a badge gleaming in the twilight, approached Dante.

“Good evening, sir,” the officer greeted, his tone carrying a mix of authority and suspicion.

Dante, maintaining his trademark nonchalant demeanor, replied with a casual nod. “Evening. What seems to be the problem, officer?”

The officer, scrutinizing Dante for a moment, explained the reason for the stop, citing concerns about his speed and riding behavior. Dante, with a charismatic grin, tried to play it cool, asserting that he was just enjoying the open road.

A brief exchange ensued, and it became apparent that Dante’s charm was working its magic. The officer, after a stern warning about road safety, allowed him to continue his journey with a cautionary shake of the head. As Dante revved the engine once more and merged back onto the highway, he couldn’t help but feel a surge of relief mixed with the thrill of narrowly avoiding a more significant detour.

The highway stretched out before Dante as the city lights disappeared in the rearview mirror. The encounter with the law enforcement officer was now a tale he’d share with a chuckle, and the night air held a certain freshness as he approached the meeting place from where they would be taking a boat. Spotting Renlin waiting, Dante pulled his motorcycle to a stylish halt on the parking, the engine’s growl subsiding as he killed the ignition.

Dante, tossing his helmet onto the passenger seat of the motorcycle, strolled over to his friend with a cocky smile. “Well, well, look who’s ready for a wild summer. Hope you’ve got some chaos planned, my friend. I’ve just narrowly escaped the clutches of the law to make it here.” He came a soft chuckle. Without missing a beat, Dante extended his hand for a fist bump, but before Renlin could respond, he pulled him into a pound hug, a swift and friendly embrace that spoke volumes about their camaraderie.

@Madilnel - Renlin



Towards the End of the Previous Year

Dante had decided to skip a class today. With the weather doing its best to be agreeable, he ditched the lecture hall for the concrete playground of urban exploration and freerunning. He had put on some comfy and lightweight clothing, put on his parkour shoes, and brought his urban exploring backpack. This miniature urban explorer’s arsenal contained the tools of the trade: gloves for maintaining a grip on reality (or at least on ledges), a lockpicking set (because you never know when you’ll stumble upon an abandoned fortress in the heart of the city), a trusty flashlight for shedding light on dark alleyways and potential hiding spots, and a power bank to ensure his electronic devices didn’t die mid-climb.

As he set forth into the cityscape, Dante couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought of his academic pursuits left in the dust, overshadowed by the thrill of the unknown. Urban exploration and freerunning weren’t just activities for Dante – they were a rebellion against the mundane, a dance with the unexpected, and, most importantly, a darn good reason to ditch class. And there he stood prepared to face whatever obstacles the city threw at him today - whether it be towering buildings, perplexed pigeons, or the occasional quizzical pedestrian wondering if they’d just witnessed a real-life Spider-Man in the making.

The rhythmic beat of his parkour shoes against concrete echoed his rebellious spirit. Buildings, alleys, and staircases became his playground, each jump and vault a dance of defiance against the ordinary. With fluid grace, Dante leaped from one rooftop to another, the wind tousling his hair as he soared through the urban expanse. His parkour prowess turned the city into a three-dimensional puzzle, and Dante was the master solver, navigating gaps and ledges with the finesse of a freerunning virtuoso.

The world beneath him blurred as he executed a seamless wall run, defying gravity for just a moment before attempting a daring flip to a neighboring rooftop. However, this leap proved to be more audacious than anticipated. Mid-air, the realization hit Dante - the distance was too great.

For a heartbeat, time seemed to suspend as Dante’s carefree grin faltered. Yet, in an instant, with a swift and practiced motion, he summoned the power within him - the ability to bend space and time. In a blink, he disappeared from the mid-air dilemma, only to reappear safely on the intended rooftop.

As Dante caught his breath, he couldn’t shake the feeling of a pair of eyes on him. He noticed a lone onlooker, a guy on the ground who had witnessed the entire spectacle with wide eyes. A sense of urgency gnawed at Dante. The last thing he needed was rumors spreading about his unique abilities or how he used them. With a nonchalant swagger, he descended the fire escape, leaping down with the grace of someone accustomed to defying gravity.

Approaching the onlooker, Dante flashed a charismatic grin, “Hey there! Enjoy the show?” he asked, an air of casualness in his tone, masking the magic and adrenaline which was still coursing through him. “Trade secret, my friend. But, you know, not everyone appreciates the kind of magic that happens up there. I like to keep it on the down-low, if you get my drift?” He wasn’t afraid to make direct eye-contact with the guy, communicating that it was something that must be kept between them.

@idiot.exe - Dom


Ten Years Old | Around the Skylark Cabbin

A warm breeze danced through the air, carrying with it the sweet scent of wildflowers that surrounded the Skylark family estate. A ten-year-old Lyra sat on a soft blanket spread beneath the ancient oak tree, her small fingers delicately plucking the strings of the harp her grandmother had gifted her. The melodies she coaxed from the instrument echoed through the open meadow, harmonizing with the rustling leaves and the distant chirping of crickets.

As the harp’s ethereal notes danced with the breeze, Lyra felt a profound connection to the natural world. Butterflies fluttered around her, drawn to the harmonious tunes that echoed through the meadow. The sun dipped lower, casting a golden glow upon her as she immersed herself in the enchanting symphony she created.

Amidst the blissful melody, Lyra’s keen ears caught the subtle rustle of leaves and the soft crunch of grass underfoot. Her eyes widened with curiosity, and she paused mid-tune, the harp’s resonance lingering in the air. The footsteps grew nearer, a rhythm distinct from the natural cadence of the meadow. Lyra’s heart, once lost in the magic of her harp, quickened with a mixture of excitement and caution.

Turning her gaze toward the source of the approaching footsteps, Lyra spotted a figure emerging from the tree line. A mix of curiosity and apprehension danced in her eyes as she wondered who might be intruding on her musical sanctuary. The mysterious visitor’s presence added a new layer to the melody in the air, blending with the lingering notes of her harp, creating an unexpected and intriguing harmony.

Lyra, with a sense of cautious curiosity, looked towards the approaching figure and noticed a girl around her age emerging from the trees. The stranger had an air of uncertainty about her, and her eyes reflected a mix of curiosity and shyness. Lyra offered a warm, tentative smile and spoke with a gentle tone, “Hello there! I’m Lyra. What brings you to the meadow?”

@Mouschi - Esther


Summer Break Prior

Renlin felt a twinge of melancholy as the school year ended. It wasn’t about missing the classes or routines, but more about the constant busyness and distractions that came with school life. There was a sense of always having someone around, providing company and activities. The nights, in particular, held a certain emptiness without the usual hustle and bustle.

Partially driven by this sentiment, Renlin extended an invitation to Dante to stay with them for the summer. It was a way to fill the void left by the school year’s end and bring a lively energy back into his everyday life.

Renlin felt a surge of excitement at the prospect of returning to the island. The constant, soothing sound of waves lapping against the shore created a comforting backdrop no matter where he was. The dock held a special allure for him, spending hours under the sun, even if it meant enduring a sunburn—disregarding his sister’s sunscreen advice. The island’s appeal lay in its sense of mystery and freedom. Out there, they could practice without anyone knowing, enjoying unrestricted exploration.

Renlin stood by their driveway, situated across the bay. The driveway served a singular purpose, leading to an underground garage, surrounded by trees, for storing their various vehicles and culminating in a dock with their boat moored at the end. The dock faced the one connecting to their island, creating a direct path between the two.

Anticipating Dane’s arrival, Renlin opted for the pontoon instead of the canoe. Considering Dante’s motorcycle journey, he figured it was wiser not to assume an abundance of luggage.

Renlin grinned at Dante’s arrival, “Well, well, the summer adventurer himself took you long enough. Chaos? You bet. Let’s make this summer one for the books, my friend. The island’s waiting, and who knows what kind of mischief we can conjure up.” The promise of a thrilling summer hung in the air as they embarked on yet another escapade together.

Renlin warmly accepted Dante’s hug, reciprocating the embrace. Renlin, ever easygoing and approachable, had a unique comfort with physical touch. Whether it was a friendly pat on the back, a tight hug from a friend, or even a casual arm around the shoulder, he didn’t mind at all. This openness to physical contact wasn’t limited to a select few; he welcomed it from anyone in his circle. Renlin had a finely tuned radar for physical touch, and let’s just say, when it came from certain pretty girls, it was like adding extra sprinkles to an already delightful ice cream cone.

Renlin chuckled at Dante’s mention of narrowly escaping the law, “And narrowly escaping the law? Who was the officer, my dad can take care of it.” He playfully joined the conversation, a grin on his face, as they started walking towards the dock.

Renlin assumed the role of captain aboard their small vessel. With a playful grin, he navigated the boat. Renlin’s love for boats extended to both those with or without a motor — the quiet serenity of a canoe, gliding smoothly over calm waters, and the energetic buzz of a motored boat, cutting through waves with a sense of speed and power. Each vessel represented a distinct experience on the water, and Renlin embraced the versatility, finding joy in the peaceful solitude of one and the dynamic excitement of the other.

“Welcome to Shadow Isle,” Renlin announced with a touch of mystery in his voice. “My great-grandfather named the place when he bought the land, and the small town a few miles away.” Renlin sure felt like a king when he was back home.

The island, nestled in the embrace of the bay, Its name echoed the whispers of magic that seemed to dance through the air, weaving an otherworldly tapestry around every corner. With its lush greenery, hidden coves, and the mysterious rustle of leaves, promised a summer filled with enchantment and the allure of the extraordinary.

Renlin had heard stories from his father about this place, tales woven with the desire for a hidden haven where he and his friends, or family who shared their unique gifts, could gather and revel in their freedom without interference.

Renlin chuckled, “Also, Inessa’s not exactly thrilled about your arrival, it seems. Something about our obnoxious laughs and stench ruining the serene vibes of this place.” The island, shrouded in mystery, seemed to welcome the lively energy they brought, even if it ruffled Inessa’s feathers a bit.



Esther Ruth Dubois | 10 Years Old

On this picturesque summer day, the air was alive with the humming of bees and the singing of birds that soared between the trees. Esther skipped along the dirt path barefooted, singing quietly to herself while nibbling on a strawberry she had picked. Leaves crunched beneath her feet and the soft earth cushioned her every step. She wandered aimlessly, stopping at each flower bed and taking in the beautiful floral scent. As she turned the corner, she immediately recognized the delightful notes of a harp being played with precision. Without another moment of contemplation, she levitated towards the music as she couldn’t resist its siren call.

There, in the golden sunlight, was a young girl with luscious blonde hair and gorgeous silver eyes. The sun’s angle complimented every feature of her face and made her out to be one of the most beautiful girls Esther had ever seen. With a few cautious steps, she continued up the path until they met each other’s eyes. Then, noticing her presence, the girl called out to her, "Hello there! I’m Lyra. What brings you to the meadow?”. The music seemed to weave a spell around her, making it impossible for Esther to turn away. And finally, the sight of the harp filled Esther’s consciousness with excitement.

”Hi Lyra, I’m Esther! You have a pretty harp and . . . you’re pretty too!”, she said excitedly, flashing a toothy smile. For a brief moment, Esther pondered over the question Lyra had asked, placing a finger on her chin. ”I’m just going for walk to cool down, my family had a picnic somewhere around there”, she said pointing in the direction she emerged from. Placing her hand on her forehead, she wiped off a bead of sweat, the breeze was refreshing but the sun was almost overbearing. She jogged up beside Lyra and plopped down at her side, in the comfort of the shade provided by the tree leaves. Lyra’s voice was captivating and inviting, dissolving any apprehension held by Esther.



Firsties Ren X Thalia

Renlin had crossed paths with Thalia just a few weeks ago. It hadn’t been enough to figure her out, not even a smidge. He found himself pondering over simple details like her last name. What color gets her all excited? whether she had ever ventured into the realm of skinny dipping? These were the burning questions that were keeping Renlin on his toes, the kind of curious itch that comes with trying to decode the riddle that was Thalia.

They got paired up for a project, and Renlin could sense the sheer thrill emanating from her immediately. She was practically doing a happy dance when he strolled over, plopped down next to her, and leaned in for the grand introduction. His hair was a tad shorter; he’s been on a mission to grow it out since then.

“Hey, I’m Renlin,” he’d said, flashing a laid-back grin that she wasn’t exactly a fan of back then. However, he’s convinced it’s grown on her since. The charm of a friendly smile, working its slow magic.

I am outside waiting patiently for you to join me 🤓

Ren sent her a text message, claiming he was waiting patiently. In reality, he was doing a pacing marathon between two lamp poles, each stride covering the ground with ease. His hands were jammed into the pockets of his sweatshirt. It was late, and he wondered if she was even awake. Who else would be at this hour? Ren was always up, thanks to his nocturnal companions. But that was the drill for him.

Fortunately, he didn’t have to twiddle his thumbs for too long. There she was, emerging from the depths of the school. At first, just a small figure in the distance, gradually expanding as she approached. Her hair danced with each step, a rhythmic prelude to her arrival. As her face drew nearer, he attempted to decipher the emotions playing across it. Was it excitement, or did a hint of annoyance linger? This was a face he knew all too well—reading Thalia’s expressions had become something of a personal skill.

A grin that threatened to stretch across his face took hold as she joined him. The moonlight, like a silent collaborator, painted her features with an ethereal glow, and for a moment, Renlin couldn’t help but revel in the simple joy of her company under the night sky.

“You just can’t stay away from me, huh?” he quipped, bending down ever so slightly—the usual stance for his conversations. Stepping to the side, he gestured dramatically to their mighty steed for the night, his motorcycle. Grabbing the helmet from the seat, he extended it towards her. “Put it on.” The evening promised adventure, and Renlin was all in.



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༄ؘ ۪۪۫۫ ▹▫◃ ۪۪۫۫ ༄ؘ

Study, study, study – that was what Thalia was supposed to be doing, and well… she was only truthfully half studying. She was in her very large dorm, a single candle flickering on her maroon desk, the candle casting dancing shadows across the pages of her textbooks that always managed to fascinate Thalia no matter how used to it she was. See, Thalia had a peculiar habit of lighting up a candle when she was studying, it was a habit she had borrowed from Calista, one of her triplet sisters, who tended to study until the candle melted and at first Thalia had thought or well convinced herself that it would be a good study method for her, a way to enhance her focus but the reality was a different tale as Thalia could not help but to groan at how long the candle would take to melt, meaning that she was complaining in her head most of the time of the time it took instead of truly studying.

As she pored over her notes, trying to decipher the intricacies of the subject at hand, Thalia’s mind kept wandering into realms far beyond the confines of her textbooks. Boredom was creeping in, storming the doors of her mind like an unwelcome guest, and she could not help but to sigh loudly, casting an impatient glance at the stubbornly slowed-burning candle .The wax trickled down in lazy rivulets, seemingly taking ages to melt away completely. Seriously how did Calista manage to do this without dying of boredom and why did Thalia still chose this method knowing that all she could do was watch the wax as it took ages and ages to melt. Sigh, she wished she was doing something more fun instead of studying for hours.

She could have been playing video games, reading a novel maybe, or binge-watching her favorite tv shows and movies like she always did or photographing, searching up pictures of buildings and their designs and pinning it on her pinterest board, anything but studying but no she had study because she had to be a good student and prove herself or more like prove something to herself, uncover the truth, but why did proving herself have to be so boring?

Right, because life was never easy Thalia knew this, she knew very well and she knew that her time would not be easy when she signed up to go to Ninth house and was accepted there, she knew it and yet she still came, well she did have her reasons, reasons that no one knew about and reasons she couldn’t even share within her thoughts, at least not yet.

“Stop distracting yourself Thalia,” Thalia told herself as she rubbed her temples. Right, she had to focus on studying and that was what she was doing, she was doing it until of course she got a text message and she couldn’t help herself but to check who texted because after all, a short phone break never hurts now did it. She flipped her phone over, putting her pin and unlocking her phone to see who sent her a message.

RenRen :bear:: I am outside waiting patiently for you to join me :nerd_face:

Renlin Dunman, the guy who she had been paired up for a project a couple of weeks ago, the guy who also happened to be Inessa’s brother. When they had first been paired up, Thalia did not realize who he was- that he was Inessa’s brother that was of course until something had happened, at first that information had troubled her but either ways Renlin Duman had always managed to somehow trouble her. It was not because he was hard to read- no, Thalia would say he was quite easy to read, but it was because of something she could not quite place her fingers on.

She stared at the message, her fingers hovering around the keypad as she thought of what to text. ‘No’ a firm no is what she should have told him, they were not working on the project anymore and she was studying, Thalia had to study until the candle fire went off, even though it seemed it would take it 50 years. She pressed No, her finger hovering over the send button but she did not press send, at least not yet. She had to give herself more time to think about it.

Ok Thalia think about it- she had two choices, continue studying until the candle stops its light or go see what Renlin wants and the choice should be obvious, it should be to study. Yes, study until the candle fire died out that was her choice. She tapped her fingers on the desk, looking at the candle, a small grin crossed her face as she leaned forward to blow out the candle flame, whispering,
“Well, it seems like the light melted,” Well, she did not have to study anymore, the candle had extinguished totally on its own of course ignoring the fact that Thalia had been the one to extinguish it

She stood up from her desk, grabbing a brown trench coat, and her shoulder bag, the one she never failed to carry with her as it had things that she held quite special to her. It was time to sneak outside without being caught and Thalia knew just how to do it, after all… After all something.

The dormitory corridor was dimly lit, shadows dancing along the walls as she moved with deliberate quietness, walking towards a corner she always tended to follow and reaching a door. She pushed the door open and began to walk around until she spotted Renlin. She had grabbed her phone, texting him.

Sorry but I am studying,

Hitting sent, but before he could reply to her text or even open her text, she began to walk in front of him, stopping at a specific spot and waving at him, curiosity evident in he eyes and in her expression as she wondered just what was it that he wanted. He began to walk towards her, with his usual confidence demeanor on that always amused Thalia and made her arc a brow.

“You just can’t stay away from me, huh?"

“You’re the one who texted,” She countered, a small smile on her face as she played with her pendant. She was glad he did, even if she would not admit it, “So isn’t it you,” She began, her voice soft and low, as her eyes glistened with playfulness, “Who can’t stay away from me?” She teased, coming a little closer, though managing to keep the distance between them.

Thalia was about to ask why he had called for her, what did he want, but before she could do that, Renlin had stepped to the side, giving Thalia the chance to see his ride- a motorcycle. He grabbed a helmet from the seat, extending it towards her, “No, no way,” She said, “There is no way I am riding on that,” She said pointing to the motorcycle, “Especially when I don’t know where I’m going, where are we going Renlin?” And how can she avoid getting on that motorcycle? Because sure riding a motorcycle has always been one of her fantasies, though she never actually wished to try it out due to well… Fear and well the biker aesthetic was not really her thing.

༄ؘ ۪۪۫۫ ▹▫◃ ۪۪۫۫ ༄ؘ



Firsties Ren X Thalia

Before heading out for the night, Renlin found himself sprawled on the floor. He realized he had dozed off while doodling, an invitation for a dream, or rather, a nightmare, to take the stage. Sensing the darkness, he jolted himself awake, thrashing around so much that his body toppled off the bed in a rather literal interpretation of the phrase “falling out of a dream.”

Renlin was not one to eagerly wait on the embrace of sleep. While many people looked forward to the end of the day, excited to crawl into bed for a peaceful night’s rest, he approached his bed with a different agenda. For him, the prospect of sleep didn’t promise tranquility, it carried dread. Instead of seeking comfort in dreams, he found himself nervous of the nightmares that often lurked in the corners of his slumber.

The most unsettling aspect for Renlin was the unpredictable nature of these nightmares. They didn’t strike consistently, adding an element of fear to the unknown. In attempts to find respite, his sister had offered remedies—teas, herbs—that could coax him into a more restful slumber. While effective in letting him sleep through the night, the aftermath left him groggy and somewhat detached the next day, a trade-off he grappled with in his pursuit of a peaceful night’s rest.

Now, however, he discovered a nighttime companion—a rather attractive one, at that. Not just any buddy, like his guy friends, but one he found pleasure in looking at. This particular companion, he found himself not just liking to look at, but also enjoying the simple pleasure of touching. And as for the details of those ventures, well, that’s a tale for another time.

“So isn’t it you, who can’t stay away from me?” she teased, closing the distance between them. Renlin, with a playful glint in his eyes, responded, “You’re right, I can’t.” The authenticity of his words carried with a hint of playfulness. Their exchange wasn’t just banter; it provided a glimpse into the emotions that shaded the night.

Renlin wasn’t one to deny or play hard to get when it came to feelings. While he might intentionally put on a somewhat cheeky personality, he was unafraid to confront and embrace a wide range of emotions no matter if it is love, hatred, lust, or anything in between. In the world of emotions, Renlin reveled rather than retreated.

Renlin, being the instagator he is, responded with a raised brow of his very own. “Is there something else you’d rather ride?” he asked, his gaze sweeping the surroundings as if in search of a differennt mode of transportation before returning to her. With a playful smirk, he extended the helmet once again.

With a smirk that hinted at a flair for the unpredictable, “Wherever the night takes us, Thalia. Sometimes, the best journeys are the ones with no set destination.” he added, shaking the helmet for her to grab out of his hands. Like taunting a dog with a treat. Little did Thalia know, Renlin had mapped out the night with a thrilling sense of planned recklessness. Behind the casual demeanor was a planned adventure waiting to unfold.



Dominic Vaillant

Towards the end of the previous year

[⋅𖥔⋅]═════⋅𖥔⋅═══ [ ] ═══⋅𖥔⋅═════[⋅𖥔⋅]

Dominic’s footsteps echoed off the concrete sidewalk almost rhythmically. His pace was quick, avoiding the eyes of pedestrians and swiftly dodging any contact with them. He didn’t want to make his task longer than it should be. His grandmother requested help in the bakery that morning and Dominic had taken his sweet time getting to it. He didn’t know what’s more annoying, the blindingly bright sun peeking through the clouds, the weight of the flour bag in his hands, or the thought of having to work on a free day. He glanced at the buildings across the street from time to time, hoping to spot the bakery. Though his vision blurred, there was no doubt he’d see it in a second. During the day, the first thing that caught his eyes were the vines of roses growing up the walls. And at night, the two bright lamps which shined in a golden hue. A modest family, they called themselves. But the bakery was far from it.

As he stopped at the crosswalk, his eyes became focused on the rooftops on the other side. The eyes of other people was something he would’ve rather avoided. Through his almost dazed stare, a shadowy figure moved in the corner of his eye. Dominic could tell it was another trick of his eyes, yet his curiosity got the best of him. He swiftly turned his head towards it. It looked almost real, unfading, even though he focused on it like an eagle. The more time passed, the closer it seemed to become.

As the traffic light turned green, Dominic crossed the street at a quickened pace. His eyes locked with the figure, which slowly began to clear up. And to his surprise, it was a person, dashing their way across the rooftops. Dominic stopped in his tracks, unable to take his eyes away. He was supposed to head towards the bakery, which was in clear sight already. But as the figure rushed past him, he found himself turning around and following it. He pushed past the crowds of people going by their day, his walk almost becoming a sprint. Though he was usually fast, he could barely match the speed of the mysterious man above. As an alleway came into view, Dominic swiftly slipped in. A shortcut — that was the only way to outrun the figure without the obstacles on the sidewalk.

He navigated his way through the small streets with ease. The map of the neighborhood was already imprinted on his mind after all those years he’d spent there. His sprinting turned to a run, his breathing becoming quicker than he could handle. He tried to ignore the discomfort of the layers of clothes he’d put on and the heavy bag in his arms, practically locking his eyes on the mysterious man. An exit was in sight, and he was soon on the other side of the neighborhood.

He held onto the wall to catch his breath for a brief second. The figure was running across a rooftop again, about to make a jump. Dominic froze up as he watched, noticing the greater distance between the buildings. The man was mid-air with no chance to make it through. Dominic felt his heart drop, realizing what he was about to witness. And in an instant, the figure disappeared.

Dominic was absolutely dumbfounded. His eyes were so wide he could barely blink. And the next second, the man was safely on the other side. Dominic’s hand slowly slipped off the wall, taking a step forward. It felt as if the only thing he could hear was his rapid heartbeat. There was no way what he saw was real, it had to be another illusion.

The figure moved again. In fact, he seemed to be moving towards Dominic. Before be could blink, he descended down the fire escape and began walking closer. In his panic, Dominic took a step back and clutched the flour bag to his chest. He wasn’t sure what this man would want with him. What was he supposed to do? Asking the guy if he’d disappeared would’ve made him sound like a madman. Not to mention admiting he’d been watching his stunts. Dominic could barely catch his breath from the earlier chase, straining his chest muscles to slow his breathing.

He was met with the stranger’s charismatic grin, an expression that sent chills down his spine. Whatever it was, he’d been caught. And there was no telling what would come for him next.

Dominic slowly nodded at his question, refusing to break eye contact. He was focused on the strange figure, his body language and movement — anything that would indicate he needed to run. And meeting eyes with him, it was intimidating. Dominic hated how powerless it made him feel.

He cleared his throat, preparing himself. It’d been a while since he’d spoken, he could only hope his voice wouldn’t betray him. “Hmm, yes,” he replied, his words coming out quiet and hoarse. But as he continued, it began to clear up. “Quite a skill you have.” He paused, unsure how to continue. He had to be careful with his words, yet he was drawing a blank. “At first, I thought my eyes deceived me. It’s not an everyday thing to see someone doing parkour.” He took a step forward, his grip on the flour loosening as he transferred it to one hand. “I could’ve sworn you even disappeared mid-air. You must be very, very talented. Aren’t you? Because you definitely fooled me.”

[⋅𖥔⋅]═════⋅𖥔⋅═══ [ ] ═══⋅𖥔⋅═════[⋅𖥔⋅]

@Jass ⋅𖥔⋅ Dante Blackwell



{ end of the previous school year in a far corridor / with Renlin }


Hayes’ mission began way back before the end of the school year, before someone he considered friend* found him almost passed out in front of a blank wall in one of the school corridors, weird symbols written all over the floor.

It began one day, at the beginning of that second semester when his best friend Miles** started acting rather strange. Words coming out of his mouth that Hayes did not understand; now, it’s not that he didn’t understand him, it’s that it simply did not make sense. From Miles’ point of view it felt wrong being as powerful as he was, as if he did not deserve it, did not deserve what those powers would later mean to his life. For someone as brilliant and dedicated as Miles, this existential crisis - constant paranoia and a sense that he was in danger was a disturbing revelation. If someone knew Miles it was Hayes. His sharp intellect and dedication to his studies quickly set him apart from their peers, and Hayes always admired him for it. One could say he was Hayes’ role model, one of the reasons why Hayes became even more thirsty for knowledge and academic validation. Other than his sister, Lenore, who he wanted nothing but to protect and secure their future.

Hayes became determined to uncover the source of his weird behavior and he had every right to believe that the root problem was in Aurora; a girl who possibly knew everything about everyone and was putting on this positive persona he so deeply hated because it was obviously so fake. She simply had the privilege of being the headmaster’s daughter and if she wanted something her father would make sure she got it. At least that’s how Hayes understood things work around here but there was one thing that did not add up - the two of them were in a romantic relationship. A fact Hayes couldn’t bear, couldn’t understand. A guy so smart was definitely not smart about his love interest. However, Hayes’ attempt was not successful because nearing the end of the school year was when Miles disappeared.


Hayes did everything he could to find Miles which ultimately led him to search his whole dorm room in the hope of finding something, anything and to his luck it worked. He was soon in possession of something one might call a diary but it looked far from it. It was filled with Latin words and things Hayes did not understand, an indication that his friend had begun a research of his own. Could that possibly be what led to his disappearance? Will the same thing happen to Hayes? Sometimes, he liked to think of himself as a risk taker and not the boy someone would often ignore and put in the category of a nerdy shy guy who probably plots something dark (as Amani does); and that day he was feeling risky.

What Hayes later discovered and what led him to serious, dedicated research was an event he does not dare to speak of for fear that it could’ve been real and not just a trick of his mind, or a fear that he was losing his mind. A traumatic event that will get him where he will later be - back in Ninth House, repeating a year.

In the depths of his research, Hayes became convinced that a secret chamber lay concealed within the hallowed walls of Ninth House and he wanted to find it. On the day Renlin stumbled upon him in that hallway, Hayes was kneeling before a wall in a forgotten hallway with a book and rare herbs in front of him. If he did the right thing, if the right spells left his mouth the door would appear in front of him, and in his mind Hayes could vividly visualize that happening so clearly because he was right. He had to be right.

Unfazed by the strange symbols that made no sense, he meticulously drew them on the floor and with that Hayes began the chants that spilled from his lips. It was as if the energy shifted, as if the corridor seemed to respond, absorbing the mystical vibrations. However, in a moment of determination he took the next step. The ritual demanded more than symbols and words; it demanded a sacrifice, a blood one. So with a ceremonial knife in hand, he carefully cut his palm. His blood dripped onto the symbols below and that’s when the strangest thing started happening; they twisted as if resisting his intentions. And that’s when it happened…

Nothing. Hayes was wrong. There was no secret chamber and all of this was for nothing. In the aftermath of the ceremony, Hayes found himself weakened and disoriented, his vision blurred and senses dulled by the forces he had sought to manipulate. It was at this moment that from the corner of his eye he saw a movement, and slowly moving his head towards it he saw him - he saw Renlin staring at him. ”Ren-This… this is not what it looks like- It’s,“ Hayes met Renlin’s gaze with a haunted expression, his actions weighing heavily on him. As he attempted to get up from the cold floor, his limbs felt weak. The symbols on the floor seemed to mock him, silent witnesses to his silly attempt. ”Hey, it’s… I thought there was something here, okay?“

* that friend being Renlin but we’ll get to it later, be patient dear reader
** If you remember, Miles is the top student that later went missing
@Madilnel - Ren



༄ؘ ۪۪۫۫ ▹▫◃ ۪۪۫۫ ༄ؘ

In the woods somewhere

༄ؘ ۪۪۫۫ ▹▫◃ ۪۪۫۫ ༄ؘ

Here she stood, a deliberate deviation from the realm of textbooks, no regrets in her decision. The wind, a gentle caress, wove through the labyrinth of her long, thick, curly hair. The night air bore a crispness that embraced Thalia, offering solace within its stillness. The fragrance of blooming flowers lingered, contributing a delicate note to the nocturnal symphony.

She stared at Renlin, with all the world’s curiosity in her eyes and a hint of amusement in it too. Renlin always managed to amuse her, even when at times she would find herself annoyed or more like confused with his antics, she never once found him unamusing and that was a good thing. Being around Renlin was like taking a break from the world, it was relaxing in a very hyper way which Thalia liked. That was the reason she had agreed to come outside at this time, because it was Renlin and also because she was getting tired of studying and researching, she needed a break

“You just can’t stay away from me, huh?" Renlin had said, a smirk tugging the corners of his lips and amusement visible in his eyes.

Thalia had responded to him, like she always did, saying, “So isn’t it you, who can’t stay away from me?” her voice was teasing, Renlin’s own was too but with a hint of something else at least with his next response. What was his next response you might be wondering? Well, it was You’re right, I can’t and that had sent subtle flutters through Thalia’s stomach—a sensation she attempted to downplay, after all he was Inessa’s brother and that is all he should be.

When Renlin had tried to hand her a helmet so she could ride on his motorcycle with him, Thalia had swiftly turned that down. No, there was no way she was going to ride on a motorcycle. Renlin had responded to her rejection with a raised brow, is there something else you’d rather ride?

Curse, curse, curse her dirty mind.

At that question, Thalia had thought some very differently from what he had probably intended for it to sound like. Her mind had went to memories that were not quite unpleasant… God what was she saying. She blinked turning around, he was right- there was no other surrounding mode of transportation, well of course except for their, “Legs. Renlin , we are humans, we have legs.” She told him as she leaned sightly close to him. “It’s not that far is it?” And even if it was, they could still probably manage- Renlin did look like an athlete and Thalia was used to walking long miles , especially when she was… out… exploring.

As she continued to reject the “invitation” to riding the motorcycle, she had asked Renlin where exactly theh were going to. His response had made her arc a brow, in addition to a small smile that tugged the corners of her lips. So you either have absolutely no idea where we are going or I am assuming its a secret?" And for some reason both excited her, she really need a break from everything.

༄ؘ ۪۪۫۫ ▹▫◃ ۪۪۫۫ ༄ؘ



Atlas Theodore Alstone

Roughly 5 years ago ~ Beaumont’s estate


Eyes closed and violin in hand, Atlas let the melody sway him. It’s graceful tone echoed off the grand walls, reaching the painted ceilings, the carefully carved figures that adorned the numerous pillars. The sound of his father’s melancholy piano and his mother’s radiant voice complimented Atlas’ violin. They were so synchronized, it was nearly impossible to tell there were separate musicians playing. As a musical and wealthy family, the Alstones were often invited to perform at prestigious events. Yet Atlas never thought he’d be called to play in a palace so grand. As soon as he stepped on the land, he felt as if he’d entered an old storybook. From the railings to the golden accents, the statues and warm-tinted chandeliers, every little detail gave off an aura of glamour.

The Alstones in particular stood atop a platform, where a marble staircase descended on both sides. The longer they played, the more it felt like their music had gained a material form. A foggy mist began to swirl at their feet, flowing off the platform like a dreamlike waterfall. Their instruments began to emanate a soft glow, golden ribbons of light following the rhythm of their music. An illusiory landscape formed around them, twisting and changing along with the melody.

The people below kept their eyes locked on the show, as if enchanted. The elegant formalwear they flaunted was a clear sign of their wealth and prestige. And among them were the Beaumonts, the family friends which had invited the Alstones to perform.

It was highly important to Atlas to give it his best. Not because they were well respected connections, in fact that seemed only half true. But because he’d noticed something between his mother and Columbina Beaumont. A tension hidden beneath their polite smiles. It was as if their friendship hung by a string, threatening to fall apart any moment. He couldn’t fail nor disappoint them, especially at an event of high priority. His need for perfection took over, his eyes tightening briefly as he played. It turned from something enjoyable, to yet another competition against his own abilities. Atlas was lucky that his parents’ illusory images overshadowed his own shortcomings. If anybody paid more attention to his music, they would’ve noticed how he played just slightly off tune, his body stiff and expression strained.


As the first quarter of their show came to an end, Atlas breathed a sigh of relief. He slowly lowered the violin, his hands shaking from the effort he’d put in. The fading mist only intensified the dizzy aftereffect of his intense concentration.

Atlas gently leaned the intrument against a nearby pillar and approached his parents. He was met with both of their encouraging smiles, and he instantly felt like a weight had been lifted off his chest. There was nothing more comforting than the bond he shared with his family. And what a bond it was — the two knew their son so well. Due to his perfectionistic tendencies, he’d been excused from performing the entire night. It wasn’t something that came suddenly, in fact, they’d anticipated the weight such an event would have on Atlas. So months in advance, he was left pleading with them, trying to prove that he could handle such a grand task. And to think he’d failed, after all those empty promises. He’d let his need for success take over, leaving him with nothing but exhaustion and frustration.

With a wave and a half-hearted smile, he retreated off to a break. He walked across the platform, lost in his thoughts. Even though he had plenty time to admire the interior ever since he’d arrived, Atlas still couldn’t get enough of the sight. It was mesmerizing, unlike anything he’d seen before in the city. He lightly held onto the railings as he walked by the edge, lost in the canvas of luxury displayed in hues of white, gold and blue.

But there was a simple flaw he overlooked. It wasn’t long before he reached the part where the platform and staircase connected. And before he could blink, he felt his foot lose balance. The world blurred around him, adrenaline rushed through his blood. In a quick attempt to save himself, he grasped the cold railing. And as he narrowly avoided an accident, he found himself in a very awkward position.

Suddenly, a pair of shoes appeared on the step in front. Atlas turned his head up, his wide eyes meeting the stranger. He took a brief moment to comprehend what had happened, feeling the adrenaline slowly fade.

And not a second after, he burst out laughing.

“Oh god—” he cut himself off, struggling to breathe. “What a grand introduction!” Though he wanted to help himself up from his hunched over position, his laughing was making it hard to move. He slowly inhaled, trying to steady himself. “You look familiar… Have we met?”


@cordyx Celestine Beaumont



Summer Break Prior

Dante’s eyes lit up with a mischievous glint as Renlin welcomed him. He responded with a charismatic smirk, embracing the anticipation of the adventures that awaited them. “Took me just as long as it needed, my friend. Can’t rush the thrill of the journey,” he replied, his tone echoing the carefree spirit that defined his approach to life.

As Renlin talked about making the summer one for the books and conjuring up mischief, Dante’s grin widened. “Books? More like a saga, my friend. Let’s make it one to remember,” he declared, fully immersing himself in the excitement of the upcoming summer. The prospect of chaos and unpredictable adventures resonated with Dante, and he was more than ready to dive into all.

Dante flashed a mischievous grin in response to Renlin’s offer. “Your dad, huh? Well, tell him it was Officer Stoneface. Though, I think my charm worked better than any intervention he could’ve pulled off,” Dante said with a wink. His confidence in handling the situation was evident, and he walked alongside Renlin with an easy swagger, ready for the adventures the island had in store.

As they made it on the boat, on their way to the island, Dante’s carefree attitude remained intact. He said, “Your family sure knows how to navigate these waters, on and off the boat,” Dante added with a playful smirk, acknowledging both Renlin’s expertise in boating and the playful notion of his dad handling potential legal hiccups.

As they got to the island, Dante’s eyes widened as Renlin unveiled the mystical beauty of Shadow Isle. The atmosphere seemed to change, and Dante couldn’t help but feel a magnetic pull to the enchanting surroundings. The mention of Renlin’s great-grandfather and the island’s magical aura captured Dante’s attention, and he absorbed Renlin’s words with a sense of awe. Dante had a thing for exploring unique places, and this island most certainly would do.

“Shadow Isle,” Dante repeated, the name resonating with a certain mystique. He let out a low whistle, impressed by the lush greenery and the promise of hidden secrets within the island’s folds. The mysterious rustle of leaves seemed to beckon him into a realm where the ordinary melted away, leaving only the extraordinary.

Dante’s carefree demeanor momentarily softened as he took in the scene, the allure of the extraordinary weaving its own kind of magic around him. “This place is something else, Renlin. Your great-grandfather knew what he was doing. Feels like stepping into a whole different world,” he remarked, his hazel eyes reflecting a blend of excitement and curiosity.

Already, Dante sensed that Shadow Isle held the potential for countless adventures, each one more enchanting than the last. The anticipation of the summer’s magical moments hung in the air, and Dante couldn’t wait to explore every hidden cove and unravel the mysteries that whispered through the leaves.

Dante chuckled at Renlin’s mention of Inessa’s less-than-enthusiastic reception. “Ah, Inessa,” he mused, feigning a wounded expression. “Guess I’ll have to try extra hard not to charm her with my irresistibly obnoxious laugh and my signature scent of adventure and rebellion.”

With a mischievous twinkle in his eye, Dante added, “Who knew I could be such a menace to the ‘serene vibes’ of Shadow Isle? Well, challenge accepted. Let’s see if I can make even Inessa crack a smile by the end of this summer.” Dante’s mind began concocting playful schemes, contemplating the perfect prank to pull on Inessa. His rebellious spirit relished the idea of shaking things up a bit. With a subtle nod to Renlin, Dante whispered, “Let’s give her a welcome she won’t forget - something that’ll have her laughing with us in the end. What do you say, Captain Renlin? Ready to add a dash of our special chaos to this serene haven?”

@Madilnel - Renlin


Ten Years Old | Around the Skylark Cabbin

As the two girls locked eyes, a spark of genuine warmth lit up Lyra’s face, radiating through her smile. The ethereal notes from her harp lingered in the air, creating a delicate melody that embraced the newfound excitement coming from the stranger’s arrival.

Esther, with her dark brown hair framing her face and matching dark brown eyes, introduced herself. Lyra’s smile widened, and her eyes mirrored the childlike innocence reflected in Esther’s toothy grin. "Thank you, Esther! It’s lovely to meet you too,” Lyra responded, her voice carrying a friendly melody.

Blushing at Esther’s compliment about the harp and her appearance, Lyra couldn’t contain a joyful giggle. “You’re pretty too! And I’m really glad you like the harp,” Lyra added, her words echoing with genuine warmth toward her newfound friend. Esther’s excitement and genuine demeanor swiftly erased any lingering traces of Lyra’s earlier apprehension.

As Esther explained the reason for her stroll and the family picnic, Lyra nodded in understanding. “A picnic sounds like fun! I’m here playing my harp. It’s my secret place. You can join me if you’d like!”

Esther jogged up and settled beside Lyra in the welcoming shade, the breeze carrying the intoxicating scent of wildflowers. The comforting rustle of tree leaves combined with Esther’s friendly company, creating an undeniable sense of camaraderie. Lyra’s fingers danced on the harp strings, and the meadow, once Lyra’s solitary haven, now echoed with the harmonious blend of music and newfound friendship.

Lyra, still plucking the strings of her harp, grinned and asked with childlike curiosity, “Do you have a favourite spot in the meadow? I love my secret place, but maybe you have one too!” The meadow seemed to listen in anticipation, waiting for Esther’s tales about secret places to join the enchanting stories already woven into its magical fabric.

@Mouschi - Esther


celestine beaumont

Roughly 5 years Ago - Beaumont’s Estate


“And why do you think that is appropriate to wear? I said that pink dress ever so conveniently placed on that mannequin!”

The once serene hallways that could catch the most miniscule of noise, with each wall ornated with the finest of paintings, were soon pierced by her mother’s voice. And a voice that sang a harmonious rage, that was. Celestine had debated with herself about the event that is happening below her feet, an event that predetermined that string of luck that a good omen has begun to bless the family and the legacy that is engrained within all of them. Her brother Dennis recently graduated with high remarks, Lilibeth marking her 21st birthday with an attention-grabbing cover that took notice of her wondrous voice, her father’s brother’s announcement on a new child that they had hoped for a long while, and her father’s copious contributions on building settlements and community lots that strengthened ties and businesses. Such events that happened in a linear fashion are worthy of being boasted, and yet this luck worried Celestine, as she had brought nothing despite her standing as the star child of the Beaumont’s.

Naturally, all she wanted was to blend as soon as the music died out and the guests lost steam as they reek the vestibule with wine. What better way to blend than to take advantage of the estate’s title, “The Blue Palace”? It was a glamorous choice, simple and understated enough to distract the guest with the ornate decorations and glistening accents. To put it simply, she looks good in blue and would look horrid with such a statement piece that lingered in the corner of her room. “Mother, pink won’t look good on me. I… think there would be better options that could make me look nicer and-”

“And waste thousands on a dress your mother carefully picked for you? Nonsense! You will wear that dress and you will go downstairs looking your best. And fix your hair; you haven’t even brushed those curls properly! Sit on that chair and fix your face while your mother fixes your hair.” Celestine, without another word, sat unto the dresser as she reapplied the makeup that had creased on her face. After a few minutes, both came out of the room looking like matching sisters with matching dresses, albeit Celeste looking a little paler than she had anticipated. They were fashionably late, however, as the Alstones started their performance.

With both reunited with the whole family, Celestine saw the marble stairs formed into a scene of glistening nature that reflected on the decorated walls and golden filaments. Its enchanting scenery made it difficult to look away, distracting everyone from the surroundings that were once a spectacle of awe. But with her eyes entranced by the scenery, the sound next to her was a sound out of beat—a grinding of teeth. Naturally, her mother was not impressed. Words uttered underneath her smile: ‘Of course they’d pick that song to sing, showoff.’ and ‘Look at that kid, so meekly. I’m sure Marielle noticed her son’s faulty.’, all the more making it unharmonious to Celestine, barely enjoying half of the performance. Those comments soon ended with the illusions coming to a close, and a roaring applause followed suit alongside the view of her mother rolling eyes, looking at her.


With the small intermission, the Beaumonts had a quick opportunity to greet the Alstones, each giving the proper greeting, but none more entertaining than the two ladies giving shallow compliments and awkward laughter. Celestine had noticed a missing member, wondering where he had left off. Her mother wondered the same, with both parties hinting at the children moving elsewhere. Her mother made sure she’d meet Atlas, especially since they were the same age and status, signaling where he’d been and signing her to smile. And just as she looked back, the families faded alongside the guests, eating and drinking.

Reaching the stairs, she was met with a plethora of passing exchanges: a meeting at the garden alongside coquettish language, ending a business affair with an agent among them, rebuking a plan on spiking a noble’s drink, and a heist on her mother’s favored jewels. All but familiar conversations that she had heard since the age of 7, fully tuning out the repetitive plans and giving courtesy by nodding with a slight smile on her painted face. As soon as she was about to reach the platform, however, she heard a slip unusual to hear on marbled steps and saw a head of hair as she looked down. Thereafter, the awkward man laughed and could barely stand up, leaving Celestine to help him raise him a little with a confused look on her face.

"You look familiar. Have we met? ”

“I’m afraid we have not talked that much, despite our family’s relations. But I understand your unfamiliarity.” Celestine had made sure to give him a hand, directing him in a much more stable space than the steps, looking atop of the vestibule as she let go and held unto the railing with such a delicate manner, “Now that we are in a… controlled space, allow me to introduce myself. I am Celestine Beaumont, youngest of the Beaumont siblings. I come here to say that… I adored your performance, such light and melodious arrangement your family has planned. And I am the first to say that I am impressed with the illusionary spectacle.”

Before making any comments, she looked besides the decorations to garner some compliments and reflected a ghastly reflection that let out an unladylike sound out of her mouth. She knew it would happen—one with red locks looked dreadful in pink. It was fine moments before, as she looked warm, but that shock somehow took the color and also broke a barrier of formality expected of her. With a weak voice, she uttered, “Do I look bad? Be honest.” Realizing her faltered state, she pinched her cheeks to regain that warmth and weakly smiled, “Erm, how’s the party? Does it meet you expectation? I apologize for that comment, this… is not my style. I wouldn’t say I’m too fond of this night… I mean- no, I loved your family’s performance, it’s just… well… I am speaking too much, I apologize.”


@idiot.exe - Atlas Theodore Alstone



End of Previous School Year

Dante met Dominic’s intense gaze with an air of casual confidence, enjoying the unspoken tension that hung between them. He allowed a lazy smile to spread across his face, as if the encounter was nothing more than a minor interruption to his day.

“Appreciate it,” Dante replied, the smile had shifted into a nonchalant grin. “Skill, talent, or a touch of something more,” Dante mused, his voice taking on a deeper, more mysterious tone. “It’s all in the eye of the beholder, isn’t it?”

Dante inched closer, a slow and deliberate approach that felt more like a dance than a mere step. His gaze, now intense, locked onto Dominic’s eyes, and a subtle challenge simmered beneath his carefree exterior. The flour in Dominic’s hand, a potential weapon, lingered in the air as an unspoken threat, but Dante’s grin remained, seemingly unfazed by the tension.

“But I’ve got to say, your observation skills are pretty sharp. Not everyone catches the disappearing act. Most people just think I’m a really fast jumper,” Dante remarked, a glint of mischief in his eyes. “Seeing things others don’t, it’s a rare gift,” Dante continued, his words laced with a hint of amusement. “But you’re not the only one with sharp eyes around here.”

The atmosphere tightened as Dante leaned in slightly, his gaze unwavering. “You’re right about one thing, though. It’s not an everyday thing to witness someone like me. And trust me, you’ve only scratched the surface.” Dante flashed another charismatic grin, then added in a more conspiratorial tone, “Just remember to keep it on the down-low. Magic, you know? Don’t want the secret getting out.”

@idiot.exe - Dominic


September 2017 - I Wasn’t Expecting You Here

Starting school after the accident was hard. Doing it without his brother was even harder. His sister, Felicity, helped him when he needed it but it just wasn’t the same. He found himself going to Isaac’s grave more often now because of it and also because he was now independent enough that he could be there by himself. Sometimes he would bring things to leave at the grave, others he would he would sit and talk and sometimes he would just sit in silence.

He had asked Felicity to drive him, mostly because she was the most understanding of his anxieties surrounding cars, but when he got there, he limped his way to the grave alone. As much as they leaned on each other for support at times, it was moments like these that they knew to give each other space and let each other have private moments. He had a crutch that he leaned on periodically, even though he had insisted to his mother that he didn’t need it before leaving the house. She had insisted he bring it anyway because he might and naturally, she was right.

However, upon arriving at the grave, he discovered that he wasn’t alone. There was someone already there. He got close enough to see who it was a stopped in his tracks once he recognized them. Inessa. He debated whether or not he would go further. Since the accident, things between Tae and his cousins had been tense, to say the least. Renlin had made it abundantly clear that he wanted nothing to do with him but Inessa hadn’t been as harsh, which is what ultimately led to Tae approaching her, clearing his throat when he got close to alert her to his presence.

“Sorry, I didn’t know you’d be here.” He apologized, avoiding eye contact. He leaned on his crutch out of habit as a silent tension settled between them. Despite Inessa supposedly being his family, everything had become so messed up that he wasn’t sure what to say to her anymore.

@Madilnel - Inessa


The Record Shop | 15 Years Old

Esther began her day by lying peacefully in bed during the serene early morning, her mind pondering over the weird dream she had experienced the previous night. The pleasant aroma of a reed diffuser continues to permeate the air in her bedroom. With her eyes closed, she savors the delightful fragrance before slowly sitting up and stretching. The sunrise is mere minutes away, and Esther eagerly looks forward to her usual morning conversation with her father in the sun room over a cup of tea. Quickly, she wraps herself in her robe, pausing briefly to tidy her hair as she makes her way. Upon reaching the landing, Esther is greeted by Ruby, a maid, who presents her with a small cup of hojicha and a friendly smile.

“Princess!”, her father spoke out in a sleepy voice, yawning as he called her over. He is dressed in professional attire and holding a plate with a perfectly balanced cup of matcha in his hands. Esther smiles at him and sits in the sofa opposite, ”Morning, dad!”, she answers. Her gaze turns to the sunroom windows where she could enjoy the view of a sparkling golden hue over the horizon. With every sip of the tea, Esther questioned her plans for the day, as it was a holiday and schools were closed. Turning to her dad, she asks, ”Can I have Lucas drive me into town today?”. Her father looks at her with an approving nod, ”Yes, of course, just return before dinner". Esther beamed, finishing her tea and embracing her father before running back up to her room.

Esther, having completed her shower and selected her attire, sent Lucas a text message containing the address of a record store nestled in a nearby town. This place had been recommended to her by a friend, and she was excited to sort through their collection of rock vinyl records. When she was prepared, a car arrived to collect her just outside the entrance gates. As soon as she settled into the vehicle, she initiated a conversation with Lucas, playfully teasing him about his infatuation with Ruby. The drive took around thirty minutes, giving her plenty of time to ruffle his feathers before reaching her destination. Upon her arrival, she stepped out of the car and made her way indoors. The store had a dark aesthetic and a variety of vinyls strewn about. Esther quickly found her way to the Linkin Park vinyl, gently picking one from the stack and examining the cover. She ignores the feeling that someone is looking at her, and continues sorting through the pile, her concern outmatched by her excitement.



The Meadow | 10 Years Old

Immersing herself in the melodies of the harp, Esther felt comfortable and content, letting the breeze comb through her long hair. As she listened to Lyra’s angelic voice, she brought her knees up to her chest, caging them in her arms. The tranquil atmosphere made her feel like she was floating midair, in a dream of some sort. And finally, the picnic food had filled her with drowsiness and made her eyelids feel heavy.

Lyra turned towards Esther with a spark of curiosity gleaming in her eyes. She asked, ”Do you have a favourite spot in the meadow? I love my secret place, but maybe you have one too!”. Esther paused, her face soon falling into a mixed expression, ”Oh - I’m not from around here”, she answered shyly. Realizing that soon she would have to return home, she rubbed the back of her neck. The two may have just met, but Esther felt a strange connection to Lyra, and the thought of leaving had saddened her.

"But don’t worry! My family is here for the rest of the summer”, she remarked, hoping to lighten the despair. Her smile reappeared as she contemplated how the two can make the best out of the remaining time. Despite summer being her least favorite season, perhaps Lyra could help change her mind.

Growing up, Esther had gotten used to parting ways with her friends, yet the realization still stung her heart each time. She quickly shook her head, "Yeah, we’ll definitely come back, I can promise that”. As the only child of affluent parents, Esther practically had them wrapped around her little finger from birth, so her parents would gladly bring her back upon request. Turning towards Lyra once again, she asked in a warm tone, ”Have you ever been ice skating?”