Novella's Novel Prize Awards


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The people of the RP/SG have spoken, and it is time for the results of the Novel Prize Awards!!!

I’m so excited to come here and call you ALL out for being so creative and talented and amazing and just the best people to share this space with.

In case you’re new here, we’ve had our categories of Presentation, Story, Characters, Relationships, RP/SGs and Users for everyone to nominate on - and omg did you all nominate some strong contendors. Now the votes have been collected – a big thank you to everyone who has done that and essentially made this possible – the winners are ready to announce.

Soooooo let’s get straight into it!!!


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Starting things off with, quite literally, the face of every RP. More specifically, the faces of the characters. Finding a faceclaim can be a very long process of looking through the entirety of Pinterest and Google Images, but it all becomes worth it when you find that perfect one. Who was it that found the best one?

The runner up...

Rachel Zegler as Aurelia Ellis

It’s true, no one could play our ‘absent’ minded but very beloved Aurelia quite like Rachel Zegler

The winner!!


Here is a few words from our audience:

Tom is just a killer daniel. I love him
Tom Holland didn’t play Daniel, DANIEL PARKER PLAYED TOM HOLLAND

What can we take from this? Hire Beni as a casting director


Whether it be trying to find the best name from the 1800s for Bridgerton or trying to find one that suits the surname ‘Parker’ for the 143th member of that family, nothing completes a character quite like the perfect name. For me, I feel I truly grew when I realised I shouldn’t keep using the exact same name for every character in different RPs (shoutout to the 10 Hailee Rider’s floating around in the Ep*sode void).
Back to the point.

The runner up...

Orpheus Langston & Dahlia Thornwood

The names were just too good there had to be a tie
Some messages from our audience:

(Orpheus): The name suits the character so well in both vibe and meaning

(Dahlia): It’s pretty

The winner!!


Here is what the audience had to say:

Fitting and just very pretty


The staple, the slides we all stalk for all the planning, and what really gives an idea of the vibe of the RP/SG that gets everyone excited. As you may have noticed there were only 2 nominated for this one, so we will just jump straight into…

The winner!!


I’m sure this came as no surprise to anyone - what a slay these slides were
Look I even have people to back me up on it

They have a really nice and organized layout and the colour scheme really suits the overall vibe of the rp

oval pic frames, new fonts, dark witchy color scheme, hot people


The day we switched from plain text to banners, lived were changed. Mine. My life was changed. Where had they been my whole life? The RPing game was never the same - seeing the faceclaim of the character while reading the post? What a concept. It has also let everyone have an extra moment of creativity because look at how much people pop off with them. Who did the most??

Runner up...

Margaret Hastingston & Professor Robert

I mean are we surprised
These were the ultimate pop offs

When asked how many times a day they looked at them, the audience reply:

(Margo): maybe like 3-4 times per day
(Robert): Just makes me laugh every time I see it [not an answer but equally acceptable]

The winner!!


hehehe thanks guys :smiling_face_with_tear: I try
this has got me thinking maybe I should post for her lol


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For all those times we just could not stop writing - the miscellaneous thread, used to add character depth, create relationships and cure boredom. What a perfect opportunity for everyone to just build on the universe even more, creating subplots upon subplots. Time for the standouts!!!

Runner up...

Adeline and Archie’s picnic

Much needed scene between the two icons we love love loveee

The winner!!

Misc story

The entire documented relationship timeline of course took home the win
A villain origin story never loses

Some words from the audience

It’s just a really interesting story and I always read it whenever a new part drops

but also it’s just so cute. It develops an old character and a new character at the same time. I have nothing else to say. I REST my case.

have to give it to them, so much time invested


One thing RPs are gonna do is serve DRAMA. Please. It’s what we’re all here for, my life is boring, I need something to keep me going. And wowwww the nominations were giving everything it needed to. All moments mentioned were very very strong contenders I can’t believe we did that. We’ve really done the most to our characters for the sake of drama. Worth it imo.

Runner up...

Delilah realising Daniel knew her dad was in jail

Yeah YEAH give this the recognition it deserves. This was unreal, this was everything for me. We were in lockdown, I think this actually saved me. To go back and do this again what a slay it would be

The winner!!


FOR. REAL. This was crazy. I was very tense upon reading

okay but that scene waaassss a lot

i was like boi what da hell morally questionable but slay


Alongside drama comes the very sad moments. We put our characters through a lot for drama, and THIS is what happens, hearts are broken. Mine. The characters too, probably. But we are very brutal when it comes to our characters, and here are some of the best (/worst? worst on the characters, best for us)

Runner up...

Ketziah Drake’s death

I mean, for real. Nothing says heartbreak like a character death. Brooke you really made a character for us all to love with the INTENTION of doing that why do you hate us

Poor Andy and baby Kaya

Facts, audience member

The winner!!


No because don’t get me started. Olivia Rodrigo has actually written songs based on this she told me herself.

Back me up here

Makes me want to cry every time I read it


Here we go… the true torture for us all. Character death. I can’t actually say a lot about this due to the fact that um I have done this. But wow, everyone else, not cool. Why can’t we just let characters be happy. Here’s the one’s that broke us all the most.

Runner up...

Ketziah Drake

For real, why do that to Andy. To Kaya. We should have seen her 10 years later at the reunion and for MANY years after that. She deserved everything.

Some moreeee

I think we all cried when this happened - Michelle’s portrayal of the effects it had on Andy was beautiful.

The winner!!

Saddest death

sorry for doing that guys
the games the game
she had to go

but thank you all

i hate you Ella

thank you


Yeeeesss the ARGUMENTS this is where it is at, the build up of the drama and heartbreak and everything all just spilled out and used against each other. Between friends, enemies, family, lovers, they all just give what we need. We don’t want peace, we want problems. And here are the best ones.

Runner up...

Orpheus Langston and Azucena Osuna

Here they are again coming to claim the credit they deserve, I will be here waiting for round 2, thank you

The winner!!


So this photo is clearly a bad representation of them in this context. I’m sure this was… before everything, or maybe this is in the future where they make up. ANYWAY yes the revelations in this argument went hard

twas entertaining

Aurelia and Harrison arguing outside of a bush and him revealing they have a CHILD together when her memory is CAPUT.


This one is very sensitive for me because I have not lived an awfully romantic life at all I’m fine I promise :smiley:. So for me these scenes all just hit because I get to live vicariously through the characters and I get far too invested in lines of dialogue and everything it’s just ALL VERY EXCITING and it’s times like these where I wish I was in these universes.

Runner up...

Dorian DeLoughrey and Jessica Pierce dancing in the rain after Jess rolled out of a moving car

I think that all scenes between them are the best romance scenes I mean look at them

Some additional words of wisdom

i luv rain

okay but gahhh that was soo cute

The winner!!


Be. Serious. What a defining moment in BR. It just hit all the tropes in the perfect way and I loved it. Take the win my heroes

Nothing ever passed them okay theyre still my winners

And that was correct


LISTEN TO ME HERE people are crazy man. RPs are literally made by everyone with their characters that have some wild plots. Characters with secrets and storylines are really what takes RPs to the next level and that is down to everyone in attendance. It’s a team effort really, the creativity of people is unreal.

Runner up...

Amelia Taylor-DeLoughrey and JP Medina’s fake relationship

Now wasn’t this a silly little moment from Amelia and JP. How one thought of a bucket list to teach Amelia the ways of a relationship - I have no idea but I will never forget the moment I was first told about this. Mind = blown

The winner!!

Character plot

Yes my baby is a mess
Literally related to everyone idek how it happened the ideas just kept going and getting progressively worse and suddenly she was just a member of all families

WILD love it SO GOOD


Many many many iconic moments live rent free in my head. Sad? Possibly. But where would we all be without them. Some moments truly made history and we probably didn’t even know it at the time. Here are the iconic of the iconic.

Runner up...

Persephone Rutherford trying to kill Leon Park


Annie Williams and Ezekiel Griffin setting a forest on fire

Sooo it seems we all have a thing for violent acts that may be a cause for concern. But at least they all survived?

Quick word about Persie and Leon:


The winner!!


I mean this reunion did provide the basis for many other iconic moments - iconic within itself? I did loveee being able to have a moment for them all older, and seeing where they have all been
Want to do it for BR2
Everyone come back so we can xxxxxx

Which other rp has had a TEN year reunion and pulled it off? The entire thing was my roman empire.


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With all this heartbreak and death and drama what we need is a bit of comedic relief. I love an unserious character, yes we love to torture ourselves with character’s downfall but sometimes I just want to laugh. Is that so much to ask? I’m just a girl, okay.

Runner up...

Lydia Ellis

I’m humble okay but what a slay
Come on considering the state of the parental situation
She tries

lydia’s smart and sassy

Thank you I tried

The winner!!


I mean are we surprised
This man has no serious bone in his body, respectfully
And we love him for it

He’s funny in a wholesome/adorable way

Just… just Mateo

Vibes from the picture


So let’s go from one extreme to the other and get sad again!! This one goes out to the target of all our tragic backstories and plans, because we are all suckers for sad people clearly. Here are the ones that just could not catch a break - maybe we should get them in touch with the funniest characters

Runner up...

Corin Blackwood

I mean aaaah
My heart does hurt for him he has been through so much I need to see him happy please
I will feel it as a personal attack if not xx

a lot of shit like

Malachi Azure

Where does one even begin
Man just went through one thing after another

life legit sucks

I have to give it to him…

And a very intense breakdown of his sad events

  1. He was threatened (through threats to his siblings) to get into a relationship with a girl he wanted nothing to do with (she was literally an identical twin to the girl who threatened him).
  2. He went along with it, and ended up falling for that girl
  3. He told her the truth → She broke and dissapeared
  4. He got engaged to an abusive women
  5. HIs ex (who ended up being pregnant with his baby) got stabbed by HIS twin sister, and lost said baby
  6. He got stabbed that day as well
  7. He got married to said abusive wife
  8. Abusive wife pretended to be pregnant to keep him from going back to his ex
  9. Abusive wife got pregnant, but then lost his child (but had children from another man that he now has to raise)
  10. He died in a burning fire with his only girl that he had with a maid that worked for his wife
  11. Oh and his baby mama was killed by his ex

Needless to say, Malachi…

no I actually have no words

The winner!!


This is his title for real
I have literally read his posts with ‘the grudge’ by Olivia Rodrigo playing in my head
My guy is sad sad

The takeaway from this = @DandelionKate loves to torture characters AND BY ASSOCIATION, US
and we love it

always damn crying

a lot of shit like

Dude cannot catch a break


Now onto the possible reasons for sad characters. The ones that could not give anyone a break. But they are always the funnest to write for and they just make everything INTERESTING. Drama? Here it is. Someone breathes in their direction, drama and chaos has started. Who did it best?

Runner up...

Paige Pierce

Girl is just always doing the most
Her opinions are heard by all and she just creates iconic moments in her sleep
That’s all

The winner!!


I mean come on
We all saw this coming did we not
He was the people’s villain

The audience discusses only the very beginning of his actions…

  1. He ran away when his boo thang was pregnant… in a jet… in the middle of school
  2. He blasted EVERYONE’s secrets
  3. He ruined Jezebel after she told him she was his sister