Someone is Trying to Get the Forums Closed, and I will Take Legal Action if Necessary

Hi there everyone.

NOTE: Please don’t use this statement as an opportunity or reason to call out or harass anyone. That is not the point of this. Do not dogpile this user or go to them and try to stick up for me. Please just show me your support in this matter here on this post. Don’t DM the user. Don’t @mention them. Don’t treat them any differently to any other user. If you don’t have anything nice to say to them, just don’t say anything at all. I will take care of everything else with a lawyer.

I did not want to have to make this statement. It has been a long time since I have needed to make a serious statement like this. I hate doing it and I’m sure most of you don’t like to read it. After all, I get all stern and tag the @Announcements tag like you’re all in trouble. In reality, most of the people on the Forum are lovely and follow all the rules.

I also didn’t want to have to do this because we’re trying really hard to revive the Forums right now and I wanted to keep positive. My mental health has been picking up and I really want to make sure it doesn’t dip, because that has an unfair effect on the Forums. I have been trying to be more aware of it, which is one of the reasons why I had to take a break from here.

However, I have to make this statement and I am very sorry for it.

The Issue

Two years ago (February 2020), we had a user who joined our Forums. She had issues with other members of the Forums, who very openly asked her to stop contacting them on the Welcome to the Forums thread. We had issues as @moderators, as this user then continually contacted us and flagged posts from other users that did not break our rules. Some of the mods have kindly agreed to share their stories on this, so please scroll down to the replies for their side of the story.

After this, she made a rival forum and attempted to post links to it onto our Forums, which is against our guidelines. We do not allow this and we are very clear with this rule.

Then, she contacted @anon68003072 and myself multiple times about bullying on the Forums, but was unable to provide us with any evidence other than the aforementioned users asking her to stop talking to them. Of course, we cannot take action against people without sufficient evidence, as this would be unfair and unethical. So, we were very polite when explaining that we would need more proof and that she should flag posts if and only if they break our rules. El can explain more on this.

El can tell you all the different ways in which she attempted to contact the Forums to lodge these unwarranted complaints from years ago, including through Instagram and email.

Since then, we have seen yet another rival forum. I’m sure a @ForumStaff member can provide proof of this. It calls out me as a “crybaby” and saying that neither I nor my staff can be trusted.

Now, this is where things get serious.

This person has now lodged a complaint with the server provider of the forums claiming that we are harassing her and asking for the whole Forum to be shut down on this basis. I will provide proof of this below, with details redacted for privacy’s sake.

This screenshot provides proof that two members alleged to be the same person were in fact the same, as it refers to one member with the name of the other.

It is asking for the forum to be deleted in its entirety because of a disagreement that this user has had with members who are not even active here anymore two years ago.

This user is not banned on the Forums and they are free to use their account, mind you.

This is not something I will tolerate.

What I Will Do

I will be seeking legal action against this person. I am currently putting together all evidence that they have spread lies about me and ShanniiWrites and that they have harassed staff members and users alike. I will then be taking these to a lawyer and I am not afraid to sue.

I hope this person stops, as I do not want to have to go this far. If you are reading this, user: please stop. You are in the wrong. I understand that you are upset with what happened, but you are taking this too far and I will be forced to protect the Forums.

They offer a safe place for many people and have taken over two years to get to what they are now. I do not want to take legal action and this will be a last resort.

All I ask is for you to stop attacking me, my staff members, my users and my forums. That’s all. I don’t even want you to take down anything you have currently done. I don’t want you to stop using the Forums if you like them. I just want you to stop with this harassing behaviour.

Of course, my mental health is very tentative at the moment. I am on antidepressants and have been diagnosed with both depression and anxiety. Your actions right now are having a lot of mental distress on me, which is causing me to suffer at my job. Please stop.

Thank you all for reading.


@ForumStaff please feel free to share your own experiences below so that we can get a full picture of this harassment.


I am so sad to read this! Tbh we can’t lose this forums because as a team I love every each and last one of you and I don’t us to lose or connect! Please guys I will be crying all night I will be on DND mode until tomorrow! Good night!


I’d like to reiterate: I know we all love the Forums and this is probably quite a big blow to us all, but please DO NOT attack this user in any way. It’s not appropriate or fair. Clearly, they already feel hurt and called out by members of our Forums and we do not want to add to that.


Right. Well, that’s why you didn’t want their name posted.


A few days after I became staff, I was forced to report someone because they kept seeking contact with me. I’m not saying names because at this point we’ve come to an agreement and there’s no hate or argument between us. As soon as I reported, it was taken seriously.

I always speak proudly of this forum as in my opinion since I joined this forum I’ve seen rarely hate. There have been ups and downs and heated moments, but in the end, people here are just trying to connect to people and be creative. For me it’s an escape of the toxic world we live in and a place I can just let go.

I’m not saying this just as a staff member, because I’m a regular user above a staff member in my opinion. I just love this place and I know many others do. I made friends here I won’t be able to reach without it.

Like many, I was from a different forum, and when they shut us out, Shannii allowed us in with open arms, mainly because she knows what it’s like.

It would be a shame if a bad incident would ruin a creative place for many. Closing the forum because of something that involved someone who is no longer active, is not the solution, in my opinion, the staff has changed, some left and new people replaced them. The forum learns from it and tries its best to keep all the users safe.


Yeah. We never want to promote or encourage any ganging up on or harassment of people. It doesn’t matter if it happens here on the Forums or not. It’s just not right and it’s not the kinda forum we want to run. However, I hope this message gets to the person and they read it because I really don’t want to have to take legal action. I just want them to stop!


I completely agree. We want this to end as painlessly as possible.


Ok, see, this is the s–t we’re NOT gonna do. I don’t know what the hell’s wrong with them. If you feel attacked, there is no need to try and get the forums closed. You talk to the staff like a responsible person.

And if you can’t, just talk to the heads or Shannii herself! She’s willing to listen! This is absolutely ridiculous! This could also be considered defamation or slander, so whoever’s doing this bs deserves to get sued for trying to slander an innocent person’s name!

Yes, I am upset about this, regardless of whatever issues I’ve had with users in the past. Whether it was back when I was a mod or as a regular, this is wrong! Period! I may sound harsh but Shannii has never said or anything discriminatory or harmful to people.

This forums has definitely had its periods of struggle and fights, but, this is no way to deal with it at all. I love this place. I’d hate to see it closed down for something so petty.


The user in question did DM the instagram account and also posted onto a Q&A story sticker that we are a “bullying forum”. I had also recieved emails to my forum email address ( which talked about bullying.

At first I didn’t mind, I just replied as I usually would. I told them about our rules and how we handle things on here.

However, after they DMed and reached out to the Instagram account multiple times I told them I’d have to block them. I had already told them if they were experiencing bullying they would have to flag the posts or send me evidence, but they didn’t.

If they did it would only be in referrence to things that happened years ago which was dealt with. Unfortunately I no longer have access to this DM or screenshots to share.

To this user all I have to say is that I’m sorry if that upset you but I did tell you how we could solve your issue and instead you carried on harassing the instagram account.


Well, I did see a new shanniiwrite forum on Instagram that it already live on google. There also a new episode forum too. But I may think it a hacker try to close the forum. My Instagram was nearly hacked last year.


I have a very strong idea of who this person is and they know who they are, too. I am absolutely 100% ready to sue this person if necessary, as what they are doing is both immoral and illegal. I don’t want to have to take it that far. I just want them to stop, but I will if I have to


But take legal action may hurt your forum nor even your user. I could tell the people who is trying to close your forum. I bet it is one of my friend. I can message her on Instagram. Or you can message her on Wattpad. Working something out.

I message her right now hold on


Taking legal action won’t hurt the Forums. I will contact a lawyer and they can sort it all out. They can send the person a cease and desist and then sue them, if necessary. I would sue for defamation, harassment and mental distress.


I have enough evidence that they have been harassing the people on the Forums and defaming me, so the case would be pretty clear on my side.


Well I just message her and she has her own forum so I don’t think she will report you. But I do know that she going to update her story on Wattpad. I’m going up early today so I can try to get grand theft auto v working on my laptop still have issues with that


This person’s forum uses my actual, legal name (Shannii) and defames me. That is enough to get her in serious trouble


I could tell her to change it to something different.


I just don’t understand what I’ve done to deserve this. The complaints posted to my server were talking about things from 2 years ago and I have been nothing but nice to this person. Even though I have been nice, they are insulting me and trying to shut down my forums, which I have spent years working on. I am so upset by this


I guess it because me and [USERNAME REMOVED] were bullying here heart break and she decided to take her on life. I think but I would let this slide for a month. I don’t think she reported you anymore. She was bullying really hard in high school.