The Catholic Church has Decided They Can't Bless Gay Unions... And I'm Mad

For all who know me, you are aware of the fact that I am a Roman Catholic.

All in all, I just believe in the teachings of Jesus and I believe in the bible that the Roman Catholic Church reads from, rather than the one shortened by Martin Luther. I also disagree with his reasons for splitting from the Church in the first place, when St Ignatius achieved great things from within.

However, that’s beside the point. People are free to disagree with me on religion all they want. I’m not pretending that my religious beliefs are better than anyone else’s. I’m not dumb.

What I am angry about, though, is that the Catholic Church has recently released their stance on the union between gay couples, saying that they “can’t bless sin”.

I genuinely thought that the Church was reforming and that Francis was the progressive pope that we needed to see some serious change. It seems I was wrong. They are forever stuck in the past and it doesn’t look like they’re going to change any time soon. I am so upset and so angry. I still believe in Jesus, but I’m truly not sure if I still want to be a part of this particular church or not.

When you combine this with Francis saying that women can’t be priests… Ugh.


But molesting children isn’t a sin huh :thinking: And paying 300 million dollars to defend said pedophile priests isn’t an issue either, is it?

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I’m tired of this :sneezing_face: the Church angers me smh. Christianity just going down the drain atp.

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” – Gandi


Fun fact the LGBTQ+ suicide lines calls went up as soon as this was released. I don’t understand why people can’t understand God is love <3 The bishops and priests won’t suffer for this, it’s the LGBTQ+ youth that suffers when it comes to this (: thanks so much for your unconditional love my dear Vatican /s


I guess I was stupid for thinking that a bunch of old white, cis, straight (lel) men would do much to change the order that benefits them the most.

Being gay is not a sin. Consenting adults doing completely legal stuff in the bedroom is not sinful. God made gay people as they are because they are beautiful and perfectly valid the way they are. The bible didn’t even condemn homosexuality until recently, js


:smiley: :+1: I would like to inform the Vatican that multiple Biblical Scholars who dedicate their life to this have frequently pointed out the passage where it allegedly condemned homosexuality was actually condemning pedophilia. Man shall not lay with boy as in a CHILD. The homosexuality tidbit was added in relatively recently (:


care to explain your defense on your pedophile priests


y’all just picking and choosing from the Bible :roll_eyes:


Like seriously: some of the passages are talking about p3b0philia. Others are talking about r*pe, but some reactionary idiots are like “ah I see. It’s the gays you’re talking about”. So one-track minded


Why is their main focus on homosexuality?
Like just let people live the way they want to!
There are way more important issues than gAy PeOpLe.


I really thought Pope Francis was gonna be a game changer bro :pensive:


We call it “sodomy”, right? You know why? Because the people in Sodom were like “where are the guests? Let us have sex with them”

F£(%!*£U% is that SERIOUSLY what you got from that?! Gays? NO! It’s about being rude to guests and, I dunno, R@PING THEM?!?!


I don’t understand it in all honestly, I thought Pope Francis was pro LGBTQ+ like, I remember seeing quotes and articles about it but I guess when all said and done it was just too good to be true. I’m not really religious in the sense I don’t follow any religions but I am open to the idea of God or a higher being.

I just don’t understand how he can go from saying

“They are children of God and have a right to a family. Nobody should be thrown out or made miserable over it” - Pope Francis Idk the date

To suddenly being like we can’t bless sin


All religions are going down the drain


Also, like, if you think being gay is a sin and premarital sex is a sin too, why would you want to force gay people to commit TWO sins? Why not let them just get married so that it gets rid of one sin?

For the record, neither of those things are sins IMO


Oh lord my RE teacher used to say that in her opinion same sex marriage was okay as long as the couple didn’t…have bedroom fun


Like apparently that was her interpretation of what it says in the bible


The funny thing is that church attendance is at an all-time low. Let the Vatican push us young people away. When they stop being able to afford all the gold and stuff, they’ll quickly change their tune. Lel.


Can we start taxing them now too–


LOL! It’s the weakest argument because they can’t say that being gay is a choice anymore, so they go after the things that are technically choices instead XD


Although I’m Baptist Christian and not Catholic I will state this, THIS IS NOT, and I mean NOT a ticket to bash God/Jesus, with all due respect it is not a ticket to judge anyone’s religion and/or beliefs as I would not judge yours. People have a track record for bashing God/Jesus when HUMANS make the mistake and not God/Jesus.

Humans are the ones who take bits and pieces out of the Bible and re-work it to their own benefit and that is not of God. Pretty sure that’s lukewarm Christians too, aside from that. Jesus loves everyone and I mean everyone Christianity gets a bad reputation because-

  1. God already prophesied we would.

  2. Tons of lukewarm Christians twist God/Jesus’s word.

I don’t think Gay people can’t receive blessings as an individual, if you believe being Gay or LGBT+ is a sin then okay. But I don’t think they should be turned away if they want believe in God/Jesus since your supposed to bring people closer to Christ in a Christians religion.


The only prerequisites for Christian marriage should be:

  1. Love
  2. Equality
  3. Humility
  4. A willingness to serve one another
  5. Mutual respect
  6. Mutual trust
  7. Mutual understanding
  8. A willingness to work together to overcome struggles, both inside the relationship and out
  9. A mutual understanding of the role sex plays in your relationship (this can be anything from complete celibacy to a full-on sexual relationship, depending on what you both agree to)
  10. A willingness to stay together and work on your problems, no matter what happens.
  11. A willingness to serve Christ

If you have all but the last one, then you have a non-Christian marriage. Just as valid. Just as important.


My school was funded by a religious thing so they had a pretty tight grip on our curriculum hence not learning about safe bedroom fun and being taught pretty bias views (which I never agreed with) on LGBTQ+ and abortion. The head of RE even openly said he thinks being gay is wrong and gave my friend who just so happend to be trans a detention for something that isn’t even against school rules.

So when Pope Francis showed signs of changing things, I was honestly quite hopeful because school had got rid of any kind of religious thing I wanted in my life and this was a shame because honestly the religion itself isn’t inherently bad and I know many people who are really good, progressive, rad Christians (Shannii being one of them).

It’s just obvious that if things don’t change then more people won’t want to have any interest in it which is like the opposite of what Christianity wants