Should zoos be banned?

Zoos are facilities that confine wild animals to be shown in public.

  • What is your opinion on zoos?
  • Should they be banned?

I think that zoos should be banned. Some argues that it’s a way to conserve extinct species but I have to disagree. Zoos wants to make a profit off of displaying animals as an attraction. They have no intention to rehabilitate and release the animals into the wild. There’s no way that the animals gets enough space to move freely and predators don’t get to evolve their natural instincts to hunt. No zoo facility would spend enough money on a pool sufficiently large enough to meet any larger sea animal’s need.

There are facilities that try to conserve different species, but those facilities aren’t zoos.

Some argues that zoos are great for educational purposes but children don’t learn more about an animal by looking at it in a cage than looking at it in a video. I don’t see what’s educational? That animals have feeling too?


Agreed. They could make something like a zoo filled with holograms of animals if they really want to.


Oh, that would be cool! I would go to a hologram zoo :wink:


imagine aliens looking at humans in cages one day


Yes :100:

I’m sure those animals would be so much better off where they came from. :woman_shrugging:

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I think zoos are fun because you get to learn more about animals and their habitats. The zookeepers do a great job looking after the wild animals and I don’t think zoos should be banned because without zoos, the wild animals may not be safe. Plus, I really enjoy trips to the zoos because I get to communicate with the big cats.

But I’m not going to silence you if you’re against zoos because that’s your opinion.

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My elementary school had a “biophilia” thing we’d go to as a feild trip every year. I don’t know if they’re as bad as zoos or not but when I went, the animals roamed freely in this large territory that went on for miles. We studied how ecosystems worked while we visited and the only animals that was encaged were either injured or couldn’t survive out in the wild on it’s own. All I remember was a blind owl that lost it’s eyesight due to an animal attack :thinking:

Long story short, it seems like a better alternative than zoos and I don’t know why they aren’t used more (since I personally found them more entertaining than spending time at an actual zoo imo)

This was a very distant memory so take everything I say with a grain of salt

EDIT: Biophillia Center in Florida was what it was. It focuses on habitat restoration ig


Honestly I’m stuck. If we keep them in captivity they would need to adapt to the new living conditions. They have set eating times and lack of freedom. The animals aren’t used to seeing people and hearing loud noises. But at the same time if animals were to be left in the wild they would have no where to go because if deforestation or sea life there is a large amount of pollution and the animals could attempt to eat it and chock or d it in its digestive system causing it to be unable to feed and causing it to die, so honestly I’m stuck.


Well, you can learn about habitats elsewhere and zoos aren’t any animal’s natural habitat.

I’m sure that they’re doing a good job.

What do you mean?

Okay, I get that it can be enjoyable. It isn’t as enjoyable for the animals in cages though.

Yeah, it sounds better than a zoo. I’m not against humans trying to help animals. :white_heart:

Oh, going to check that out. :wink:

Giraffes in the UK… There’s something not right there hehe.


Mhm. I mean, I love animals and it was fun to go to zoos when I was younger but it’s nothing I would support today.

It wouldn’t work to ban them immediately. Some zoo animals can’t get back into the wild etc. But I don’t think that they should let new zoos open or capture animals from the wild to broaden their collection of attractions. I’m happy that they’ve banned most circus animals where I live at least.

Yeah. It wouldn’t be all good to just ban all the zoos today and release all the animals. We have to work against the deforestation, try to restore the different ecosystems (at least slow down the damage) and protect animals from poachers. I don’t think that zoos have the animals best interest in mind though. Reservoirs and trying to keep animals safe in the wild would be better for the animals. Different animals would need different kind of care and protection. I don’t think zoos as they are today is the solution.

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Imagine me as an alien slave.

I think as long as a zoo keeps its animals safe then it’s okay.


Safe from what?

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i can’t remember when I went to zoo, but I don’t think zoo should be banned because the zoo keepers taking care of animals and teach all elementary kids stuff about it.


100% agree on this

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If you think about it, there are cubs that lose their family so they will need someone to take good care of them. The zookeepers do their best to take good care of them.

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I think that kids can be taught about animals without the animals being caged in.

Very few cubs that lose their families goes to zoos to be taken care of. And if that’s the case the cubs should get help getting back into the wild not to live in captivity forever to be watched at by humans.

Again, I don’t doubt that the zookeepers do a good job. But I still don’t agree with keeping animals in captivity.

Non. Most too animals won’t be able to survive if you closed zoos down now because they aren’t used to having to do something to survive. And I’ve read somewhere that zoo animals are suffering during this lockdown because they get less attention than usual and can’t entertain themselves and it’s influencing their mental health negatively. But I do think that the living conditions for the zoo animals should get improved :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:


Safe and healthy. Alive and striving.

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I don’t think zoos should be banned immediately but eventually, something to work towards.

“Animals in zoos are caged for life and deprived of the opportunity to develop and fulfill the full range of their interests and needs. They lose control over their lives and the environment they live in. Social animals are often forced to live in the misery of solitary confinement. Animals who would prefer to live alone are often forced into close contact with others. Some animals are confined next to their predators, and some are held in crammed, barren environments where they are constantly bullied by cagemates.”

How can an animal in a cage be healthy and striving? You know that animals can get depressed too? :pleading_face:

(As healthy and striving as an animal in their natural habitat.)

A lot of people visit zoos. Zookeepers take care of them. Why wouldn’t they be used to people?