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The Battle of Nations

Feel free to chat about the tasks, quests, duels, plans and anything else concerning the game here. You can find all the tasks and important information here.

Build a country, write the law. The the last nation standing will be the glorious winner! :crown:

Your country will face hardships and political disputes and you will have to steer it away from destruction. The ultimate goal is to conquer the world as we know it.

If someone wants to help me to come up with different scenarios please pm me! :dizzy:

How to enter

You can enter the game by becoming a citizen of a country.

The deadline for completing tasks 4 and 5 is 2020-03-22T05:00:00Z

  • A nation have to deposit a fee of 500 diamond chips for every new immigrating citizen from now on. (This could be changed in the future.)

Continue to build roads and do task 6, the deadline is 2020-03-29T22:00:00Z

Task 6: Gather resources.

  • Gather food to give all your citizens the food points they need

  • To keep all of your citizens alive, you need to convert at least:

    2500 * the number of citizens [food points] 

    until the end of the week.

  • After this week you will only be able to buy disposable items

There are many ways in which you can choose your resources and where to place them. Different parties can come up with their own solutions to this and the citizens have to vote on the solution they find the best.

Keep track of your inventory and food points in your nation’s spreadsheet. Here is a folder containing a Food and Items table, the map, and Inventories (where every nation has their own tab).

Link to drive folder.

Important Information

Your citizens need food and water to survive. Each week every citizen needs at least:

  • 2500 food points
  • 1000 water points

Lakes and river’s gives an unlimited amount of water. Oceans consists of salt water and is not drinkable. A nation that doesn’t have any lakes or rivers on their territory will have to buy water from another nation. A nation is free to set their own price on water.

The food you can grow or gather depends on the type of land you own. There are two types of food (plants and animals). Food that will increase in amount with time and food items that are disposable.

You can use the food for several things:

  • Store it
  • Trade or sell it to other nations
  • Convert it into food points

Every nation will have their own inventory spread sheet to be kept updated.

Food conversion
When you buy an item you have to specify when and you want to convert it to food points. An item cannot be restored after a conversion.

Ex. Let’s say you have 10 coconuts. You convert 5 coconuts to food points. You will then have:

5 coconuts and 200 food points. 

You will not be able to go back to 10 coconuts after the conversion.

A hexagon’s capacity
You can grow/store different items in a single hexagon.

  • Every hexagon has a capacity of 2000.
  • Required resources is how many points of the capacity an item takes. If a horse require 200 in resources, there can be a maximum of 10 horses in a hexagon. (2000/200 = 10). You can also combine different items as far as the required resources don’t exceed the hexagon’s capacity.

Geographical icons and what they mean

konstig (2) Jungle

konstig (3) Plains

land1 (2) Hills

land1 (3) Mountains

land2 (2) Marches

land2 (3) Mixed forest

land3 (2) Coniferous forest

land3 (3) Neutral soil

Any citizen, including the founders of the nations, can challenge a citizen from another nation in a duel. A duel consist of a game of four in a row. The person who wins the game also wins the duel. What the person wins must be decided before the actual duel starts.

Here are things you can duel for:

  • Diamond chips
  • Territory, (the loser have to give up one or more hexagons that they already own to the winner which the winner can place freely on the map).
  • Food or items
  • A citizen or citizenship.
    • A citizen from the losing side will “die”, being eliminated from the game.
    • A citizen from the losing side has to give up their citizenship on the losing side and become a citizen of the winning side. No fee 500 diamond chips fee required.

In the case of multiple citizenship

  • A citizen with multiple citizenship must specify for which nation they’re dueling.

The bank’s support

  • If you duel for land or money , the bank will support the winner with additional an 25% of the prize. So if you decide to duel and the winner is going to get 10 000 diamond chips from the other nation as a prize. The bank will give the winner 2500 in prize money on top of that.

You could either use the template or a spreadsheet for four in a row or play in some other way. I don’t mind.

:fire: :fire: :star2:

Selling items
To sell an item is a simple task. You can freely set the price of your item, but you have to carefully log every sale you make. The sale log you should use can be found right beside your inventory.


Read more about the currency here.


:bank: .: The Bank :. :bank:

"With dignity and transparency, you may enter."
Nation Balance in Diamond Chips Number of Citizens Founder
Alien Land 9 500 2 @Nessie
Avalon 7 135 2 @Nemesis
DuckDom 43 000 30 @MeghanWrites
Eyeland 184 500 30 @Duckling
FLAME KINGDOM 161 885 29 @OhSumana
Karinaton 0 3 @anon82166736
Soria 10 000 1 @ForeverAngel
Star kingdom 0 32 @Skywalker
United States of Avengers 61 675 7 @phnx

Archive 1

Step 1

Fill in this form to create your country:

Name of the country:
Name of the capital:
Flag: (description or illustration)
National anthem: (a real song could work)
Citizens: (names of members if any)

Keep in mind that the post that includes this form will be updated with additional information by you in the future. I will not keep the information about your country updated. Feel free to format and decorate your post however you would like to, as long as everyone clearly can read the needed information.

Step 2

This will work as a test/tutorial for the rest of the game. Before we can start a conflict between the different countries we would need some more information. I will either ask you to give me information about your country or hold a vote.

All the questions will have a default answer so that I can move on to pose new questions relatively regularly.

Answer the questions or perform the tasks below in order.

:fleur_de_lis: :fleur_de_lis: :fleur_de_lis:

Task 1: Is your country a democracy or dictatorship?

  • Democracy: Different parties* (members) can come up with their own propositions. Every citizen can vote on the suggestions. The suggestion with the most votes will win. The party that has written the most laws is the leading party/president.
  • Dictatorship: The dictator comes up with all the propositions. The citizens can vote on the propositions but the dictator will ultimately decide which law to go with.

Default: Dictatorship

Task 1.2: If your country is a democracy please list the different parties.
Fill in the following form for each party:

Name of party:
Logo: (an emoji could work)

:fleur_de_lis: :fleur_de_lis: :fleur_de_lis:

Task 2: Can a citizen have multiple citizenship? (Hold a vote/poll!)

For this question you would have to come up with different alternatives for your citizens to vote on and make a poll. In a democracy every party would come up with their own preposition.


Default: Allowing multiple citizenship.

After tasks 1 and 2 are completed you should have updated your country’s information and state if it’s a democracy or dictatorship and the law regarding citizenship. If it’s a democracy please list the different parties. If it’s a dictatorship give us some information about the leader(s).

:fleur_de_lis: :fleur_de_lis: :fleur_de_lis:

Task 3: List all of your citizens/members of the country. (Update the post with the info about your country!)

Keep in mind that the bank will give out a sum of money to the government depending on the size of the population. The larger the population the more money.

Archive 2

The World

This is the world map. Click on it for a closer look and to be able to read the labels. The labels on the map are the international names for the geographical places. They don’t prohibit each nation to have their own local names of the places.


Task 4: Where did your ancestors settle down?

Mark the the borders of your nation. Click on the image and zoom in too clearly see the hex grid. The maximum area a nation can have is:

the number of citizens * 10 [number of hexagons]
  • You do not have to use the max area.
  • Two nations cannot overlap.
  • A nation’s area does not have to be fully connected.
  • Gaining a new citizen would allow you to expand your territory even more.

When you’re done with task 4 you should have added an image, of the map where the borders of your nation is marked, to your nation’s information.

Task 5: Building roads.

Roads are important for trades, import and export, or just to effortlessly move from one place to another.

Building roads does come with a cost. Utilizing a hexagon to build a road or crossroad costs 200 diamond chips. When connecting two nations you have to come up with an agreement on who is going to pay and how much.

  • Any nation that is directly connected to a road can utilize it, no matter who paid for the road to be built.
  • “Roads” can be built across water too. See it as a safe path to cross a body of water.

When you’re done with task 5, I you to mark the hexagons you paid for to build a road on. I will then subtract the cost for the road building from you nation’s funds.

After task 4 and 5 I will put together a cohesive map of all the nations and roads.

A nation that isn’t connected to any other nation will not be able to interact with any of the other nations.

The map isn’t very detailed so feel free to add additional information about the geography and landmarks of your nation. However, it’s not a must.

*Parties: A party could consist of one forum member who comes up with their own propositions. A party could also consist of more than one member of the forum who, together, come up with propositions.


Name of the country: United States of Superheroes because I’m very original (yes, all of this is the name)
Name of the capital: :smirk:
Flag: (description or illustration)

National anthem: (a real song could work) Marvel Studios 2013 Fanfare
Citizens: (names of members if any) Me, that’s it


Nice! :smirk: You’ll make a strong, one man, dictatorship (for now at least)

Your flag… what can I say. I’m not here to judge, I’m just here to declare that your country is the one and only verified country at the moment :dizzy:


Okay I will create my Country.

Name of the country: DuckDom
Name of the capital: Quackville
The parties still have to be decided :smile_cat:
Flag: (description or illustration)

Currently being made by the best flag maker ever! @Meekepeek

National anthem: We don’t know yet

@Dusk @Luna @MeghanWrites @Jas.K @Eccentric @AS007 @astxrism @Dying_Dreams @anon93806337 @Spes @firefly @Willowsprout @SkyWalker @Raven_Black @StarMaryGoth @Meekepeek @Secreterz @Ana @skyler2 @Sophia1233 @Nessie @Dying_Dragon @OhSumana @CrazyCaliope @Bexs @BlondeGlassesGirl @benitz786 @Littlefeets @Tellyg47 @celestialkitten


Name of the country: Eyeland :eyes::sparkles:
Name of the capital: Sparkletown :eyes::sparkles:
Other cities: Ducksville :eyes::sparkles:

(Created by the very talented @Meekepeek :green_heart::eyes::sparkles:)
National anthem: The duck song :smiley_cat::green_heart::duck::eyes::sparkles:

citizen list

@/Hanna1 (Me)
@/metanoia (Honorary citizen)
@/Secreterz (Honorary citizen)
@/Meekepeek (Honorary citizen)
@/Eleanor_W-15 (Honorary fossil)
@/discobot (Honorary bot)

feel free to join my nation :smiley_cat::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:


@MeghanWrites and @Duckling thanks for joining. May the best nation win!


What do the nations do?

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Can we be a democracy? :eyes:

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I will put you in different scenarios, it could be a spreading disease or lack of food resources and you will have to make choices based on this ehm… and try to survive and have happy citizens :smile: Maybe make alliances and if needed make another nation suffer to save yourself. :smiling_imp:


@Duckling can we be allies or like join forces?


Sure :eyes::sparkles::+1::green_heart:

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Name of the country: Karination. :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: :gem:

Name of the capital: Hyper city. :crazy_face: :sunflower:

Flag (description or illustration):

download (1)

National anthem: (a real song could work): Ariana Grande - 7 rings :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: :gem:


Citizens (names of members if any):



ouu can i join eyeland?:sparkles::eyes::green_heart::smile_cat: (definitely copied your emojis)


Can I join too? :eyes::cloud::pleading_face:


can I join your nation?

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@Dying_Dragon @Dying_Dreams @anon68003072 @Badass_Saasha join mine? :pleading_face:


Of course :smiley_cat::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:
And you’ll get promoted to a honorary citizen because you were the first person who joined my nation (but don’t ask what the difference to a normal citizen is because I have no idea) :smiley_cat::green_heart::eyes::sparkles::tada: