Novella's Novel Prize Awards

I must say I’m getting whiplash jumping from all these different extreme emotions. But here we are onto another more positive note!!! The ones that just wore their heart on their sleeves and let themselves fall in love, because this seems to be a rarity amongst all these damaged characters ): Here are our loverssss (hit them up just in time for valentines day)

Runner up...

Sadie Monroe

Aaahhhh my favourite lover my bestie
All that love just to get CHEATED ON

Sophie Lewis

What a little cutie toooo
And she DESERVES it please

The winner!!


Nah let me speak I’ve got beef with the voters on this one
Men really do get away with everything
Mr cheater
But FINE take the win

Audience argue:

  1. He came back to highschool after he was famous to win back a girl
  2. He wrote multiple songs about her
  3. He did a 10 minute date with Jezebel because she wasn’t allowed to go on a date with him so he planned it while she was walking home
  4. HE MADE A BROADWAY SHOW TO PROPOSE TO HIS WIFE. On stage. After recreating their entire love story.

It’s okay Jordan… everyone makes mistakes…


So this one is a personal favourite of mine because I love love love to obsess over appreciate some flirty and attractive characters. What do you expect people you literally cast models and celebrities. As I said, I am literally just a girl. A very single girl. Let me have my character crushes with no judgement please.

Runner up...

Archibald Hastingston

So when I said I was single I actually lied because let me introduce you guys to my boyfriend here he is
I mean what more is there to say
It’s okay he didn’t win because he won me

Some agreements:

DUHHHH <333333

Azucena Osuna

And aaaah don’t get me started
The power of Azucena is not to be underestimated
She is a slay

The winner!!


A big fat deserving win he is the man of the ton
As my character is their sister, I couldn’t possibly consider him in this light of course
But I can very much appreciate
He has had some goooood one-liners

I don’t knowwww there’s just something about him he has a charm okay



Let me tell you one thing I love: characters developing. Please. Give me the worst character in the world, I want to see them learning from their mistakes and becoming the better people. I love a bit of self-reflection, some growth, all of it. Let’s see the best onesss

Runner up...

Persephone Rutherford

I meannn when you try and kill someone, I do believe you can only go up from there
And she did and she served while doing it

went from raging psychopath to loving mother

If that’s not development idk what is

The winner!!


Teheheheh I do love her
She trying to be better ok she knows she made mistakes


The ones that haven’t even started but we’re already excited for, that already got us from the faceclaims and character description, with the plans and the relationships all ready to be startedddd. We excited for these ones

Runner up...

Freya Hastings


glad people are excited to see her
um makes me a bit nervous lol but prayers and vibes!

The winner!!



We’ve already established - we love drama and we love mean characters
And here we go, massive potential for both categories
We are ready to see him

i love evil chars

Everyone from NH, this was hard to choose


Kept you all waiting long enough so letsss get back into it with the ultimate character awards, the best of the best and I mean that sincerely because WOW these were very difficult choices. Starting off with best non-binary character. Storyline, personality, relationships, this is for the characters that just slayed all of them so let’s get right into announcing!!!

Runner up...

Zion Pestana

Big big hype for Zion, one of the OGs for BR they went through a lot (let us all remember Daniel and his threats)

I LOVE Zion has one of the cutest story lines, and now has a little bakery with their wife. Beautiful.

The winner!!


The relationships the stories literally the best
Very well deserved win


Here we are with best male character!!! Another very hard one to chose from, people have smashed it with male characters. Would love to be a part of this, but heavily neglecting my male characters is my full time career. But which characters can change my view in hating all men? Maybe all of them, because fictional men are always superior. And hereee are the best examples of that…

Runner up...

Orpheus Langston

As previously seen on saddest character, here is our favourite sad boy, Orpheus
Bestie pulls at our heartstrings with every post
Of course he was gonna get up here

He has so many layers and so much depth to him - he makes me cry and i love him for it

The winner!!


Here he isss Mr rock star
I miss him a lot bring him back in some way

HE IS EVERYTHING A NUGGET A BEAUTIFUL NUGGET But honestly, Kind, tall, tattooed rockstar who just cares about everyone. I don’t have a specific moment to point to - but he does what’s right. He takes care of those he loves and he’d never back down. My favorite single dad fr.



The final character!!! Best female character. What an understatement it would be to say we have had some serious competition for this. The variety has been unreal and we have all truly outdone ourselves on our female characters. Much like Maeve Wiley, ‘complex female characters’ are my thing.

Runner up...

Valerie Wood


Again, another BR OG so I have to stan
For that and for of course many many other reasons
She assertive she funny she confident

No because why does Michelle make the best characters? She was just everything - down to earth, cool, didn’t take any bull shit (especially. not Daniel Parkers).

The winner!!


Of course she did
Bridgerton Queen
Excited to see where she goes in the RP
Deserved af

my gf



°˖✧ ✿ ✧˖° °˖✧ ✿ ✧˖°


°˖✧ ✿ ✧˖° °˖✧ ✿ ✧˖°


Here we go into my favourite section: relationships. If I can’t be successful with them in real life, at least I can make some good attempts on here. Starting off with the essential: the friendships. Characters having a shoulder to cry on, someone to joke around with and to trust implicitly, it’s what they all need. Especially considering the torture we put them all through. Let’s get straight into the bestttt

Runner up...

Harrison Davis and Ilyas Keats

Peep my dodgy edit
But YES our cuties
The ones making jokes in the corner of the balls we need them
Unserious duo

The winner!!


The pairing that defined friendship
Very iconic and deserving win!!!

They’ve been nuggets since birth - and they’ll be nuggets for the rest of their life. I mean come ON - the two got married on a ship and stayed married until they were 19 because WHY NOT (probably committing low key tax fraud in the process). Now it’s 10 years later and he’s her child’s god father. It’s just SO WHOLESOME. They did everything together - anddddd he went to Juvie because of her and didn’t blame her for it (well technically because of dan but OH WELL).

GAh i loved their story tho



From one extreme origins of iconic moments: rivalries. The lifelong vendettas, petty fallouts and explosive arguments - we’ve had a wide range of enemies and I personally have lived for the beef going on. So who was it that just hated each other the best?

Runner up...

Orpheus Langston and Ilyas Keats

Well clearly Ilyas is just iconic in all relationships, best friendships and rivalry - a versatile man
But yes the way they clash is just very funny to me I love
Here is some wise insight into this:


The winner!!


Now what an iconic rivalry
Literally made BR the Parker and DeLoughrey feud runs DEEEEP


come ONNN this was everything

SUCH A FUN HATRED BETWEEN THESE TWO. You can’t tell me otherwise - it was beautiful. He bought an island for Dori and named it “Dori Is a Piece of Sht” I mean… can you really tell me they’re not so much fun to watch. (Plus in another world they should and would have been gay lovers so yes).

Man bought an Island and named it “Dorian DeLoughrey is a Piece of Shit Island”. Like truly, there is not a hate that Dan feels more than the man that married his cousin. He HATES him. And for what? a misunderstanding because he thought he heard him saying something in the locker room about his cousin. Nope, that doesn’t matter, It doesn’t matter that him and his cousin have had MULTIPLE kids together - Dan is READY for the day that dorian messes up. He has 24 hour cameras on this man to catch the moment he messes up so that he can break him and his cousin up.

It’s just fun to watch them go after each other


The family relationships among characters have also been so important in the RP. Messy, completely. But having siblings that support each other through all the MANY family complications thrown at them is just always so cute to see. Which duo was just doing it like no other??

Runner up...

Daniel Parker and Jessica Pierce

You know there’s power when the sibling duo are not even siblings
But Jessica starting out as a NPC character who was Daniel’s cousin was so iconic this relationship literally gave us a whole new character
This was everything

Are they siblings? No. Did Daniel move mountains to protect his cousin from everything? Again yes. You can’t tell me they aren’t the LITERAL best. Annnnnnnnnnnnd Jessica isn’t afraid of his shit either. There’s something about that relationship that just worked.

The winner!!


What a cute win
I love them very grateful beni was open to Lia having a sister :laughing:

they are so cute and so strained we love

THEY HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE WORST PARENTS and do it together okay. I love them.



Aaaand the families themselves. With surprise half-siblings and random cousins and new step-parents, families have been the source of many plot points and it never gets old. I will never not love the ‘they are secretly related’ trope, like it never does not hit. I will be shocked every time.

Runner up...

The Ellis’

Another dodgy edit but you get the idea
But yes the Ellis’
A VERY messed up family and the siblings just support each other through it they need it

ellis icons

The winner!!


I mean if this category wasn’t made for them then idk
Quite literally a household name
The Parker’s are all over the place in every sense
And they are just iconic

Let’s do a quick shoutout to some of the members:
Daniel Parker
Jezebel Parker
Adelaide Parker
Valerie Parker
Veronica Parker
Peter Parker
Jessica Pierce
Anna Pierce
Annie Williams
Paige Pierce
Laurel Parker
Justin Parker
Lorelai Parker
Eleanor Parker
Charlotte Parker

I have no words. Just PARKER.

you can’t tell me they aren’t

They’re the most recognizable RP family imo


Heheheheh, Happy Valentine’s Day people, it’s time to get onto the romance. I been waiting for this one. Getting straight into it with the hottest couple first. Whether that be on looks, dynamics, moments, these are the couples that just hit different and I just love a hot couple. Come on. Reading couples’ storyline is just the best.

Runner up...

Corin Blackwood and Lydia Ellis

I meannnn
What can I say
It’s Charles Melton and Isabela Merced come on
but I also do love them and the characters and the relationship
call me biased


I mean if you insist, audience member

The winner!!


Well now it just looks like there’s been some foul play behind the scenes
I’m an honest girl I promise
Can’t blame the voters
Kind of hot
Kind of slay
We kind of love


have you seen them?

enemis to lovers yum


See I put this category in for my own enjoyment because this is the trope. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. 7 Things I Hate About You. Set It Up. We know how they’re going to end, and yet I will still watch and I will rewatch and again and I will enjoy it every time. When done correctly they make the best relationships and I have absolutely no choice but to stan.

Runner up...

Ricky Montoya and Annie Williams

Fine FINE they’re cute here they are
Peak enemies-to-lovers
What happens when it’s enemies-to-lovers-to-enemies-again?
We have yet to find out
Maybe it’s even better

The winner!!


disappointed my nomination, dorian and daniel, didn’t even place

If we’re talking enemies-to-lovers done right
There is no better answer than them
And look at them now living happily ever after

Gahhh there progression was beautiful - from the elevator scene to them falling for each other.

I’m sorry - he hated her because she stole the last chocolate pudding in middle school. Nothing could be more Iconic than that. He tortured her… because of pudding. He hated her SO much, that he FORGOT that it started with pudding. It’s epic.

I love that they ended up together and reading their arc was very fun


Nothing lives rent free in my head quite like the non-endgame ships. The one that got away, it would have been fun if you would’ve been the 1, now you’re just somebody that I used to know. All the best songs are written about what could have been. As someone whose character’s didn’t end up with anyone, best believe this hits hard for me. Let me tell you this might have been the hardest selection of nominations to chose from. The real question is, which of those couples kept you up at night the most?

Runner up...

Orpheus Langston and Aurelia Ellis

Orpheus man our saddest character
Of course he would be re-appearing on another sad category
He just can’t catch a break

The winner!!


I meannn
Their storyline was just aaaahhhh
What could have been
One day I’ll be over it


I know I’m just awful

this is HELL to chose from


Aaand here we have it: the endgame. The relationships we watched start, go through the turbulence and obstacles, and then they came out stronger for them. We can all sleep peacefully knowing these characters are still together and very happy and getting better every day.

Runner up...

Riker Taylor and Elodie DeLoughrey

Aaaah everyone’s parents
Went through the trenches
We love them

pp depression story so sad

Daniel Parker and Valerie Wood

Our enemies-to-lovers that are happily married with kids
Perfect storyline

It all started with sex in a elevator, and ended with Dan realizing the girl he despised was the girl he wanted to end up with for the rest of his life. That’s all I HAVE to say.

The winner!!


The couple
Their storyline was just amazing with so many moments and it was so detailed and well written and everything
What more could you want

Theyre just my babies

Loved their relationship arc


°˖✧ ✿ ✧˖° °˖✧ ✿ ✧˖°


°˖✧ ✿ ✧˖° °˖✧ ✿ ✧˖°


We’re getting through it, and welcome to the (tactfully-placed) penultimate category, RP/SGs!!! Right away we’re onto the plot twists. Arguably the most memorable moments in a RP, we love getting invested in plots, characters and relationships and then being thrown CURVEBALLS which suddenly questions everything we knew about them in the first place. Trust issues = reinforced.

Runner up...

Annie Williams and Paige Pierce being sisters and children of Anna Pierce and Malachi Azure

Gosh what were we like with this one
Many twists all in one even I was surprised at myself
Hit every single family plot twist trope all in one

Didn’t see any of it coming


The winner!!

Plot twist

Secret child trope where can you go wrong
Well, having the kid was where they went wrong
But we loved it
What a good time to be an uninvolved bystander

very close
azucena thought they were her friends!
but no they deadass have a baby tg

i was shook
and livid

was so quaking that im legit still mad about it


Time to get on the appreciation train for the RP/SGs themselves. The literal foundations of it all. Going into the fantasy, this is the genre that truly brings out the creativity in their creators. To write the perfect RP that helps one step out of the real world using the realm of supernatural and magic and everything is a skill that I could never master. Let’s call out the ones that did!!!

Runner up...

The Selection

Ooh oohohoh this on was too good
The concept the execution this was a very big slay

The winner!!


You know the RP is good when it’s winning best fantasy before even starting
But yes so far
The characters, faceclaims, the plot
The potential is there

yay magic school



Full of aforementioned plot twists, the mystery RPs are not to be underestimated. As someone who has only read one book and that is A Good Girls Guide To Murder, I love to bring out the detective in me. More of the mystery in 2024 please. Now for the ones that slayed it the most

Runner up...

Trouble in Mayday

I big fat support this motion
Wish I had been a part of this RP I have FOMO on this one
Sequel please xx

The winner!!


Um hello
This was a mystery to me in itself
A plot twist, if you will
Thank you people