Rebranding - For Feedback/Help!

Hi guys,

As you have probably heard/read, Shannii is moving on (read here). She wants to focus on her life - career and personal - and we support it 100%! We are incredibly lucky and grateful for her starting this place all those years ago and practically funding it all herself. We can’t ask her to continue doing that forever. It’s now time for us to step up and take control together; making this place stay afloat without relying on just one income.


For starters, we are going to look at rebranding. Not 'cause we don’t love Shannii, we definitely do, but 'cause the ShanniiWrites name is still her brand. It’s what she’ll be using to establish herself as a kick-arse English tutor/teacher and focus on her blog soaring to greater heights. So to help her become even greater and more successful career-wise, it means separating the forum from her name/brand.
That doesn’t mean she won’t be associated with this place, she will, of course. Just side-by-side.

Let’s start with some feedback for you all:

  1. Identity - A Writing-Focused Forum
    Who are we? What are we wanting to provide on the forums? What do you want from the forums?
    This place was started as somewhere for writers to come discuss techniques and things after visiting/reading her blogs. Then this place built up users who not only wanted to write but also just chat as well. So the question is, should this change or stay the same? What do you want from this place?


So please set this thread to watching if you wanna help with feedback and rebranding!



What do you guys want from this place?
What type of forum should we be?

Suggestions Votes
Writing focused 7
Friendly Community 2
Gaming focused 1
Music focused 1
- -

I’ve always liked the small community, it seemed, of friendly people for discussion and for writing. I’d love to keep that aspect of the community that we have now. I’d also think it’d be cool to do something more similar to the Wattpad forums, but idk how many people would come to that if it was rebranded that way. I’m very into writing and talking about writing and staying with that writing community, but not everybody is a writer.


How do you mean similar to the Wattpad forums?


I guess more writing based?

I also know that a lot of people are considering moving on from Episode (or so it seems), a lot of people from Episode are no longer active on the forums (their forums) and have since moved to Instagram. I’ve seen authors too begin to move to make their works into books. I’m not sure if that’s helpful.


Oh, right, suggesting keeping it writing focused, got it.

They are? How long have people been thinking this? Is there a way to reach out?


I’m not sure! I guess I’ve just heard this on the forums, that a lot of big authors aren’t active on the forums anymore… but they’re active on Instagram. I’ve seen people talking about doubting the longevity of Episode. I’m not sure if there is a way to reach out, but I’d try Instagram?

I could see this being a good place for writers to reach out, get beta readers for their novels, advice about the publishing industry, their journey in writing. Perhaps that would attract those people from Episode who want to find another medium and another community to go to when they’re moving onto writing their own novels. I could very much see that happening. There are a lot of people there passionate about writing, but with how it is going now it seems that they won’t want to or are not staying on Episode too long. They might look to self-publish and such. I could imagine this place becoming a good home to that in the sense of advice and community.


Ah, okay. That’s fair. I guess newer apps such as Dorian are taking over Episode’s domain a lot. Giving the a lot of competition. (YAY!) Will definitely keep that in mind. Thanks.

Yeah, I could see that too. Although, I feel like many have that with the Wacky Writers forum too.


In all honestly, I come here to make friends. I join the roleplay section and have fun watching everyone. Unlike wattpad, you can (mostly) get live feedback, and everyone is welcoming. I haven’t spent much time on wattpad, but this place feels easier to navigate. Unlike discord, everything is more organized.
it’s a fun, welcoming, creative outlet for everyone


can I quote you and send this to the heads of Dorian?

<.< never heard of it, never going to go there

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Awww, that’s sooo sweet, lovely. I’m glad you feel that way and I love chatting to you when I get the chance. (wink)

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OMG! Absolutely. You definitely can.

Yeah, I’ve looked at it once or twice but no, me neither, I’m not going to join it. There are a couple of things that look interesting and I wonder if they can be implemented here… maybe.

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ooo spill


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on second thought, it’s probably not the best thing to send to a head in context of all of this so…lets just mentally send it :slight_smile:

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Oh, just naming of a badge or two they have, the way they’ve set up their tags, and then leaderboard points thing they have.

Cool. Thanks

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Ah, fair, enough. Maybe I can get you to introduce me to them in a month or two?

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sure! But honestly, you could probably go to shanni for that :wink:

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Why’s that?

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She is on the discord with us

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Oh, right. Cool, cool. Thanks

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