The Best Parts of Character Creation

We all have the parts of making a character that we love to do and feel the most confident in.

What parts of character creation are the best for you?



I love the late in-game additions to a character after it’s base is made. the little side things you come up from their past you didn’t put in their FC.
since the longer you do it, the more natural the characters become.


I love finding faceclaims. There’s this awesome feeling that comes with finding the perfect FC


Finding faceclaims and naming them!

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And outfits


I love finding faceclaims, and naming my characters, but mostly, I like framing out their personality. Sometimes I make mood boards for my characters, so I will know what vibe they’re going for!

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Likes and dislikes are great for me. They help you flesh out your character’s personality and come up with fun quirks and hobbies for them.

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superpowers :clap:

Biographies can be hard, but once your brain lands on an idea and the creative juices just start flowing, it’s so fun just getting your ideas onto paper (or computer, ig)

Faceclaims, outfits and writing their personalities!

My favorite part could be naming and finding the perfect faceclaim that fits their personalit and background, but the best is not my favorite part. The best for me is the fleshing out of the character or adding more depth and life to them!

When I’m looking for a FC … Everything just falls in place when I find a good one. If I know what my character is gonna be like before the FC it’s hard for me to find the FC. That’s becuase when I find a good one, the personality comes first, then the backstory, then the rest which are just small details. I make sure to add a bit of myself into it so it’ll be easier to RP with a character if he’s different from me.

What about you guys?

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I loooooove coming up with their fashion sense
Also mood boards
And the random facts about them that tie em together yk like “wet the bed until 19”

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Finding fcs, making name banners and using name fonts, filling out their personality.

Finding face-claims!

Finding fcs, names, and bios. I absolutely LOATHE writing personalities.

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I loveeee finding FCs and writing up personalities for my characters

FC’s and the nameplates. I’m actually drawing my OC for a Rp I’m creating here. Stay tuned.

Fc and banner :star_struck:


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