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Vinnie Clone || After the hunt with Amani

The night that October began, Vincenzo sat on his unmade bed, staring at the open wardrobe beside it. The only sound in the whole room was the quiet, creaky sway of the emerald dress that he hung up some months ago, and never gave any purpose to, stirred by the wind from his open window. He had just gone to get his pajamas. It was an abismal hour of the night, but he had been in the kitchen with his brothers before practicing spells, so he was going to be sleeping quite late.

Whenever he was going to change his clothes, he went to the wardrobe and pulled on the knobs, feeling the texture of the rustic wood on his fingertips, and every time he saw the dress, but he ignored it. Tonight, it was harder.

Hundreds of nights ago, exactly three years before that day, she told him her name. They had technically met on one of their first nights of college, both sneaking out, but that was the day that he had become friends with Ditto, or at least that was how he phrased it to her, hanging it over her head how she at first refused to tell him who she really was. Three years ago today, today because it was now the morning of the anniversary, he had become friends with Amani.

For that reason, he insisted that they celebrate it then. And because celebrating at the beginning of the year meant that they would have just arrived back for the semester, so he would have had no time to plan, but he did not tell her that. She would feel too special.

But the truth is that she was. And that was why that memory of hers was still hanging in his closet, and as much as he wanted to, he could not look away. Months ago, when they were still doing alright, he had seen it in a store outside of the campus. It was inappropriate, but he knew he had to give it to her. Tonight was meant to be his excuse.

He knew he had to get rid of it, somehow. But he could only think of one, sick thing that made him laugh a bit.

He stood up, and walked to pull it out of the dresser. Vincenzo took the straps of it off of the hanger, and tossed it onto his black, undone sheets. Feeling the silky fabric of it, he wondered what it would look like on her body. He was going to get back at her, even if it was petty. He wanted her to feel the humiliation she had given to him.

In a slightly nicer handwriting, he wrote on his desk a nice, anonymous note for her containing the subtlest of hints.

Meet me on the rooftop at eleven tonight,

and wear this ఌ︎

He didn’t sign the note, but he assumed she might think it was from Jesse. Even better.

Smiling to himself, proud of his idea, he took the two things and walked shamelessly out of his dorm room. At this hour, no one was around, and the lights were all off. The brothers must have gone to bed soon after their gathering.

He approached the room at the end of the hall, and he could smell the faint, lovely scent of her perfume and creams. It was unlike the rest of the suite, which resembled more of a tavern than a dormitory, with a smell more like wood and liquor. Gently, he turned the handle on her bedroom door, and set the dress on her vanity, close enough to the entrance that he did not have to go inside. All of the setting up that he did was with his right arm, only his forearm kissing the fabric as his hand placed it in the neatest way possible for a few seconds. Then, he set the note right below the bust, removing his hand after, and then slowly turning the handle again so that it made as little noise as possible when shut.

As soon as he closed the door, he silently chuckled in disbelief, quieting himself so that no one would wake up and realize what he was doing, then, he walked back to his bedroom, and went to sleep at last.

Night had fallen, and the light of the sun had sank below the Ninth House, under the floorboards and the horizon. Earlier in the day had been the Umbra-hosted scavenger hunt, and it had been a long day, so he was tired. He was just tired enough that his voice had grown weary, and he was ready to go to bed. He had only recently finished doing his own set of exploring with Hayes, and their unexpected friend, but the day had not yet finished. He had to be on the rooftop in forty minutes, and he wanted to give her a show.

Quickly, he showered, and then changed into a new outfit, one that was a bit more formal to match her own attire. He combed his hair, and spritzed a bit of cologne onto his chest. But it was all for show, just to taunt the woman that without even loving him had managed to break his heart.

He reached the top of the school, or at least the one that had stairs leading to it. It was the highest place that the students were allowed to go up to, and right beside where he stood was the conservatory, a few plants loosely placed around the ground leading up to its white and yellow light. In that isolated location, after the universally exhausting hunt, the only little creatures buzzing and talking were the crickets chirping on the ground, their calls mixing with the howl of the wind. Vincenzo looked down to his watch, minutes away from striking for the hour they said, and he wondered if maybe she would not come at all. Maybe a strange gut feeling had told her it was him who left the note, and she backed down while she had time. He would hate to have been left waiting, his back to the staircase as he admired the moon. They were far enough from the city where he could see traces of stars in the sky beside it.

But then he heard it. Heels clicked on the steps, and he felt a chill run down his spine. She had actually done it. She had fallen for his trap.

Before she could say anything or significance, he put his hands together behind his back, hunching over a bit as he laughed at her. Then, he straightened his back, and turned around, looking at her stupid, pretty face, and perfect, slightly revealed figure.
She met his eyes, and in that moment he felt no sense of remorse. In fact, her rage was so funny that it made him snicker. “Why the long face?” He teased, and then smirked to her, letting the pitch of his voice fall when he relaxed.

“Not what you expected?”

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Dominic Vaillant

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Breakfast, with Mona
Edgy warning (the usual)

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I won’t leave Ninth House, no matter what — those were the words which replayed through Dominic’s head. Sitting at the desk by his only window, his face faintly reflected off the smooth glass surface. He could see the eyebags beneath his eyes, his worn out expression and messy hair as he leaned on his palm. A month ago, when he first stepped foot in this academy, he had hope that he’d finally escape the life he knew. He thought, no matter what came his way, it wouldn’t nearly be as bad as living with his grandparents. Yet, his backpack sat beside his chair, filled to the top with clothes and essentials. By the wall was a suitcase, the one he’d came with to Ninth House, now holding the rest of his items while his cupboards and drawers were empty. And on his desk were scattered papers, some organized in piles and others thrown inside books, with a single notebook open in front of him. With a stroke of his pen, he’d added another line, before closing the notebook with such force that left the scattered papers flying.

If only that man hadn’t gotten in his way. Though his bruises, cuts and broken bones had long since been healed, sometimes when he took a deep breath he could still feel the piercing pain in his lungs. In the month that had passed since, Dominic had tried his best to blend into the background, correctly this time. He didn’t provoke Vincenzo, he didn’t speak to him unless necessary, and made sure to act like all his other easily disposable pawns. He was willing to do everything, even swallowing his pride if it meant escaping this hell.

By now it became no different than his usual life. Vincenzo was merely a student yet he felt like another shadow looming over him, holding him in place with shackles tied to his limbs. And those shackles acted like strings, attached to his limp body as if he were a puppet for others to control. Anywhere he went, he felt as if there was no escape. Since the sleepover he’d often wake up in cold sweat, the events replaying through his mind and the hopelessness that came with it. He’d feel the injuries as if they were fresh, even though it’s been days, weeks and now a full month.

There was only one person he trusted in the whole academy. Lenore, the girl he’d somehow become lucky enough to know. That night she appeared like his guardian angel, guiding him to safety. If it weren’t for her, he likely would’ve died from the bruises and the punctures in his lungs. Dominic never questioned the coincidence of her appearance back then, he didn’t dare to do it.

If he were to leave, she’d be the only person he’d miss, and in a way she was the reason he decided to stay a bit longer despite the risks. He could’ve run the day after the initiation, he was fully healed that morning. After Lenore had taken him to a mysterious woman’s room, his injuries were almost completely remedied. Transforming from a man on death’s doorstep, he only felt sore as if he’d returned from a long workout. From the exhaustion and the relief he felt after, Dominic immediately fell asleep, and the next morning he found himself in his room without a clue who that healer was.

That day, September 5th, Dominic decided to push aside his worries and attend classes as if nothing had happened. That afternoon he was in the garden, sitting in the grass basking in the setting sun. But his thoughts were elsewhere, constantly circling back to the initiation the day prior. He’d been so occupied by it, that when approached by a friendly girl who seemed to show concern, he reluctantly explained his situation. Dominic hadn’t mentioned a word about Vincenzo, nor anything unknown outside of the Umbra Coven. He said, simply put, that a fight broke out and he was involved. To his surprise she was generous enough to offer to heal his soreness, and he agreed. By that point he hadn’t noticed anything suspicious about her, in fact she seemed quite naive. Desdemona, she’d said, and Dominic believed her, because he was desperate enough for some light in this academy which was nothing but an extension of his looming shadows. Lenore, the healer, Desdemona, even Dante who’d guided him here, they all seemed too kind. Did they have ulterior motives?

Dominic didn’t want the answer to that question. Now all that mattered was carrying out his plan, laid out in the papers scattered across his desk and floor. He leaned down, picking them back up to their place. As he looked at all the papers in his hands, the pages filled with his thoughts throughout the month, all regrets of leaving faded from his mind. It didn’t matter that there were positives to this institution, he’d rather not waste another moment here.

For that morning, Dominic would carry on as a regular student, visiting the dining hall for breakfast while stealthily avoiding Vincenzo and the coven. Afterwards, he’d attend the Scavenger Hunt, and that would be the last they ever see of him.

With a firm resolve and a steely gaze, Dominic’s shoes echoed off the marble floors of the hallways. He pushed open the door to the dining hall, quickly making his way to the least visible corner. He took a simple meal with him, since he hardly had an appetite. The collars of his dress shirt felt as if they were tightening around his neck, and the sweater above it only added to the suffocating feeling. Maybe his usual attire wasn’t the best fit for his plans that day, but Dominic couldn’t risk standing out. Seated awkwardly at the corner his table, surrounded by empty chairs, he reached for his fork—

“Nic!” a cheerful voice had cut his peaceful silence short, causing him to almost drop the fork. He knew that voice.

His head snapped up, brows furrowed at the audacity of interrupting him at such a moment. Why was it that he got noticed the most precisely when he tried to blend in the background? His eyes met the girl’s green ones, bright and full of energy. For a moment his expression softened. She was one of the people he truly couldn’t understand. Beneath that innocent smile there had to be a secret motive, there had to be something she wanted from him. No matter how cold and irritated Dominic acted in front of her, she just wouldn’t leave. It’s as if she was genuinely under the impression that they were friends, even if they had no reason to be. They were opposites.

“Can I join you for breakfast?” she’d asked. At that moment Dominic wasn’t sure if he had a choice. He noticed how she held her breath for his answer, adding to his confusion.

Dominic looked down at his food, mumbling hesitantly, “…Sure.” Rubbing his eye with a tired expression, he continued. “Why, though? What do you want?”

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@Caticorn ⋅𖥔⋅ Lenore Ferrell

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─── ・ 。゚☆: ✦. .✦ :☆゚. ・ ───

Even though Lenore had settled back into her academics quite easily over the past month, one thing continued to haunt her. The image of Nic on the night of the first day of classes, coughing up blood as he lay on the ground. She knew he was okay. She had seen Amani essentially bring him back to life that night and had spent a considerable amount of time with him since then, but a sense of worry still clawed at the back of her mind. They had become friends over the time they’d spent together and, like all of her friends, she wanted him to stay safe and feel comfortable.

She adjusted the neck of her sweater as she stepped out into the cold of the morning air, making her way to the Grand Hall. There was a sense of anticipation in the air, reminding her that today was the day of the scavenger hunt. She had fond memories of the hunt from the years prior and was looking forward to seeing what today would bring. She scanned the hall full of students, smiling as she spotted familiar faces, and slid into an empty seat to wait for the assembly to begin. Having heard this speech many times before, Lenore couldn’t stop her thoughts from wandering and she began to search the crowd for Nic, realizing she hadn’t seen him as she came in.

She caught a glimpse of him as the assembly ended and the students began to transition between the grand hall and the dining hall. She thought about going over to greet him quickly but there were too many students in the way and she couldn’t fight the current, though she made a note to herself to find him later. She found her way to the food and put together a small plate with a cup of milky tea before finding a seat. There was no one else around her as she started to eat, which she didn’t mind. While she enjoyed being around other people, especially those within her house, she also liked having time alone. However, she wasn’t alone for long.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t Lenore Ferrell.”

Lenore smiled as she heard Kairo’s voice, looking up at him. His charming yet laid-back demeanour both complimented and opposed the quiet elegance that Lenore carried herself with. He asked to join her and she laughed as he offered her a bribe in the form of a cupcake. “Of course you can.” She answered after he set the dessert down between them. “How are you settling in?” She asked him after he sat down across from her. “Oh! This is going to be your first time doing the scavenger hunt.” She added, her voice making her statement sound almost like a question, but not quite. Her first question had reminded her that his being new to the college meant that he hadn’t participated in this event before and she was curious to hear what he thought about it.

─── ・ 。゚☆: ✦. .✦ :☆゚. ・ ───

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It had taken days after the sleepover for Tae’s voice to return to normal. It took weeks for him to be able to hide his limp again. Now, a month later, his bruises had finally begun to fade. What he hadn’t been able to shake was the nightmares. Every night, he would wake up and have to remind himself how to breathe. Sometimes, he could coax himself back to sleep but other nights, he resigned himself to staying awake. He knew that just like his nightmares from the accident, they would go away eventually.

As per his sister’s suggestion when she visited him the morning after the fight, he also tried to avoid Renlin as much as possible. When he did have to be in his vicinity, he only spoke to him if it was required. The two of them being on barely speaking terms was no surprise to the coven, and probably the rest of the school, so he had been able to get away with it for now.

He had barely slept the morning of the scavenger hunt and was tiredly getting dressed when he heard a knock at his door. He slid a shirt on as he walked to his door, shaking out his hair before opening it. There were a few people Tae would have expected to find when he opened the door. Inessa Duman was not one of them, especially after what had happened between him and Renlin. Yet, there she was, holding a small tin with a red bow in her hand.

“Hey.” He greeted her, trying to keep his tone neutral, even though he knew the expression on his face was communicating one of two things: ‘what are you doing here?’ or ‘what do you want?’. He cleared his throat, having heard the obvious tiredness in his own voice. “Do you, uh, want to come in?” He offered, realizing that the longer she stayed standing outside of his room, the higher the chance that Renlin or someone else would see her, opening a can of worms that Tae did not want to deal with today.

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Grand Hall | After Morning Assembly | Celestine

Dante listened intently, his eyes never leaving Celestine as she spoke. Her words were honest and raw, and they resonated with him in a way he hadn’t expected. He could see the vulnerability beneath her composed exterior, and it made him want to connect with her even more. He nodded slowly, understanding the weight of her thoughts and the effort it took for her to express them.

“I appreciate your apology, Celestine,” Dante replied sincerely, his tone gentle yet earnest. “Though it was not necessary. We all have our moments, and I’m just glad we’re able to talk about it now.” As Celestine mentioned the cafeteria, Dante’s stomach growled on cue, making him chuckle. “You read my mind. Lead the way!”

As they walked, Dante couldn’t help but notice the shift in Celestine’s demeanor. Her words seemed to carry a weight of vulnerability. When she stopped and expressed her guilt and confusion, Dante’s expression softened further. He was silent for a moment, thinking carefully about his next words.

“As for why I’m doing this… Well, you’re right. I could have chosen to ignore you or talk behind your back. But that’s not who I am,” Dante said, a small smile forming. “I see someone who’s passionate, has a sharp sense of humour, and is strong - someone who’s more than the image others might have of her. I want to understand that person better, because I like that person.” No matter how much Dante had teased and poked at her for her image, he liked the person who Celestine was.

He glanced down at the stack of books in her hands, a genuine curiosity gleaming in his eyes. “And for what it’s worth, those books aren’t just for show. I really do want to learn more about your passions.” his eyes then met hers, “But if you’re willing to give me a chance, I’d like to get to know you better, and not just through books, they’ve never been my strongest suit It was some self-deprecating humour with some truth to it, Dante sometimes struggled with getting to books for school, he then let out a chuckle before continuing, "though, you’ll have to let me carry them, no way you should!"Without any discussion, he took back the books from her and put them back in his backpack.

“Never apologise for being honest” he said as soon as she shared that he shouldn’t consolidate her on this, “I’m not perfect, and I don’t expect you to be either. I just want us to be honest with each other.”

As they continued to walk towards the cafeteria, Dante chuckled softly at Celestine’s comment about the teacup gesture. “Noted,” he replied seriously but with a playful undertone. “No pinky up when drinking tea. I’ll keep that in mind.”

As they got closer to the cafeteria, Dante couldn’t help but feel hopeful. It wasn’t going to be easy, but he was determined to break through Celestine’s walls and show her that she didn’t have to face everything alone. Reaching the cafeteria, Dante held the door open for Celestine, gesturing for her to go ahead. “Let’s get some food in us before the scavenger hunt,” he suggested warmly. “We can figure out the rest as we go.”


Copy of Copy of Copy of Silas

[𓆩⟡𓆪 𓆩⟡𓆪 𓆩⟡]

Upon seeing Renlin Dunman, Thalia had just one reaction, panic. There could not be any words in the dictionary, possible of describing, Thalia’s reflexes when it came to how fast she had shut that door- well tried to shut that door. She would have, the door would have shut, if not for the fact that Renlin had somehow managed to weighed his foot in the threshold, preventing the door from closing. That had of course caused many thoughts to swirl in Thalia’s heads, ranging from Ouch, that most have hurt, to why and finally to did he really have too…

Damn, she thought, as the door was pushed open with deliberate slowness. Guess she cannot escape this conversation. Her hands were still on the doorknob, as she gazed into him, taking in his features- his chiseled jawline and high cheekbones, and expressive brown eyes, with this conversation, out in the open like this or at all, they too would not be lying. Still, as her eyes flickered to Renlin’s side, hoping no one was coming or will be coming, she sighed before she finally asked him, albeit too casually, what brought him here. He had run his hands through his hair, letting out a deep sigh as he stated that he needed to talk to someone who knows that he’s not completely crazy. “And i’m that person?” She asked, her hands still grasping the knob of the door.

Then: she had sighed, her eyes softening as she took a deep breath, her irritation melting away to reveal a genuine concern for him.“Renlin,” she began, her voice gentler than before, “You’re not crazy, But showing up here in the middle of the night without any warning is.” She tapped her fingers on the door, “You could have called or texted,” Thalia had said as if she would have picked up. You know, perhaps that was the reason he didn’t even call or text, she had after all blocked him in most places.

She continued to toy with the doorknob, perhaps about to close it, as after all, she had confirmed he was not completely crazy, which was what he was here for, correct? But it seemed he had other motives. He had greeted her, his tone settling into his usual smooth and relaxed demeanor, as he shifted the tone of the conversation, he had apologized for his unexpected visit, then had asked her to take a little night stroll care to join me. “Someone might see us ,” She said as her mind raced, Someone might find out,” The someone being Inessa. “I don’t think…” She paused as she glanced at him, something in her not wanting to say no. “But I suppose we can be discreet about it,” She proposed, her resolve wavering as her hands dropped from the doorknob. She said nothing, for some time, before she closed the door, and opened it again. When she opened it though, she had a light brown jacket, and some oxford style shoes. “Well,” The corners of her lips tugged to a small smile, “Are we going on the stroll or not.” She just hoped no one sees them.

She had knocked on his door for a while- ok, perhaps not for a while, she was exaggerating, indeed she was. But with her nerves, with the fact that someone could just come out of one of the many doors here and see them, it did feel like a while.

She had turned around, prepared to leave, having made peace with the fact that perhaps Renlin was not in his dorm. But as soon as she did that, she had heard a sound and her ears had perked-, causing her to halt mid-step, her back still on the door.

“Uh huh,” She turned around to face him, “I thought we already had enough suspense in our lives,” She had quipped, “Haven’t we?” She smiled.

When he teasingly questioned if she could not get enough of him or something. The question, was giving her goosebumps. It reminded her of something he had said, back in the past, when they had begun this thing… their relationship. He had said, You just can’t stay away from me, huh?" and though, it had been long, she still knew how to reply to that, a similar thing she had said before, as she said, “Isn’t it you who can’t stay away?” After all he had been the one to come to her dorm in the middle of the night. Still, a small smile plasted on her face as she said, “But maybe I am here for more,” She added, her eyes on him, “I’m just trying to figure out what that more is,” She glanced around, ensuring their privacy before responding, her voice laced with a playful yet contemplative tone. “So…” She began, “What more am I going to find by being here? Why are we here” She asked curiously.



Copy of Copy of Silas (1)

[౨ৎmusique ౨ৎ]

Her afternoon, Amani would say, was not much of a welcoming experience. As after all, she had seen him, someone she thought she would never see again, someone she did not even know went to Wyndham, in Wyndham. He wasn’t supposed to be here, and she was never supposed to see him again. They had cut ties, he and her, especially after what he had done to her. She had heard, that after her incident, well more like during it, he had been… to put it in simple words, unfaithful, but apparently, there was something more, there was something she was not remembering, empty pieces.

When she went to Tae Seo Dunman a month ago, she had hoped to discover some answers and figure out a dream that felt more like a memory than a dream, but she got nothing. In addition, Amani had not had any further dreams concerning that woman; her dreams had been curiously typical.

Her morning had not been any better, she remembered It, waking up to a dress at the entrance of her door. So many thoughts had swirled in her head, one of them was, "What’. What indeed, what was the dress doing on the entrance, what or more like why was her door unlocked and who sent her the dress. She had bent down, careful not to touch the dress, because she did not know what it was made from or who it was from. It was always better to be safe than sorry, and through squinted eyes found a note right below the bust. She had flickered her hand, getting a napkin, she had used to pick up a note to read. What she read though, only left her more confused and unimpressed.

Whoever had sent the letter had not bothered to sign their name, and perhaps, if it was under any other circumstance, if they had not opened her door, perhaps she would have found it amusing, and entertained it. But there was nothing amusing to her about this situation, and all she could do was stare at the letter, until she had chanted something- a spell that crumbled the note for her and through it in the trash can. She had muttered another spell, one that flew the bed from the ground up to her cupboard. Later in the night, she told herself, she would go outside and burn it.

After that, she had looked everywhere in her room, checking to see how far the person had entered her room, where they had gone to, and where they had touched. But everything looked fairly normal- still, she didn’t trust it. She had flickered her wrists, muttering something as she checked again over all her materials. But it seemed indeed, whoever came to her room, had not touched her things.

Good, so then, she would not have to be bothered. Instead, she could talk to her father, ask him to increase the security of her room, but then her father would ask her if something was wrong, so it would better not to. She would simple ask Francis.

Moreover, though Amani had said she was to burn the dress during the night, she had not. After the Umbra-hosted scavenger hunt, the numerous talks and catching up, she had been exhausted, yes, as she entered her bathroom, taking a long bath. When she had come out, a green robe wrapped around her frame, she had sat on top of her bed, her right leg crossed over the left as her fingers tapped the bed. The dress, the mysterious dress, was now on the ground in front of her and Amani was wondering if she should really burn it.

She considered it, who could the dress have come from, there were possibilities. A lot of them, it could have been from Tae, he entered her dorm room every now and then as he was allowed too and they tended to talk a lot, but why the hell would he give her a dress without telling her first and the handwriting, the handwriting was not his. Then again, he could have wished for secrecy, to surprise her. But he had never been the type to behave like that nor would he write like that. It could have been Jesse, but Jesse knew better than entering her room. There was Celestine, yes, Celestine also tended to enter her dorm unannounced from time to time, and it would make sense for her to gift Amani a dress, but Celestine lived in a different time that Amani, fashion wise and the way she spoke some times, her dearest friend would not have written like that. If she would written it, it would look far nicer. Carmen did not know where Amani dorm was, so it could not be her, Caspian would not do such a thing, Evangeline was terrified of this room. It could have been what was her name again, that one guy’s sister, Lamore, Lenore? Either way, who wanted to thank her for her help a month ago, but that was a month ago and she did not seem like she would want to enter the Umbra campus again. There was of course, hellspawn otherwise known as the Russo, the balding psycho, Sellenova’s former lover and Vincenzo Parravicini Russo.

But their conversation, their argument has been months ago, and she had not talked to him ever since then and had no wishes to, and one would think, he would have gotten over the conversation and focused on matters that interested him most instead of bothering her, but then again it was Vincenzo, she was speaking about. If it was from him though, that was even more reasons to burn the dress and go to sleep. She reached into her drawer, getting scissors, to first cut the dress then burn it, but as the sharp scissors made contact with the green dress, she couldn’t help to think that, “The dress is quite beautiful,” She commented, the scissors still on the fabric. It looked expansive, and smelled quite nice and last she knew, Vincenzo Parravicini was a skint, in other words he was broke as hell and definitely could not afford such a fabric. Thus, there was a possibility it was not him, but perhaps, the fabric was a duplicate of the original or he had stolen it. All options seeming quite likely. If he was the one, or if he was not the one, either ways, Amani wanted to know why the hell the person opened her door. If it was Vincenzo, perhaps it would be better to just have this last conversation, and tell him to leave her the hell alone.

But she did hope it was not him, she saw him enough in the hallways, seeing his face will just make her’s sour. But does she wear the dress or not, if it was from Vincenzo, she had no wish for it,but then again it could be from someone else. A thought crossed her mind, the possibility of it being from Azriel, he had not been answering his calls and perhaps because he had wanted to keep his visit a surprise, but why was he here.

Whatever, Amani thought. She would wear the dress, then burn it, it was simply such a beautiful green dress, to never wear. Thus, Amani had slipped out of her robe, and began to put it on, the straps of her dress on her shoulders. The dress clung beautifully to her slender frame, hugging her curves in a way that was both elegant and sensual. The material felt cool against her skin, a stark contrast to the warmth of her lingering bathwater. It was an open back, the dress, the fabric cascading gracefully to the small of her back, leaving her shoulders and spine exposed. The dress, as Amani looked at it in the mirror, was undoubtedly a beautiful piece, one that seemed almost tailor-made for her. She had paired the lovely dress with a pair of matching heels from her collection. They were a deep emerald green, with a slight shimmer that complemented the dress perfectly. As she slipped them on, she did not know if she should really be doing all this, because what if it was in fact Vincenzo?

Well, if it was, hasn’t Amani always enjoyed dressing up for an occasion, no matter who orchestrated it? She was a Monet after all.

When everything was in place, she had walked to the destination, later than 11pm. As she reached there, just like she had said, her face turned sour, especially as she heard the annoying sound of his shrilling laughter. Perhaps, she shouldn’t have come, terrible mistake- she chided, but she was here and besides she wanted to ask why the fck’ he was in her room. As he continued to stare at her, his hands together behind his back, hunching over, Amani couldn’t help but think that he looked quite foolish and his actions only served to sour her mood more as she felt mental fingers, rubbing her forehead. He was so irritating.

“Why the long face?” His voice had been mocking, as his face twisted into a smirk, the pitch of his voice falling as his shoulder’s slumped. Amani could not help but to imagine him, currently, with a gun to his head, a bloody nose, and some broken ribs. Whoever punched him, this school year, would be like a God to her, because, he Vincenzo Parravicini Russo was the personification of agony. He had commented another it, a phrase that only served to cause her to roll her eyes, and her hands to turn to fists that clutched at her sides. “You make me sour,” She had commented, muttering something underneath her breath. “Why did you open my door.” There was nothing but irritation in her voice as she asked that, “What do you want now, Vincenzo,” The way she had said his name had been quite harsh, she had ran the name together, as if in a hurry to be rid of it, and her voice although low had been harsh. She had remembered too, how much Vincenzo hated his own name, ad how much currently she could care less about that.


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|| Dining room || With Lenore ||

Kairo settled comfortably into the seat across from Lenore, a playful grin spreading across his face as he watched her reaction to the cupcake.
“I knew I could count on your sweet tooth,” he teased lightly, relaxing into his chair and taking a moment to appreciate the lively ambiance of the Dining Hall. The place was abuzz with excited chatter, students discussing strategies and sharing their anticipation for the scavenger hunt.

Turning his attention back to Lenore, he leaned forward slightly, resting his elbows on the table in a casual manner “How am I settling in?” he echoed, tapping his fingers thoughtfully on the table as if deep in contemplation. “Well, I’d say pretty well, considering I haven’t accidentally set anything on fire or turned anyone into a toad… yet. Though, give it time,” he added with a playful wink.
and I’ve managed to find my way around without getting hopelessly lost, most of the time, anyway. All in all, it has been going quite alright.” He leaned back in his chair, crossing his arms casually. He glanced around the dining hall, taking in the lively atmosphere. “But I have to say, the people here have made it easier. It’s nice to have a friendly face to share breakfast with,” he added, his eyes returning to Lenore. He gave her a warm, genuine smile, appreciating her company.

Taking a bite of his breakfast, Kairo savored the flavors while listening intently to Lenore’s words about the scavenger hunt. Her mention of the upcoming event sparked a glint of excitement in his eyes. "Yeah, first time diving into this scavenger hunt madness. But I’ve always loved a good scavenger hunt, the thrill of the chase, the clues, the challenge…it’s right up my alley.” he admitted with a shrug “And adding magic and mystery into the mix? Well, that just sounds like it’s going to be even more epic. I’ve heard a whole bunch of stories about it though, so I’m pretty excited." he stated with a light smile playing on his lips

He leaned in slightly, excitement evident in his eyes and a smirk playing on his lips “How about you? Any pro tips for a newbie?” Kairo asked, raising an eyebrow in playful curiosity, genuinely interested in Lenore’s insights into the annual event.

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Atlas Theodore Alstone


Breakfast, with Nessa


After the morning assembly, Atlas stood in the dining hall with an empty plate in hand. His eyes scanned the food in front of him, though he barely registered what he was seeing. It was clear his mind was wandering elsewhere.

That morning, a low ringing sound filled Atlas’ bedroom, coming from the phone held loosely in his hand. He lay on his side, eyes half closed, waiting for the beep to connect him to the other side. It had been a few minutes, and Atlas had tried to call the number several times, but each time he was met with silence.

At last, the familiar sound rang out, jolting Atlas out of his half-asleep state. He sat up quick as light, putting the phone to his ear. “Hello, mom?”

A short pause followed from the other end. Atlas only heard the sound of his racing heartbeat in his ears. “…No, Atlas. It’s me, Susanna,” a voice spoke back, one that didn’t belong to his mother. Rather it was one of the employees at their main estate, one he’s known since he was a child.

Without missing a beat, Atlas continued. “Can I talk to mom? She hasn’t been—”

He was cut off by a decisive “No,” leaving no way for him to continue speaking. “She’s busy.”

His fingers tightened around the phone. “And dad—?”

“No, Atlas,” Susanna interrupted again.

He furrowed his brows in confusion, taken aback. There was a clear impatience in her tone, one that Atlas wasn’t quite familiar with. Had he done something to anger her? It was so sudden. “Then, could you tell them to call me back when they’re free?” he asked, crossing his arm over his chest as he considered the thought of another firm No, I will not.

But instead, his question was met with a frustrated sigh. “Yes, of course,” she’d replied, though she didn’t sound convincing.

For a few seconds, neither of them spoke a word, the atmosphere turning heavier. Susanna was his only way to contact his parents for the time being. They wouldn’t answer their phones, and when he tried the home phone only the employees would pick up. A year ago, the family deactivated their social media, leaving a meeting in person as the only option. A trip back from Wyndham College would be costly, so Atlas couldn’t travel home so easily, meaning he had no way of contacting them since the day he arrived.

Atlas took a deep breath. “Thank you, um…” he trailed off, hesitating. “Can I ask what they’re doing—”


And with that, the conversation ended. Atlas lowered the phone from his ear, staring down at the contact screen as the room was once again drowned in silence. With a defeated exhale, his hand dropped to the bed, and Atlas fell backwards onto his pillow.

This only started happening over a year ago, back when the Alstones had decided to take a break from performing. During that time his parents cut themselves off from the public, while Atlas’ socials remained on the condition that he refrains from performing without them. Since then he hasn’t touched an instrument outside of practice or small plays for his friends, and he was okay with that. He’d wait for as long as he needed to. But sometimes, he could only wish he wasn’t treated the same as their audience, as if big red curtains were concealing his parents’ acts and he could only sit patiently and wait for them to be lifted.

Sitting up, he caught a glimpse of his reflection in the mirror, a gloomy frown on his face. Atlas’ lips curved into a soft smile, concealing his worries.

He’d attended the morning assembly, arriving early as always, and spending a few minutes in silence in a sea of empty chairs. He’d tried to listen to the speech, as if he didn’t know it by heart, just so something else could occupy his mind.

It ended in the blink of an eye, and before he knew it he was standing in the dining hall, a plate in hand as he struggled to choose a meal. But in the corner of his vision he saw a person, long blonde strands swaying with movement. And as he turned his head, he saw an all too familiar face hidden behind that hair. Inessa Duman.

A year ago, sometime after his parents decided on a break, a relationship began between Atlas and Inessa. During that period, his life felt static. He used to look forward to his performances, his days filled with practice sessions for the next one. But with nothing new coming up, it began to feel pointless. His parents wouldn’t touch an instrument, he was alone with only his violin to fill the silence. Then, Inessa came along, returning the vibrancy to his life. As he looked at her from the side, the colorful outfit she wore was so vivid compared to his dark one. The contrast, it almost seemed like a metaphor for the days that were now long gone. It was a bittersweet feeling, but in a way it was muted, Atlas didn’t feel any strong sadness over that loss. They were still friends, there wasn’t an argument, it simply ended because a relationship wasn’t meant to be. Though sometimes, he wondered if it ended differently, where would he be now?

Taking a deep breath, he hesitantly took a step towards her. “Nessie!” he called out, his voice cutting through the ambience of the dining hall. His hesitation was masked by a bright, almost obnoxious smile. As he caught her attention, he stepped beside her. “It’s been a while, hasn’t it? How are you?” he asked. “I’ve missed you.”

As he spoke, there was a visible strain in his lips, struggling to keep his expression from twisting.

“Any plans for the scavenger hunt?”


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When Desdemona arrived at the table, the man responded very disinterestedly to her request. Perhaps this would make a regular person embarrassed, sitting down awkwardly and then not saying much. Luckily for Desdemona, she was in no way regular, so she sat down completely unfazed by his negative attitude like she did not notice it at all. “I wanted to ask how you were doing!” She smiled warmly, her words visibly sincere. “You weren’t feeling so well the first time we spoke…” Desdemona said, rubbing the inwards side of her elbow. She spoke in a way that sounded a bit crude, but she said it out of concern.

Under the table, she shifted to a more comfortable seat, and then crossed one leg over the other. Desdemona placed one elbow on the surface of the table, and then rested her chin in the palm of her hand, as if she needed a base to hold all of the delicate thoughts in her mind.

After speaking, she glanced down at the breakfast table, thinking of something to say, and then her pupils skittered up to look at the tall figure. He looked sort of like a character she once imagined, in the stories that Thalia read to her. He had the furrowing sort of brows, and a look of permanent suspicion in his eyes, with a defined, british cupid’s bow. His skin and the light freckles on his face blended with his dark features to create the expression of a scholar, an expression complimented by his way of dressing. She found herself admiring his traits for a bit too long, with a progressively softened expression, and fluorescing brown eyes. There were so many bustling steps around the Wyndham campus, the sounds of people who were at least half as interesting as her new friend. And she was quietly fascinated by all of them, curious to know more.

Then, he gestured to her, and she realized she had missed their cue to maintain the conversation, something that Dominic had likely done on purpose. How oblivious she had been, unaware of her silence. She shook her head, shaking off the trance that had overpowered her, and then looked back to him with a soft, scrambling smile. “So, are you excited for the hunt?” Desdemona asked with an excited tone.

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Vinnie Clone || After the hunt with Amani

There was nothing but cold hatred in Amani’s eyes as she glared at him, lips curled as if she had tasted something gruesomely sour. For some reason that tempted him to smile.

She insulted him, muttering under he breath, but before he could respond she asked him one question. And then another. The end of the last one contained his full name, which she knew he hated; a petty dig at him for what he did to her.

Vincenzo stifled a laugh, humor the only mask that could diminish how bitter he felt.
“Sour?” He scoffed. “That’s it?”

The man cleared his throat, and stepped closer to her, though there was still an arm’s length between them. His next words were said like he was dragging them across cement, dropping them at the end of the path. “I was hoping for something worse.”

He figured he should answer her actual questions, so he did it plainly, replying to both things at once. “I had something to get rid of,” the man explained, and his gaze lingered to Amani’s shoulder, looking at the green strap so that she might understand. Easily, she might have thought that the dress was meant for a fling that didn’t work out, just one of the girls whose beds he liked to frequent. And honestly, that was preferable; to let her feel gross in clothing that she could only imagine someone else wore to take off.

“Now I don’t need it hanging in my closet,” he feigned a smile, looking back up at her. “And I think it might have been one of my best ideas this semester.”

He dropped his gaze ever so slightly, to the pit in her neck. It was only to some extent that he could look at her as he said those things. If he looked at her, then he’d be hurting his former friend, and not the woman who left him without an excuse. So without meeting her eyes, he pushed out the final words on his mind. They were a crow about his recent wealth, which was starting not to feel so impressive.

His proud expression remained the same as he taunted her again. “It’s gorgeous, isn’t it?”

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─── ・ 。゚☆: ✦. .✦ :☆゚. ・ ───

“You clearly haven’t spent much time with the coven then.” Lenore added with a small chuckle when he mentioned that he hadn’t set anything on fire or turned anyone into a toad yet. Although she wasn’t sure whether she was insinuating that the boys in the umbra coven would be the ones influencing him or if he would be turning them into toads. Both options seemed equally as likely. She smiled softly back when he smiled at her. “It does help to find people whose company you enjoy.” She agreed. The friends she had at the school were one of the main reasons why she enjoyed coming back every year.

She took a sip of her tea and a bite of the fruit she had put on her plate. Kairo seemed excited about the scavenger hunt and Lenore hoped that the event would live up to his expectations. “I think you’ll have fun if you like scavenger hunts. It’ll also be a good way for you to get more familiar with the grounds.” She pointed out, crediting the scavenger hunts from her first and second years with her now knowing the school and its grounds like the back of her hand.

She paused for a second after he asked her for tips as if she was considering whether or not she should. She even took a long sip of her tea to add to the suspense. “Read the clues carefully.” She advised, knowing from previous years that it was easy to miss something important by skimming the clues and not giving the words much thought. “Also, try to collaborate with your teammates, regardless of whether or not you like them. You can go off on your own but it will benefit you later if you at least stay with your team until you have a good understanding of what you’re looking for.”

─── ・ 。゚☆: ✦. .✦ :☆゚. ・ ───

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celestine beaumont

❋❊ and that reminds me ❊❋


Hearing descriptions of how Dante sees her gave a feeling of hope and inspiration that she could be this person, knowing well that others perceive her as something different. His words felt foreign to her; she only heard nicer descriptions from her closest friends and confidantes. He doesn’t know her well, nor does she, and yet the words he said both comforted and doubted her personal journey. No, those words on how she’s witty are certainly just the way he saw her that night: a persona of an elegant, dignified belle that entertains the ball.

Still unsure of herself and the words that processed from her mind, her voice softened. “You view me too highly to make an assessment of who I am as a person. My passion and wits are there to entertain others. I’m sure you’ve met many ladies who flaunt their characters to impress the prospects of their futures.” With the books no longer in her grasp, she felt as though she had nothing to shield herself from. Crossing her arms as she pressed deeply into her arms, she looked at Dante with eyes still unsure of what this friendship could mean in the long run: a budding companionship or a deconstruction of her monstrosity. “I appreciate your motivation in understanding who I am, but I feel like you might be disappointed in who I am and what I am from beneath.”

As the grip of her arms felt loose, calming herself from the pressures she had felt from yesterday, she looked at Dante once more to hear a word that was not frequent in the life she had lived. Honesty. Such a lonely word. Her hands aren’t necessarily clean from the schemes her family has orchestrated over the past few years, as glamorous as they are. Why would the Beaumonts be honest about what they feel? Elegance relies on presentation. Honesty is hardly ever heard in her household; as her mother would say, We put on makeup to hide the imperfections the world shall never see. Celestine had been honest with him, but she fears that this honesty was done due to her vulnerability. “Honest. I can do that, but not always. You do expect that when we come to the cafeteria, whoever you see at this time will not be the person who will be seen by many. I mean, I’m sure you noticed this shortcut isn’t really a shortcut. But, I’m afraid you’ll have to face the fact that deception is a Beaumont staple, even if we are delicately aware that others can see right through our visage.” Her mind still flurries on the words of her mother and the weight on how she should act. Keeping the act of her being fine, she joked on her behalf, “Do not worry; I’ll make sure I won’t hide anything when you’re around. Unless, of course, it’s your birthday or something special.”

As the hallway felt familiar with the sounds of students laughing and walking, they had finally arrived in the cafeteria as she looked upon each hallway with more people going in and out of buildings and into their direction. Celestine would’ve been first in opening the door, but was intercepted by Dante as he held up the door for her. There was an air of unbelievability for a while, until she simply snorted, commenting on his action, “Quite a gentleman, and yes, I agree to find food first since there are some miscreants wanting seconds. The tables will be waiting for us; they won’t make the mistake of occupying themselves.”

She kept her meal simple: bacon, eggs, grilled tomatoes, baked beans, salad, and garlic bread. And when both were finished grabbing their morning meal, she found a seat that was enough for them, with enough sunlight to bask in the morning glory of what was to come. Sitting down, she took her first bite of the salad as she looked at Dante to know his plans for the day. “Dante, have you planned out what you will be doing on the scavenger hunt?” Her plan was a little more in line with the scavenger hunt as she looked upon the students that could interest her in advancing through each puzzle. With her little salad finished, she drank her tea so as not to sound sloppy when talking. “Getting ahead is the motion of this plan, and I certainly want to be one of the first people to finish this hunt. There are some advantages to being ahead, I heard. And I’m quite curious as to what we might be heading for if we play it smart.”

“Anyways, you said about wanting to know me better, didn’t you? I can certainly give you the privilege of knowing some of the things I like.” Of course, she could never forget a promise and a duty to tell him her interests. She has a slight fear that her interest may be a bit bland and boring for his taste, but she was always worried that superficial interests would turn off anyone, especially since this school is full of personalities, some more worrying than others. So much for her thoughts, she went on headstrong with her interests and decided to let the current take her to a destination: “Fashion isn’t just a thing I like; I also like music. If only I could take you to one of our estates; I have quite a collection of vinyls from each home. It’s mostly seasonal, like I have a dominant record of the Beach Boys on our summer rest house, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra on our winter mansion, and an assortment of The Shirelles on our main estate.” Further thinking of other interests, she also remembered her interest in a “makeover” for Dante: “If we find some time, I’d recommend you go to a salon and do a pedicure. I do worry that you’d be bored since I do more than just a haircut there. There’s the rollers, the mani-pedis, the retouching on my roots, and a nice facial to keep the face looking nice. I guess that means I could reserve a mani-pedi and facial for you too.” As for her turnoffs, she thought about it long and hard as she digged deeper to remember her plights on certain things. A familiar repellant came to mind: “One last thing, I’m not fond of 50s fashion. They keep on intermingling me with that part, and even I don’t subscribe much to the early 60s. The dresses remind me of the dresses I wore when I was 6. I’ve associated them with dolls and puppets, ruffles and bows, and too much fru-fru. I guess I could only admire the 50s with the models and actresses, but not on me.”

As she listed off some surface things to interest Dante, her words left her curious as she wondered what Dante liked. Even if it was surfaced as she would like, knowing what they prefer could signify some things, along with their body language. With her baked beans and grilled tomatoes finished alongside a sip of tea, she questioned Dante, “It seems to behoove me that I know you so little, and yet I’ve been familiar with your activities on campus. Who is Dante? A ladies’ man? A rebel-without-a-cause? Bad boy with a heart of gold? It’d be nice to know what tickles your fancy and, of course, why you always seem to gravitate toward leather so much.”


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Dominic Vaillant

[⋅𖥔⋅]═════⋅𖥔⋅═══ [ ] ═══⋅𖥔⋅═════[⋅𖥔⋅]

Breakfast, with Mona

[⋅𖥔⋅]═════⋅𖥔⋅═══ [ ] ═══⋅𖥔⋅═════[⋅𖥔⋅]

Desdemona was so unfazed by his cold demeanor, sitting down as if he had greeted her with the same enthusiasm she showed. Yet his responses were blunt, putting no care into how she perceives him. Short, leaving no room for conversation. Still, she found a way to speak to him, remaining here as if he was the only person in the bustling cafeteria.

Raising his brow, Dominic leaned on his palm. “What made you think that I wasn’t doing fine back then?” he replied, his tone dripping with sarcasm. She had no reason to worry nor talk to him any longer. They weren’t friends, and she already helped him, what more was there to discuss? He looked at up her, at her warm smile and eyes full of concern. He couldn’t help but wonder what her true intentions were, her purpose in approaching him. Since the day he met her she’s been nothing but kind, and no effort seemed to defer her from talking to him. Though, Dominic wasn’t exactly trying to avoid her. If that were the case he would’ve asked her outright to leave, since there was no point in pretending he enjoyed her company. Rather, he was confused, suspicious. Usually, his disinterest was enough to make most people awkward enough to leave. But her, he couldn’t tell whether she was ignoring it or was simply too oblivious.

Dominic sighed. “Thank you for your concern,” he continued, his voice turning serious. “However, you don’t need to worry about me. I was healed the night before, and then you helped the rest of my injuries. I’m doing just fine,” he explained. His foot reached for the backpack beside him, pushing it beneath his chair. She didn’t need to know the truth. Regardless of what he thought of her, she couldn’t get involved.

Looking into her eyes, resting on her palm with her elbow on the table, they held so much kindness. It was easy to fake. Dominic couldn’t analyze her behavior and what her intentions were. In fact he couldn’t even predict what she’d do, because everything about her was so unexpected.

He fiddled with his fork, his eyes down, not even taking a bite of his food since she arrived. A short silence followed, one that Dominic barely noticed because his attention was focused on solving this puzzle in front of him. A part of him was telling himself to let it go, because this would be the last time he’d see Desdemona. And still, his curiosity had control over him, urging him to continue this conversation and find out what she truly wanted. Could it be so easy to ask her? She’d likely tell him she’s worried, she wanted to check on him, just like she responded to his first question.

Looking up, he noticed she seemed a to be in a trance, her eyes elsewhere. Dominic gestured, a small wave, attempting to get her attention. “Did you fall asleep?” he asked jokingly, yet his voice was monotonous, ignoring the fact that he’d zoned out himself.

She shook her head to return to reality, immediately putting on a smile. She continued to speak, asking him a question with the same excitement she always held, “Are you excited for the hunt?”

Dominic didn’t answer immediately, letting silence linger between them filled by nothing but the tapping of his fingers on the table. He hummed, looking down. “Well…” he trailed off, unsure how to even answer. He didn’t want to lie and tell her he was excited, it was clear as day he wasn’t. Yet if he told her the truth, that he wanted nothing to do with it, she would no doubt try to convince him to participate.

“Are you?” he asked, even though he knew the answer, in an attempt to dodge her question.

[⋅𖥔⋅]═════⋅𖥔⋅═══ [ ] ═══⋅𖥔⋅═════[⋅𖥔⋅]

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|| Dining room || With Lenore ||

Kairo chuckled at Lenore’s remark about the coven, her playful tease drawing a grin from him. It was clear she had a good sense of humor, and he appreciated that about her. “Guess I’ve got a lot to learn, then,” he said, “Maybe I’ll start a new trend of toad transformations. You know, just to keep things interesting,” he joked, leaning back in his chair with a playful grin.

As she spoke about the importance of enjoying the company of friends at Ninth House, Kairo nodded in agreement, his gaze briefly wandering around the bustling Dining Hall before settling back on her. He took a moment to appreciate Lenore’s warm smile, feeling a sense of comfort in her presence. He took another bite of his breakfast, savoring the flavors before speaking again. “You’re right, though. It does make a world of difference having good company. Makes this place feel a bit more like home, you know?” Kairo’s tone softened, his genuine appreciation for Lenore and the other friends he was making shining through. “a bit more bearable and a lot more fun,” he said, a light smile dangling on his lips.

He watched with playful curiosity as Lenore took her time before offering her tips for the scavenger hunt, her suspenseful sip of tea making him chuckle. “Read the clues carefully, got it,” he repeated, mentally noting her advice. “And teamwork, even if they’re not your cup of tea,” he added with a knowing nod. “Makes sense. After all, there’s strength in numbers i suppose”
He paused, glancing around for a sec before meeting Lenore’s gaze again. “Speaking of which,” Kairo continued with a playful glint in his eye, “are the teams already set up, or do we get to form them ourselves?” He rubbed the back of his head sheepishly as he spoke.
He didn’t mind asking Lenore these seemingly obvious questions, ones that everyone else probably already knew the answers to. There was something about her that made him feel comfortable, like she wouldn’t judge him for his curiosity. After all, he was still kind of new here, he couldn’t possibly know everything yet.

“Sorry for bombing you with questions,” he added with a chuckle, his tone light and apologetic, a wry smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. “Still getting the hang of all this. And honestly, it’s nice to have someone to ask.”
[color=brown]“Anyway,” Kairo continued, shifting the topic with a relaxed smile, “enough about me and my endless questions. How about you? Anything exciting or new on your end?” Kairo asked, leaning back in his chair, his eyes focused on her with a warm and attentive gaze. “You have my full attention.”


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[[౨ৎmusique ౨ৎ]]

He had stifled a laugh, the sound grating against her nerves like nails on a chalkboard. Amani had forgotten, truly, the sheer distastefulness of his presence. The air around them seemed to chill as he stepped closer, a mocking smile playing on his lips. She instinctively took two steps backward, widening the gap between them. Was it an inessential move? Yes, it was. But the farther away from each, the better it was. She had shifted closer to where she had entered from, her hands at her back.

“Unfortunately,” she began, her voice ice cold, “I care not about your hopes, perhaps if I cared for you more, I might muster the energy to craft something worst as you so hoped. But you’re not worth the effort, Your life—is it not already miserable enough as it is?” She cocked her head to the side, a venomous glint in her eyes. “I heard,” she clicked her tongue, "that you’re still beating the freshmen, trying to— Her face twisted into confusion, or perhaps it was disgust.

“Really, what are you trying to do, assert your dominance? As if realization had dawned upon her, she stifled a small laugh, her eyes filling with mock amusement. “Vincenzo, Vincenzo,” s she chided, her tone that of a teacher reprimanding a wayward child. “When will you learn, you’re 23- no, 24 years of age, and you’re still living life like it’s the the playground. Bullying children, clinging to a delusion of power you never truly had. It’s pathetic. I would say you’re better than that, but,” She shook her head, “But that would just be me being delusional, after all you’re a stray dog, with no home, no family, parents couldn’t abort you so they aborted themselves for you and you think this,” She gestured to everything around them, “Is your home, that you’re their father, or perhaps an elder brother but truly when everyone leaves, everyone will just remember you as the loch ness monster, a cautionary tale for the families they will grow to have. because you’re a,” She paused, her expression one of feigned contemplation, though she already knew exactly what she would say, "A fleeting shadow, A ghost haunting halls that will soon forget you existed. Thinking that your prison is your sanctuary, because you’ve never had someone to truly care for you unless you forced them to, and with all your all your bluster and bravado, are nothing more than a prisoner of your own making.”

She cursed internally in her mind, for all the things she was saying- she had said, that she was not to give him the time to day if it was truly him, just finish all this once and for all and see what was it that he wanted. He had even told her that he was hoping for something worse after she flung the indifferent, sour comment, and now she regretted giving him the satisfaction of her reaction. She had always wondered, what was it about him- what was It about Vincenzo that managed to always push all her buttons. It was, “Agitating,” she said as he told her that he had something to get rid of, his gaze lingering on her shoulders, looking at the green straps of her dress.

Before she could respond, he had continued talking, each word he spoke souring her expression further. The dress, that she had found beautiful-to not be all that bad, now seemed to itch and constrict around her, becoming almost unbearable. She cursed herself internally for not listening to her first instincts that had urged her to burn the filthy dress before this encounter. But unfortunately, it seemed that Amani was drawn to such chaos, to such games. “It’s the most disgusting dress, I’ve ever laid my eyes on.” And she could not wait, she truly could not wait, to return to her dorm and burn this shxt off.