The “N” Word Discussion

This is a little controversial, but I would like to hear people’s opinions. What are your opinions on the “N” word?

Here are some ideas:
Do you think only a certain group of people should say it?
Should it be illegal?
Is it ever okay to say the “N” word?


It’s NOT okay. I have dark skins, offending 2 say


I think no one should say or use the word, not even black people.


This had been a lot in the Dutch news not too long ago, a Dutch football/soccer trainer of FC Cincinnati (Ron Jans) who was forced to leave after he rapped along a song which had the N word in it’s lyrics after a victory, all the hate he got was really too much in my opinion. I truly understand it is not okay to say these words, but educate people on that instead of low key hating them and giving them death threats :expressionless:


Agreed! It’s better not to use it at all, so no one gets offended. Plus I just don’t see a point of using it tbh :woman_shrugging:t4:


Okay, now that’s not okay


Do I think it’s okay to say to people? No. But if you’re just saying it in your room where no one can hear you or in your head- I think it’s okay because it’s only affecting you. (Not that anyone would do that because that is just a tad bit too weird) I see this with any bad word or bad thing. Like if someone was gonna plot a hypothetical murder if they did it alone in their room or just in their head that would be okay- they just can’t go out explaining their plans in public or go out murdering people.

Edit: Just putting this in here now because this is such a stupid point and I want to hide behind a rock. I don’t know why I thought that it would be okay for anyone to say a slur like that if they’re not part of that group even alone. Cuz that would mean that you’re either using it with bad intent or trying to normalize it. Anyway… just wanted to put this in here for anyone else seeing this now… just know that now I think that it is never okay to say lol.


I don’t think that anyone should say it because it could offend people but I don’t think that it should be illegal because making words illegal kinda sounds ridiculous to me because there’s no way you can check that no one says it in private :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:


Yeah I don’t think it should be illegal. It’s hard to imagine it here but some people say it casually. I have friends in florida that say that it is common/casual to say it there. I think that people just see words differently. I think that no words should be illegal, maybe some ways you use them can be illegal but not the actual word itself. It’s been made, you can’t take it back.


I don’t think speech should be policed, or prosecuted. I also think that a lot of times it’s not the word that matters, but the message behind it. So, no, I don’t think it should be illegal.


Unless you’re adding it to a book, movie or TV shows that are depicting racism then there is no literally no reason.

And after centuries of systemic racism in which this word was HEAVILY used (so no, it’s not JuSt a WoRd miss me with that) Black Americans and black people in different regions started reclaiming this word so the context of a black person saying this and a non black person saying this is different. If a black person wants to reclaim it then it’s their choice and if they don’t they don’t.

I’m sorry if this came across as a passive aggressive but it’s 2020 and I don’t get why we have to ask if saying the n word is ok or not.


Because people (non-blacks =P) think they can speak, dictate, and “have a right” to a word that wasn’t used against them for years. :woman_shrugging:t4:


Ofc, but I don’t even see a point of saying it in your head. Like sure it’s your own thoughts, but what’s the point? Just to have the “pleasure” of saying it?

And then those same people who think that’s okay would be saying “Oh, this is so horrible. What this person is doing is not okay” when they actually go out murdering people. Like didn’t you just say it was okay for them to plan it in their head where no one can hear them? :thinking: Bottom line is, even thinking about legitimately murdering someone (even if it’s hypothetical), in my opinion, is not okay.


This happened with Pewdiepie. Anyone remember his “heated gamer moment”? That was a clear indication that he was comfortable saying the n word behind closed doors which is why it “slipped out” in his stream.

Bigotry behind closed doors is still bigotry.


Preach it!


You guys remember Buki, the My Psycho and Living with the Vampire Brothers author? She also said the N word. I didn’t have much of problem because she was reading comments in her live so of course it’ll just slip out but then she said “it’s fine, its just a word” instead of correcting herself. :roll_eyes: I have video proof. Atleast, I hope I still do.


I was raised in an urban city up north where people of all races said it without issue (n—a btw no n—er). I moved away 16 years ago but looking back on it, I’m conflicted.
The environment is still the same. They’re not unintelligent people and idk if I’d call them ignorant. It’s not a negative word, it holds no value and is used for any type of conversation over there.
I feel as if the people there haven’t been exposed enough to different views, people, and conversations. Not sure of they’d be willing to see another side of it :woman_shrugging:

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The word and its history still has the same meaning, no matter who, when, or how it’s used.


What are your thoughts on people who are a part of that type of community? Anyone to blame? What can be done?
What’s your opinion on black people who want to “reclaim” the power of the word? Is that period of time over? Or should it have never began?
And what about using it for rap/hip hop?
A lot of people believe that if music artists stop using it that it could pave the way. Personally, I think it sucks that people will place more value on a celebrities feelings on something and then change.
As if their sheep who won’t consider a non-famous person’s view on it :roll_eyes:
Sorry for so many questions!


I don’t mind black people trying to reclaim the word but don’t treat it as if it isn’t “negative” anymore. You can’t change a words history. I don’t think it should have never began, just not used as a way to address others for respect. There’s nothing respectful about it…