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Belle scoffed, “My My, aren’t you a little too big for your britches?” Belle stood up out of his arms, dusted off her dress and listened to the audacity of this boy apologizing FOR her, not to her, before she tapped the map in Braxton’s hands, "I suppose you weren’t looking down at this while walking, were you? “I’m not being rude. Just saying it wasn’t all my fault that we bumped into each other, and hey at least I caught you. So what’s your name?” Belle scoffed, Unbelievable. She shook her head exasperated, “Bless your heart. Yes, catching me was the least you could’ve done. As for my name, no, I don’t think I will do the curtesy of telling you, not today.” She turned around and started to walk away, hoping he wouldn’t follow her so she could salvage what little she could of her evening before nightfall.

@ChayChay05 ~ Braxton

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Ken’s heart sank as Rodney turned away—it was bound to happen, of course, why would he stick around for Ken—wait. Rodney grabbed his stuff then made his way to Ken. He was probably smiling like an idiot as Rodney stepped up. “Hey there handsome.” Rodney said, leaning in for a hug. Ken knew somewhere in his brain he probably should have been grossed out being as the boy in front of him was sticky with sweat—but he accepted the hug nonetheless. He couldn’t help but breath in. “Hey,” Ken giggled, pulling away from Rodney. “How was practice,” he asked, even though he’d definitely been watching the tail end.

Hey sexy, wanna meet up? I miss your annoying face. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Enzo was on the bench in the locker room, running a towel through his hair as he went through his text. Jades message had come in seven minutes ago, but his reply was almost instant once he saw it.

See you ten Bluey :wink:

He typed back, pulling a shirt on. Vince politely declined his mates offers on going out, rushing out of the rocker room. He quickly ran to his dorm, threw his stuff on his bed, then made it back to Jades. Less than ten minutes, he was proud of his pace. He knocked.

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Owen’s eyes widened in surprise as Lila’s lips met his in a sudden, passionate kiss. For a split second, he was too stunned to react, but then his instincts took over. He dropped his pencil, the forgotten homework scattered across the bed, and wrapped his arms around Lila, pulling her closer. His heart raced as he returned the kiss with equal passion, feeling a rush of warmth and excitement.

He looked into Lila’s eyes with a mixture of surprise and delight as she got on his lap without even breaking their kiss. “Wow,” he murmured, his voice filled with admiration. He smiled, his eyes twinkling with affection. “I guess studying can wait a bit, huh?” He chuckled softly, still holding her close, savoring the moment. Owen wasn’t quite sure where this kiss would take them, but right now, being here with Lila, her taking the lead and getting so close to him, it felt different than the previous kisses they had shared.

Owen’s fingers threaded through Lila’s hair, his touch both tender and passionate. He pulled her back into the kiss, and the world around them faded. Leaving only the sensation of their lips moving together, the sound of their mingled breaths, and the electric connection they shared. Lila’s hands rested on Owen’s shoulders, her fingers tracing gentle patterns that sent shivers down his spine.

For a moment, nothing else mattered. The homework, the worries of the day, and the outside world all melted away. It was just the two of them, lost in each other’s presence, exploring a newfound depth to their relationship. However, the sound of the door opening brought Owen back to reality, back from those thoughts of what this night might bring. Their kiss broke at the shock of being walked in on, and Owen pulled back slightly.

Ethan, Owen’s roommate had walked in. Owen hadn’t spoken to Ethan too much, but they got along decently the times they had spoken. He exchanged a quick glance with Lila, silently acknowledging the awkwardness of the situation. Even if Owen felt a bit thrown off by this situation, he wanted to come across like he had it under control. “Ethan, meet Lila, my girlfriend.” these words were accompanied by a small smirk on his face, showing his pride to call her his girlfriend. He then looked over at Lila, who was still sitting close by, “Lila, meet Ethan, my roommate.”

He then addressed Ethan, “I thought you weren’t supposed to be back for another 2 hours?” His tone was casual, but with a slight undertone of annoyance due to them being interrupted, especially during this moment that had been quite special for Owen. His expression shifted slightly at Ethan’s words about how Lila wasn’t supposed to be there, a mixture of surprise and mild annoyance crossing his features. “Thanks, Ethan,” Owen replied, his tone polite but tinged with a hint of sarcasm. He couldn’t help but roll his eyes inwardly at Ethan’s know-it-all attitude. Still, he kept his composure, not wanting to escalate the situation further, “I’ll make sure she gets back to her dorm safely. Enjoy your shower.”

As Ethan retreated to the bathroom, Owen felt a sense of relief. His attention turned back to Lila, his expression apologetic. “I’m sorry about that,” he said, running a hand through his hair nervously. “I didn’t expect him to barge in like that. I hope he didn’t make you feel uncomfortable or anything.” This hadn’t been too bad of an experience for Owen, he was not embarrassed to be seen by Lila. Honestly, at most he regretted how the interruption had broken the intimacy of the moment. He just didn’t know how she would cope with this, and how she would feel about their private moment being invaded like that. Especially with everything she had been through…

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Izzy’s eyes widened with genuine excitement as she listened to Sigrun’s enthusiastic rundown of her favorite activities. “Wow, Sigrun! That sounds incredible!” she exclaimed, her voice filled with admiration. “You must be an adrenaline junkie! I’ve always thought snowboarding and surfing looked so cool, but I’ve never had the chance to try them myself."

As Sigrun mentioned her involvement in various sports teams, Izzy nodded in admiration. “Being on the swim team, field hockey, and lacrosse sounds like a blast! You must be super active and fit with all that going on.” Izzy remarked, her admiration evident in her tone. Her gaze naturally drifted over Sigrun’s frame, taking note of the evident strength and muscle definition, which was clearly showcased in her outfit. Izzy couldn’t help but appreciate the beauty of it, a silent acknowledgment of the artistry inherent in the human body. “It really shows,” Izzy added with a warm smile, acknowledging Sigrun’s dedication to her athletics.

She chuckled, then added, “As for me, I’m definitely more of an artsy type, but I do enjoy staying active." Izzy was actually quite a fit girl, she had not quite an athletic body, but despite her passion for the arts, Izzy found ways to keep herself in shape. “I love dancing - mostly contemporary and baile folklórico, which is like Mexican folk ballet. It’s a great way to express myself and stay fit at the same time.” Pausing for a moment, she added with a grin, “And I also do a bit of running. I’m on the track team here at school. It’s another way for me to keep moving and challenge myself.” Izzy had been on the team since she joined the school, she was definitely not the worst, but by far not the best on the team either. But that wasn’t why she did it, she didn’t need to break records, she didn’t need to win medals, no, just doing it was enough for her. “It’s not as intense as what you do, but it helps me stay balanced and centered.”

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Hey want to meet up?

Seeing Livs name light up Evelyn’s phone was strange. Strange in the sense that, hardly a year ago it was “Bestfriend” and then “pookie bear” then an unknown she knew the number by heart blocked number. Now, it was simply labeled as “Liv”.

wanna go get pancakes in 20 min?

Evelyn wasn’t sure how to text, was that too friendly? Not friendly enough? She walked to her dorm to change, waiting on a response.

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Camila smile. “I met one guy. His name is Paris. We are both into art, but he is into my brother.” She giggled. They walked to her room and she unlocked the door and went in. “I haven’t met but him though, so I haven’t met anyone I like yet. It’s still early though. I mean today was the first day of classes.” She smiles as she gets her purse. “Ok, lets go get yours.” She said as she set her book sack down and walked back out and locked the door back.


Lila was lost in the moment with Owen when all of a sudden the door opend and closed. Owen and herself pulled apart. She listened as the guy talked and blushed hard. It made her a little nervous. She totally forgot people could just technically walk in on them no matter where they were at. She just smiled politely at the guy when he said something about her not supposed be here and how she needed to leave before lights out.

Owen introduced her as his girlfriend. This made her blush. Before the guy could disappear in to the bathroom she said to him. “Nice to meet you.” Then Owen spoke. “It’s okay, You didn’t know he was coming back.” She said reassuringly to Owen. Then pecked his lips. She slowly got off his lap. “Well, I guess we better get back to our homework then.” She said as she sat back beside him. She smiled at him as she got back to her books. She was honestly a little glad that he had interuppted them. She wasn’t ready for more than kissing.

@Jass Owen
@Bluecookies Ethan

Braton looked puzzled and confused. Then he deicded to go after her. “Wait up a second there.” He called out as he walked back over to her. “I actually wasn’t walking in the moment when I was looking down at the map and you bumped into me. I was standing still. However, yes, I was looking down at the map. I was trying to figure out where I am and where I needed to go. Where are you headed?” He offered her a smile. He was confused how this girl could just walk away from him. “I’m sorry I was standing in the middle.” That’s technically all he could apologize for since he wasn’t truly at fault.

@Bluecookies Belle

Rodney smiled. He reached for Ken’s hand as they walked out the gym. “Well, it wasn’t bad to be honest. It was a little rough though. However, it was fun in the end. I’m glad you came over.” He smiled big at Ken. He looked at Ken. “How was your day? I know a few classes were good. Maybe tomorrow we can sit together in those classes?” He smiled again before trying his attention back to where they were going.

@Tina.G Kenneth

Jade had made it back to her dorm. She had set her things down when she got Enzo’s response. She smiled huge. She went to check herself in the mirror again before knowing she was ready. She was sitting on her bed when she heard a knock on the door. She got up and opened the door. “Hey sexy, Glad you made it.” She giggled as she pulled him into her room. Once he was in there and the door was shut. She kissed him. She pulled away after a moment. “Sorry, I missed your lips baby.” She giggled and smiled at him.

@Tina.G Vincenzo

She waited for Eve’s response. She thought about how in love with Eve she was all that time. That’s why it hurt her so bad when Eve yelled and left her like she meant nothing to her. She was lost in her thoughts when she felt her phone vibrate in her hand. She looked down.


wanna go get pancakes in 20 min?

She read it carefully as she looked. She had never changed Eve’s name. She giggled to herself when she saw it. Before it was Buttercup, it was Cookie and before that BFF. She then responded snapping out of her thoughts.

yeah, sounds great. Meet at the front of the dorms?

She hit send then waited for a response as she finished getting dressed.

@Tina.G Eve me too!!!



yeah, sounds great. Meet at the front of the dorms?

Eve stopped briefly in her dorm to respond to Liv.

see you then :slightly_smiling_face:

She almost freaked trying to figure what the appropriate emoji to send—or shouldn’t she have sent one? She threw he phone her bed with an eye roll. Didn’t matter that much… she hoped. Evelyn wrapped her hair in a towel, the warm fabric enveloping her damp locks as she began to get ready for the day. She slipped on a black tank top, paired with a pair of grey sweats that bore the school’s name in bold red lettering along the side. The familiar comfort of the worn-in clothes was a small but satisfying pleasure. As she continued to get dressed, Evelyn reached for the bottle of lotion on her vanity and applied it liberally to her skin, releasing the sweet scent of strawberry pound cake into the air. She took a moment to appreciate the familiar aroma, her signature scent that always seemed to lift her mood.

With her lotion absorbed, Evelyn moved on to her hair, running her fingers through the tangled blonde strands as she worked to smooth out the knots. A few quick twists and turns later, her hair fell into its usual effortless waves. She didn’t bother with a full face of makeup, opting instead for a quick coat of mascara to define her lashes. After all, she’d just finished swim practice, and the thought of caking on foundation and concealer was exhausting.

With her makeup minimal and her hair looking its best, Evelyn grabbed her bag and headed out the door. Her stomach was growling with anticipation, of food an otherwise, and she couldn’t wait to indulge in a stack of fluffy pancakes. So there she was, walking up to Liv.


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As Phoenix inched their way through the cafeteria line, they made a conscious effort to blend in with the crowd. Because, of course, a high school student’s primary concern is not their stomach growling, but their reputation. Though today, all they wanted was a simple snack to fuel their afternoon. They ordered a jello fruit cup and a pack of saltines, and as they waited for their food to be prepared, they scanned the cafeteria for an available table.

That’s when they saw her. A mop of messy red hair was splayed across the table, with the girl’s head resting on her folded arms. Her tray was pushed aside, and her lunch seemed to have been abandoned mid-meal.

Phoenix’s eyes narrowed, calculating the risks and rewards of intervening in this mess. Ah, but what’s the worst that could happen? they thought. I’ll just casually saunter over, and—oh no—accidentally sit down next to this sea of red hair and try to pretend I’m not making a scene. Phoenix’s curiosity got the better of them, and they found themselves gliding towards the table without even realizing it.

With a sigh that could have deflated a helium balloon, Phoenix plopped down beside the girl’s table, where they were greeted by a tableau of tangled hair, scattered lunch remnants, and an abandoned tray. The aroma of stale crumbs and forgotten hopes wafted up, mingling with the faint scent of desperation. They cleared their throat, “excuse me.” No response, so Phoenix poked the blob of sadness in the side, “I don’t think I was invited to the pajamas party and am awfully upset. I don’t suppose you know who to take that up with?” Phoenix asked, chin on their hands, tilting in question.


@Bluecookies | Katrina | Love how this turned out and can’t wait for the response!!

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After class had finished Teo’s nerves had kicked into overdrive. He was excited for lacrosse practice but also extreamly anxious about it too. It was one thing to play with his team back in Laredo. It had been a co-ed team so no one had even noticed that he wouldnt really spend time in the boys locker room and if he did he would lock himself in a bathroom stall. Here playing on a boys team it would be harder to manage and hide. He was rather open about being trans but it wasnt something that he wanted to parade around either. It gave him a lot of anxiety to thibk about how people could use who he was to hurt him both mentally and physically. Regardless he went to practice with the best attitude he could manage and tried not to work himself into a panic attack. That was certain to get him a lot of snyde comments if he had a pa ic attack the firat day. He tried to relax so his playing could speak for him. He was there in a scholarship for a reason and thats what he needed to show.

Practice was a lot of bonding and drills and Teo could appreciate that even if he felt like an outsider a lot while doing the bonding part of the practice. A lot of people were already frienda or seemed to make instant connections but that wasnt Teo he just hadnt clicked immediately with anyone that had been partnered up to bond with. He was trying to keep his head up but he really felt like an outsider on the team and he wasnt sure how to fix that.

Practice hadnt been horrible. It had been rough but managable. He was missing his friends and team back home. Honestly a big part of him was regretting coming to St. Andrew’s at the moment. As practice ended he began to pack his things as everyone was talking or making plans or literally doing something with at least one other person on the team. Teo wasnt sure if he was the only new person on the team or if he just was the only one that hadnt really bonded with someone.

Teo realized that he had left his helmet on the bleachers next to the field. After he had finished packing, taken a quick shower and changed he rushed back out to the fireld for it. When he headed towards the hleachers he realized that someone was there he couldnt tell who from the distance but as he got closer he broke into a smile. It was Robin. He wasnt sure what Robin was doing there but it was bice to see gim. Robin had been pretty much the obky oerson that Teo had made as a friend. “Hey Robin.” Teo called still smiling as he got closer to where Robin was sitting. As he got closer he could see Robin drawing something.

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Liv was waiting. She was hungry and wanted some pancakes. So, she was excited for this outing with Evelyn. Once she saw Evelyn she smiled and waved. She waited for Evelyn to get closer. “Thanks for coming. Ready to get out of here and eat some pancakes?” She smiled at her and waited for a response.


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Katrina had spent the remainder of the previous night crying her eyes out while several girls attempted to comfort her. Eventually she had cried herself to sleep only to be woken up a mere four hours later for class. Not wanting to leave her dorm, she had to be dragged out in her pajamas or risk being late for class on the first day. Lucky for her it was the first day so most of her teachers just explained the syllabus and expectations then putting on a movie or playing one of those “get-to-know-you” games. Finally it was evening and classes were over for the day, Katrina had trudged her way to the cafeteria for some food, having been told she must eat ‘something’, anything as long as it was food. She filled her tray and found a place to sit down and eat about half of her tray before her emotions caught up with her and not wanting to cry in public anymore, she rested her head on her arms. A few minutes later, without warning, someone came over and sat next to her, they said something about a pajama party to which Katrina replied “Le do thoil, fàg mi nam aonar.” Her voice muffled as she spoke into her arms.



@Tina.G ~ Phoenix

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“Wait up a second there.” Braxton called out as he caught up and began walking alongside her. Belle scoffed, Really?! This guy again? He just can’t take no for an answer, can he? He kept on rambling about how he wasn’t at fault to which she just rolled her eyes, "-Where are you headed?” he asked offering the signature “charming” smile that went on for miles, typical of his type of guy she had met many times before down south. I am going to the ladies’ locker room, where you can’t come with, to change. Then I will be practicing my volleyball serves in the volleyball gym alone, ok? You can go right down to the main office and do what no guy ever does…Ask. For. Directions. She said, making sure to emphasize each word so he could understand her. “I’m sorry I was standing in the middle.” Belle shook her head with a soft smirk, “No, you aren’t. Now, it was very…nice to meet you, Braxton. I hope you have a wonderful evening wandering around the school, away from me.”

@ChayChay05 ~ Braxton

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She walked away and I let her go. I could tell she wanted nothing to do with me. I didn’t want to upset her. So I just found my way back to my dorm. Luckily Ezra was there. I smile when I walked in. “Hey you” I said as I set my bags down and sat on my bed. I needed a shower but I figured I would talk with him first.


I walked back into my dorm and saw my man. “Hey sexy.” I said before kissing him. I missed him so much today. I felt it had been forever since I had seen him.