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In the elusive embrace of Ninth House’s towering spires, an ancient legacy whispers through the hallowed halls, intertwining dark academia with the mystical enigma. The cryptic symbols left behind by this ancient society known as Eclipsium long vanished into history, re-emerge in the shadows and secrets of Ninth House. As the sun surrenders to the horizon, shadows stretching across the college grounds, a clandestine saga unfolds for the protagonists embarking on their two last years - a journey laden with mystery, power struggles, and the relentless pursuit of arcane knowledge. The tapestry of Ninth House, concealed within ivy-covered stones, unfolds its secrets as the four enigmatic societies vie for supremacy, unknowingly hurtling towards an inevitable graduation shrouded in both legend and dread.

As the academic year unfolds, students eagerly immerse themselves in the studies offered by the school’s unique curriculum. The campus buzzes with intellectual fervor, and beneath all of that competition simmers. Each student vies for the top spot in this respective college, driven by ambition, pride, and the pursuit of knowledge. The most accomplished student will gain all the knowledge and power, making them as important as a member of Eclipsiums once was. A story they’ve been told.

What are you willing to do to get to the first place?

Welcome, we wish you good luck.


  1. Depending on the group they belong to, they have certain abilities and level of those abilities.
  2. While there’s no strict word count, avoid one-liner responses. Aim for at least 8 well-written sentences per post that contribute to the story.
  3. Have fun, plan with other users, feel free to cause drama (;

At a certain point this roleplay will have SG feel to it - to keep the points and power levels of your characters in check. In PMs I will guide you to make sure the game is fair to every character.


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𝐀 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐟𝐞𝐥𝐭 𝐀𝐩𝐩𝐞𝐚𝐥: 𝐍𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐡 𝐇𝐨𝐮𝐬𝐞 𝐌𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐧𝐬 𝐔𝐧𝐞𝐱𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐞𝐝 𝐀𝐛𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐃𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐮𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐞𝐝 𝐒𝐭𝐮𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐭

It is with heavy hearts and a profound sense of loss that we, the Ninth House administration, share the somber news of the unexplained absence of our esteemed student, Miles North. As a top achiever and cherished member of our academic family, his absence has left a void that resonates deeply within our halls of Ninth House. Miles North, known for his academic brilliance, dedication, and vibrant spirit, was on a journey that has now taken an unexpected turn. The entire Ninth House community is grappling with a sense of sorrow and concern for Miles, and our thoughts are with his family during this distressing time.

The administration is actively working alongside local authorities to understand the circumstances surrounding his absence. Our priority is to ensure his well-being and to provide support to his family during this challenging period. We humbly ask for the cooperation of our community in sharing any information that may shed light on his current situation.

In a message from Headmaster Adrian Dear, he expressed the collective sadness that has settled over Ninth House. “Our community is bound by shared experiences, and the sudden absence of Miles North is deeply felt by all. We extend our prayers and support to his family and remain steadfast in our commitment to finding answers.”

Ninth House remains resolute in our commitment to transparency and support for Miles’ family. As we navigate this difficult time, we extend our gratitude to the entire community for its unwavering support and solidarity. Together, we hope to find solace and, ultimately, the answers that will bring comfort to his loved ones.


Aurora New

{ morning of arrivals in her fathers office }
‧˚₊•┈┈┈ ⋅ ∙ ∘ ⋆˖⁺‧₊☽◯☾₊‧⁺˖⋆ ∘ ⋅ ⋅ ┈┈┈•‧₊˚⊹

In the soft morning mist that enveloped Ninth House, as students streamed back for another academic year, Aurora found herself in the contemplative solitude of her father’s office. Gazing through the window, her eyes, warm like the first rays of dawn, concealed a mix of emotions swirling within. Were they just warmth, or did they harbor something more profound? The answer lay tangled in the complexities of her feelings, feelings she was about to confront her father with. Pushing away from the polished black column that framed the window, Aurora’s arms crossed over her chest in a defensive stance. Her fists clenched tight, a physical manifestation of the inner turmoil that was beneath her composed exterior. Eyes fixed on her father, headmaster Adrian Dear, disappointment was written all across her features. From her point, she could recognize and detect every familiar face that crossed the threshold of Ninth House, except for the newcomers. Yet, it wasn’t the arrival of fresh faces that stirred her unrest.

Amidst the sea of students, a face emerged that she had not anticipated, a face she had hoped would remain consigned to the past. The unexpected reappearance sent shockwaves through her, sparking a wildfire of emotions she thought she had extinguished. “Aurora—” her father began, only to be met with the cutting edge of her anger. “Why did you let him come back?” The words escaped her lips in a hushed whisper, a delicate veil draped over the intensity of her anger. Fearful of the repercussions, her voice remained low, yet each syllable bore the weight of her unspoken rage. Palms landing firmly on her father’s desk, she confronted him with a gaze that demanded answers, a gaze that betrayed a daughter’s anguish, secrets, and the complexities that bound the Dear family to Ninth House.

“Aurora, I am busy-“ Aurora knew how her father was. She knew when to keep her mouth shut and listen to what she’d been told to do but there were some things she could never understand. While her relationship with her father is complex, she does respect him for his position but the expectations placed on Aurora, as the daughter of the headmaster, do add an extra layer of pressure. But that is not important now, what is important is to show how their relationship really works; he did not look up at her as she was leaning over the desk, hiding the pain and fear in her eyes. Instead he simply kept working but this was one of the times when she couldn’t just walk away. “But-” she started, expecting him to look up at her, give her an answer… Give her anything. “Out.” That one simple word was all she got.

‧˚₊•┈┈┈ ⋅ ∙ ∘ ⋆˖⁺‧₊☽◯☾₊‧⁺˖⋆ ∘ ⋅ ⋅ ┈┈┈•‧₊˚⊹


{ September 1, 2023 }

Welcoming Day marks the beginning of the school year. The day includes a grand assembly in the ancient courtyard, where the headmaster, faculty, and representatives from each school group welcome both new and returning students. An enigmatic performance by the Enigma Stag kicks off the festivities, setting the tone for the academic year.

At the beginning of each academic year, Ninth House hosts Welcome Back Day, also known as the Founder’s Masquerade Ball. Ninth House celebrates its founders with an extravagant masquerade ball. Elaborate masks and formal attire transform the college’s grand ballroom into a mysterious realm. The event becomes a nexus of social intrigue, where alliances are subtly forged and rivalries masked behind the veneer of elegance.

The founders’ mystique extends beyond the ballroom. Characters may discover secret chambers and hidden corridors that offer secluded spaces for private conversations, negotiations, and even clandestine alliances that could influence the power dynamics of Ninth House; however we will have to wait a bit for this part.

{ Setting }
The grand ballroom is transformed into a realm of enchantment with lavish drapes, ethereal lighting, and decorations that evoke the spirit of the founders’ era. Elaborate masks and formal attire are mandatory.


As mentioned the day begins with simple greetings, upon arrival at the school students will be asked to stay for a moment to hear the headmaster speak, and then performances will start. You can completely skip this part/just write a short intro to it. If you’d like you can have one of your characters be the performer at the opening - this is completely up to you.

The focus is on the ball where you have all the freedom. I will give you some time to get into it, start conversations before we move on to another part of the ball that I’ll go over later - for now just have fun! :)



cigarettes after sex

Last Night. August 30th, 2023

For about the fifth night this week, Vincenzo watched her again. Through the surveillance footage of the cameras he had placed in her dorm, he could see that she was showering. Sweet. He thought, as he watched run her fingers through her hair, dousing them in the bubbles from her shampoo.

He sat at his desk, watching the tapes from his computer. He wore a black tank top and pants from earlier in the day, getting closer to the screen with his hand on his chin as if he were perplexed, trying to figure something out. By now, she got out of the shower, and put on her pajamas. A big, oversized tee shirt, and her underwear. His favorite outfit of hers; where she did not try to look beautiful. She just was.

She went to her room, and snuggled up into the sheets, looking like she was trying to sleep, but she didn’t. She just tossed, and turned, until she went to reach over to her nightstand, and pulled out a little toy. A small wand designed to make her feel what the men of her past did not. She pushed it down under her blankets with her, and the sound began to whir. Pleased, Vinnie reclined in his seat, sighing as he watched her.

Some day.

The Next Day. September 1st, The Masquerade Ball.

Vincenzo had not spent much time deciding on his dress for the ball, instead he had just kind of selected the pieces out of a store intuitively. And before leaving to the event, he wore the outfit for the first time, a bit proud of his choice as he observed it, finishing the loop on his tie. Then, he sprayed a bit of his cologne, and looked around to the rest of his dorm. His bedroom was quite vast, garnished in different shades of black and blue. It was not a standard color combination, in fact, it kind of reminded him of bruises, missing a hint of purple to complete the picture. Strangely, he found a bit of solace in that, appreciating the lush black of his duvet, the constellations drawn upon the ceiling, and the royal color lava lamp he kept by the nightstand.

His eyes reflected that same color, actually, as he looked upon the place, looking like melted glaciers residing in his stare. He smiled to himself before leaving, absent-mindedly thinking of an event the masquerade night might hold. Then, he went out through the door, and saw the rest of the Umbra Coven in the quarters, his group of boys… with an exception. And a few of them headed together to the area, mostly his favorites. Renlin, his mate Dante Blackwell. There was a new guy, too. Dominic. Vincenzo intended to keep a few tabs on him, curious as to what he had to offer the group. And, Jesse and Amani, he supposed, were most likely getting in a quickie before the event, which, quite frankly, he preferred to ignore.

Through the vast expanse of the academy, they strolled under ceilings at thrice their altitude, perhaps more, before reaching the ballroom. It was adorned stunningly, void of cheap balloons, and instead containing very magnificent table centerpieces, and frames of botany entwined with gold cords, it was exceptional, and he had forgotten how he missed it.

In the beginning, they sat, and Vincenzo and his friends heard a word from the headmaster, which they listened to with a bit of half-interest. Then, the performers went along to share their talents, which he found to be a bit more engaging. He listened to the angelic voices of their singers with pleasure, stunned by their affination to their music in classical styles. The show went on, with other people who did magician-like acts, catering to the whimsy of the room. It was almost as if nothing had gone wrong, and no student had disappeared. It was like, in the olden days, when the family members of someone passed were expected to wear black for some time after. If the Ninth House was the family of Miles North, why did they hardly seem to care? Condolences were one thing, but the show went on, was that really the only option?

After hearing a handful of symphonies, the dancing commenced, and the students stood to share their masked exchanges. In a swarm of the crowd, Vincenzo seemed to lose mind of who was who, forgetting his preconceptions guessing their identities before he noticed the silhouette of a woman, standing out very much from the rest of them. Her dress was cut out along the abdomen, and replaced the vacant space with chains of gold, showing off her flawless body. Her mask was black, like her dress, and the feathers perked upward like horns. They seemed to suggest malice webbed into her demeanor, which he could not help but appreciate as he went up to her.

He approached, and gently pulled her in by her waist. For all he knew, she was a stranger right now, but he didn’t care. Her scent lingered close to him, and he tried to place what it reminded him of. Not roses, not daisies. No, the sweet part of champagne. That was the scent of which she reminded him, as he noticed her dark, luscious hair, and the mahogany brown color of her skin, the slope of her shoulder under his neck, emphasizing their proximity. The song begun to ring, and he whispered in her ear. “Shall we?”

@Kristi Amani


@kristi also amani
@novella jesse
@Madilnel renlin
@jass dante
@idiot.exe dante
basically the entire umbra coven briefly


Copy of Copy of Silas (1)




Her hands wrapped around the cup, the emerald hue of the vessel casting a mesmerizing glow upon the crimson liquid within. Amani lifted the cup to her lips as she took a deliberate sip, savoring the rich flavor of the red wine. The subtle bitterness danced on her tongue, making a small pleasured expression cross Amani’s features slightly. She had never been quite fond of bitter things, but she sure did enjoy the bitterness of red wine, as after all red wine was expensive and exclusivity often came with a hint of bitterness, a flavor Amani had grown accustomed to relishing. She often found herself drawn to the finer things in life, not just for their inherent luxury, but for the sense of superiority they afforded her and anyone who knew Amani, knew that she loved the feeling of superiority.

Born into the echelons of influence, Amani, the youngest daughter of formidable tycoons and esteemed practitioners of the arcane arts, had been nurtured amid an ambiance of privilege. It was an environment where superiority was not merely a birthright but an expectation, one she had seamlessly internalized. Yet, Amani’s sense of distinction was not solely owed to lineage; it was cultivated through diligence and ambition, qualities she wielded with as much finesse as her innate charm and striking allure, which had graced countless glossy covers since her youth. She would hate, of course, to give all the credit for her sense of superiority, for the way she was to her darling family whom she loved. For Amani had worked quite hard for that, to distinguish herself from her family and to make a name for herself, so no one could accuse her of getting everything ‘handed down to her’, sure a lot of her offers came from nepotism, but it also came from Amani’s brilliant mind and her overachieving personality that she wore with grace.

Education had always been a pursuit of excellence, a realm where she effortlessly ascended to preeminence. The perfect student, she used to be called by teachers, professors and educators as that. To them, she was a model student, quiet and poised in class, always paying attention, always doing her work and never getting less than a 99. But of course, outside of classes, Amani was never so quiet or poised, she was much more… how does she put it in words? Hmm bolder

The corners of her lips tugged at each other, as a smirk formed on her features, as she took a sip of her tinted emerald drink. Through her mask, and through narrow eyes, , a subtle furrow graced her brow, her lips forming a taut line of disdain. It was not aversion that she harbored toward the throng, but rather an indifference bordering on contempt. To say they vexed her would be an oversimplification; rather, she found herself indifferent to their presence, yearning for a conflagration to engulf the room, leaving her untouched amidst the chaos. It would be fun, after all, to watch all of them go up in flames, to scream for help, while she watches as each eligible ‘competition’ is wiped away from the face of earth. Then the next day, she would play the victim to the cameras, crocodile tears shall fall for her eyes as she would call every single one of them dear to her and how devastated she was by their deaths, knowing it was quite the opposite. Alas, such a thing cannot happen, for in this room, Amani still has friends. Friends, she did not wish to be harmed and competitions, that Amani did not want dead yet. For people who were even slightly her competition, it was not much but one gets the point, should live long enough to see her succeed even more and then die of bitterness.

Speaking of competition, Amani ears could not help but to recall what was said about Miles North had disappeared. Where to? No one knows, or at least the school phrased it as if they did not know and perhaps if Amani had cared for North even just a little, she might have inquired further. Yet, in Amani’s world, Miles North was but a muted thread—someone she acknowledged in passing but never invested her curiosity in. The disappearance of a fellow student, especially one as significant as Miles North, should have sparked intrigue or concern, but Amani’s thoughts remained ensnared in the web of her own ambitions. He was hot though, Amani wished they could have had something before he disappeared to only God knows where, if he was kidnapped, could they not have taken someone uglier? She mused, but still she wondered, if he had run away, what had been his reason and where did he go? Either way, it did not truly concern her, but it did make her feel a little uneasy.

Through her feathered masks, Amani continued to survey the room, wondering which one could be one of her friends. Where was Celestine? She had wondered, or Tae, Dante? Or Jesse- yes where was Jesse? She could have used a little help from him, before she came here, he always knew just how to ease her tension, in his own way. She narrowed her eyes, trying to see which of these masked people could be either of them. So many tacky gowns and suits, Amani mused, it was incredibly painful to her eyes, for she knew that they could do a lot better, but then again, not everyone was Amani Ditto Monet, because of course not everyone could rock what she was wearing.

Amani’s attire, a masterpiece of audacity and refinement, held the room captive with its avant-garde elegance. The gown, a cascade of midnight silk, clung to her form perfectly. The daring cut along the abdomen, revealed glimpses of the golden chains that adorned her midriff. Real gold, courtesy from her older sister who had traveled to dubai not so long ago, shimmered against her brown skin.

It was perfect she would say, perfect for her, and quite distinct from the masses. It was not one of those ugly prom dresses dupe that most people here seemed to rock, as if they had never been too fancy places, but then again they probably had not. Her lips wrapped a small part of the glass once more, as she took a sip, before dropping the drink down at a table close to her. She was about to get her phone from the small handbag she carried with her, and text Jesse. But before that could happen, a man had wrapped a hand around her waist. Starling her, for she had not seen the man approaching nor had she thought anyone would be that brave to approach a stranger like that. She wondered if it was Jesse, the outfit was mediocre in a way that reminded her of Jesse dressing style, but it was slightly better than his usual style.

The man standing in front of her, looking at her as if he was something was also a little taller than Jesse by 2 inches, so it could not be him, unless the shoes he was wearing added some height.

The man, the stranger, before her exuded an aura of confidence, his proximity unsettling yet oddly intriguing. His whispered invitation hung in the air, a tantalizing proposition that stirred a myriad of conflicting emotions within her. For a fleeting moment, Amani considered mocking him, insulting his confidence and audacity, and removing his arm from her waist as she walked away. Yet, the allure of spontaneity beckoned, a flicker of curiosity igniting within her.

Whatever happens, Amani told herself, she could blame it on the alcohol. She leaned into the masked man’s ear, her voice soft and sultry, “Perhaps,” she purred, Her lips brushed against his earlobe, leaving a trail of enigmatic warmth in her wake. “Lead the way,” She told him, inviting him to take her wherever he wished for the night. There was a certain allure to it, spending a night with a stranger who she could not tell who he was, all she could tell was that he sure did have an awful taste for fashion. But she ignored it, because there was something about his aura and his masks that drew her to him.



@cordyx - celestine
@novella - Jesse
@Jass - Dante
@Caticorn - Tae


Renlin lay sprawled on the floor of his room, a chaotic collage of papers surrounding him. Some sheets contained intricate, dark lines spiraling across their surfaces, while others remained untouched or crumpled in frustration. His eyes were shut, and his face turned toward the room’s entrance. Was he asleepy? Certainly not. In his peculiar state, he floated between wakefulness and dreams, a realm where the desire for rest battled against the reluctance to let go into a nightmarish sleep. Though he longed for a peaceful sleep, the thought of the nightmares that awaited him in the realm of dreams kept him to this unsettling state of half-consciousness. The scarce hours of rest he managed the previous night were abruptly interrupted, leaving him in this disheveled and contemplative state.

In his motionless pose, Renlin could easily be mistaken for lifeless. Anyone entering the room might question if they stumbled upon a scene involving an autopsy. His dormitory door, left unlocked as was his habit, invited the curious or unsuspecting to witness this.

His serene moment shattered, Renlin’s eyes snapped open at the sudden intrusion of the swinging door. Papers scattered like confetti as his sister stormed into the room, stomping past him and claiming the bed as her own. “Sure, make yourself at home,” he groaned, pushing himself up from the floor. He rubbed his cheek and stretched his limbs.

He sensed her anger, a justified emotion that hung heavy in the room.Renlin acknowledged the reason behind her resentment. He had missed her performance – not entirely intentional, but his absence was a choice nonetheless that he made.

Despite the subpar reasoning, Renlin knew deep down that forgiveness was a given. Family dynamics dictated an unspoken pact of understanding and reconciliation. Their bond, resilient and enduring, would weather the storms of mistakes and misjudgments, for them, forgiveness was an unwritten rule.

With a pointed remark, Inessa made it clear that Renlin had obligations he couldn’t afford to neglect. Her parting words echoed in the room, accompanied by the decisive closing of the doorl. Renlin now found himself with a sense of urgency, acknowledging that he indeed had places to be – a reminder thanks to his sister’s visit.

The upcoming masquerade ball sparked a flicker of excitement within Renlin. Anticipation for the event surged through him, driven by the prospect of being in the company of others. He longed for the vibrant atmosphere, hoping that the ball would inject a newfound energy into his body.

As he readied himself for the masquerade, an energy drink coursed through Renlin, lending a vibrant edge to his preparations. Dressed in a brown suit with a casually unbuttoned white shirt, he skipped the tie and embraced a relaxed yet stylish look. Brown leather shoes covered his feet, while socks were deemed unnecessary. His fingers adorned with an array of rings, and gold necklaces intermingled not so gracefully around his neck. A final touch – a vigorous tousle through his hair, breathing life and body into the strands.

In the communal hallway, Renlin’s stride came to a halt as he realized a crucial element of tonight’s ensemble was left behind – the mask. Retrieving a gold mask acquired during a summer stroll with his sister and friend, he added the final, distinctive touch to his masquerade look.

In transit to the masquerade, Renlin’s fingers danced over a coin nestled in his jacket pocket. The coin, bearing the carved initial “R,” became a source of contemplation. As the destination drew near, he paused, setting the coin delicately on a nearby bench with a subtle smile, a quiet ritual performed before stepping into the vibrant realm of the ball.

The transformative magic of the masquerade worked swiftly on Renlin, rendering him a renewed version of himself. Buoyant and free-spirited, he navigated the festivities, flitting from friend to friend like a feather carried by the wind. Eventually, he found himself drawn to a red-headed raven, a captivating encounter he was thrilled to come across.

Sliding up to the golden girl, Renlin shot her an easygoing smile. In an attempt to charm, Renlin leaned in and playfully teased, Looks like Daddy didn’t sprinkle enough stardust to make this night truly enchanting for you?

Renlin, a keen observer, took in the nuances of the golden girl’s figure, tracing the elegant lines of her silhouette. His eyes, however, didn’t linger too long.

What secrets are you concealing beneath that gilded mask?



Aurora New

{ ball preparation }
‧˚₊•┈┈┈ ⋅ ∙ ∘ ⋆˖⁺‧₊☽◯☾₊‧⁺˖⋆ ∘ ⋅ ⋅ ┈┈┈•‧₊˚⊹

Aurora could not tell you how many welcoming back days she had witnessed in her lifetime. How many times she’d snuck out of her room to watch the festivities happening in the courtyard before a ball she never managed to experience, until she officially started this school. What Aurora could tell you is how her father’s speech never changes, how many seconds his breaks take before speaking about something else, how every professor stands in the same position every year; after all her whole life revolved around her father and Ninth House. A sad childhood for such an ambitious girl but we are not here to pity Aurora. She is doing quite alright.

As the enchanting strains of music echoed through the grand halls of Ninth House, Aurora Dear found herself immersed in the familiar ritual of preparing for the Founder’s Masquerade Ball. Dressed in anticipation, she stood before the mirror in her room, the soft glow of candles casting a warm hue upon the black and white dress she had chosen for the occasion. Soft glow of candles was usually the only source of light in her room, for the girl had a big interest in candles and candle making. A hobby she would turn to after a long day spent being a friend to everyone. It is not something she would admit but at times she felt like it was a job her family gave her, a responsibility that was draining her but there was nothing she could do about it.

The dress clung elegantly to her form. Aurora’s choice of it was not merely a reflection of fashion; it was a statement, a blend of sophistication and mystery. In her hands, she held a sleek black mask with delicate antlers. As she raised it to her face, her reflection stared back. The mask concealed her expressions, transforming her into a creature of the night, poised for the dance that awaited. A fitting mask if you really think about it. The only problem Aurora always had was that she was easily recognizable so she always had to be on her best behaviour. As she adjusted the mask to perfection, the flickering candlelight played upon the contours of her face. Yet, as she attempted to practice the perfected smile she had learned to wear so well, a subtle tension lingered beneath the surface. Her lips curved upward, the practiced smile settling into place, but her eyes betrayed her. In the reflection, the sparkle that once danced in her eyes seemed dimmed, and the warmth that should accompany a smile felt distant. She continued to stare, as if searching for a glimmer of authenticity within the rehearsed smile. The reflection held a silent conversation, a dialogue between the mask she wore for the world and the genuine sentiments that refused to be entirely concealed. But to Aurora this was life.

Aurora Dear, the headmaster’s daughter, stood at the precipice of another Founder’s Masquerade Ball, ready to start yet another year.

{ ball / with Renlin }
‧˚₊•┈┈┈ ⋅ ∙ ∘ ⋆˖⁺‧₊☽◯☾₊‧⁺˖⋆ ∘ ⋅ ⋅ ┈┈┈•‧₊˚⊹

“Oh my deer, how lovely,” Renlin’s teasing words lingered in the air, and Aurora met his playful gaze with a smile of her own. Just like it was easy to recognize her, she felt like it was easy to recognize him. Or maybe she just got used to his presence, considering his sister was a dear friend of Aurora’s but don’t mistake this for the two of them being friends… No, their relationship was… Far more complicated. What she could tell you now is that she was not ready to deal with him and his annoying behavior. The night had just started and she was hoping it would end as peacefully as possible.

Aurora’s journey to the ball was a quiet procession through the candlelit corridors of Ninth House. As she walked, the flickering candlelight shadows danced across the walls, Aurora’s thoughts, however, were far from the enchanting atmosphere. The weight of her responsibilities pressed upon her shoulders, and the mask she wore felt heavier with each step. But that did not stop her from doing what everyone knew her for - her smile stayed on her lips, her voice so melodic echoed through halls as she greeted every single person she saw on her way. From “Hi, how was your summer” to “I missed you so much, happy to see you again.”

Entering the grand ballroom, Aurora’s keen eyes scanned the masked students that filled the space. Whispers of hushed conversations, laughter, and the rustle of elegant fabrics created a unique sound. Just sitting there she was taking it all in, searching for someone she could recognize and approach - leaving meeting new students for tomorrow. Yet, she felt a certain isolation. Despite the many faces surrounding her, she was fully aware of the loneliness that often accompanied her role. It was a lonely throne.

Reaching for a glass of drink being carried around on a tray by one of the school helpers, Aurora almost immediately downed it but was interrupted by a familiar voice. And that takes us back to the first conversation she’ll have at this ball - with Renlin.

“How lovely that you care so much about how my night is going! But I’m not sure why you got that impression? This night is perfect, can’t you tell?” She twirled a strand of her red hair between her fingers, offering him the sweet smile of a girl who was having fun. For a short moment she let her gaze wander, lowering to take in his whole appearance - from what he was wearing to the many rings on his fingers. Pity for an annoying guy to be this good looking.

“Secrets?” Covering her mouth she tried to stop her giggles. “So many wrong impressions tonight, I see. What makes you think I’m hiding anything? Are you just trying to make me take this off so you see me better? Do you really miss me that much?” Drinking whatever was left in her glass, Aurora gently placed her hand on Ren’s shoulder. Her head slightly tilted, awaiting his reaction.

‧˚₊•┈┈┈ ⋅ ∙ ∘ ⋆˖⁺‧₊☽◯☾₊‧⁺˖⋆ ∘ ⋅ ⋅ ┈┈┈•‧₊˚⊹




gypsy <3

Desdemona had just recently arrived to the Ninth House academy, as the student population rolled into the campus. Since those prior days, she has done her best to transform the environment into her new home. Her bedsheets are now green, and the windows are now covered in pots of greeneries that she has decided would remind her of the outside. Her grandfathers land.

The days had been a bit lonesome, as she did not know anyone, and did not exactly fit in with the rest of her section. She spent most of her time sitting upon the windowsill, reflecting on how she might approach this new school membership, among other things. The group Cipher was filled with intellectuals, a group of people with a mystic sense of anticipated darkness. Their allure held a bit of promiscuity to it, strangely idle, too. Calm, which she found not relatable, but did consider fascinating.

The girls were very pretty, and the boys were very cute too. She had spent the past night sitting on her bed and trying to memorize their names, along with other things about them. Thalia, Hayes, Cayenne, Floriano, Agastaya, Me. Thalia, Hayes, Cayenne, Floriano, Agastaya, Me. Thalia, Hayes, Cayenne, Floriano, Agastaya, Me. She had said, reciting them over and over again, looking at pictures from the school memory books, and pointing at them to make sure she had them right. The only people she knew for sure were herself and Thalia, so far.

Obviously, she knew she was Desdemona, but Thalia she had met over the summer. After spending virtually her whole life knowing pretty much only agriculture and her family, mom and dad decided that they should let her go out into the real world. This was where she met Thalia, who she loved very much, and was her best friend! Mona loved her from the first moment they met! She was gorgeous! And funny, and smart, and talented, and the best friend anyone could ever ask for obviously and they were going to be friends forever. and ever. and ever and ever and ever.

Anyway, today was the day that she was going to meet everyone! So obviously, she wanted to get the best dress she could. It was going to be big and poofy, with rainbows, and butterflies, maybe unicorns, or a gecko, perhaps. She loved geckos, and she had a great vision that she drew on paper and sent to her family but they said no. They said no big, no poofy, no sparkles, no butterflygeckocorns, which she might have thought to be quite rude, but no. She did not think. She just said okay! Because the other dress was pretty too.

She arrived upon the scene in the outfit mom and dad told her to wear. It was covered with pearls, tailing down and around the entire fabric of her dress, adorning her mask and her jewelry too. It was quite unfortunate that they had no option but to wear masks, she wanted to see everyone’s pretty faces :( And also, with masks on, she wasn’t going to be able to match the names she memorized to the people she saw in the pictures! That she was quite upset about. Still, that gave her a mystery to resolve as she looked down at the crowd below her.

Mona had entered the ballroom, not from the ground entrance, but instead, the one that derived from the second floor of the school building, bringing her to a platform; the top of a staircase for all of the newcomers to walk down as they were introduced. Thalia said she might be nervous, but on the contrary, Mona did not feel nervous at all. Instead, she felt a bit of a cool enthusiasm, standing at the top as her name was announced.

On cue, she began to walk down the stairs with grace, taking careful steps down each block, as she was not used to walking in heels. She traveled down the flight slowly, looking down at the audience, dressed impeccably and begging for her survey. When she reached the last step, and then the floor, she decided to approach a girl who looked a bit intimidating, at least based on the traditional definition of the word, and smiled at her, not minding that the headmaster was not yet finished with his presentation. “I like your dress!” She beamed, starting with a compliment. The girl did not yet seem amused, though, so Mona continued. “My name is Desdemona, but you can call me Mona. And you?”

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Hayes New

{ ball / with Freya }

‧˚₊┈┈ ⋅ ∙ ∘ ⋆˖⁺˖⋆ ∘ ⋅ ⋅ ┈┈┈‧₊˚⊹

The arrival of Hayes might not have been something most students expected. As Hayes was a student who was supposed to graduate and leave Ninth House last year. However, things did not turn out as planned and he found himself back in the same place. What no one knows is that this was his decision, no one made him do it; he had some work left unfinished and this place was all he needed. Usually one would let his family in on what is going on in their life, or at least if we look at Hayes, he’d let Lenore in but the girl was as clueless as the rest of them.

The tall figure, seemingly indifferent to the setting, moved through the corridors with an air of quiet contemplation. His eyes, sharp and observant, scanned the surroundings as if he were looking for something. For any hint that he was not imagining things and others knew what he knew. But deep down he knew they were all just excited to be back.

With the smoke of his cigarette following him, skipping the usual greetings and festivities, Hayes went straight to the bedroom he abruptly left last academic year. Everything was still where he left it - bed unmade, a bunch of books open on the floor and that same bed. Parchments just spread around, some thankfully dried from the spilled ink. In the quiet of his room, Hayes turned his attention to the collection of plants that adorned his windowsill. The once vibrant greenery had withered, their leaves drooped, a testament to the neglect they endured. Unfortunately, some of his plants have died but he was sure he stored everything they had to offer somewhere in many of his drawers. With a subtle gesture, he beckoned the ambient light into his grasp, gathering the power of his photokinetic resonance. Now Hayes was good at many things, but this… This has always been a weakness of his. Soft rays of golden light emanated from his fingertips, strong enough to bring some life back into the plants.

As the ballroom doors beckoned, Hayes hesitated for a moment, caught between the familiarity of the past and the anticipation of a new beginning. A good new beginning that will hopefully end everything. With a steady breath, dressed in a simple tailored suit, Hayes crossed the threshold into the transformed ballroom. Despite the buzz, he felt a sense of comfort shrouded in anonymity, a sentiment amplified by the mask that was hiding his features. His goal for the night was simple - stay hidden in the shadows and just observe. Do not draw any attention to yourself. So that’s what Hayes did for the moment, he lingered in the shadows, an observer of the lively event. He allowed his gaze to wander, taking note of the diverse characters that graced the ballroom. From elegant masks to rich costumes, Ninth House’s student body enjoyed the ball. Oh how naive they were…

As he strolled along the edges of the ballroom, he noticed a lonely figure seated at a secluded corner, seemingly detached from the festivites. For a moment it reminded him of himself. Because of that girl, sat with a quiet demeanor and her gaze fixed on some distant point, a curiosity sparked within Hayes as he watched her, detecting a certain disinterest that set her apart. Hayes was never the one to approach anyone but tonight was different, his goal this year was different, and hiding under that mask she might not even know who he was. His steps were measured and with a subtle grace he reached her side. The rhythmic music and laughter created a backdrop as he spoke, his voice calm.

”You seem a bit out of place,“ he noted, his hands casually resting in his pockets. Was this maybe a good opportunity to start his plans? To gather students who would trust him and follow him?* ”Is this not your scene?“ He continued, finding the courage to speak knowing under the mask he could be anyone. ”Quite… Unnecessary if you ask me.“

‧˚₊┈┈ ⋅ ∙ ∘ ⋆˖⁺˖⋆ ∘ ⋅ ⋅ ┈┈┈‧₊˚⊹

* Dumbledore’s army but make it anti Dumbledore’s army. Dumbledore in this scenario being Adrian
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Oh my deer, how lovely, Aurora exclaimed as Renlin approached her. A mischievous smirk played on his lips as he responded, calling me lovely?" He found a playful challenge in her words, a banter born from the quirk that was the peculiar association with deer, a trait he had grown used to despite its initial strangeness, especially given her last name.

Renlin and Aurora shared a peculiar dynamic, straddling the line between friendship and something less definable. It was a connection that defied conventional labels, residing in the space between friends and acquaintances, where familiarity mingled with an air of unpredictability.

Aurora, beyond her association with Renlin, was also his sister’s friend. In a twist of fate or perhaps by design, Renlin’s sister happened to be best friends with the headmaster’s daughter.

In the enchanting realm of their college, it appeared that everyone’s relationships were interconnected. Within its hallowed halls, the threads of fate wove together, creating a blanket that bound the community together in ways both seen and unseen.

Reflecting on his relationships within the school, Renlin found solace in the mostly positive nature of his connections. Renlin cherished his friends dearly. Renlin’s loyalty extended to Umbra, and his commitment to the members of this society knew no bounds. As his thoughts about this continued he found that his affections were not evenly distributed. Certain members held a more profound place in his heart.

“This night is perfect, can’t you tell?” she asked him, and Renlin couldn’t help but agree. The vibrant energy, the pulsating rhythm, the lively dance of the masquerade embodied everything he loved – the loud, the movement, the life, the party, the sheer joy of revelry. It was the essence he sought in all things. Renlin, caught in the enchantment of the night, grinned and replied, “H^ll yeah! This is the kind of chaos I live for!”

“So many wrong impressions tonight, I see. What makes you think I’m hiding anything? Are you just trying to make me take this off so you see me better? Do you really miss me that much?

Renlin laughed, the sound blending seamlessly with the rhythm of the music. “Well, can you blame me? With a mask that stunning, who wouldn’t want to uncover the mysteries beneath?” He winked, matching her playful tone as he gently nudged her shoulder in return. Renlin savored the sensation of her touch, finding a sense of connection and warmth in the gentle pressure of her hand on his shoulder. But hey, I’m not one to pry, so if you’re not keeping any secrets, I suppose I’ll just have to bask in the mystery that is you,



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Summer proved to be a fulfilling time for Inessa, as she reveled in the comforts of her home and the dedicated spaces where she pursued her various practices. Inessa wholeheartedly embraced her passions and daily rituals. Seizing the opportunity presented by Renlin’s increased distractions during the summer, Inessa immersed herself in experimentation and cultivation. With the space to herself, she embraced the chance to explore the vast potential of her botanical haven.

The greenhouse became not just a space for nurturing plants but a canvas for Inessa’s curiosity and botanical creativity. The summer became a transformative journey as she ventured into uncharted territory, embracing newfound curiosities and honing skills she hadn’t anticipated.

In the moments when the greenhouse lay dormant, Inessa found herself lost in enchanting melodies that echoed through the secluded spaces around the island. Along a tranquil path, a vintage piano, thanks to her mother, stood as a silent companion to the whispering leaves and rustling trees.
Here, in this enchanting setting, Inessa’s skills flourished with the vibrant blooms she nurtured. The old piano was weathered but sat under a gazebo that was hidden within vines.The woods became a sanctuary where her skills unfurled like petals. She was really starting to find her true self she felt.

Returning to school, Inessa carried with her a radiant glow, a testament to the sun-kissed days spent in the embrace of summer. As Inessa returned to the familiar corridors of school, her skin retained the echoes of a summer well-lived. Her affection for academic pursuits and a genuine love for learning fueled her passion for the educational journey. She thrived on the challenges that each subject presented, and the thrill of mastering new concepts propelled her forward.

Her fondness for school wasn’t merely confined to a love for learning; it was intertwined with a competitive spirit that had become widely recognized.The pursuit of excellence was not just a personal goal; it was a part of her identity that she wore proudly. n the pursuit of her academic goals, she recognized the value of surrounding herself with like-minded peers.

Inessa strolled back to her room from her brother’s place, wearing a wry grin on her lips that hid the emotions churning within. Despite any underlying frustration with her brother, she made a conscious choice not to let it show. Understanding the importance of maintaining a composed demeanor, she opted for a mask of cheerfulness.

Inessa recognized that displaying anger or annoyance publicly wasn’t productive, and she preferred to navigate interpersonal dynamics with a level-headed approach. The smile she wore acted as a shield, shielding her true emotions from the prying eyes of others.

The annoyance simmered, fueled by her brother’s actions. However, as she retreated to her room, she recognized the complexity of familial relationships. Understanding that her brother’s actions might stem from what she deemed as “dumb boy” behavior, Inessa chose to cut him some slack. It’s what you do for family – a blend of exasperation and unconditional love.

Alone in her room, Inessa let the artificial smile fade as she turned her attention to the mirror. Her fingers traced the contours of her cheekbones, a subconscious release of tension. With deliberate movements, Inessa’s hands wove through her hair, arranging it with care.

As she readied herself, Inessa sought solace in the ritual of preparation. Each stroke of the brush, every adjustment to her attire, was a step toward reclaiming composure. Inessa’s chosen dress perfectly complemented both her physical attributes and her personality. A two-piece ensemble, it exuded elegance with a touch of subtle allure. The long-sleeved top, slightly off her shoulders, delicately framed her collarbones. The skirt started just at her belly button, revealing a toned stomach that spoke of her dedication to wellness.

The intricate pattern on the dress resembled winding vines, lending a botanical charm to the ensemble. The coordinated design seamlessly flowed from the top to the elegant skirt, creating a harmonious visual narrative. The mask, an extension of the dress, enhancing the overall allure of her appearance.

Upon entering the ball, Inessa’s eyes quickly scanned the lively gathering until they landed on her friend Thalia. A surge of happiness and excitement animated her features, and without hesitation, Inessa made her way through the crowd. Spotting Thalia, she approached with a beaming smile and, unable to contain her enthusiasm, gently grabbed her friend’s wrist.

“Thalia!” Inessa exclaimed, the joy evident in her voice. “I have missed you! I can’t wait to catch up and share everything!” Thalia’s sweet and pure soul radiated an authenticity that Inessa cherished deeply.

Inessa couldn’t help but suppress a subtle smirk as she glanced at Thalia’s mask, perhaps the flower a touch too large for her delicate features. With a feigned innocence, she remarked, “Thalia, your mask is quite the statement piece, isn’t it? It’s almost as if it’s trying to outshine the entire ballroom tonight.” The words carried a hint of playfulness, a concealed jest that only a close friend might detect, adding a touch of lighthearted banter to the otherwise enchanting atmosphere.



[༄ؘ ۪۪۫۫ ▹▫◃ ۪۪۫۫ ༄ؘ ]

Thalia’s eyes bore the weight of a restless night, a silent testimony to the tumultuous journey through the realm of dreams. The moonlight had cast its silvery glow upon her room, tracing delicate patterns on the walls as Thalia tossed and turned, ensnared in the clutches of a sleep that eluded her. She woke up with a sigh, her curly hair disheveled- it would take a long time to brush and Thalia wondered if she should even brush it at all.

There was no point in doing so, and sure it was a formal ball, but it was also a masked ball. In a room filled with people, Thalia had never been the first a person will notice, that was because she had always stuck to the shadows, always making herself invisible as she watched others. In a room filled with masked people, Thalia was obviously not going to go noticed, especially when she planned to wear a mask that made it hard to tell it was her.

She stood up from her bed, although quite reluctantly, and made her way to the bathroom. The clothes she wore, removed themselves from her body as she found herself in the very hot shower, that felt like liquid fire against her skin. The scalding water cascaded down her body, attempting to wash away the remnants of a sleepless night. Thalia closed her eyes and let the sensation envelop her, the searing heat serving as a stark contrast to the cold tendrils of unrest that had lingered in her dreams.

With a mindful twist of the faucet, she turned the dial to the colder side, seeking a respite from the intensity of the heat. The water transitioned from scorching hot to slightly cool, never too cool because Thalia had a dislike for warm water. It felt strange to bathe or shower in warm water, same with cold water, Thalia never got how people could so easily shower with cold water. One of her twins sisters(technically triplet sisters might have been the proper word?) Calista had always loved to shower cold, something that Thalia never understood.

There were a lot of things that Thalia did not understand, like why had Miles North disappeared? Or more like why was he targeted . Recently, there seemed to be a lot of disappearances in the school, people seemed to go missing one by one and it sent an unsettling feeling in Thalia’s stomach. Having her second guessing herself for being in this school. She should have never been here in the first place and she knew it, after all it was through… that she has been accepted here. But she had come here with a purpose, to solve something or more like to find someone. She had been told that what she desired was in this school, in fact more than what she desired was here and she did not truly understand what was meant by the more, though she had a guess that it was to prove herself, prove that she could belong in a place and that she was not so different.

She clutched the pendant wrapped around her neck- yes, she was in a shower with a pendant, she never took it off for reasons, but she was especially not going to take it off anytime in this school, especially with how strange it seemed to get with each passing day. Miles North, just what had happened to you?

She stepped out of the shower, brushing her teeth and she mused. She was not friends with Miles North in any shape or form- they had a total of 2 conversations together? But from that she could tell that he was not the type to just go off on his own like that, or maybe she was just making wild speculations, which she doubts. Sure, her mind might be wired weird as her sisters tended to describe, but still she could tell it was not a mild speculation. She finished dressing herself, wearing a silk golden dress she had stolen from Calista wardrobe just before she set off to Ninth house. The dress was not something she would usually wear, it was too tight fitting, and to low on the chest- that was not to say that Thalia was a modest dresser, no, it was just that the dress was quite beautiful and attention bringing and for Thalia who tended to love the shadows, it was an unusual dressing style for her but that was why she picked it.

With the mask she wore, one her mother had given to her, she did not look like the usual Thalia, perhaps the only way to tell it was truly her was from the hair and pendant she refused to remove, but other than that it kept away people she did not want to speak with yet, from approaching her with the knowledge that this was Thalia.

Last night, Thalia had called Desdemona, a friend of her’s she had met over the summer, who at first Thalia had been quite suspicious that she needed to talk to her.
When Desdemona had come, Thalia had not said a single word to her, instead opted towards hugging her, because Thalia knew that just being around Desdemona tended to calm down her emotions in a weird way. When Desdemona had asked her what was wrong, Thalia had just smiled and told her nerves, but it was of course much much more than that. Standing in this crowded ball, right now, Thalia’s wondered if she should take her camera from inside her bag and take a picture of the scene.

It was quite beautiful and she was not really paying attention to what headmaster was saying, that was of course until she had heard the words, Miles North. The hairs on her body seemed to come up, and an uncomfortable expression crossed her face.

“Our community is bound by shared experiences, and the sudden absence of Miles North is deeply felt by all. We extend our prayers and support to his family and remain steadfast in our commitment to finding answers.”

Then why are they not doing that, finding answers? Instead they had arranged a ball, where everyone was hiding, where everyone with secrets had even more secrets. It seemed so fake, none of them truly cared for Miles North or where he had gone. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, as if…this was not something quite serious. She sighed, there was nothing she could do right now, all she could do really was enjoy herself. Thalia had always liked parties, unlike what it might seem, they were fun and they calmed her nerves because she never had to think, just enjoy the moment.

Thalia loved not thinking, she loved enjoying the moment and if not for the disappearance of Miles North that would have been an easy thing to do. She took her camera out from her purse and took a picture of someone that reminded her of Miles North but she knew was not Miles North. The hair was too light brown for that, North had darker than that. She sighed as she looked at the picture, deleting it. She placed the camera back in her bag and was about to head out to get a drink, when she blinked and a hand found its way on her wrist.

“Thalia!” Inessa had exclaimed, “I have missed you! I can’t wait to catch up and share everything!” She went on, Thalia simply blinked but then shook her head with a quick smile, processing what had just happened. A wide smile crossed her features, as she found herself wrapping her arms around Inessa, “Inessa!” She greeted with a wider smile. Inessa had been her close friend since Thalia came to the school, but Thalia had known Inessa longer than she had been in Ninth house. They were in high school together after all, and Inessa was a friend of both her sisters.

Inessa’s embrace was warm and familiar, a comforting reminder of the bonds they shared. Thalia, couldn’t help but feel a genuine warmth in Inessa’s presence, despite everything and despite Thalia’s personal feelings… “It’s been far too long!” Thalia agreed, holding Inessa at arm’s length to get a good look at her. She wore a mask, a green net masks that did nothing to conceal who Inessa was, it was obvious from looking at her that Inessa was Well Inessa. "Wow, i definitely would not know who you were if you didn’t come up to me. " Thalia teased playfully, poking fun at how very non concealing Inessa’s mask was, “Definitely put the mask in masquerade ball.” She teased even more.

But as Thalia had her jokes, Inessa did too have her own jokes as she stared at Thalia’s masks, as she remarked that Thalia’s mask was trying to outshine the entire ballroom tonight. Thalia pouted and stuck out her tongue, “Meanie,” She said playfully, “I was going for a romeo and juliet but peacock core look,” She commented, or at least that was what she was going for during a high school party when her mother first gave her that mask.

Thinking about her mother, made Thalia think of a lot of things, like the reason she was here and how Miles North mother most feel, having her son disappear without a trace. Thalia shook her head, “You know, Inessa, I think our masks need a drink. What do you say we head to the bar and get something to wet their… feathers and nets?” Thalia said, a small smirk on her lips, “We can’t catch up if we’re thirsty, and God knows i’m thirsty.” And tired, and awfully tired, but then again no one told Thalia to go out last night. All she needed was a drink to wake her up and Inessa’s cherry persona to get her giddy.

Thalia and Inessa weaved through the lively crowd, the ambient chatter and music enveloping them as they approached the bar. The array of colorful drinks and the glinting glasses caught Thalia’s eye, momentarily distracting her from the weight of the night. She turned to Inessa as she asked, “Alcohol now or alcohol later?” Thalia said weighting her choice, she was not planning on drinking a lot today, but a sip could never hurt right. “And also your presentation was amazing, I forgot to tell you that.” Thalia added at the end. Truthfully, she had not been paying that much attention as her head drifted to the disappearance of people, but still, she had looked and Inessa had done amazingly as she always did. Inessa just had a way of wowwing the crowd and wowing Thalia it seemed.

[༄ؘ ۪۪۫۫ ▹▫◃ ۪۪۫۫ ༄ؘ ]


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As Dante strolled into the opening masquerade ball at Ninth House, his eyes scanned the room, taking in the swirl of colorful masks and elegant attire. His long leather jacket swayed with each confident step, complementing the sleek black pants and shoes he wore. A black shirt with small white dots added a touch of flair and playful elegance to his ensemble, while an asymmetrical but smooth black mask concealed part of his face, adding an air of mystery to his presence amidst the festivities.

Amidst the crowd, he spotted a girl who could be no other than Celestine. She truly stood out with her extravagant hairstyle, she was in fact the epitome of grace and charm. Her presence radiated an aura of sophistication that seemed to draw everyone’s attention, even Dante’s. With a casual swagger, Dante made his way through the throng of students, his gaze lingering on Celestine as he approached her. “Well, well, if it isn’t the golden girl herself,” he remarked, a playful twinkle in his eyes as he reached her side. Despite his teasing, there was a genuine admiration in his tone, a recognition of Celestine’s undeniable allure and popularity.

“I see you’re dazzling the crowd once again with your golden aura. Must be tough being everyone’s favorite, huh?” His words were accompanied by a grin, and as he spoke, Dante maintained a relaxed posture, his easygoing manner contrasted with the formality of the event. His teasing remark were delivered with a lightness that suggests a hint of friendly rivalry between them, acknowledging Celeste’s status while also playfully challenging it.

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⋆⁺。˚⋆˙‧₊☽ Vienna - Billy Joel ☾₊‧˙⋆˚。⁺⋆

Anticipation. Ambition. Apprehension. Freya Lorelei Hastings’ enrolment into Ninth House was a double-edged sword. In the forefront of her mind was that she was following the footsteps of her mother, and it was her chance to feel closer to her. Though plaguing her thoughts was that very reason among many putting immense pressure regarding her actions for the next few years in the institution. Freya knew she had to tread carefully, meticulously manoeuvring through the course of her academic years. Proceed with caution, she told herself.

What had unsettled Freya was the disappearance of a student. One thing about Wyndham College was that, try as she might, it appeared impossible to find information beyond surface level statements provided by administrations and the successes of previous alumni. It had left Freya feeling unsettled, ignorance to situations was not something she accepted comfortably. Considering her only link to the school gone, Freya had been left to wonder about what hidden truth’s had lay beneath the school’s facade. With the recent revelation of Miles North’s absence, it became clear that the layers were deeper than she had previously imagined.

All things considered, attending a Masquerade Ball was the last thing on her mind. Freya appreciated that it was an effective way to make connections with people, but relationships were not a priority for her. Other people could be unpredictable, and that wasn’t something she could plan for. But alas, there didn’t seem to be any alternative options, and suddenly she was stepping into the extravagance of the ball.

With a touch of optimism, Freya weaved her way through the crowd of people, attempts to smile at some people she encountered. She even waved back at someone and started to say “Hey, I like your—” Until realising they were talking to the person behind her. Nope. Who was she kidding here? None of this came naturally to her anymore. Thankful for her mask in that moment, Freya abruptly slipped out of sight and found herself slumped on one of the chairs in the corner, her interest disappearing as quickly as it has appeared.

At this point, the only option Freya appeared to have was to sit and wait for the ball to end. It seemed to be going well for a while, until someone joined her. She had to listen with more care as he spoke, as with the obstacle of masks, it was hard to decipher the true tones behind the words. “I don’t know where you got that from, this is a blast,” Freya told him, in a matter-of-fact tone as her eyes remained on the centre of the festivities. After a beat she broke her gaze, eventually letting her eyes land on him. “No. It’s not something I’m used to,” She then added, admittedly but still a vast understatement.

“Not your scene either?” Freya questioned, drawing attention to his comment about it being unnecessary. “Surely this is just a rare occurrence, right?” She then asked him, her eyes drifted elsewhere once again, his answer clueing her into whether he was a new student too.

⋆⁺。˚⋆˙‧₊☽ ◯ ☾₊‧˙⋆˚。⁺⋆

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{ ball }

.·:¨༺ ༻¨:·.

“What a sh^thole,” he mused silently, entering the lavish room. It glittered with ostentatious displays of gold and breathtaking embellishments, meticulously crafted to distract everyone from the sickening, hounded truth looming over the school.

The boy was missing… and they were partying in full swing, indulging themselves in alcohol that was smuggled in their underpants. But they were dressed beautifully, those w^nkers… parading like adorned marionettes, devoid of genuine empathy, which was replaced by burnt straw shavings inside them.

But so did Floriano… like all those people, he came here. And like all those people, he was dressed in his costume. What a hypocrite, he rebuked himself in his mind. Eventually, however, he inferred that he had it all shoved deep where the sun didn’t shine. He breathed quietly, feeling the malaise overwhelming his being. Ah, the cleansing power of having everything up one’s a^se. Sensational.

He was late. Not because he was planning to make a grand entrance in the style of the mysterious bumbler who considered his biggest dark secret to be that he once sucked his sister’s hamster up with a vacuum. He was late… because it just happened. He was too busy not looking at his watch. He had no intention of enduring the monotonous sermon of the headmaster. His presence, or lack thereof, would scarcely register amidst the sea of inflated egos that were supposed to be his ‘new schoolmates.’ After weighing the two options… to come or not to come… his choice was obvious, to say the least.

Thus, he turned up fashionably late after the bash had already started.

The room swirled with a kaleidoscope of opulence as a throng of extravagantly attired guests cascaded in akin to shimmering, slowly spreading lava. Floriano, amidst this sea of masks and masked intentions, tried to stay in the shadows. He was also wearing a mask, a necessity dictated by regulation rather than choice. It would be foolish to get into trouble over such a triviality - that was, not wearing a mask at all. Even so, his mask was unlike the customary Venetian style. The one under which he hid his features covered his entire face, not only his eyes and nose.

Floriano’s mask, an embodiment of discord, was split down the middle, one half as dark as midnight, the other gleaming like moonlit silver. The metallic side emitted a soft glow amidst the shimmering dance of light. Floriano scolded himself internally for choosing such a mask. Instead of shrouding his identity, his half-silver mask only attracted people’s attention to him.

It seemed as though the two halves engaged in a silent struggle, the silver’s luminosity attempting to mask the depths of the other side’s blackness.

Unfazed by his less-than-impeccable attire, Floriano’s focus remained elsewhere, but others could not turn a blind eye to the clear signs of neglect. His jacket was under-ironed, and his trousers, pooling at his feet, covered his once-shiny black shoes. With a haphazard tug, he adjusted his turtleneck, covering even more of his neck.

Finally, after making his way through the maze of dresses and suits, he found respite at a secluded table nestled in the shadows at the rear of the hall. He positioned himself strategically, angling his mask so that the silver side’s glow was concealed within the shadows, while the black side was exposed to confront the onslaught of light. It was a small win against the hall’s brightness, as the dark hue absorbed rather than reflected the intrusive beams.

As he settled into his seat, he allowed his body to relax, the vents of his suit jacket melding seamlessly with the back of the chair, draping the boy in a cloak of anonymity amidst the dazzling ball.

Despite being physically present, Floriano felt detached, a mere observer of the spectacle unfolding around him. It was as if he wasn’t really there, and only his corporeal form was now sitting at the table, sweeping its bored gaze over the tangible guests. However, his ethereal essence lingered elsewhere.

With a sigh, he shut his eyes, silently counting the hourly seconds, yearning for a merciful end to this pathetic farce. Each moment stretched agonizingly as he awaited a perfect opportunity to retreat to his sanctuary. There, accompanied by his skilled hand hidden in the abyss of the duvet, he would finally feel something for at least a brief, fleeting moment.

.·:¨༺ ༻¨:·.

{ approachable }

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Lyra stepped into the grand hall, her heart racing with anticipation and a touch of apprehension. This was the first moment she would be introduced to a group of people she would have to spend the rest of her time at Ninth House with. The lavish atmosphere of the masquerade ball dazzled her senses, a stark departure from the simplicity of her upbringing. It exuded an air of opulence, elegance, and a hint of darkness, contrasting sharply with Lyra’s modest upbringing surrounded by the brightness of nature.

She couldn’t shake the feeling of being alone in a sea of strangers. Despite knowing familiar faces who might be walking around - her good friend Esther, childhood friend Inessa, and cousin Ayla - she was all alone in this moment arriving at the ball. Her footsteps echoed softly against the polished wooden floors as she ventured further into the room, her eyes searching for a familiar face amidst the elaborate masks and swirling gowns.

As she scanned the crowd, she realized she didn’t recognize anyone. The masks obscured the identities of the guests, leaving her feeling adrift in a world of anonymity. Despite the lively atmosphere, a sense of isolation settled over her like a heavy cloak.

Taking a deep breath to steady her nerves, Lyra straightened her posture and summoned her courage. She reminded herself of the excitement that had initially drawn her to the school and the ball, the allure of mystery and magic that this evening would be the start off. With each step, she resolved to embrace the unknown and immerse herself in the enchantment of the masquerade, hopeful that amidst the masked strangers, she might find a connection or a glimpse of familiarity.


Esther | @Mouschi
Inessa | @Madilnel
Ayla | @Tina.G


celestine beaumont

i say a little prayer for you


Curling the edges of her lashes, she looked hastily in the mirror as she finalizes the touch-ups, adding and wiping away the things she saw unladylike. Too red, too pink, too bright, too dark. It took her a godly amount of time until she decided on a look she was proud to say, ball worthy. It may just be a simple formal school event, but she was adamant in making an impression unlike who she was last year. She was even surprised, paging across every memory she had scanned and analyzed, this would be the first time she was actually going to wear a dress she picked for herself; a dress with no second opinion added, something just for her liking. If she was going to cherish a moment where she would be by herself, might as well look the part of a distinguished lady. As the record behind her plays a selection she commissioned to prepare for this event, she stood up from her dresser as she navigated from the mirror to see her gown.

A floor length gown, with colors as gilded as the glistening water by the sunset. The drapes that formed her gown moved as if she had grown wings, wings that flurried down to the floor as it shined beneath the chandelier beneath her head. Naturally, it wouldn’t be her if she hadn’t styled her hair so intricately: a row of barrel curls cascading down her head, adding neccessary volume for her taste. She had sensed that the crowd may be uninspired by their choices, preferring dark tones that matched their surroundings to the point of camouflage, the thought of their gowns curled her lips as she made sure to really be the belle of the ball in this day. With her last touch ups in her jewels, she grabbed her matching gloves and purse as she awaits her future down at the ball.


{the ball}

The following courses of events took place, and as Celestine guessed, it was the usual awe inspiring entrance with some courteous greetings and a trip to where the drinks would be most frequented. Celestine never drinks to a point of splendid stupor, but her she revels in a place where the broodiest man could be loose with their tongue with just a lick of that forbidden nectar. Ringing in the brim of her cup, she had felt a certain hum above her head. She couldn’t make the person right in front of her, it seems that he knew her, but who wouldn’t be. Looking up and down in his clothing, she flinched inside of her mind as she thought of no clues that could help in identifying the person next to her, she thought nothing but his uninspired look that looked sloppy than intriguing. At least it isn’t a boring suit, she contemplated. Hearing his voice however gained some clues on who he is, she had a hunch, but she was rather wary first before making any unnecessary moves. As usual, she kept with her finest decorum as she subtly raised her head, "I assure you, I’m no golden girl. If I am one, I would be at Shady Pines.

As he added another comment to her, she finally recognized the man right in front of him. She was stunning, yes, but she wasn’t that amazing. Sensing the tone of his voice and the way he slouched, she snickered to him, "I see you don’t give up with the whole gold thing, is my message that loud? Besides, I do love how everyone is paying attention at me, Celestine pointed at the crowd, eyes looking in different directions to different targets, “So what brings you to my direction? Do i sparkle enough to make you go blind? Or a warning that my hair is 5 inches too tall for any practical viewing?” She lightly chuckled as she fanned herself, being slightly worried that this playfulness may come off as a bit too harsh on anyone. Looking down the reflection of her face, she looked back at him, "I… apologize, the drinks here seems to have been special for today’s event it seems. But, I assume you are having a gay ol’ time at this ball, am I right? "


@Jass - Dante


Dominic Vaillant

[⋅𖥔⋅]═════⋅𖥔⋅═══ [ ] ═══⋅𖥔⋅═════[⋅𖥔⋅]

As a child, Dominic often searched through old family archives, spending hours learning of knowledge meant to be concealed. Back then, he’d gotten a small glimpse of the magic world hidden from society. Yet he never would’ve imagined just how big it really was, until he found himself standing before the gates of Ninth House. A prestigious academy, where magic users found belonging and an opportunity to thrive. Dominic couldn’t help but wonder how such an establishment could lay hidden in the mountainside, without any word of it outside their inner circle. Its gothic towers hidden beneath the mist resembled architecture that was centuries old. It felt almost as if he’d stepped into a realm frozen in time, furthering the disorienting feeling of entering a foreign world.

He found himself among the members of Umbra Coven, the group that Dante had mentioned when they first met. Dominic didn’t have a single clue what he’d meant back then, but he should’ve guessed he’d fall among their ranks. The shadows never seemed to be far behind him, trailing him even in a place that was meant to be a safe haven. It almost seemed he was destined to be overcome by the darkness that haunted him.

Regardless, what was done was done. He made his choice to enroll and there was certainly no turning back now. Dominic had received an invitation to a so-called masquerade party. He wasn’t a fan of celebrations, in fact he would’ve rather skipped it and took his valuable time to explore the enigmatic and captivating towers he was standing in. Yet he was more lost than ever, not only as a new student, but as someone quite unfamiliar with magic. He had no choice but to attend, as draining as it felt. If there was ever a chance to get acquaintaned with the institution, such a large event would be it.

Dressed in a rather unremarkable way, Dominic aimed to blend with the crowd as much as he could. He put on a simple black suit with the plainest mask he could find, finishing it off with only a coat. At least there was one bit of familiarity in this whole situation, and it was his tendency to hide in the shadows and observe. His presence didn’t need to be made known yet. If something were to go wrong, he could slip out unnoticed and return to his old way of life.

Unfortunately for him, shadows weren’t the only thing constantly tied to him. They went hand in hand with misfortune, and it proved itself true just as he’d stepped into the ballroom. A speech from the headmaster himself, which he’d assumed would be another generic welcome, turned out to be an ominous warning of what lied ahead of him. News about the disappearance of a student, rather “unexplained absence”, clearly hinting at some deeper secrets. Yet the ball went on as if nothing happened. A chill ran down Dominic’s spine at the realization that anyone in the crowd could’ve been involved. In fact, everyone could already be aware but staying silent out of fear. Or maybe, it was a regular occurence to the point nobody bothered. He scanned the crowd with caution, his eyes landing from guest to guest, all hidden beneath their costumes for the night. Their masked faces made it hard to uncover their intentions, any one of them could be a threat. Just what had he gotten himself into? Following a complete stranger’s advice to enroll in Ninth House was so unbelievably impulsive, he could barely understand what went through his mind that day. And Dante, the very reason he was in this situation, was nowhere to be found. Rather, he was another person hidden beneath those masks.

The rational part of his mind was telling him to leave and go back to his old life. But his curiosity, as pestering as always, urged him to get a glimpse into this unfamiliar realm. He grabbed a drink, non-alcoholic to keep his mind sharp and present. And with that, he sat at a table in the corner, far from the busiest spot, so he could watch without getting involved. As his eyes wandered through the crowd, Dominic listened to the muffled voices blending with the music. People were all the same, having shallow conversations in their attention-grabbing costumes, attending some extravagant ball that had no meaning. This was an academy for people like him, outcasts among society due to their special powers. A place he was meant to find belonging in, yet, he felt more like an outsider than ever. Dominic didn’t belong in either world, and it was made painfully obvious that night.

A mysterious woman caught his attention, with her sapphire blue dress that was simple, yet elegant. He was captivated by her presence, his curiosity growing about what kind of person hid underneath that mask. But as she turned around and met his eyes, that was when he realized he’d been staring for longer than he should’ve. Dominic looked down at his drink, avoiding her gaze.

[⋅𖥔⋅]═════⋅𖥔⋅═══ [ ] ═══⋅𖥔⋅═════[⋅𖥔⋅]

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⋆⁺₊⋆ ⋆⁺₊⋆ ⋆⁺₊⋆ ⋆⁺₊⋆

As Elijah stepped through the grand double doors of the ballroom, a surge of excitement coursed through him. The air was filled with the melodic strains of music, and the room shimmered with the soft glow of chandeliers. Although all of this was new scenery to him, he knew it could be a fun place to be if he wanted it to be. After all, his family had moved to this place to… start over, meaning a fresh start for him, right?

However, he wondered whether or not he and his family had encountered another tragic town upon recalling the earlier-mentioned announcement regarding a missing student. Was that a normal occurrence here? Not your problem, Elijah; you’re simply here to have a good time.

He saw nothing but gloomy expressions as he moved deeper into the crowd—everyone appeared to be seated. Where in the world did I end up, dammit? Isn’t this meant to be a celebration?

All these depressing souls made him think of his brother Floriano. As soon as his brother entered his thoughts, he saw him by himself, seated at a table. As he expected him to be, Elijah couldn’t help but grin as he walked up behind his brother.

“Why am I not shocked that the lonely, grumpy old Floriano is sitting all by himself? You do realize that this is a party, dear brother?” He teased as he playfully nudged him on the shoulder. The two did not get along, not since… well, not that—that matters now. Regardless, that never stopped Elijah from teasing his twin brother; he couldn’t resist getting under his skin, especially in front of a crowd.

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