The Bachelor(ette) SG - sign-ups & discussion

A number of contestants (no more than 20-25), boys and girls (and other), will compete for one of the hearts of two Bachelors/Bachelorettes (my creation). There will be individual and group dates, cocktail parties, and eliminations. Eliminations, yes. Yes, your character will be able to get eliminated and be out of the story. Though eliminations may be down to a public vote sometimes, not just me, just to make it a little fairer. Then, by the end, we should be left with two contestants who win the bachelor and bachelorette’s hearts. The main goal of this story is for your character to win the heart of one of the Bachelor(ette)s.

You create the contestants who will complete for one of two hearts of my bachelor(ette)s
I have fully-created a selection 3 bachelors and 3 bachelorettes for you to vote on in the sign-up form to narrow it down to two your character(s) win(s) the heart of. However, you will get to read about them until the two are chosen. Though with each sign-up, I’ll share reveal something about a bachelor(ette) with the most votes.

What’s an SG?

  • Reserving only lasts 7 days. If you haven’t signed up in that time then your reserve is lost.
  • It is set present day in Northern American, though please still go as diverse as you want!
  • There is only room for 20 characters, (maybe 26 characters MAX), so no more than two characters per person (one of each gender if signing up two).
  • Your character(s) will need to be very detailed when describing their personality so that I can portray them the way you envisioned. Just try not to repeat information just by using different words.
  • READ ALL the information in the sign-up form, it IS important.

All 6 of MY bachelors/bachelorettes do have COMPLETED profiles, but I won’t be showing you the FULL profiles until after sign-ups close. This is so no one tries to make their “soulmate”. Though, after each sign-up I will reveal something about the bachelor or bachelorette who is leading the votes.

Reserve List


When the story starts, this thread will be used for general chat to keep the story thread only for the story, so only I should post there.


@unsungcheerio, @angelic, @sunflower.flow, @CerealKiller, @Littlefeets, @Madilnel, @Skyler2, @katabasis, @Kate, @Soleil, @benitz786, @TheDancingFryer, @passionfruit, @idiot.exe, @Kbail, @weather_or_not, @astxrism, and an unsure @elixr


Yes!!! Finally!!!

Caliope, would it be possible to reuse my characters from the original SG?



Can I reserve a male character for now…?


I’m sure that could be possible. (wink) Do you want to revamp them?

Absolutely, lovely.


Yeah, I’ll do some rewriting and update a few things on them. Wanted to make sure I was good to use them again before updating them.


Yay! Awesome! I’ll try to submit him ASAP!

Ahhhhh, I’m so excited! I hope my character won’t be the first one to go, like it was with Felix, oops.

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Yeah, that’s cool. Did you have two or more than two? Also, do you still have them or do you need me to resend them?


I think I had adopted one at one point but I don’t even remember for sure. I just want to keep the two I originally created though, (Nova & Jace). If you could resend me their info that would help. I think I have most of theirs, but I’m not sure that what I have is actually all of it.


Hehehe. Wicked.

Aww, I hope not too. I want to say he won’t but that’s why I’m hiding the character info, so that even I can’t plan who goes until I write it

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No worries, will do shortly. (wink)


Yep, I get it! :blush:
Still #justiceforFelix lmao.

Ah, this is going to be great! I can feel it! I’m probably going to create two characters, anyway. In case one of them goes. AHHHH!

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Yes, justice!


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Also… Is there a type of music that is called classical jazz…? Like, does something like that exist?


Reserve male and female :star_struck:


Is someone here good at photoshoping…?

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How long will the signups be open? :eyes: I want to join, but I have finals coming up soon and don’t think I’ll be able to make a character that soon


Uh, there’s the Classical Jazz Quartet?

Sure thing. (wink)

Uh, why?

Uh… when are finals over? I was thinking 2-3 weeks, depending on how quickly character are submitted.


Because I don’t want to have a background in my FC’s photos. You mentioned it would be convenient.

Hmmm, alright. I’ll take it, haha

Speaking of FC, can you guys help me pick the best pose/photo?

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No, no, the background is for me. I want a plain BG so that it’s easier for me to remove it and make it look like the ones for my characters already in FCs. (wink)


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They end in two weeks :eyes:

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