ShanniiWrites Forum Discord Server

Here’s the invite code: U4CP924
Here’s the invite link:
It never expires so there’s no need to make new codes and links every day :joy:
I made the server a long time ago, and I had a thread for it but I didn’t keep up with it so it got closed… My bad. I thought that by having a server, it would be a great place for people to make friends without having to spam a thread or have a gazillion friendship threads and it has been! So it’s back, use the invite code and go check it out.

btw I’m gonna be on the “everyone voice channel” later if someone wants to hang with me


Imma go on pretty soon so if someone wants to joinnnnnn

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Hey I’m thinking about going on the everyone voice channel sometime today (it’s 2:40 p.m. for me)

Do you wanna join (you don’t have to talk)

  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No

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Bump! If anyone wants to join, you’re welcome too :black_heart:

Join it we’re fun at parties

Join ussss

Closed because we’ve got a new server! :smiley: