RP Character Questions Thread - Enrique, Diego, & Raphael

This week, the question thread will feature 3 characters from the Blue Royalty: New Blood RP! The characters for this week’s question thread are, Enrique, Diego, & Raphael Montoya!

Enrique was made by @benitz786, Raphael was made by @CerealKiller, and I made Diego, so feel free to tag us with questions for our specific characters!

If you want a character to be in the running for next week, sign them up here! Then join the group tag and ask at least 3 questions this week.

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  1. Will you ever get over phoebe?
  2. Thoughts about the car crash?
  3. Thoughts about amie hating you now?


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Enrique & Raph: @benitz786 @CerealKiller

  • Do you two have any hope for Diego and his lack of flirting ability?
  • Have you two tried helping him learn to actually flirt and be charming when he wants to be?
  • What are your thoughts on Diego’s crush on Phoebe?


  • So… you let Diego borrow your car, and he crashed. How are you feeling about your brother right now?
  • What did you think when Diego asked to borrow your car so he could drive Phoebe home?
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  • Didn’t you and Logan used to hate each other? What changed? What do you think about her now?
  • Dude, why aren’t you talking to your brothers?
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I don’t know… How is anyone supposed to know if or when they’ll get over someone?

I… it wasn’t supposed to turn out like that… I’m just glad Phoebe didn’t get hurt…

I deserve it. I screwed up and Phoebe could’ve gotten hurt. Amie should be mad at me, and Phoebe should too.


Hello, good day or n’t

  • Which room in a house are you most seen?
  • Which room in a house are you best in? (e.g. kitchen for cooking)
  • Have you ever posed as a wingman for one of your brothers? How did it go?
  • Are you trustworthy? How?
  • Biggest regret in life?
  • How confident are you about yourself?


Person in Cerulean High you hate the most? and why?

Do you really think you’re all that?

Which girls in the school would you like to sleep with that you haven’t already slept with?

how attractive would you rate yourself?4

Diego & Raph:

How attractive would you rate Enrique?

How attractive would you rate yourselves?

Some girls in the school you would want to sleep with that you haven’t already done?


Favorite activity to do?

What do you like about pheobe?

Erinque and Raph:

Why did you and the other boys make that list??? Wtf is wrong with y’all?

Do you really believe the girls on the list would like to sleep with you? Lol

Do you think you would win in a fight against each other?

What’s your body count?

How many newbees have you slept with?

How many fight have you gotten in?

The trio:

if all three of you fought who would be the first to loose?

@Littlefeets @benitz786 @CerealKiller



Do you believe in love?

do you believe in faith?

Do you believe in ‘every dream has a meaning’

Most attractive girls in the school?

If I said you were the least attractive boy in the school what would you say?




  • Imagine this - you start dating Annie one day and it’s perfect. All good. But then you find out that she likes Ricky… oh no. But eventually, she comes back to you because she realized you’re better than him (not because he let her down, maybe). What do you think, huh?
    Anyway… thoughts about her now?
  • Phoebe - opinion?

E, D, R

What does your perfect day look like?
What does your normal day look like?



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“Yep we used to hate each other and then we fcked and then we dated. Kind of how things go with me. And I don’t know what you expect me to say about that second part. She’s fine, we still have fun every now and again”

“Dude, why don’t you mind your own sht and be happy I even agreed to take this interview,”


“What the hell kind of question is that? I don’t know, maybe the back yard with the pool.”

"The bedroom :smirk: "

“More than once - usually for Diego. The times I’ve done it for Raph it goes pretty well, Diego’s… well… not as pretty but it usually depends on if he likes the girl or not,”

“Nope. And figure it out yourself.”

“Lenora Foley and Veronica Charlotte Parker”

“Clearly more confident than you are,”


“No, no, and no. All those things are meaningless, let’s be honest with ourselves now.”

“Depends on the day - but Annie Williams is a feisty one isn’t she?”

“I’d say you’re blind, sweetheart. Maybe it’s time to go to the eye doctor.”


“Sometimes… and then we see him trying and that hope goes back down to 0”

“Every damn time we go out together”

“He could do better than a girl who should still be in preschool”.


Good thing I already went to an eye doctor.

Anyways *cough * Favorite color, food, ice cream flavor, vegan or nah? , describe yourself in 3 words

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“Then you either have a shtty doctor, or shtty taste. Which one is it babe?”

Green, Chilaquiles, Rocky Road, Nah, and “I don’t care” - that makes three. "


“Any day where you’re not asking me stupid questions is a perfect day for me, babe.”

“I don’t do normal, but the night usually ends with sex.”