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At the auditorium for the speech

To a certain degree Victoria could relate to the girl talking about education, Victoria herself had wondered quite a bit why they had to move to the States, and why she was signed up for a boarding school not being able to stay with her parents. “Oh, I completely understand the feeling. It is a bit surreal, isn’t it? Moving to a foreign country for school, especially when you’re used to the comforts of home and the schools in the United Kingdom. I’ve had similar thoughts myself when I first arrived a few days ago. The experience is undoubtedly different, but perhaps there’s a unique opportunity for growth and new experiences here. And if you ever feel homesick or need someone to talk to who understands, I’m here for you. It’s an adjustment, but we’ll get through it together.” she gave the girl a kind and reassuring smile.

“Thank you so much! I’d absolutely love to learn your language. It sounds like a wonderful exchange, and I’m sure it will make this experience even more enriching.” She giggled softly as she said, “See, there are certain perks to being in this intercultural learning environment. Looking forward to our language exchange!”

She felt some guilt once again, as she said, “Oh, no need to apologize at all, Katrina. Your name has a beautiful Gaelic touch, and I appreciate you sharing its pronunciation. ‘Ceannaideach’,” she pronounced it as Kennedy as Katrina had told her, “is quite fascinating.” This somehow got her more intrigued to learn even more of the Scottish language.

Victoria listened attentively as Katrina spoke about her experience in the Highlands, she couldn’t help but question as to how Katrina ended up at this quite exclusive academy, her family did not seem too wealthy based upon what Katrina had told her. “It sounds like you have a strong connection with your family, and that’s truly admirable. It’s natural for your mother to worry; mothers have a way of caring deeply.” She didn’t speak from own experience really, more so generally speaking, “Family bonds are precious,” this was younger Victoria coming out, the one who had been told time after time again she should be grateful and her parents provide her with the best bonds, even if they emotionally weren’t there for her. How blessed she should be to be of noble heritage and have her family provide everything financially for her, “and it’s wonderful that you reassure your mother.” a genuine smile now was visible on Victoria’s lips

“You…” As Katrina told her how some of the elements of the outfit made her uncomfortable, Victoria first wanted to make a joke about school uniforms in Britain, but based on Katrina talking about being schooled by her mother, Victoria felt that joke wouldn’t be received well, so instead she corrected herself, “I think you genuinely do wear it absolutely marvelous. However, ultimately, wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident, and exposing more skin can indeed feel unusual, especially if it’s a departure from what you’re used to.” Victoria had actually enjoyed being able to expose some more skin, not be so caught up in wearing an uniform, but she understood how it was quite something to wear something as revealing as Katrina was wearing on your first day, yet, Victoria’s eyes took a brief moment longer to take the outfit in than she probably should have.

“You’re very welcome. Do you perhaps have some time tomorrow for a language learning session?” she inquired. Victoria was actually quite excited to get them started, get to know Katrina better and just plan a follow up meeting already.

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Skipping the speech

Owen responded warmly to her asking if she did, “Yeah, you really do. Your smile brightens my day, and just being around you makes everything better for me.” It was true, while Owen had gotten so caught up in his day to day same rhythm of classes, basketball, studying, sleep and repeat, he hadn’t really had anything that brought him way he felt around Lila, it was like he could really live in the moment when he was spending time with her. However, it scared him too, it was clear a lot was going on with Lila, and he wasn’t even sure if she could handle talking to him about it. Yet, his mind was no longer occupied with just thinking about the situation she was in, sure he still wanted to be there for her and support her and help in any way he could, but his mind also went to a place of, what if this turns into something more than romantic?

“I love the idea of doing those things together, Lila. Playing sports, going on walks, and just spending time together sounds perfect.” he was already imagining how he would teach her to play basketball, and get absolutely beaten in hockey by her, he was quite competitive usually, but from her he would like that, “We can explore new places and make the most of our time here.” He knew Lila was quite sheltered in a way, that a lot of places he would want to take her to explore together, she might have never been, if she hadn’t even been in this nearby park during their time at the school, but he wanted to take her on that journey. Do those things, together with her.

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She smiled as he spoke. His words soft and sweet. It made her feel giddy. A feeling she hasn’t really ever felt before now. She was a little nervous and scared of the way she felt. However she was also calm at the same time about it.

“That sounds perfect to me.” She said as she smiled and replied to him. She took another deep breath. She knew she had to tell him. However she was quite confused on how to start the conversation about her past. She knew in order to have any future with him that she had to tell him everything.

She sat there trying to find the right words to say. She wondered how she could tell him and him be okay with it. She then looked him in the eyes. “If I tell you this. Promise me you won’t think differently of me. Promise me you won’t stop being my friend. I don’t want you to hear these things and look at me differently. I don’t want to lose you as a friend. Truth is… You are my first friend. You are the only person I trust in any way.”

She admitted to him as she looked into his eyes not turning away so he knew how serious and honest she was being with what she said. She was nervous about how he would react to the news that’s why she said what she did. However she didn’t break her eye contact or her smile. Even though she was about to tell him all these horrible, traumatic things.


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Brax found himself softly laughing at Jasper’s joke. “You are interested in performing so maybe I just found you the most perfect career path and you would be a hit with that disappearing act.” Brex Joked as he smiled at Jasper. Brax nodded life really was full of surprises. He had expected to hate every single minute that he had to spend at this school and honestly he had only known Jasper for not even a full day now and that was already proving to be wrong.

Brax honestly appreciated that Jasper didnt insist he share his life story it was nice not to be pressured into it and that he understood that was honestly crazy to Brax. Honestly he was a lot more open with what he had gone through and what was going on if you didnt press for it. “That goes for you too. If you ever want to tell me anything about your story Im all ears.” BRax wanted him to know that went both was especially since he felt like Jasper hadnt really said all too much about himself but Brax didnt want to make him feel like he had to.

Slowly music was brought back up and Brex found himself moving his fingers across invisible frets as he thought about it. Honestly the translation was clear as day to him and he could tell it took Jasper a minute to follow but he was glad he understood him. “Yeah its an easy conversion over not just because of the structure it plays in the music but also the structure of the instrument.” he wondered if it would be something he could again easily pick up or not. “Jasper who taught you to play any of the instruments you play?” Brex honestly just wondered if it had been one of his parents or a teacher or something he just naturally picked up on his own. It wouldnt really make a difference to anything Brax just wondered where Jasper got his musical talents from.

Brex smiled wide when he caught Jasper tapping his fingers. He didnt want Jasper to stop. That was the moment that it really hit Brex that Jasper was really in love with music as much as he was and that made Brax all that much more excited to spend more time with Jasper. Brax’s hands were shaking a little and he tried to tuck them into his pockets to hide it before Jasper noticed. He didnt want to talk about what was causing it. It didnt happen often anymore but it still happened sometimes. When it stopped he pulled his hands from his pockets hoping Jasper hadnt noticed and he made sure he had all he would need before they left. “You can keep tapping you have really good rhythm and it sounded nice. It was a good bass line honestly.” Brax commented as he nodded to the beat that Jasper had just stopped tapping out with his fingers.

Brax honestly was just kind of worried about his roommate in general. He may have grown up predominately on a tour bus which meant a lot of people in a very small space but he had always had at least a little space that was specifically his. Here he didnt even have that he had a bed out and open to whoever he was living with. The idea for noise canceling headphones if the other guy didnt like music wasnt honestly a bad idea though. “You know thats not a horrible idea. What is your roommate like? I mean is it common to have roommate issues around here?”

Brax was holding his breath when he dropped his last name to Jasper this was the moment that would either make or break this. As soon as most people knew who he was they either wanted to talk about the worst parts of his life in excruciating detail, know every single thing he could think of about his dad, or use him as some kind of friends with a celebrity type situation. The reaction he got made a huge genuine smile appear on his face. Brax could tell Jasper knew more than he was showing but he honestly appreciated that he kept any curiosities he had to himself and the mood remained the same light easy to talk mood it had been before. Brax did one last check to make sure he had everything he needed before he headed to the door.

“Hey Jasper thanks.” he mumbled a bit softer tan he had really intended to. They headed out to the hall and Brax let Jasper lead since he had no idea where he was going. “Yeah my bass is really special to me especially since I dont have many memories of my mom. Its the one she played before she got into the band with my dad so it holds memories for my grandma too. SHe told me a lot about my mom and how she was when she was growing up when I stayed with her over the summer. Its been a few years since ive stayed in the foothills of the mountains here in the states with her though. Honestly those were some really nice times we spent together.” There were honestly times that Brax wished he had just been raised by his grandma in the hills of the Appalachian mountains. It always made him wonder if he had how different he would be.


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Owen looked at her with a mixture of curiosity and concern. He felt this was it, the moment she would actually be telling him what was bothering her. It felt good she had brought it up out of herself again, without him having to push. It showed she genuinely wanted to tell him. He nodded gently, reassuring her, “Lila, you can tell me anything. I promise I won’t judge you or think any less of you. We’re friends,” and I would like to be more than that, he thought, “and I’m here for you. So go ahead, take your time, and share whatever you want and need to share.” His tone was supportive, emphasizing his commitment to their friendship and his willingness to listen without judgment. “I promise you, you won’t lose me.”

He looked her directly in the eyes as he spoke. He could see a pain in her eyes, but also strength. He realised if this was something traumatic for her, it must not be easy for her to trust him with this. For the first time however, he started feeling some nerves, could he actually be a support, was there anything he could do at all to help her when she told him? He decided to take a breath, and put some of those worries aside, there was no point in wondering that yet when he did not even have a clue what was going on, other than that it was traumatic for her.

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             **TRIGGER WARNING**
           Sexual Violence/Self harm


Lila smiled as he said they were friends. This made her happy. I would like to be more I think. She thought to herself as he said they were friends. “Lila, you can tell me anything. I promise I won’t judge you or think any less of you. He said and she took a deep breath in this moment.

When she heard these words from him she knew she was safe. She knew should could really tell him anything. However to tell him about this. She couldn’t look at him. She had to look anywhere else. So she decided to look down at the bench that was between them. She kind of wished she could move closer to him.

However at the same time she was too scared to be too close. Every guy she ever known. Well they didn’t have gentle hands. So she was always scared to get too close to guys. Even though she felt safe with Owen she was still nervous about touching him and him touching her. However she wanted that at the same time. She wanted to hold his hand and sit there smiling with him.

She wanted to cuddle as they watched tv together. Like they had talked about a little bit ago. Well they didn’t talk about the cuddling part. They only talked about the watching tv part. She took another deep breath. The time was now. Now is the time to tell him about her past, her history, her trauma.

She finally opened her mouth. “So since I was twelve or thirteen…” She started trying remember which age she actually was when it started. “My drug addict father… He would give me to men for his dope. He would leave me with these men sometimes for days. Letting the men do whatever they wanted to me. Sometimes they weren’t so bad. Just hung out. However most of the time it wasn’t so nice. They… they raped me. I used to fight back. However they would beat me when I did. As a result of that I have had several broken bones, and cuts and bruises all over.”

She was crying while telling him this. She didn’t want to get too detailed. something nobody could ever know and would never know. As a result from all of that she cut herself. Those scared remained on her wrists and thighs. The thighs were easier to hide. She couldn’t look at him. She felt ashamed, embarrassed and vulnerable. She felt like he couldn’t look at her the same after knowing this.

I mean what guy would want a girl who isn’t a virgin. Who isn’t pure for them. Most men wanted that right? She thought as she sat there and waited to hear him say something, anything. She sat there frozen in place and crying her eyes out. She ended holding her breath without realizing it waiting for him to speak. Then he spoke and she slowly breathed.


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Jasper chuckled at the remark, appreciating the humor. He responded, “Well, I guess I’ve got the appearing act down pretty well already,” he hinted back how he had popped up without warning and how this whole conversation about magic had started, “just have to practice some more on the disappearing one. Maybe I should consider a career in magic once I’ve got that one in the bag.” He then joked some more, “If that ends up being my career path, consider yourself having free VIP tickets for life, mate.” While this conversation was clearly just joking and banter, who knows, Jasper thought he had the charisma and the stage skills to become a magician, so why couldn’t it actually be an option for him?

When the conversation moved on, and Brex told he was all ears to listen to Jasper’s story, iIt was clear to Jasper that Brex wanted to know some more about him. Jasper thought that was fair, and quite honestly, he was comfortable with Brex and wanted him to get to know who Jasper was better, “Get ready for my life story, hope it’s not that boring you’ll doze off.” he said jokingly, “If the accent and over usage of mate didn’t give it away, I’m born and raised in Melbourne.” he pronounced it the Australian way obviously, with an even thicker accent than his usual speaking it sounded more like Melbun, “Quite frankly, always had a love hate relationship with the parental units. In some regards, such as theatre and music, they supported me and my dreams fully, but in others, not that much…” It was quite a heavy story, and something he hadn’t really told anyone. His shoulders tensed thinking about it, and the playfulness had been replaced with a more serious and emotional expression. He wasn’t quite sure why he trusted Brex with it, but he did, “They nearly disowned me when they found out I’m gay, worried about the family reputation or something. They thought sending me off to this ‘strict’ boarding school would shape me back in the son they imagined me to be, but the joke is on them, being here I’m able to embrace my gayness more than ever.” he chuckled a little as he said that, lightening the mood somewhat. “But yeah, came her all alone last year, still a freshman though, have to redo my first year due to some circumstances.” He looked away in the distance as he said this, not really feeling comfortable with sharing yet another heavy story at this moment. Not that he didn’t trust Brex, he just wished to keep the conversation light and filled with banter, as he had tremendously enjoyed that in their conversation thus far.

As Brex asked how Jasper had learned, he replied, “My parental units hired a music teacher for me, but in my opinion, she was definitely not qualified to teach music. Even without having had any classed on it, I knew better than her, or I thought so at least.” he chuckled a bit, “Imagine 9 year old Jasper being too stubborn to follow any instructions of his teacher. So yeah, I thought myself for the most part.”

As Jasper had been tapping, he noticed Brex’s hands shaking. Yet, Jasper noticed how Brex had tried to hide it from him. He felt a bit worried, was Brex okay? Why was he shaking like that? That wasn’t normal, right? He decided to first reply to what Brex said, to give himself some time to think what he wanted to do with it. “Thanks, mate.” He couldn’t however continue tapping, now he had snapped out of it, it didn’t just come back like that, “Music really just has a way of taking over sometimes. But couldn’t help but notice your hands were shaking, you’re okay man?” he had a genuine concern about Brex, while they had just met, Jasper found himself caring about this guy.

When Brex inquired about Jasper’s roommate, he nonchalantly said, “Haven’t quite gotten to know him yet, got placed with a freshman.” He thought back to the brief meeting he had had with Finn, “Seems very much preppy boy vibes tho, don’t like him too much this far.” he answered honestly. “But I don’t know, last year there was some drama between roommates, not with mine tho, I adore the guy I was paired with last year.” somehow he felt a need to clarify with Brex that the guy was just a friend, maybe because he just came out to him. “Not in a romantic way, absolutely not, he’s one of my best mates.” he clarified.

Jasper just gave Brex a casual nod to him saying thanks. He listened to what Brex was saying about his grandma, “I can imagine how important that connection is for you. Your bass isn’t just an instrument; it’s a vessel for memories and a link to your family’s history. It must be a special feeling to play it.” He then went on to reply more on the personal aspects, not just the instrument, “Those moments with your grandma sound like they’ve left a lasting impact. It’s great that you got to hear about your mom’s life and experiences.”

Then then started to leave the room, on to the music room, they went down the stairs, and basically one corridor and and at the end of it, there it was, the music room. Not the biggest of the rooms, but it was a cozy one, filled with all kinds of instruments and stuff one might need to make music. Centered on the short side of the wall, was the drum kit, without any hesitation Jasper walked over to it. He hadn’t played since coming back from break, so he felt he might need a minute to readjust again to the instrument. He didn’t say anything though, he wanted Brex to take the lead in this, at least for now. With Brex’s experience and how he was raised, Jasper felt a touch insecure in the moment, not his usual self that had no issues being out there and taking a lead. In a way, while they had been more vulnerable with each other, Brex still intimidated Jasper, not because Jasper thought Brex himself was intimidating, but because Jasper felt intimidated somewhat by their seemingly instant connection they had formed.

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Reaction to Sexual Violence

As Owen listed to Lila speak about what had happened to her, he could feel himself getting angry internally. Mad at Lila’s father, mad at the guys who treated her like that, who had r-ped her. Towards Lila however, he felt sadness, and sorry she had to go through all of that, it clearly was one of the most traumatic things a girl could go through. It just made Owen want to be that safe place for her even more, to make sure she felt respected, supported and appreciated for who she is. It hadn’t changed his feelings towards her, if anything, it had just strengthened them as he thought she was really strong for trusting him with this and being this vulnerable with him. He appreciated that.

He allowed her to cry, not saying anything right away to everything she had told, giving her a moment to let her emotions out. “I’m so sorry that happened to you, Lila. I can’t imagine how traumatic that must be, and you’re dad being the reason you had to go through that, that’s rough.” While he tried to keep his tone gentle and supportive, there was an underlying note of anger in his voice, “Those men are f-cked up for treating you like that. Doing that to you, a young girl.” he was shaking his head as he spoke. “You deserve respect, you shouldn’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, or go through those beatings.”

Owen had been instilled from a young age to show respect from women, and consent was a massive thing to him. He liked to pretend to be this tough guy with some of his friends, but he genuinely was a caring person on the inside, and he really couldn’t understand why someone would ever do that to another person. He knew, with him liking Lila, he had to be even more careful how to act with her after what she had told him, wanting to make sure every touch was wanted by her, that she was comfortable. But in a sense, this was also a motivation for him, to show her how she deserved to be treated. He gently moved his hand near her face, and asked softly, “Can I?” making it clear he wanted to wipe away some of her tears. He hoped she trusted him enough to say yes, but he would absolutely respect it if she didn’t want to be touched at all, he could understand that with everything she’s been through.

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Lila looked up at him as he spoke. She could sense his anger towards what happened. Luckily he didn’t sound anger at her. Luckily he didn’t judge her. He didn’t think of her differently. This was much to her surprise.

She listened carefully as he talked. “Yeah, you’re right. Karma is a b**ch though right?” She asked hoping it was true. There was one other thing about her past that she didn’t know how to tell anyone. Maybe one day she will figure out a way to tell Owen.

However that was a conversation for another day. Today she told him this and that was big enough. She couldn’t tell him more than this in one day. This was heavy on its own. She tried to breathe as he talked. She felt safe with him, but even safer when he asked “Can I?”

She was a little nervous but at the same time she wanted… wanted him to hold her while she cried. Isn’t that what guys are suppose to do. Hold a girl when she cries. She wasn’t sure, but she knows she never had that before. She slowly shook her head yes. She looked up and her eyes met his. This made her smile slightly as she was crying.


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Brex intently listened to Jasper talk about his life. He made sure that Jasper knew he was listening. Brex honestly wanted to Know him a lot better so Jasper had his absolutely undivided attention. Honestly after this maybe Brex would share a little more. He had been dropping little stories and tidbits here and there. That wasnt usual for Brex but he just felt so welcome and comfortable around Jasper already. Brex chuckled a little at Jasper’s joke. “Nothing you say can be boring enough to put me out you have too much energy for that.” Brex smiled at him and went quite again so he could take in every word. Brex nodded when he found out Jasper was from Melbourne. He had pieced together with the accent that Jasper was Australian but honestly beyond that had no idea where he was from so it was nice to know. Brex nodded along to show he was really listening, He could sympathize and understand not always having the best relationship with his parents. It was good to hear they at least supported his love of music and theater especially since they seemed to be such a big part of Jasper. Brex saw the way that Jasper’s body language shifted and it honestly worried him. He quickly let words fall from his mouth hoping he wasnt going to be taken as rude. “If its too hard you dont have to say it really man.” Brex reached his hand out and put it on his shoulder to help ground him though, “But if you want to I did say I was here for you.” Brex gave him a genuine smile and let him continue if he wanted which he did which was a pleasant surprise to Brex until what he had said registered. That mad Brex livid he may not have had the best or most stable family but even his extremely Catholic grandma had taken him not being straight a million times better than that. Brex wrapped Jasper in a hug without even thinking about it. That had to have been rough and Jasper had to go home to that on breaks. Brex just hopped that Jasper was safe in that place when he was away from school. Brex pulled away and smiled though when he heard Jasper say their plan backfired and here he could embrace every part of him including his sexuality. Brex respected that whatever happened that lead him to have to do his first year again he wasnt ready to share. Jasper had already shared plenty in Brax’s eyes. “Hey if you need somewhere to be away from your parents over break you tell me. We can stay wherever. And they dont hurt you do they? If they do im making a personal trip to Australia,” Brex found the words falling out of his mouth before he could stop them. Brex already knew this was a heavy conversation that Jasper was trying to make lighter but he needed to know that no one was physically hurting Jasper no one deserved anything like that just because they liked guys.

Brex giggled a little as he pictured how Jasper said he learned music. He could easily picture it actually so it wasnt hard to believe at all. “Oh I can picture nine year old Jasper doing that all too well but honestly thats impressive you are mostly self taught then.” Brex smiled. “If you ever want to learn something that I can play or need help on anything I can play just ask I promise Ill be a better teacher than that man.”

“Yeah music really does just wash over your soul sometimes.” Brex took a deep breath as he heard Jasper mention his shaking hands. It was time to share some hard stuff. This was either not going to phase Jasper much or make him leave. “Im ok but it does happen. Its kind of a side effect from…” Brex was trying to decide exactly how he wanted to put this. “I did drugs lots of them. Im sober now live ive only been sober a little under a year. I am an addict though. I kind of screwed my body up some with it. My hands shaking is one of them, I cant control it it just happens sometimes. I dont really like to talk about it I mean I know it was all over the tabloids and stuff along with my many failed rehab attempts but its not one of my proudest moments. I dont use or even drink now but yeah, Thats why. Its not something to worry about just how ive messed myself up with some poor choices.” Brex sighed he had kept his eyes locked on the ground this whole time because he was really worried that this was it this was going to certainly scare Jasper away.

“Havent even met my roommate but hope its ok. If not maybe next year we can request to be roommates or something.” Brax offered hoping this was all going well. That was when Brax heard him talk about his roommate from last year and how they had gotten along well but it wasnt romantic. “Man even if it was I wouldnt have assumed it was unless you would have told me it was.”

“Yeah no I really love staying with my grandma it doesnt happen as much as it used to honestly might happen more now since dad is trying to keep some good publicity with me which means keeping my life a bit more private which i honestly enjoy. It really is its just such a big thing for me and its super special.” Brex nodded as he listened to Jasper speak. Jasper wasnt wrong about any of it. “Yeah I mean I think you guys would get along well she has a lot of you charisma like you Jasper.”

Brex followed close behind Jasper making sure he never lost sight of him. Brex followed him down the halls winding and turning a few times as he stayed hot on his heals. Honestly Brex didnt feel like getting lost today. They got to the music room and he took it all in. It wasnt huge but it felt so warm and comfortable already. Brex smiled as Jasper gravitated towards the drums. Brex set his things down near it and grabbed an amp off a shelf as well as a seat and set up right next to the drum kit and Jasper. Brex played a few cords making sure the bass was still in tune and smiled when it was. “You have a favorite you like to play. I dont want to throw anything new at you while we warm up.” Brex asked as he smiled at Jasper.
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As she said: Karma is a b**ch through right? Owen nodded, he truly believed that if people treated others like that, they at some point would have to face consequences for their actions. Thinking about that, he asked her, “Have you ever thought about going to the police? Them being in jail would be some serious karma for what they did…” He understood maybe she felt she couldn’t do that safely, but these man clearly committed a crime, more than one even. Owen wanted them to have to face the consequences of that, he wanted them to be in jail. That was what they truly deserved.

When she communicated it was okay, he gently wiped away some of her tears, making slow movements and making sure he wouldn’t touch her in a way that would hurt her. Then he slowly wrapped his arm around her, making sure to keep eye contact with her, wanting nothing he did to make her uncomfortable in any way. He then softly spoke, “It’ll be okay Lila. I am here for you, you don’t have to go through this alone.”

He then took a deep breath, feeling nervous about what he was going to say next, “I know this might be too much for today, but I really do like you. I don’t want to pressure you in anything, and I’m more than willing to wait for an answer.” He then took a second before continuing to speak, “But if you want to, I would love to take you on a date some day?”

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Lila sat there listening to Owen as he spoke. First he asked if she tried going to the police. “I can’t. They said if I go to the police they will kill me.” She admitted trying not to get scared again. She continued to listen to Owen.

Owen then said she wouldn’t be going through this alone. She liked feeling his arms around her. That made her feel extremely happy. The tears stopped rolling down her face. Owen continued and she listened. “I know this might be too much for today, but I really do like you. I don’t want to pressure you in anything, and I’m more than willing to wait for an answer.”

She sat there processing what he said. He likes me. He actually likes me. Is this really happening? He then continued to speak “But if you want to, I would love to take you on a date some day?” She let these words sink in. It probably made him nervous how long she was taking to respond.

She just had to process all the information. She slowly opened her mouth to speak. “I think I would like that very much.” She said with a smile coming on her face. Of course only Owen could bring her to a smile from crying hysterically.


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Jasper’s expression shifted from the weight of the revelation to a more genuine appreciation as he saw Brex’s supportive response. He hadn’t expected the hug that followed, but the warmth and understanding in Brex’s gesture provided a sense of comfort, yet at the same time it sparked something beyond comfort. A realisation how much off an emotional connection he felt with Brex, even if he just met him today. As they pulled away, Jasper couldn’t help but offer a grateful smile in return.

“Thanks, Brex,” Jasper replied, touched by the sincerity in Brex’s words. “I appreciate it. And no, they don’t physically hurt me. It’s more about their expectations and the clash between who I am and who they want me to be.” He sighed, trying to downplay the severity of it while still conveying the reality of the situation. “They might not understand everything about me, but it’s not as extreme as that. Your concern means more than you know. As for staying away over breaks, I’ll keep it in mind. It’s just… complicated, you know? But having a mate like you makes things a lot better, honestly. And don’t worry about making a personal trip to Australia, unless you voluntarily wanna see a country filled with poisonous animals.” he found himself joking, even at this vulnerable moment.

Jasper grinned in response to Brex’s giggle, enjoying the light-hearted exchange. “Yeah, that stubborn little kid is still in here somewhere,” he joked, tapping his chest lightly. He appreciated Brex’s offer and flashed a genuine smile. “I might just take you up on that, mate. I’ve picked up a few things over the years, but there’s always room to learn more. And if I’ve got a better teacher than that childhood music ‘guru,’ I’m all for it.” He chuckled, a warmth in his eyes that conveyed his genuine gratitude for Brex’s offer. The idea of learning something new, especially from someone he was growing close to, had an appealing charm to it.

It wasn’t necessarily easy for Jasper to hear that what he had heard about Brex was true, him admitting to have been an addict, it was not nothing. Jasper didn’t want to undermine its seriousness. He found himself to be relieved when Brex told he had been sober for a year, as he had mostly worried about Brex’s well-being, he didn’t care about the dr-gs themselves, that was not a problem. He didn’t feel any blame towards Brex, he was sure the way Brex grew up, with a famous father, it must not have been easy. Jasper also knew all too well that dr-gs sadly were very normalised in that world, by some even seen as a cool thing rather than something that could be really damaging if it became more than a recreational thing. He wasn’t quite sure what to say to it though, it really didn’t change much in how he saw Brex, in a way it was the answer what he had expected to hear. “Must’ve been a real struggle, dealing with all that out in the open, eh?” his gaze focussed on Brex, even if he was looking at the ground, “That’s rough, but I’m stoked to hear you’re sober now. I think we all make our fair share of poor choices, mate. No judgment here. It’s part of life’s learning curve. What matters is how we bounce back and grow from it, and it looks like you’re handling it pretty damn well, I reckon.”

Jasper would replied with a casual and friendly tone, even if he felt more excitement about this idea than he wanted to show, “Yeah, that sounds like a plan. Hopefully, your roommate’s a good fit, but hey, we can always room together next year.” As Brex replied to him about his previous roommate, he realised how silly it had been to feel like he had to clarify it in any way. Jasper responded with a light-hearted and casual tone, appreciating Brex’s open-mindedness, “Cheers. Good to know you’re not jumping to conclusions.” Jasper continued with a playful jest, “But well, you know, some folks might confuse a good bromance for something more, especially with being so unapologetically out and gay here. Although, if anyone does mistake it, I guess I should take it as a compliment, right? Must be my undeniable charm.” He delivered it with a grin and a playful tone to emphasize the joking nature of what he said. In reality, Jasper wasn’t quite that confident about himself, he wanted to be, he often put on a mask and pretend to be, but he didn’t think he was that special of a person.

That’s why it meant even more to Jasper when Brex later said that he believed Jasper had charisma, especially as the compliment was connected to his grandma, someone who seemed important to Brex. Jasper responded with a warm smile and a touch of humor, saying, “Well, I’m honored to share the charisma trait with your grandma. Sounds like she’s quite the character. If we ever meet, I’ll make sure to bring my A-game in the charisma department.” He said it in a lighthearted manner, expressing genuine interest in meeting someone who seemed to hold a special place in Brex’s life. “Legit tho, sounds like those times with your grandma are absolute gems, mate. Sometimes those moments become even more precious when they’re a bit rare, you know? And hey, privacy can be a rare treasure in itself.” he believed it was actually a good decision to keep a bit more privacy, especially with Brex still being in recovery, he didn’t need all that public attention in this time, but he didn’t want to focus too much on that, as he knew it wasn’t easy for Brex to talk about, so he continued, “Keeps things more genuine. Glad you get to have those special times, though.”

Once they were in the music room, Jasper preferred to start off with some freestyling rather than playing a specific song, “Let’s start with something simple and rhythmic on the drums. I’ll set the beat, and you can jump in whenever you feel the vibe. We’ll build from there.” This way, he acknowledged Brex’s skills while also asserting his role as the drummer, he knew the drums were crucial, how much he wanted Brex to take the lead in this, he knew as the drummer he had to carry some of the weight.

Jasper settled onto the drum kit, his hands and feet finding their familiar places. With a somewhat insecure nod to Brex, he began a rhythmic pattern, the steady thump of the bass drum anchoring the beat with a classic resonance. The snare cracked with precision, punctuating the rhythm and adding an edge to the sound. His hands danced effortlessly between the toms, conjuring up a thunderous yet controlled vibe that echoed the spirit of the rock genre.

His feet worked the hi-hat and bass pedal with a force that mirrored the heartbeat of a good rock song, creating a foundation for the music to build upon. As the beats flowed, Jasper’s energy became palpable and he became more confident, each strike resonating with the raw enthusiasm of a true aficionado. He seamlessly transitioned between patterns, showcasing both finesse and power, capturing the essence of a drummer lost in the rhythm.

@bpalmer - Brex. Hope you’ll enjoy :eyes: This took me like 1.5 hours…

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As she said that, how they had threatened her, the gratify of the situation hit Owen. “Okay, then that option is out. Wouldn’t want that to happen to you. So no police, unless we can absolutely guarantee your safety.” He spoke in we, he no longer wanted this to be something Lila was dealing with alone, he was now just as in this making sure she was okay. He then suggested, “I think maybe next break, you should join me to Chicago, rather than going back home. I’ll make sure you’ll be save there, you won’t have to worry about anything happening to you.” he reassured her. He wanted to be there to protect her, make her not have to deal with her father, not with those man, be in an environment away from that. Sure, Chicago too had it’s downsides and roughness, but at least he would be there to be there for her.

As she waited quite a while before answering him asking her on a date, he got nervous. Had he brought this up too quickly, should he have waited? When she finally started talking, and he saw the smile on her face, he knew it hadn’t been the wrong decision. He was happy to see her smile again, and he above all was happy she had said yes. He finally exhaled, not even aware he had been holding in his breath as he waited for her answer. “Whew, you had me sweating there for a sec.” Owen chuckled, trying to ease the tension. “But seriously, that sounds awesome. I’m looking forward to it.” He grinned, his eyes expressing a genuine happiness. “We’ll make it a great time, promise. Now, we just need to figure out where to go. Any preferences or should I surprise you with my amazing date-planning skills?” He wanted to keep it light, but also show his enthusiasm at the same time.

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Kika was sitting there as Owen talked. He surprised her when he said. “I think maybe next break, you should join me to Chicago, rather than going back home. I’ll make sure you’ll be save there, you won’t have to worry about anything happening to you.” She liked the sound of that, but at the same time she was nervous about it. How could I possibly do that? What if my dad finds me? What would my dad think if I don’t go home? Would he come looking for me? How would I hide? I would have to get a new phone.

Lila smiled though and pushed through her thoughts. “Are you serious? I mean it sounds lovely and I would love to. However are you sure that would be okay with your parents?” Her mind started racing. She concentrated on her breaths to calm herself.

She then got nervous about meeting his family. What would they think of her. Would they like her. Would they really accept her coming home with their son. How would they treat her. Her mind was racing with so many questions but she kept her composure.

Owen then went on to talk about their date. She couldn’t help but to smile and give a little giggle. “I didn’t mean to make you sweat.” She said as she leaned in a little closer to him. Not to kiss or anything but just to feel closer to him.

Owen then went on to say how it was gonna be a great date. He asked her if she wanted him to plan something or if she wanted to put in an opinion. Honestly she had never been on a date. So she had no clue what to think or do. She responded “Being as I have never been on a date and don’t know what to do on one. Why don’t you surprise me?”

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Owen, sensing Lila’s nervousness, responded with a reassuring and comforting tone. “Absolutely, I’m serious. My parents are pretty easygoing, and I’m sure they’ll be thrilled to meet you. Don’t worry, you’ve got nothing to stress about. They’ll love you.” Owen offered a reassuring smile, trying to alleviate any concerns Lila might have about meeting his family.

He added, “Just be yourself; that’s all they’d want.” Owen’s calm and supportive demeanor aimed to ease Lila’s anxieties and assure her that meeting his family would be a positive experience.

“Haha, you got me there.” Owen chuckled, enjoying the lighthearted moment. He reciprocated with a warm smile, appreciating her giggle. “But seriously, I’m just excited about our date. Can’t help but feel a bit jittery, you know?”

As Lila leaned in closer, he welcomed the gesture, appreciating the physical closeness. “I gotta say, I like this. Feels good being close to you,” he admitted with a genuine smile, his eyes reflecting the sincerity of his words. “Hey, does it feel good for you too?” Owen asked with a playful yet sincere tone, wanting to ensure that the closeness was enjoyable for Lila as well.

As she told him she hadn’t been on a date yet, and wanted him to surprise her, Owen said, “Got it, surprise it is! I will get everything sorted. We’ll make it a fun and memorable first date.” Owen grinned, appreciating Lila’s honesty. “I’ve got a few ideas in mind that I think you’ll enjoy.” He reassured her that he would make it fun and enjoyable for her, aiming to make her feel at ease about the upcoming date.

“Besides, the best part is getting to know each other better, and that happens naturally. So, get ready for a surprise adventure!” Owen’s enthusiastic tone reflected his eagerness to make the date memorable for both of them.

@ChayChay05 - Lila

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Lila sat there listening to Owen. As he talked she calmed down. He said “I’m serious. My parents are pretty easygoing, and I’m sure they’ll be thrilled to meet you. Don’t worry, you’ve got nothing to stress about. They’ll love you.” She couldn’t help but to smile. “Well it’s sounds like a lovely idea. Wish I never had to go back to be honest.”

She said to him as she looked into his eyes. He then talked about the date. Lila’s mind was racing but she just smiled. “Well I would say that I understand what you mean, but I can’t say that I do.” She giggled. Owen then said that he liked the closeness. She blushed “I do… I mean it’s all new to me, but with you I feel safe. I feel comfortable.”

She then moved to be right next to him. She looked up in his eyes. “Is this okay?” She asked as she laid her hand on his leg. He then talked about the surprise date. “I’m sure I’ll enjoy whatever you plan.” She blushed and smiled as he said the best was to get to know one another. “I have really enjoyed today Owen, and I’m thankful for you.”

She said as she didn’t break their eye contact. She loved the feeling she had when around him. She loved feeling safe with him. She really did enjoy being close to him like this. His soft and gentle hands touching her. It made her get butterflies.


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Brex was glad that the hug hadnt crossed any lines. They hadnt known each other for long but it felt like they had always known each other. It was just so easy to fall in stride with Jasper. It was so easy to trust Jasper. It was so easy just to be himself with Jasper. That wasnt something Brax was used to at all. Every part that Jasper gave Brax, weather he meant to or not was somehow just so comfortable and so genuine in every way. It just felt right.

“No problem.” Brax said as he thought about reaching out to Jasper again but still was leery about accidentally making the situation weird. Brax let out a sigh when Jasper said his parents didnt hurt him physically. “Offer still stands because I know that even emotional stuff like that can make life a bit like hell. Im here for you if you need or want.” Brax really wanted Jasper to know he had someone looking out for him even though Brax knew that he probably had friends that he made last year closer friend than Brax, the guy he just met. “Yeah I get it being complicated. I just wanted you to know that if you need out Im always willing. Ill get on a plane in a second and come pick you up.” Brax said as he nodded at Jasper. Brax laughed a little when Jasper bough up poisonous animals. “Maybe I would brave the poisonous everything if you would be my tour guide. I mean Ive actually never been to Australia.”

Brax smiled genuinely he had no hard time believing that Jasper was just as suborn now as he had been back when he was a little kid who knew more than his teacher. “Yeah absolutely you name it and Im more than willing to teach you whatever you want. I cant guarantee im the best teacher but Ill really give it an honest try.” Brax was being honest and he actually kind of was hoping that Jasper would take him up on the offer.

Brax found his heart caught in his throat he absolutely hated talking about his addiction. It was one of the things he most regretted in his life that he now would always have to live with. It made a lot of people look at him badly. Sure it hadnt been a good decision but he had been young when it first happened and yes he should have known better but he honestly hadnt no one had ever told him not to and it was common to see use around everyone he lived with. Brax was so anxious about how Jasper would handle this and how the retaliation of this revelation would be. Brax wanted to try and defend his actions of the time and explain how he knew the choices he made before werent great but that there was no going back. That usually made this type of situation worse though so Brax kept his mouth shut his heart pounding in his throat as he looked at the ground and waited for what Jasper was going to say. Brax about vomited when he heard Jasper but then the words sank in. They werent mean they were seemingly understanding and that calmed Brax down a lot. “You have absolutely no idea its all about how everyone has no faith in you doing better and even if you do you are still somehow a horrible person for one mistake.” Brax let out a sigh and he honestly was feeling better. “Yeah it was a rough start but I got my stuff together. Im really trying to keep it all together and keep my life a little more positive. Im trying to handle it well. I mean the whole situation is what landed me here and now that Ive met you Im not sure I can really be too mad about that.” Brex giggled faintly.

Honestly Brax now was kind of sad that him and Jasper hadnt just ended up as roommates by chance because the chemistry they had was amazing and they would have worked living together so well Brax just knew it. "Havent met him so no idea but honestly I would love to be your roommate next year. It would be super fun. Brax laughed a little he was surprised that Jasper thought he would jump to conclusions. “Anyone would be lucky to be mistaken as more than a bromance with you Jasper.” Brax said without thinking and then as soon as it was out realized how it sounded. “Be you man honestly if someone has a problem with it you let me know Ill take care of it and absolutely its a compliment. If they think it isnt its because they are jealous.” Brax smiled and gently nudged Jasper with his elbow.

“Oh boy is she. She will talk your leg off too. She will make you play bluegrass though so that is something I can now do.” Brax said with a sigh. “She is stubborn as all get out too,” Brax giggled when Jasper cracked another joke. “Oh you better bring your A-game because it will be stiff competition.” Brax smiled. “Maybe over a break we can take a week or so to visit her if you really want to.” Brax was really warmed that Jasper wanted to meet his grandma that was something really special. “Oh absolutely kind of wish I went more often just to have a break from everything. I mean now that Im older and have myself back on track maybe I can go more.” Brax shrugged.

“Ok perfect I prefer to start with freestyle too but I know thats not everyones cup of tea so Im glad to hear it is yours.” Brax smiled and got the bass all set up as he strummed a few lazy cords trying to find just the right melody that was playing in his head. The beat that Jasper was laying down was great and he quickly started in with a good solid melody from the bass. “This is sounding so good already.” He smiled at Japser as everything started to fall into place.

Brax let his fingers wander the strings his eyes were closed and he was just feeling the music in his soul. It all felt so right. It was familiar but new too but also so much like Brax was suppose to be there with Jasper. It all just felt so right. Jasper had real talent. Everything he did Brax was right on his heals it was like they shared the same brain everything flowed so well.


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When she said she wished she never had to go back home, Owen nodded, completely understanding why she felt like that. “I get that. We’ll figure it out so you don’t have to!” he reassured her, he really didn’t want her to feel forced to ever go back to that traumatic environment. “If you do come to Chicago, I’ll show you all the best spots in the city. It’ll be like a mini vacation for you.” Owen’s response reflected his eagerness to share his hometown with Lila and deepen their connection, it was not only for her safety, he also was simply looking forward to spending more time with her. Owen playfully added, “Who knows, maybe we can catch a game or two while we’re there, Chicago has major sports city vibes!”

Lila’s giggle really was almost addictive to Owen, it made him smile and his face light up. “Fair, fair. It’s not nerves or anything like that. It’s more like… I’m just really excited, you know? Planning something special for us, getting to know you better. It’s a good kind of anticipation” he explained his feelings, and how he was feeling jittery about this date. As Lila blushed and expressed her feelings of safety and comfort, Owen’s expression softened. “I’m really glad to hear that. It means a lot to me that you feel comfortable with me. That’s what matters most.” He returned her closeness, appreciating her moving next to him and laying her hand on his leg. It brought out butterflies in him that she sought physical closeness with him. “Absolutely, this is more than okay.” Owen assured her, enjoying the intimacy of the moment.

“The feeling’s mutual, Lila. I’ve had a great time too,” Owen replied, his smile reflecting the sincerity of his words. “I’m thankful for you as well. Today’s been special, and I’m looking forward to many more moments like this.” He then realised they had been out for quite a while, and they should probably get back to the academy. He didn’t want to, but they might get in trouble if they weren’t back in time for the lunch, so they didn’t really have an option but to return. “You know, time really does fly when you’re having a good time. How about I walk you back to your dorm? It’s been an awesome day, and I want to make sure you get back safely.” He stood up and offered his hand to help her up.

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Jasper appreciated Brex’s offer and felt a genuine warmth in his chest at the kindness being extended to him. He looked at Brex with a sincere expression, appreciating the sentiment behind the words. “Thanks, Brex. Means a lot,” he said, acknowledging the support. The idea of someone being there for him, even someone he had just met, resonated with him in a way that felt comforting. He acknowledged Brex’s understanding of the complexities involved, and the reassurance that the offer stood if he ever needed an escape. “I’ll keep that in mind. Knowing there’s someone out there who’s willing to lend a hand, it’s… it’s comforting,” Jasper admitted, his gaze meeting Brex’s with a depth of gratitude. While Jasper had friends at the academy, there was something special about this connection he felt with Brex.

As Brex mentioned being a tour guide in Australia, Jasper’s eyes lit up with a playful gleam. “Deal, mate. If you’re up for facing our collection of venomous critters, I’ll be your guide anytime. Australia has its quirks, but it’s got some breathtaking spots too. We could explore the outback, hit the surf, or just enjoy some good old Aussie hospitality in one of the cities, have your pick!” he added with a playful grin, the thought of showing Brex around his home country bringing a sense of excitement. Jasper had been lucky enough to especially in his youth travel around Australia a lot, so he was already thinking of all the different places he had been he would want to show Brex. Man, that sure sounds like it would be one holiday trip to remember, he thought to himself.

Jasper grinned in response to Brex’s offer to teach him, a playful glint in his eyes. “Well, I reckon I might just take you up on that offer. Be warned though, I can be a bit of a handful when it comes to learning. But hey, that’s half the fun, right?” He gave a light chuckle, appreciating Brex’s willingness to share his musical knowledge.

There was a warmth in Jasper’s eyes and a sincere smile, “Hey, mate, we all make mistakes. It doesn’t define who we are. And as for others doubting you, forget about them. What matters is you recognizing your own growth and making an effort to be better. It sounds like you’ve come a long way, and I’m here to support you in keeping that positive vibe going.” he placed a hand on Brex’s shoulder, expressing his genuine support and a willingness to be part of Brex’s journey towards positivity. “Plus, landing here and meeting me? Sounds like a silver lining to me.” He gave a faint laugh as he said that.

Jasper grinned at Brex’s enthusiastic response, appreciating the positive energy that seemed to radiate from him. He found himself enjoying their connection more and more. Jasper grinned at Brex’s response, a warmth filling his expression. “Hey, if we could choose roommates, I’d sign up for that in a heartbeat. It’d be a blast,” he replied, genuinely pleased at the idea. When Brex mentioned taking care of any potential issues, Jasper’s expression softened. He appreciated the sentiment and the offer of support. “Thanks, Brex. That means a lot, mate. And you know, I reckon you’re right about the jealousy bit. People sometimes struggle with seeing genuine connections. It’s their loss if they can’t appreciate it for what it is.” Jasper gave Brex a genuine smile, a subtle warmth in his eyes that hinted at a deeper connection forming. He couldn’t deny the growing bond between them, and he was certainly enjoying that journey with Brex.

Jasper grinned at Brex’s description of his grandma, enjoying the humorous take. “Bluegrass, huh? Sounds like she’s got a real taste for the classics. I can handle some friendly competition; I might surprise you with my skills,” he replied with a wink, matching Brex’s playful tone. The idea of meeting Brex’s grandma intrigued him, and he nodded enthusiastically at the suggestion of a visit. “Absolutely, mate! A week of bluegrass, good company and grandma stories? Don’t tempt me with a good time!” he added with a chuckle, showing enthusiasm for the idea

Jasper appreciated Brex’s openness about the idea of going more often now that he felt back on track. “It’s never too late to make that change, right? If it brings you joy and a break from the daily grind, then why not? Plus, spending time with family is always a good thing.”

Jasper grinned as he continued to lay down the beat, finding immense satisfaction in the collaboration with Brex. The comment from Brex about starting with freestyle resonated with him, and he nodded in agreement. “Absolutely, mate. Freestyling’s where the magic happens,” he remarked, a twinkle of excitement in his eyes.

As Brex found the right melody on the bass, Jasper’s drumming gained an extra layer, syncing seamlessly with the evolving rhythm. He kept the energy alive, each beat resonating through the room. The synergy between them was palpable, and Jasper could feel the music pulsating through their connection.

When Brex closed his eyes and let the bass take over, Jasper couldn’t help but appreciate the genuine passion and immersion. It wasn’t just about playing instruments; it was about feeling the music deep within, an unspoken understanding between them. Jasper smiled back at Brex, a shared moment of musical synergy, as everything indeed fell into place. The room echoed with the harmony they created, a testament to how through their instruments, their connection was strengthened even further…

@bpalmer - Brex (Sorry, there was too much for them to end, I couldn’t do that feeling a lot was still unfinished :broken_heart: We’ll end it soon though, just try and tie up some of the parts and I’ll then get something out that really finishes it!)

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