What do you think it would be like living in space?

Do you think living in space would be cool? Hard? Or super annoying?

I find that the more videos I watch of people living in space, the more I want to do it. I find space really cool, the stars and all of the different characteristics of the planets.

On another note,

Do you find space terrifying or cool?
Do you research space at all?
Are you into stars and zodiacs?
Do you think aliens exist and do you think it would be cool to find/spot one?

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Do you think living in space would be cool? Hard? Or super annoying?

I don’t think that I would ever want to live in space because it would be too complicated. I’m too used to how earth looks.

Do you find space terrifying or cool?
I would find it terrifying if I was there but it’s cool from afar.
Do you research space at all?
I don’t really have a passion to research space.
Are you into stars and zodiacs?
I’m very into Zodiacs
Do you think aliens exist and do you think it would be cool to find/spot one?
A lot of people have stories about meeting aliens so they probably do exist. I would never want to find or spot one because they seem creepy to me and dangerous.


Both. Just like I find the ocean. It’s endless! Anything could be out there. Much like underwater. Except it isn’t endless. From what we now.

No, I kind of find it boring? I guess. There are some interesting and fun things about it, but you also have to dig a bit to find stuff.

To be honest I kind of stopped paying as much attention to that stuff as I once did when OpHiUcHuS came into town. It’s honestly the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of. But Leo’s be awesome.

They lowkey seem scary to me :alien:

Yes, random tags


Ahhh yeah I can agree with that in a way

im completely the opposite, i would love to go to space

who knows though?

Ahhh very true.

Leos are awesome but likeeee come on a Sagittarius will always be your best friend :wink:

:eyes: i find them cool, i wanna meet one

:eyes: dont expose me like that


okay, if by space you mean somewhere other than Earth 100%. I think about it _all the time. I also have been obsessed with being able to look out a window and not be on earth, not be on the ground.
Personally I think living in space whether on a shuttle or another planet would be amazing and super cool, but likely also hard. You do not have the same resources and freedom in that sense as you would if you were on earth, and it can be far more dangerous if you were to get sick/injured. People are experienced but it can still be random and difficult to deal with.

I find space to be amazing. In fact I like to think I have too much of an imagination when it comes to space. Yes, something so unknown can be scary but that is what is cool about it. The unknown means so many amazing things, discoveries, beings can exist that could change everything. Not to mention, our Solar System is very very very very (infinity) small compared to the ever growing universe. And that just our solar system of which we have never actually stepped foot on another planet. So really if you look at how small the solar system is in the milky way, and the milkyway in this area and this area in the universe. The things we could find are unlimited.

I like to research space hear and there, i so follow Nasa on social medias and check the website ever so often to hear of all the new interesting things they are doing/have discovered

Now stars… Personally I have 2 telescopes and I look out at the stars as many clear nights as i can, being in a city is really difficult but you see what you can. I’m into zodiacs but not fully believing in them, however constellations. I love constellations. What they are, the different types of stars in them, and the thousands of years of history that humans have with the constellations, specifically ancient Greece and ancient Rome.

I believe 100% E.T’s exist. Just think about what I said before about how huge the universe is…and that’s not even going into the idea of alternate universes on the other sides of black holes.
My family and I have always believe humans are pig-headed if they believe that E.T don’t exist, and/or that humans are the smartest beings. There are so many stories of E.T’s coming to earth with obviously far more advanced technology than ours.
I personally would want to meet and E.T. Yes, they are terrifying, could want to kill us and etc. but they are so interesting to me. The different appearances, motives, languages/forms of communication, technology, understanding. If you were to meet an E.T There could be a possibility to start to understand a world that is not our own, that is millions of light-years away. Not to mention the possibilities of E.Ts entering/being from other dimensions.

Sorry, i’m a bit of a space nerd, lol


Yes, Sagitarians are pretty darn cool. You’re right, you will always be my best friend :wink:

Until they want to completely change our government and take over.


Well damn

Yeah I honestly agree with you, space is rlly cool.

ahhh someone who also likes aliens :eyes:

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Maybe they can stop covid

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Damn, that looks really interesting! I love space nerds. All nerds are pretty dang cool actually.


hehe Most people think i’m a bit crazy to believe and care about it. But imagine being on those first shuttles in god knows how many hundreds of years. To land on a new planet, possibly even outside the milkyway. i mean…


i think I may have gotten a tinsey bit over excited


Theres no such thing as “over excited.” Just enthusiasm.


omggg that sounds like a dream come true

like a bunch of people just live on there and reproduce and learn what the mission is since it would take a while to get there :eyes:

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except imagine there were E.Ts…that would be interesting.
actually you know a while ago they sent a probe outside our solar system with directions to earth, right?


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All :eyes:


No, not really.

They’re nice, but I’m not that into them.

Yes! Assuming they don’t kill me or eat me :smiley:

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i dont rlly focus on stars themselves, but more so just zodiac myths :joy:

What if they vegetarian like me? :eyes:

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space is an interesting topic for me. whenever im given an opportunity to voice my opinion on it my mind races through millions of possibilities and theories. its so strange and it’s possibly endless. each star and planet has there own characteristics which i find super interesting. im happy to know more about it but i feel the need to express we need to take care of our own planet first.

nowww with living in space…

probably very difficult. unless we can find a way to have gravity… well i wont be in a space suit.

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Ahh so true! I feel as if whenever I think about it, my brain goes in so many different directions its crazy

yesss :clap:

well yeah, but thats the point of space ships, (or am i thinking of fake movies) to keep you grounded, but even then the gravity so so weird youd have to strap yourself in to sleep

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they wouldn’t survive since plants need air and water to survive :eyes: