Problematic anime characters

There are quite a few anime characters that are problematic, for starters any character that exists to sexualise children is just a big no.

I found an article that lists some popular anime characters that get away with doing bad and questionable things either because they’re cute/attractive or just being shown as the good guys. I’ll link it, feel free to read it and agree/disagree with them and also feel free to list your own.


I don’t really agree with Naruto being a problematic character. I’d say Sasuke and Sakura are more problematic than him. I also don’t agree with the others on the list, except maybe for Bakugo, Mineta, Taiga, and Miki. These characters didn’t sit well with me but I can see why people like them.

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I don’t know most of the people on the list except for Mineta and Bakugo. I’m honestly glad both of them are on the list, they are pretty toxic/problemtic. Although Mineta is overhated, the fact of the matter stands he is still a pervert and has harassed female characters. And Bakugo is a whole 'nother mess I don’t even want to bother getting into. I just wish Meliodas from Seven Deadly Sins was on here because he’s worse than Mineta when it comes to the perverted case.


Isn’t Mineta the one with the weird head balls who’s a perv?


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We don’t like pervs.

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Agreed. However, I don’t like the mass hate Mineta gets compared to other severely perverted characters in Anime.

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I really need to watch that.

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A Silent Voice - Hospital Scene (English Dubbed) - YouTube
Naoka Ueno - Album on Imgur

Naoka Ueno. She’s genuinely a sh!t person. So much to get into, so little time to explain.


What anime?

Honestly, I hate to say it…Lucy Heartfilia is kinda useless without her keys.

A Silent Voice.

Yeah, I get it. I mean, he’s actually pretty smart. If only he didn’t use that intelligence to perv on the girls.

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Bakugo too. He’s gotten a lot better in the later seasons. Like how he helped protect his team during the training with 1-B. I hated him at first, but now I like him somewhat.

Lucy was just there to be sexualized tbh. Another reason why I stopped watching Fairy Tail

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Oh, and Meliodas from Seven Deadly Sins is just disgusting to me

I agree. I still liked her, though.

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That’s fair. I did like Gray, though

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More fanservice, lol. But yeah, Grey was cool. (The pun-)

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For real, but he felt like the only decently developed character there

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