Script help thread

This is a thread for people who need help with episode scripts


@Episodians this looks like a thread for you!

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Good thread… Hopefully @Episodians would use it if they want help in their writings.

(for those who can help)

This showed up, but the background I have exists, what do I do?


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Alright, so it’s not the background that is messed up. For some reason the errors will actually show up as one thing but then the actual error is either in the line above or after most cases. I’ve had this happen to me a lot. The line below should be like this instead.

@YOU enters from left to upscreen left and MOM enters from left to screen right

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Thanks, it worked.

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I’m glad it worked! You’re welcome! Tag me if you need anymore help. I will try to respond fast as I can.

It happened again


Can you send me a picture or the outfit name?

@passionfruit you might know how to help as well.

@Episodians Can someone please help? I’m not near a computer at the moment.

reload or change the outfit, save then put the outfit you put before

it has happened to me before

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The outfit is called “Battered”

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I tried it, it didn’t work.

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Change the @ symbol to a & to see if there is any changes. If that doesn’t work then try changing the line below to an & symbol instead.

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@Some_Kid did it work?

I don’t think changing outfits works with &

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Yeah, that’s why I said to try the line below if it didn’t work. Though I’m not sure if that worked or not.

Characters don’t perform half of the animation

&YOU walks to spot 0.443 165 290 in zone 2 AND YOU is run_cry AND YOU moves to layer 9

&MOM walks to spot 0.443 141 288 in zone 2 AND MOM is walk_neutral

@YOU is cry_sob_loop AND MOM is hug_rear

@zoom on 473 148 to 248% in 0

&NIX walks to spot 0.353 111 335 in zone 2 AND NIX moves to layer 21

&SOLIS walks to spot 0.353 191 335 in zone 2

    YOU (talk_sad)
I'm so sorry mom.

It's not your fault, my gem.

&MOM spot 0.443 136 285 in zone 2
&MOM moves to layer 22

    MOM (talk_angry_accuse)
It's you two f*ckers!!
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you need to put

@pause for a beat between them

you can´t jump from animation to animation without

@pause for a beat