The Ultimate Writing Tips and Advice Thread - A List of Threads

I wanted to make this thread because it can be hard to look for stuff in these forums, so I wanted to organize it all! I’d recommend you bookmark some of these for future use, especially if you’re a writer.


--------------------------------------------Beginning your story----------------------------------------------

What NOT to do:

What TO do:





-------------------------------------------Misc Aspects of Writing--------------------------------------------

-------------------------------------------------Misc Scenes----------------------------------------------------


  • Advice on the best/worst ways to end a story

~Apologies if I forgot any thread! Please link it down in the replies and I’ll add it!
~Consistently updating and linking new threads all the time!



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I have this open for people to ask me for help if they need it.

Helpful thread about animals

Combat Scenes

Writing Critique Thread

You can add these if you like! No worries if you missed them!


I’ll add them either rn or tomorrow!

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Alright, sounds good! Take your time on it!

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