The Thread for Reopening Threads

Hello everybody! @Announcements

Remember recently Shannii made an announcement about closing threads? Well here it is if you missed that!

Basically this thread is going to be used to vote to reopen threads that have been closed! You may have noticed a lot of threads were closed lately, well this is because we’d fallen behind by a considerable amount, I apologise for this but now we’re fixing it and we want you to have a say in what threads get reopened!

It will work as you guys suggest a thread from each section (to avoid confusion here, you all pick your own nominations)

Here are the rules:

  1. You have 2 weeks to nominate one thread from each section that you think needs reopening, then 2 weeks to vote on the polls I’ll make.

  2. Only nominate threads you actually have something to comment on and only vote this way too. I heavily encourage you to say why you want that thread reopening, though you don’t need to.

  3. Don’t nominate your own thread, if you want that reopening you can PM the staff, this thread does not change the fact you can ask for your own thread to be reopened.

  4. Don’t nominate threads that were closed by OP request or for discipline reasons (reasons threads are closed are stated at the bottom of the thread)

  5. If a thread doesn’t get commented after being voted on to be reopened it will be closed after 2 months without bumping then placed on a 6 week cooldown. Please do not nominate threads that are on cooldown, there will be a list keeping track of those at the end of this post.

  6. In order for a thread to be reopened the vote must reach around 75% of our active users, this number is likely to change due to us doing this monthly so I can’t give you an exact number right this second perhaps @RainbowCat could? She runs a thread with our stats in the regulars lounge. So bare in mind it’s not “most votes win” inherently, threads only get reopened if they have enough votes.

So remember guys 2 weeks nominating 2 weeks voting then it’ll start up again.

This is currently on a trial basis meaning rules may change, we don’t know how well this will work yet

Would you guys like a specific group tag for this? (It’s anonymous just as all the polls will be) (I made the tag due to the votes @Reopeners )

Group Tag?
  • Yes
  • No

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Threads we reopened
Threads on cooldown

Anyway you now have until 2022-04-20T23:00:00Z to nominate one thread each from each section!


If anyone has any questions you can absolutely let me know, I feel like the thing that will trip people up is nominations. So just remember individually you suggest closed threads from different sections!


I made the group tag for this @Reopeners please join it if you voted for it to be made :pleading_face:


Okay I’m going to start just to demonstrate how it’s done!


I picked this because I like people having a specific place to rant about exes :joy:


I picked this one because I really enjoy acoustic music, especially lately, I’ve been wanting to pick up acoustic guitar, so I want to hear more examples from the community!


I picked this because my last post on the thread was asking if anyone can post a poll, I’m more than willing to post polls if this gets reopened and if people are interested.


I picked this one because there are so many more anime openings to add and too look at plus appericiate.

Film & TV

I really love discussing horror movies, though this thread needs toned down to PG13 levels, I’m more than willing to partake!


I picked this because fantasy became my preferred genre to write over horror, especially since I can give fantasy some horror elements, I want to discuss how malleable the fantasy genre is!


I have some things to add to this topic :eyes: it’s actually kind of contraversial.

Health and Beauty

I quite like this thread and I do have some things to add!

This is all I’m nominating for now

  • You do not need to nominate a thread from every section, you can if you want to

  • You do not need to explain your choice, you can if you want to


I think this is the writing discussion section or something! Can’t remember

But I think this thread could be really interesting and especially helpful for writers and even discussing their ideas and stuff.


@Discussions I’m tagging you to let you know a few things because you guys are interested in discussions and this is a thread to reopen those.

  • We have a group tag called @Reopeners which was voted for by 9 to be made but only 4 have joined :sunglasses:

  • You still have until the 21st to nominate threads

But also, we care about natural threads on here, for so long the staff have dominated thread making and we probably haven’t made it clear enough that we really value user threads on here! So while you can’t nominate threads closed by OP request, you can remake them yourself if you want to discuss the topic that was closed. We have no rule against remaking threads.



I feel like almost every time I read a new book I have a new favorite character so it would be nice to have a place to talk about that :thinking:

Film and tv

Seems like a very interesting topic


What is that?

It will say if a thread has been closed due to “OP request” at the bottom of a thread where the staff member who closed it states the reason. But it basically means the person who made the thread requested for it to be closed!

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Ah, okay. Thank you!

Sounds interesting but is there anything stopping us from just creating a new thread about a topic when the old one gets closed? This just sounds like a lot of effort for something that can easily be solved by creating a new thread if someone wants to discuss a topic that has been discussed before and died down. And if the goal of this is to avoid duplicate threads, there’s nothing stopping the staff from merging the new thread with the old one if it gains a lot of attention, right? :thinking:
but I haven’t been around for a while so feel free to just ignore my opinion since there might be something I’m missing here

Nothing at all!

It’s not that much effort, if people want to respond to a point on the closed thread or if they’d just prefer a thread got reopened than remade then like, that’s fine, it makes no difference to me.

I don’t believe I ever said the goal was to stop duplicating threads, it’s for if people don’t like that a thread was closed and they think it can be reopened, if a new thread is made after the original was closed it’s not a duplicate, it would only be a duplicate if two threads of the same nature were open at the same time.

Just people being worried that people may be bothered about threads being closed, nothing to worry about, I hope I answered your concerns.

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  • Let’s Talk about Exes

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  • Acoustic Music

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  • Video Game Polls

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  • Favourite Anime Opening

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Film & TV
  • Let’s talk horror movies
  • If you could kill off one character in a Film/TV show, who would it be?

0 voters

  • What’s your favourite subgenre of fantasy?
  • Who is your favourite book character?

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  • The best and worst kind of teacher

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Health & Beauty
  • How does rigid gender norms affect the mental health of those with different gender identities?

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Writing discussion
  • How do you come up with ideas for your stories?

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@Discussions I’m tagging you because there aren’t enough people in the @Reopeners tag yet, please join it if you haven’t already, this will be the last time I use the discussions tag on this thread.

Anyyyyway you guys have until 2022-05-04T23:00:00Z to vote for the thread/s you want reopening! They will only be reopened if they get enough votes.


Awesome idea, El!


Hey @Reopeners

Looks like none of them got up to what would be 75% of our active users! Better luck next time, 75% is in the 20-30 range by the way. I also just want to say that threads can be remade so if if look at any of these and wish you could talk about them, you can remake them.

This vote is literally just for if enough people would prefer the original.

Feel free to send more nominations until 2022-05-18T23:00:00Z

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Let me throw in a couple nominations here.

I can only nominate 1 from the film/tv category at a time, but… there’s this one for tv shows like the one for movies above that I didn’t want to see forgotten


I vote this thread because I think it’s very important.

Dunno if I made it obvious when I stepped down but I’m not running this anymore. Either someone else can or people can just do the common sense thing and make new threads or comment on threads of a similar nature to the threads that they want reopening.

Considering how many people wanted to “”"“save”""" the forum it’s really funny to me that I’ve really not being seeing much of a spike in activity…

Anyway, I’m putting this on mute. If anyone has a problem with anything I said, don’t PM me. I’m not obligated to respond.

Can we still suggest threads we want reopened here?