Story Time thread

I remember a while ago I was thinking of a story that I wanted to tell, but there was never a right time. Ironically I don’t remember the story, but the idea still stands! If you have a story that want to tell, do it here!


One time, I drank toilet water and another time, I nearly fell out of a window.

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That reminds me of the time when I was behind the couch pushing it from the wall so it wasn’t touching the wall and my non existent butt put a big hole in the wall (like 2 feet wide)

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The I got banned from the Episode Forum but got brought back story

Back on the old Episode forums, I for some reason got banned without any reasoning why. Atleast they never explained why and I didn’t think I actually broke any rules.

During this time, I actually was a very active roleplayer and forum gamer. So I was pretty well-known during those days since the number of people on the forums were also a lot smaller compared to the current Episode Forum as we know now.I think I signed up /was active in around 12 RP’S back then? Not quite sure… it has been a while after all and the old forum has been deleted now.

Either way I just had a lot of people who knew me from various threads (especially the 1 million replies thread :wink:). So when I was suddenly banned it was very noticeable. This led to many of my friends to start a campaign to bring me back, by spreading awareness of my situation on the forums and contacting the current mods. In the meanwhile I made a second account by the name of LVB ! And tried to continuing my already active while dm’ing a 2 page essay to Liz on how disappointed I was in her and the situation and what the reason for banning was for? I mean I didn’t even get a warning.So I just released my inner "I want to speak to the manager persona aka my Karen …And after being directed to another mod, I was able to get my account back :wink:

Oh how I reminisce of the old forums sometimes…
I have made many fond memories on there …but hey time to make some new ones on here :grin:!





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