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Realms of Westeria

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Westeria: the realm of hope for new lives and journies. Once, it was a land that flourished with magic, the relationship between human and nature at an equilibrium. It was the perfect balance as society grew, technologies advancing and breakthroughs in arcane abilities. The people here were known for being powerful spellcasters, masters of the elements, researchers into new magic domains, and students who thrived on being the next heroes.

As time passed, there emerged a growing dispute between the people centring on the main economic values, scientific discoveries, or magic. Those who held a higher affinity with magic started to distance themselves from those who claimed that society would only advance with new technologies. Sides were taken, and skirmishes broke out. Even the government broke into factions, unable to solve the growing divide. An attempt was made to split the land, but it only ended in disaster. As families packed up and left, others stayed behind based on affordability. Cities started to clear out, new ones being made.

Even the new society wasn’t perfect. Selenium, the land of science flourished in their achievements going on to build momentous contraptions and gizmos. The carbon emissions started to kill off the flora there, and even if substitute machines were built to stabilise life, the damage was done.

Lakora, the land of the mystical were magic is the only rule. Sorcerers trained together and learned new technics, more efficient methods of communications and transportation. No longer were the basic elements the norm, people were now harnessing abilities unheard of, combining them, controlling them.

The settled land wasn’t enough to disperse the tension in the air. The borders became places for riots that became full-on fights, that became wars. The people decided that there could only be one, science or magic, and in the end, they would see which method was superior.

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It has been about one year into the war, and you are a cadet fighting valiantly for your faction. Whether it is by choice or not, whether you left a family behind or not, all you know now is that you must end up winning. The abilities of the arcane, or the genius and creativity of technology, how will you define your story through Westeria?

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Additional Information

• This is an RP/SG which means there will be story moments in addition to written roleplay
• Semi-literate to literate RP, no one-liners
• This RP centres around a war, which could contain sensitive subjects (like PTSD)
• There will be special spy positions where characters can pose as cadets from the opposite side. To obtain one, send a PM to @FuzilladeBlue and/or @Edelgard
• Each day will have an activity or quest in addition to the ongoing ones. Those will be posted along with the ‘new day’ posts
• You will eventually choose a leader among the cadets of each faction
• The RP is planned to start December 14th. I will update you all if anything changes


• Censor curse words
• Keep the ORP to the RP/SG chat
• No mature scenes in the RP/SG thread
• No one-liners because it’s counterintuitive to continue a story with such little information to build upon
• Write in the third person. We want to keep the plot from being too personal
Write the location/faction of your character. I cannot emphasise this more. Selenium and Lakora are thousands of kilometres apart. Cadets from one faction should not be talking to a cadet of another faction unless engaged in combat. Even then, please write the location of your character in general

Note: This is a revamp of an old RP from Episode. If you would like your original characters back, tag @FuzilladeBlue

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Character Form

Gender and Pronouns:
Sexual Orientation:
Prefered Weapon/Abilities:



Character Form Information

Once you fill in the character information, post it in the RP signup thread below. If your character is a spy (and you have talked to Marie and Blue), then post the ‘fake’ backstory here for the slides. Send the ‘real’ backstory to @FuzilladeBlue and @Edelgard. The real backstory is only revealed once your character is found out.

Age: (preferable 16-28, in that range. This is a war; characters should be mature)
Gender and Pronouns:
Sexual Orientation:
Faction: (Selenium or Lakora)
Prefered Weapon/Abilities: (ability can be for magic, the weapon is just what your characters uses in combat)

FC: (drawn FC’s are allowed)


Some ideas (optional):
• How did your character choose their faction?
• Why do they choose the ability/weapon that they choose?
• Why did they become a cadet?
• What is their end goal for Westeria?


Prompt ideas (optional):
• How do they seem themselves?
• How do they act around others?
• How would others see them?

FC - Lakora [ :crystal_ball: ]

FC - Selenium [ :dna: ]


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@Edelgard @idiot.exe @CrazyCaliope @Bluecookies @Sophia1233 @Owertym @Kittenlove @TheDancingFryer @Nil @unsungcheerio @CerealKiller @Secretz @ManiacalSith @elixr @weather_or_not @katabasis @ForeverAngel @phnx


Reserve male and female, one of each factions

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@FuzilladeBlue can you revamp my original characters please :pray:t4:

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Sure, what was your name on Episode?

Four characters in total, noted




How much time do we have to submit, do you know?


That is a good question, and I’ll include it in the original thread.

I’m planning around December 14th right now, however, I will post updates if that changes do to characters being done on time or other events

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Oooh okay
Think I’ll reserve a female from lakora then for now


Also can one of mine characters can be an spy?

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Sure, PM Marie and I for which character when you make it. Remember to only list the faction they are hidden in publicly


Current Character Reserves

@/Owertym - 1 male, 1 female
@/unsungcheerio - 1 female
@/Peppermints - 1 female
@/BlackBlood - 1 female
@/melancholy - 1 male, 1 female
@/idiot.exe - 1 male
@/OhSumana - 1 male

Total: 8

@/Owertym - 1 male, 1 female
@/TL_DR - 1 female
@/ForeverAngel - 1 female
@/Peppermints - 1 female
@/BlackBlood - 1 male
@/melancholy - 1 male, 1 female
@/idiot.exe - 1 female
@/OhSumana - 1 female

Total: 10

@/Kittenlove - 1 male, 1 female
@/Kbail - 1 female

Total: 3

Finished Characters

2 males
4 females

Total: 6

5 males
3 females
1 nonbinary

Total: 9

Please try to keep these balanced. I’m less concerned with gender and more with equal numbers on both sides



Reserve a magical female and a tech female. HERTZ IS COMING BACK-


Can I get a female from Selenium?




I’ll reserve a male from Selenium!

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  • Also, Please reverse a female Lakora and a female Selenium~

Barely, haha~


How dare you leave for a month without dming us-


A month? Girl, I’ve been off for like three months-


Reserve a female from each faction, please!

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