The Forgotten Realm SG {Signups}

In a land of old, lives a land plagued by war.
A war with strangers, a war between kingdoms,
And a war amongst its people.

In a continent in the middle of nowhere, lives 5 kingdoms. On the outskirts of these kingdoms have been mysterious attacks by “Tribes,” though the continent is confused as to who they are and what they want.
This, however, is not a problem for the group of thieves who live in Kohl. They spend their days taking miscellaneous jobs from whoever is willing to pay them. Why worry about dangerous tribes when you’re the strongest group in Kohl? On the night of Queen Farda’s Annual Celebration, the group is offered a job to open all the windows on the second floor. It seemed like an easy job and gave the opportunity to pickpocket rich royals.
What occurred in the next few weeks is a whirlwind of navigating treacherous landscapes, diplomacy, and life alternating information, all while trying their best to keep their identities as thieves a secret.

This SG will be run by yours truly. It’s a project I started a while ago and it did not end up working out. So, I am trying this again. Hopefully, it can actually get off the ground this time. If it wasn’t already clear, your characters will be a part of the group of thieves. I only need 5 people to get this thing started, but there are 10 spots in total. The character you make will have a “Character Archetype,” as I like to call it. Each Archetype has a certain job in the group and certain abilities that go with it. Each Archetype is important, so don’t focus too much on making the most powerful one because they’ll all come into play.
I think that covers everything that isn’t in the slides, which you should totally look at if you’re interested. You don’t have to read all of it, you can mostly skim. Or you can just ask me and I can tell you.


  • There is some strategy and puzzles in this, so please discuss things with your fellow members before you decide on doing anything too rash, but this SG is pretty open to what you’d want to do. If you’re not active when making a decision, your character will just follow along with what the others are doing.
  • No killing your fellow guild members, even if you have permission from their owners.
  • Romances are allowed, whether it be with a guild member, one of the royals, or someone else you meet. It can happen.
  • There’s no technology either. They use oil lamps for light, carriages and horses for transportation, however, they do have plumbing and tattoo parlours. There’s just no phones, computers, wifi, nothing too modern day. There’s also no magic.
  • Every character currently lives and is in Kohl. But it’s fine if they were born in a different kingdom
  • Please PM your characters’ details once you’re done with your character. It’s not a big deal if you don’t, I just want to make sure everything fits with worldbuilding beforehand.

Links + Character Archetypes

The Forgotten Realm Slides - for some very cool effects, I suggest putting it in a slideshow (credit to CrazyCalliope for all her awesome help)
What is an SG?

If you reserve a character, please know that your reserve will only be valid for 14 days. If possible, I’d really like it if you could put in your character as soon as you can, but I know people often have stuff going on.
For now, I’m keeping it to one character per person, but if there are some extra spots leftover I’d let someone make another character.

Character Archetypes

The Thief is in charge of stealing smaller trinkets, such as a necklace, gold, or keys.

One with the Shadows: When you are trying to be stealthy, you become way less noticeable to the people around you. You hide against walls or whatever else is around. Even on the brightest day, you manage to find a hiding spot.

Sleight of Hand: You have an innate ability to steal anything out of one’s pockets without them noticing. As long as the item weighs less than five pounds and can be held with one hand. You can attempt to steal larger things, but there’s no full guarantee that it will work.

Wall Flower: People don’t notice your existence. This makes it easy to sneak up on unsuspecting people, listen to a conversation, or quietly walk away from a scenario you’d rather not be in.

Gymnast // @Nil

The Gymnast is trained in heists that require break-ins.

Lock Picking: You have a knack for picking locks - you’re quicker than any other thief you know. You don’t need fancy equipment, either. You can just use a simple bobby pin instead.

Acrobatics/Flexibility: Scaling walls and hopping over fences is no issue for you. On top of this, you can use a harness to dangle from the ceiling, as long as someone else is holding the other end, and sneak into buildings.

Trap Detection: After years of learning the ways of springs and levers, you’re proficient in detecting traps. Though you can’t disarm it, you can avoid it.

The Distraction // @Cadborosa

The Distraction keeps the focus on them while the others do whatever they need to do.
Charming: You’re naturally charismatic. To the point where you can hold a conversation with someone for hours. People are drawn to you. They want to spend time with you and help you in any way they can. Which makes it pretty easy to get a lending hand when you ask nicely.

Mesmerize: There’s something about you that makes people stare. Not just turning heads, though. You often catch people staring for minutes at a time.

Empathetic: Whenever someone starts getting upset, you’re usually their crying shoulder. You’re good at calming others down. As well as making people angry, flirtatious, or any other emotion you can think of. It just takes some conversational maneuvering.

The Arsonist // Reserved by @bpalmer

Though The Arsonist is a last resort, their job is still important. If anything goes wrong, The Arsonist is in charge of creating a distraction big enough to keep guards away from the group.

Explosives: Making explosives is your job. They’re not always harmful, they range from smoke bombs, to stink bombs, to whatever other type of explosive you put your mind to.

Nifty: Call it what you will, but you’re great at finding things. Whether it be an important screw, a lost pair of glasses, an important document, or something that was thrown away in a fit of anger.

Enthusiastic: Your plans are often crazy, but something about the way you talk about them makes people want to go along with it. It usually only works with a couple of people, though. Most it’s ever been is three. Any more than that and one of them realizes it’s an awful idea.

Planner // Reserved by @Tellyg47

The Planner creates the plan. They assign jobs and figure out what needs to be done before anything happens.

Observant: Some people call you a genius or telepathic, but in reality, you just notice things others don’t. A guilty tick or a fleck of dirt somewhere it shouldn’t be. Little things that take an observant mind to notice.

Cartologist: You’re proficient in reading maps, and in making them. You’re quick at figuring out if something is incorrect on a map or if there should be something else there instead.

Internal Compass: You always know which way is north or South, even in the middle of nowhere. In water, you know which is up or down. You can even tell with a blindfold on.


The Bodyguard is always a part of the heist. Their job is to protect the members of their group.

Enhanced Sword Fighting: You’re a naturally good sword fighter. Though, weapons that are similar to swords apply as well. You can beat most people in a sword fight.

Enhanced Strength: You’re naturally stronger than everyone else. You can lift at least twice your body weight, jump further than anyone in the kingdom, and your throws are further.

Eavesdropper: You can focus on someone’s conversation, to the point where you can even hear them when they’re whispering. It’s a handy trick when trying to pick up some information in a large crowd of people.

Sniper - Created // @OhSumana

The Sniper is always up on the rooftops, keeping an eye on targets or guard rotations.

Enhanced Bow Attacks: You’re good at using a bow, always hitting your target. You could probably even hit a target in mid-air if you really wanted to.

Enhanced Speed: You’re a fast runner. You always have been and you always will be. You can definitely outrun the guards, along with almost anything else that tries to chase you.

Keen Eye: You never lose a target - whether you’re on the ground or up on a roof. You’re good at predicting their path and tracking them. You can tell what they’re doing, even if it’s a discreet movement.

Healer - Reserved // @astralis

The Healer’s job is to help anyone that’s injured.

Herbalist: Your remedies are natural and require ingredients mostly found in nature. Not only are you good at identifying what plants you need, but you’re also good at finding whatever plants you may need.

Remedies: You can make potions and remedies out of plants found in nature. Even in the barren desserts of Kohl, you manage to make healing remedies out of roots and dried brush.

Animalistic: You’re better at talking to animals rather than people. Though you can’t actually understand them, you just get a feeling inside like you know what they want, and they seem to understand you the same way.

Security // Reserved by @CrazyCaliope

Security is in charge of keeping the base safe, along with acquiring whatever materials they might need for the next heist.

Connections: You know the right people and where to find them. They often help you acquire rare items or the right information they might need.

Trap Connoisseur: You know how to set up and disarm traps, in fact, you’re somewhat of an expert. The only downside is you haven’t seemed to learn where other traps may be. You can only guess, and it’s pretty embarrassing when you get it wrong.

Intimidating: Everyone in the seedy underbelly of the town knows who you are. You’re the face of the group, with everyone else’s identity is kept a secret. This makes getting things that you need really easy, seeing as you belong to the best group of thieves in Kohl. Most of the time paying isn’t really necessary.

The Artist - Created // @FuzilladeBlue

The Artist is in charge of disguises and makeup. Essentially making sure that the other members’ identities are safe.

Tailor: You know how to make outfits by hand, along with any other accessories one might need to look good or use to hide something. Your strong suit is finding discreet ways of hiding weapons in the clothing you make. It’s a good way to make money on the side, or use it as a bargaining chip.

Trendsetter: Though no one knows your real identity, you have a certain amount of influence on the continent’s trends and ideas. You can’t turn a whole kingdom against its ruler, but you definitely have enough connections to spread a rumor.

Master of Disguise: You can change someone’s appearance so much, that they look like a completely different person by the time you’re done. You’ve become so accustomed to doing it, that a complete change takes 30 minutes, though you can take less time depending on how drastic the changes need to be.

Character Signup


Sexuality/Sexual Orientation


Likes: (at least 3)
Dislikes: (at least 3)
Character Traits:
Personal Goals:
Personal/Sentimental Items:


Character Archetype:
Preferred Weapon:


(Piercings, Tattoos)
Everyday Outfit/Preferred Style : (Optional)
Picture Reference : (Though it isn’t necessary, a drawn FC would be preferred)

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