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Forumer News Magazine

Date: October 18 2019
Edition: #2

Ehm well I did say most likely right? Either way welcome to the second edition of the Forumer News Magazine, a post made by forumers for forumers. To read about the latest and most exciting news on the forum.And oh boy do we have a lot to discuss !

The new leaders have officially been chosen and here is an interview with one of them @Jass

It’s just hours ago @ShanniiWrites announced the 6 new forum leaders. So congratulations to @anon68003072, @AlissaGrace , @fcukforcookies , @Jass , @Caticorn and @MeghanWrites for getting chosen to become a leader. There have been 29 applications in total so the decision must have been tough. For those who might not have been chosen or suddenly got interested in applying to become a leader on this forum. The next time the leader applications are open again , will be when the forum reaches 500 users.

Read more and see my interview with Jass

I have asked a good friend of mine Jass for a short interview talking about her experience of applying for a leadership role, here on the forums. For those who don’t know our interviewee, you might be more familiar with a couple of the many threads she made on here, instead. Some topics that might come to mind are the; This or that game ,Photography thread :camera: or one of her many thought-provoking discussions that she has started. Like the Discussion: Zwarte Piet (blackface character in Dutch holiday) and her more recent discussion regarding Photoshop.

Click her to read the interview

Q= question A= answer

Q: Hello there @Jass what made you decide you to apply to become a leader on the Shanniwrites forum?
A; Hii, I decided to apply because I love this place a lot and feel like this was a good way for me to contribute to this place.

Q: Did you have any doubts when making this decision?
A: I definitely did, I am definitely not the most confident person and also didn’t want to ruin my friendship with @anon68003072, I would always put a good friend above becoming a leader.

Q: What do you personally think are qualities that make a great leader?
A: Somewhat serious but a really open and easy to talk to person is not afraid to take some responsibility.

Q: Did you have any difficulty answering the questions while filling in the forum leader application?
A: I did, some questions were pretty difficult and I am not the best at multiple choice so I definitely wasn’t always sure if I actually did well. But at the same time I was also really excited to do it and it went pretty naturally.

Q: Have you done anything differently, in order to stand out and make Shanni and Deluge notice you as a good potential candidate for the job? And do you think it has helped?
A: Not really tbh, everything I’ve done the last time I also would have done if I wasn’t applying, since I feel like it’s important to be yourself. Even tho I think the Zwarte Piet discussion did maybe help me a little bit in showing I am not scared to bring controversy.

Q: How do you feel now that you have been chosen to be a leader on the forums? Did you expect it?
A: Really happy and excited but also a bit nervous for everything that’s to come. I still have a lot to learn. Honestly I wasn’t sure, some moments I was pretty confident others I didn’t thought I would make it…

Q: What do you think of your new colleagues?
A: They are all nice, even tho I don’t know all of them really well!

Q: And last, but not least. Do you have any encouraging words to the people that think of applying, the next time a leader is to be chosen?
A: Just go for it, be yourself the upcoming time and don’t worry about it too much!

Forum User of the Month: October 2019 nominations have just started! Who are you going to nominate?

After @Duckling having won the previous month, it’s now time to vote for the next user of the month.So let the elections begin !

Read more

A forum user of the month is someone who contributes to the forum in a huge way. This can be promoting the forums to help us get new users, contributing frequently, giving out advice or making helpful threads etc. Basically, the Forum User of the Month is someone who makes the forums a better place to be! They will then get a prize!

If you win the Forum User of the Month award, you get to choose between two prizes:
The first one being an art piece from ChaoticDeluge and the second one being a review and promotion of the first 3 chapters of yours story from Shanniwrites on her website. For more information about the event, visit the link in the title.

@Badaash_saasha resigning as moderator of the forums

Unfortunately, @Badass_Saasha has decided to resign as a moderator on the forums due to having to prioritize other things in her personal life. Not to worry, though as Badaas_Saasha confirms that she will still be on the forums, just not as a mod.

Other news


Rip I have been waiting all week to be the first to announce it here :upside_down_face: I even planned an interview and all , but I guess I should have just quickly posted it yesterday


Would you like me to have more interviews like this in the next Forumer news magazine?

  • Yes, it would be fun if you added another interview again.
  • No, thanks just keep writing only articles instead.

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My name appears so often in this :joy: hi everybody!


Also I don’t want to sound egotistical but if you ever want an interview from me I’m always open to it


Might take you up on that offer in the near-future :thinking:

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speaking of which, i need to start that


Yayyyyy! This is such an amazing idea! You make news seem so interesting to read!

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Thank you so much :two_hearts:

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You really make a fine reporter here!


Oui. @LHT is a great reporter! :heart:


I don’t mind being interviewed :eyes:

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If you want, you can interview me. :orange_heart:

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I can be interviewed too!

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