RP Character Questions Thread - Ezekiel

This week, the question thread will feature a character from the Blue Royalty: New Blood RP! The character for this week’s question thread is, Ezekiel Griffin!

He was made by @astxrism so feel free to tag her with questions!

If you want a character to be in the running for next week, sign them up here! Then join the group tag and ask at least 1 question this week.

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  1. Hey what’s up?

  2. Describe yourself in one word

  3. Favorite color?

  4. Food?

  5. Are you and ricky friends?

  6. Why or why not?

  7. are you friens with any of the montaya brothers?

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  • Zek, why’d you hurt Sophie?
  • How do you feel about her actively avoiding you, when you used to be good friends?
  • Do you regret the breakup? Do you regret dating her in the first place?
  • Sophie has dated both JP and Alex before you, and she’s still friends with them now. How does that make you feel that you’re the only person she’s dated and isn’t on good terms with?
  • So… Laurel, how do you feel about her?
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Zek, hi

  • What’s your favourite thing about Xavier’s parents’ bakery?
  • What was your first impression of Xavier?
  • What do you think about him now?
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  1. What do you think of Ari?

  2. Adonis?

  3. Tsumuji?

  4. Favorite activity?

  5. Do you play sports?

  6. So do you still have feelings for Sophie?

  7. What do you think of Amie?


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Hey Zek

  1. What is your relationship with Annie Williams like?
  2. What are your opinions on Elio Esposito and Lenora Foley?
  3. Having previously asked whether or not you and Enrique Montoya are friends, what do you think of him becoming close to Annie Williams?
  4. Would you ever go back to Sophie Lewis?
  5. Have you ever been in love?

Hi Zek,

  1. Thoughts about Amelia Grace?
  2. Thoughts aboutttt Enrique Montoya?
  3. Thoughts about Matayto? (Mateo Perez)
  4. How do you feel abotu Mateo’s dad?
  5. Thoughts abouuuuut Mason? What about Mason’s sister, Leilani?
  6. Do you even know who Paige Pierce Is? She’s like, Annie’s best friend. (jk ew)


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”Yoooo, what’s up?? I never know how to answer that“

”Oneeee word? Oh damn, uhmmmm. Fun? Can I say that, is it weird if I call myself that?“


”Mac and cheeeese“


” You can’t be friend with everyone, can you? I mean I tryyyyyy but there are just some people I don’t think… are doing things the right way and I just… don’t want to offend anyone right now“

Oops I don’t know

”I really, really didn’t want to hurt her…“

”That’s her choice, if she wants to avoid me then she should. I can’t do anything there“

”… I don’t know. I don’t regret dating her, that’s a no, but it was really a bad timing“

”At least they didn’t cheat on her, right?“ chuckle “Maybe it’s better this way…”

shrug ”What happened between us was a long time ago, I still reallly like her as a person. It’s just shtty how that made me feel“

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”Aw… she really just friend zoned me “



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But ignore that, in your opinion, is she correct? Or not

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”That’s a funny question. What do you think?“

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I think she’s wrong but I’m asking you

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”OooOoOoh… do I give off… uhm I want to fck her vibes???“

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Okay leave that for a moment
Would you ever date her if you had the chance?

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