What is your favourite Holiday, and why?

Everyone got their favourite and least favourite Holidays, so what are your favourites? And why do you like or dislike that specific Holiday?


I love Christmas, because it’s usually snowing on that day, I get to chill at home with my family and I just love staring at a Christmas tree loll. :joy:


New Years!!! :partying_face::partying_face::green_heart::hearts::blue_heart::purple_heart::orange_heart::heart:


I love Christmas literally just for family reasons. we have great traditions and generally just have a lovely time it’s fun.

My least favourite? The idea of thanksgiving. I’m glad we don’t do that.

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My birthday. :relieved:


My favorite holiday: Hanukkah (or Festival of Lights, as they call it in English). Why? The part of it that I like is lighting the candlelights with the chanukkiyah (it lasts 8 days). In addition, I like eating levivot (=latkes) and some sufganiyot :yum: (=doughnuts).

Least favorite? Pesach (=Passover). Why? Very simple - I can’t eat anything :sob:! I can’t eat whatever is chametz (if you wanna know about it, feel free to ask).


My favorite holiday is probably New Years because it gives me an excuse to stay up past 2 without my family giving me weird looks when I wake up at 12 everyday. And because of the new year, I suppose.

I don’t like Easter. It’s the holiday where you get more unwanted candy even though you have enough from Halloween, Christmas, and New Years. It sucks. There’s probably something religious to it, and that’s really important, but I’m not religious…sooo


Love Christmas Hate Halloween.

Strict religious parents


I always sleep during the holidays


I wish my country celabrated halloween


Im insulted only because Thanksgiving week is when my birthday normally takes place. But the idea of Thanksgiving is kinda boring. I will admit that.

But to answer my own question I like Halloween just because I like making the costumes and makeup. Otherwise my favourite Holiday would be Christmas.


I love halloween, I never get to watch horror movies with my family but halloween is an excuse to and there are more horror or halloween themed shows/movies on TV. It’s just a fun time of the year.

Least favourite is new year, I used to enjoy it but for some reason the past few years it’s just been bad, I argued with my brother on the most recent one and on the one before that. The one before that would have been okay but we were in Scotland and it was freezing. I also have a bit of a problem with fireworks so having to watch a huge display isn’t enjoyable.

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Bump bump bump

And my favourite holiday is definetely Christmas and New years :christmas_tree:

National clown day.

Ramadan. Eid is very fun.

Least? Christmas… I just find it so boring.

My favorite holiday is christmas and Thanskgiving since those are two holidays I can usually get off. Food is always good around those holidays.

I cant wait for Halloween :bat::jack_o_lantern::ghost:

Anything I get out of school for! :joy::joy::joy:
Or things that bring my whole family together.

However I’m not big into the holidays with gifts. That REALLY stresses me out

My birthday! It’s also Mother’s Day sometimes for those of you that says it doesn’t count :eyes: 'Cause it totally does…

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Christmas, because I get 2 weeks off from school :joy: