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  • Why is it called a TV “set” when you only get one?
  • How do mermaids make babies?
  • How can there be “self help GROUPS”?
  • Why do they write “May contain traces of peanuts or other kind of nuts” on peanut butter jars?
  • Why do sleeping pills have warning labels that state: Caution - May Cause Drowsiness?

M e e k e

  • what song was the last to get stuck in your head?
  • if you could live anywhere where would you live?
  • do you miss me :sneezing_face:


What’s with the name?
Do you play sports?
Have siblings?
Speak another language?

because it’s a set of multiple elements.


because I just learned that according to Linders, resilience comes from those around you.

because people are idiots and that way they can’t be sued for stupidity

Again because people are idiots.
But also because the long lasting effects may be hazardous while driving for example.

Most songs from the Six musical.

tbh I already moved to the city I wanna live in.


Well Meeke is my real name which is the same name as my mother’s cousin’s best friend.
And when I was small one of our family friends used to call me Meekepeek (Make-a-pake) so I used it. I like it.

I had to stop Volleybal 3 weeks ago because I moved to a different city. I still do the competitions on the friday evening (not high level) and will be joining a local team once I’ve settled in a bit more.

I have an older brother and an older sister. We’re all 2 years apart. So me (23), Sister (25) and brother (27).

I speak Dutch, English and I’m slowly learning German because we have a lot of german costumers and at this point it just makes life easier.

  • Do you have a crush?
  • Have you ever written an epi story?
  • Have you ever made anyone sad?
  • Ever made someone so happy that they jumped with joy?
  • How long have you been in this community?
  • What’s the color of you’re hair?
  • Where are you from?

I’m bad at these- anyway


But how?

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Hey @Meekepeek,

  • If you get rid the world of one disease what would it be?
  • What would you do if you were the lone survivor of a plane crash?
  • Would you let me slap you for a hundred dollars?
  • On a scale of 1-5, how afraid of dark are you?
  • If you were about to be executed, what five foods would you have as your last meal?
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  1. Cancer. Straight away.

  2. Wonder why I deserved to live, then live my life for that entire plane.

  3. Didn’t know you’re into that, too bad dollars are useless for me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  4. 1

  5. My mom’s meatballs, grandma’s chicken soup. Sister’s risotto crocketts, dad’s stake and brother’s hamburgers.

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  1. I unfortunately do not.

  2. I’ve writen many but never published then nor finished them.

  3. I have,. They’re not my proudest moments, but. They are my strongest life lessons.

  4. Not sure about that, but I’ve been thanked genuinely by a stranger for talking about death, grief and losses for 30 min. It’s a feeling I will never forget because a simpel ‘thank you, I needed this a lot’ was like a punch in the heart.

  5. 3 years now I think. I believe it’s been 1.5 years here and 1.5 on the EF but I’m planning on staying for a lot longer.

  6. Blond, even lighter than my pfp. I was born white and I think it’s now between dirty blond and ash blond.

  7. I’m from the land of the giants, the land made by man not by god. Of rainy days and flat grounds. Where we fight against human nature and are blunt yet accepting. (I’m trying to make it sound more exciting) I’m from THE NETHERLANDS :trumpet:

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Does a person’s name influence the person they become?
What happens in real life but rarely gets portrayed in movies?
What would you name your robot if you had one?
What’s the closest thing to real magic?
What would be on the gag reel of your life?
Is it better for a person to have a broad knowledge base or a deep knowledge base?
Would you rather lose the ability to read or lose the ability to speak
What celebrity would you rate as a perfect 10?
What does it mean to live a good life?
What quote or saying do people spout but is complete BS?
Would you rather be an amazing painter or a brilliant mathematician?
Where is the line between art and not art?
What color is ur tooth brush?

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no but it does influence their first impression.

bathroom breaks.


the twinkle in someone’s eye when they surprise themselves.

my entire life

we need both but I would say broad.

read. I can have it being read for me, but speaking would be hard.

none. not the biggest celebrity crusher anyway :sweat_smile:

being able to appreciate what you have but not take it for granted.

you can be whatever you put your mind to.

painter. share the family name.

other people’s oppinion. :upside_down_face:

light blue and clear (soft brush)
White and sky blue (electric brush)
White and dark blue (hard brush).

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Who’s your fav queen?? Fav song(s)?? Least fav?? One that gets stuck in your head the most? One that has the hardest hitting lyrics??

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Ok- I’m new here so- how to?


If you click on the group @, you’ll see a button that says ‘join’.


I like Ann and Anna but I love the vocals of jane too.

Don’t like Catherines except the last one, idk why.

Stuck: don’t lose your head, and House of Hulbein and get down and six.

Powerful: Heart of stone.

Yes :wink: