What health issues do you currently struggle with?

I don’t currently have any significant health issues going on in my life, but I know that a lot of people here have health issues that they struggle through. Feel free to use this thread to rant about it or share a bit more information about your particular health issues!


Anaemia, Scoliosis and Hypothyroidism. It kinda feels like my hormones are playing in my body-
Or maybe some mental health issues but idk which because my parents didn’t want to take me for a checkup so I don’t have a proper diagnosis till now.

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inhales Hydrocephalus, Hypertonia in my legs, Aspergers Syndrome, Anxiety, Dyscalculia, bad lungs, Nystagmus, Myopia and Retinopathy of Prematurity.

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Umm… idk but I’m going to the doctor in three days so we’ll see…

Good luck!

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Chronic migraines, but they’ve gotten better since I’ve been going to the chiropractor.
In 2018, I had them almost every day.

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I can explain any of this if you want.

that sounds terrible :pleading_face:

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Thank The Lord in Heaven, That despite my prematurity I don’t have major health issues. I have Asthma but it’s not severe aside from wheezing. Although my hormones are off and my pituitary gland needs to be checked, Most of my problematic issues are mental. Bipolar & Maladaptive Day Dreaming Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, PTSD from childhood trauma, Abandonment Issues, Major Depressive Disorder anddd Anxiety.

My mind is working like clock-work 24/7, Feel free to ask questions! :heart:

ADD and anxiety are fun…

I just realised how lucky I am cause my health issues are not that serious…

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That’s good

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Scoliosis and hydrocephalus (although, scoliosis is more of a deformity)

That can cause back pain, though, right?

Yeah, it does (for me at least. I can’t speak for other people)

Do you have to wear a brace?

I’ve actually been told that I can’t because the curve is too high up. It’s also very mild (my orthopedist claims that in any other person they would have found it, but I have a spinal cord syrinx which is why they found the scoliosis)

That’s interesting. I have minor lordosis.

I don’t think I have any health issues…

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