Short Story Saturdays

This is an area where every saturday you’ll get a (fun) prompt and write a short story based on it.

If theres no prompt for Saturday consider it a “free write” day and write anything you want.

The topic will be avaible through the week until it becomes saturday again when you get a new prompt.

Have fun be creative

length doesnt matter it can be a long “short” story

@ShanniiWrites will give the first prompt soon


This is a great idea. :green_heart:


Lets see how it goes first.


Ooh. This will be fun




Oh my chocolate I love short stories!


Ooh looks like it’s time for me to hand out my first prompt! I think I might do a different genre every week. That’ll let people join in when they want to but also challenge themselves and grow as writers. And sometimes I’ll give a random prompt with no genre and you can figure it out in any genre you like!

I can’t wait for this week!

No Genre Prompt

There’s a door on the other side of your bedroom. You’ve never opened it in your life, but you hear noises coming from it. Sometimes you think the whispers are calling to you. No one else can see this door but you. Should you go inside? And what awaits you when you get there?

Good luck!


Wait just to clarify we just write the short story here?


I believe so! Right, @Willowsprout?


U write it here.


I feel stories in my head, do we have a limit and a die date?

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@Willowsprout is the best person to ask about this! :wink:


Topics go up on Saturdays. You have until the next topic goes up(Saturday)

Theres no limit. Be creative it can be a long “short” story.


This reminds me of Coraline. Well here we go.

I found myself staring at the tall brown door with the fancy carvings marked into it once again. It’s always been a mystery of what’s behind the door. I’ve gotten so close to opening it, but every time a tug in my stomach stops me. It’s as if something wants me to open it, but then it holds me back when I try to. Whatever it is…
The thing is, nobody else can see this door. I’ve mentioned it to my parents, my siblings, hell, even my animals, and none of them saw the door. They just gave me weird, concerned looks. Who could blame them? Maybe I’m just going insane, or maybe they just are not worthy ( imagine Thor just said that. )
Caaaaaaraaaaa “ I hear a voice sing. It’s coming from the door, but it sends chills down my back like it always does. I feel uneasy, glancing around my room to try to find an explanation, but there isn’t one. It’s the door.
I’m home alone. It’s always that case in horror movies. The main character does the most ridiculous, idiotic thing they could do, and the whole audience yells at them. That’s what I find myself doing when I leap off my bed, grasp the handle, and begin to turn it. My stomach churns, and I pause momentarily.
Caaaraaa “ The voice swooned again. My heart is pounding harder than it ever has before. I don’t even realize what I’m doing until the door swings open.
A cold breeze of air sweeps through my room. It’s like a winter chill, but even colder. I shiver, but shake it off. I cautiously peer into the dark room. There’s a mirror in the middle of the room. I approach it slowly. My gut is telling me to stop. To turn back. To run. I don’t. Instead, I stand in front of the mirror. It has the same intricate carvings in it as the door, but it seems more…sinister, if that makes any sense.
My reflection looks about the same as it usually does. Red hair, pale skin, freckles—nothing too different. The only difference is that my reflection is moving, but I’m not. Its hand presses against the other side of the mirror, and it nods towards her hand like it’s trying to tell me something.
I shake my head, but find my hand lifting to meet hers. The glass feels cold to the touch. My reflection gives me a long hard stare before her face twists into a demon’s. Her mouth stretches across her whole face when she smiles. Her teeth are sharp and jagged…and bloody.
My reflection laughs, and that’s the last thing I remember as everything went dark. I feel a hand tightly grip my wrist, yanking me into the mirror.



Yay. Our first story and a good one.
Very creepy :grimacing:

Nail the door shut…


Thanks! I think my default genre is a murder mystery horror thing that involves a lot of death…

Nailing the door shut is a good idea. If only I wasn’t trapped in the mirror.


Plot twist…the door only appears for its next victim


That’s a really good idea




I’ve been staring at this door for days now, it’s very ornate and almost intimidating.

No one else can see it and i hear something on the other side…am i going insane? I thought it was the lack of(or very poor) sleep i was getting but the door still remained and the noises faintly continued.

One night i decided to open it. I wrote a note just in case something went wrong and tapped it above where the door would be for ppl who cant see it. Taking a bag and some supplies i open the door.

A cool air and fog rolled into my room. My horror movie and black instincts were telling me this is very stupid, to close it and go back to bed…but that wouldn’t make for a good story.

I enter the door keeping it open behind me with a heavy book. As i clear the fog a large victorian house stands before me surrounded by an iron gate. The gate swings open like its inviting me inside. I enter the house cluching my heavy flashlight in my hands when a faint blue glow catches my eye.


I did my best…>_<