Random School Opinions

We don’t have one for school so let’s have a thread about that. Your opinions can be either popular or unpopular so feel free to give out your opinions; you don’t have to agree or disagree with me on my opinions so here we go!

  • Sex education should be taught at schools
  • School uniforms does not prevent bullying
  • I don’t see what’s so distracting about make-up, hair dyes and getting your nails done
  • You can be successful in life without a college/university degree. No one should be obligated to go to university
  • Parents shouldn’t be fined for taking their kids out of school during term time if the situations involve: visiting a sick/dying family member from another country/city/town, sugery from another country/town/city, hospital appointment or any valid reason
  • Bullying should be taken seriously enough
  • I think homework should be mandatory to be done at school so the students can have less weights on their shoulders
  • Doing BTEC is beneficial a lot of students who aren’t exam type people.
  • only some class clowns are funny the rest can just be irritating
  • exams are just glorified memory tests
  • if you don’t listen to the teacher then don’t ask me to explain the work
  • kids with any kind of learning difficulty need help

I remember watching this documentary kind of thing about a boy who was disabled, he couldn’t talk plus had no control over his body. The special needs school he went to didn’t teach him how to read/write or learn anything despite the fact he was able to communicate using his eyes once they found this out he was able to go back into mainstream schooling with extra support, imagine other kids out there like him in that situation, they know what is going on and are trying to communicate but have no control over their bodies so they just get forgotten. More needs to be done.


What is the name of the documentary? I need to watch it. Man it’s really sad that people are so ignorant when it comes to special needs children :confused: I guess some special needs schools aren’t so competent with their job but then again, there are a lot of mainstream schools that are no better.


It was on CBBC as part of the “My life” documentary series

It attracted alot of attention at the time from media sources because alot of people weren’t aware that alot of special needs schools don’t teach reading/writing or numeracy.


I bet. I guess I got lucky being put in a mainstream school instead of a special needs school, I don’t think I’d handle it there.

  • Schools in “the hood” need help, not to be ignored. We don’t have adequate materials and you can pass too easily.

Or at least at home. There are many Haredim who don’t even bother talking about it with their children when they’re old enough to be taught about it. I mean, yeah, it is embarrassing when it comes to it, but do we have any choice?
When we had a science lesson, I remember one day the teacher made the lesson a s*x education.

My unpopular opinions:

  • I think subjects as math and literature are interesting.

  • I like English.

  • I think if there’s a suspecion that something is going on with a student, the school shouldn’t let their guard down.

  • I really hate it when a student plays on the phone in the teacher’s face, refuses to stop it, end up fighting with the teacher and making all class witnessing it. Such a waste of time :roll_eyes:.

What? Does it happen in your country?


Yup you get fined £60 which gets doubled if not paid within three weeks and in some cases you can be taken to court which is very expensive


if a parent dies you should recieve a bit more than just an extra 5 points on your exam


But if there is a family problem or the child is sick, then they shouldn’t get fined for it.


That’s true but it has happened :woman_shrugging:


I agree. It’s fun :smiley:

I know right!! These students sure love to make a scene.

Yes you can get fined for it if it’s for very stupid reasons. I agree with it to a certain degree because a lot of parents take advantage of that here as this can be very risky for the children like there are parents who would actually send their children to another country for horrible things such as: forced marriages, honour based violence/killing, sex trafficking, joining a terror organisation.

Parents can also get fined or taken to court if their children skive (meaning to miss loads of classes).


If that’s the case, then how long time are you allowed to be absent?


I’m not to sure about that, I think it varies.


What about your school, then?


My old school didn’t care (really they didn’t care)

I go to sixth form now so no fines and when I turn 18 I don’t technically have to be there at all but I want a qualification :joy:


Lucky you, I guess.


It wouldn’t matter to me anyway I’m fortunate enough that I’ve never been to a funeral yet and my attendance is really high

  • You can’t be good at EVERY single subject

  • We need to have a freaken’ about what subjects interest us and actually want to do

  • History is awesomee (not the ancient history tho)


Inhales Let’s do this:

  • School’s need to do more to stop bullying - if you continue victim blame, make excuses for the bully and have teachers do nothing when bullying occurs in the classroom then but away your anti-bullying posters away because nothing’s gonna happen
  • It’s never someone else’s job to do your homework for you. If you forgot or ran of time I get it but making people do it for you? Nah.
  • Jamie Oliver lowkey ruined UK school dinners RIP Good UK school chicken nuggets
  • If a student has full responsibility when they fail, they should have full responsibility when they succeed. “Oh that textbook must have helped” “She must have gone on the website” “Wow her old school must of-” No. I put in the work, so I get the credit.
  • If you hate kids just don’t teach. It’s that simple.
  • Some school dress codes are just straight up sexist. Skirt length does not affect performance. Foundation is not distracting. Let’s not.
  • Exams are just memory tests. Half the stuff I did at GCSE has no impact on A-Levels whatsoever. They’re too focused on immediate futures. Yes, you need the GCSEs for A-Levels, then the A-Levels for university degrees and the degrees for what exactly? The low-paying jobs to pay off student debt? Education needs to facilitate the long-term!
  • Some teachers are too quick to label black students as misbehaving. This is more of a UK thing and it’s obviously not all teachers but it still needs to be addressed.
  • There’s so much of British history that’s left out. British POC’s history is barely taught e.g. Windrush generation
  • “I never expected Year___ to act like this!” is annoying. Just because you teach older kids doesn’t mean you get an easy ride.
  • I’m tired of “It’s the parents job to teach you that” Like, 1. Not everyone has parents 2. Some of our parents were taught in the same system we’re in 3. If parents are supposed to teach the MOST IMPORTANT THINGS IN LIFE then what is the point of school…?