RP Idea Suggestions

RP Idea Suggestion Thread

When making a roleplay, some people come up with several roleplay ideas before choosing one. The rest of the ideas are often forgotten to focus on the chosen one, however, those ideas could have the potential to be amazing roleplays for anyone else who wants to use the ideas. Also, I know that I have had many ideas for roleplays but haven’t thought I would be able to execute them successfully - but I’m sure so many other people would have been able to.

So, if you ever have any RP ideas you don’t think you can execute, or you just don’t have the time to do so, you can put them here for someone else to turn it into a roleplay. And if you’ve always wanted to make a roleplay, but you can’t think of any ideas, you can find some here to use!


Sg idea:
Kinda like a video game where each character has a starting class And they all start off as the weakest. The world would be a normal world but there are gates all around the world. Gates are the doors that allow you to visit a new world where you fight monsters, gain fame, money, and became a life style. Ever single character who was chosen (whether they be the a E tank or a higher rank) are stronger than an everyday normal person. Etc if I was to became a hunter to pay for bills and stuff I would definitely be stronger than my brother always it even a professional boxer. Now you and your team goal is to survive and make it to the top. Here’s the catch, you each go into a dungeon survive and you active a secret 0.00001% quest for all the sg characters. This quest allow you to get stronger so now you work yourself up to becoming a A rank and up.


So sort of like a video game, a D&D game, and a little my Adventure story?
The funny thing is, I have just been thinking about creating an RP like this after watching a fellow forumer play Final Fantasy 7. The more I think about it, the more I wanna do it. The only problem is that it will consist of a lot of planning on my part, so it’s gonna take some time to create on my part. (wink)


Yeah sorta like all of those. Regular people get tested to see what rank they all and once they get a rank (if they do) they can only stay at that rank. So A ranks can’t get stronger, B ranks can’t become A ranks. Which is what makes it interesting since the sg characters will be able to get stronger. I had plans for hidden classes and npc’s but it would be a lot of work.

Indeed. It probably would.

Sg or Roleplay idea: I been seeing a couple of anime rp’s so I thought I put this out. It would be a world set up in one piece. You know the story, gold D roger greatest pirate of all time has left a great fortune that everyone in the world would want. You and your crew meet and crazy and bizarre ways as you battle through monsters, pirates, Marines, and search of a treasure for many reasons. This would be different than your average story where Devil fruits aren’t taken. That’s right (depending on the creator) you can have your own fruit. Make one up whatever nothing is taken. I had also planned for none of the regular characters to be there except gold D roger. Which means this story starts right where Luffy starts but of course Luffy isn’t here. It would be funny see how that would workout.

I have a couple of more ideas for later. Whenever I’m sitting at home or walking my dog I usually think of some weird rps that would be fun but never do them.


Oh, boy… I have sooo many ideas running through my head, almost hourly, let alone daily. The problem is that I keep myself too busy on here to write my own stories I’ve already started, that starting to develop any of my ideas alone at this stage is beyond me.

That being said, I still want more SGs on here. Sooo… if anyone wants to start an SG, I’m totally keen to help or partner up with you! (wink)

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Funny that I found this post considering what you mentioned in the PM. On that note, wanna just team up? We already have the chat for that.

I do agree, having a proper SG on here would be lovely.


Hahahaha. True. You know what I think of your writing, so if you want to team up then I’m definitely keen, sir. (wink)

Yes, yes, we do need loads more!


Do any of you have anymore ideas?? Or just random thoughts that haven’t collected into a plot?



Wait, this existed?! :flushed: If I had known sooner…

… wait.


Detroit Become Human (Video Game)

Coven from American Horror Story (Tv Show)



I have a lot of fantasy ideas that are mostly for an advanced roleplay or an SG but, like, I only recalled one lemaw (or I only have the courage to because it’s embarassing) and this one is Sci-Fi. I was told it would fit as an SG, considering its complicated features (?)

So, it’s basically an alien invasion on Earth. The humans were taken to be their own experiment subjects (?) so that they can be like a puppet to them, help them grow an empire in the universe (because knowledge is power and knowledge must be shared : D) The problem is that this experiment of them is only a new one, which means that there are failed ones. These failed ones, assumed to be dead, are thrown to a location they consider as a wasteland of human bodies. Long story short, they turn out to be alive and gained some powers (overly mutated? is that a thing?) and escaped what they were supposed to be—a puppet for the alien.

an idea for the "mutation"

I have this originally in my current book, but the powers could be based on the senses of the human? Like, for example, one can extend their “touch” to a specific range of area and can control anything there.


OMG I love that idea!!


I just recently had an idea while creating characters for an RP!
A totally regular high school that parents send their troubled teens to to discipline them. Except, when they arrive they learn it’s a school teaching them how to steal, hack, and assassinate successfully.
I’d love to see this idea executed, but I’m not the best person to do it.

I kinda wanna tag RPers, not to be noticed but to get more traction to this thread :eyes:


So super secret super spy high Aka SSSSH?



Just a Rp for a fandom. I definitely own no part of said fandom.

The Hunter Exams would be interesting… :eyes:

Guys, would you like to have an RP or SG based on the show “The Circle”?

what’s the show about?

I would be interested

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