What makes writing a novel based writing seem so daunting?

I think the reason writing a novel is daunting is due to the fact you don’t know where to start. This also brings in the "Plotter or Pantser " debate. Most people say it’s best to get the introduction started but if you don’t know how to go from there it can get daunting. Writing an introduction for a novel is nothing like writing an introduction for an essay. This can become a crutch for most people who struggle with this. Writing is a complicated hobby that will help you in the long run so practice makes perfect. You are not going to write a novel in one go. It will take time to get there. Another factor is the size of the book you are writing. Most novels are average of 300-400 pages depending on the type of book. That is a big number to wrap your head around. I know what it feels like to be in this position as well. So, I’m going to post some websites that give tips on how to start writing a novel with excitement instead of nerves. If you ever have any questions you can ask them here or if you do not want anyone to know who you are you can send a response to Anonymous writing advice thread though I will only be posting on Thursdays each week for that thread. I hope these articles help you out when it comes to starting a novel.



Developing past the beginning.

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Definitely the planning. I tend to visualize my stories so that’s another big issue

I think it’s more daunting for people who can’t imagine the scenes in their minds? If you just have to work with the words and don’t get pictures to them, I can imagine that writing on platforms like Episode or Dorian can be easier. For me, novel based writing doesn’t seem daunting at all (unless I’m struggling with life in general and everything seems daunting :sweat_smile:) But I can easily look through all the scenes in my head. Not making myself plan the whole story also makes it a lot easier for me. I’d probably find it really daunting if I had to make an outline for my stories…

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