What pet would you absolutely NOT want to have?

We’ve discussed our dream pets before, so let’s discuss which pets we wouldn’t want to have and why :smiley_cat::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

I like most animals, but I wouldn’t want to have any kind of insects as pets because I’m scared that they’d either escape or that I would accidentally kill them :eyes::eyes:


A snake or a spider. disgustang


I don’t want mosquitoes :smiley:

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Any type of bird, I mean they are nice but I wouldn’t be able to deal with their constant sounds, also yes snakes and spiders are something I would never want.

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Anything that can kill me :eyes:

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Anything nasty, like roaches and rats.
Anything deadly…
Or anything stinky.

what if a wolf kills you instead?

Any reptile + a hippo

I can’t stand spiders, rats, mice and anything scaly. Nothing against them but I just not into them as pets. Okay, I do have a phobia with the spiders so that one does matter.

@Discussions What animals would you absolutely not want to have?


I wouldn’t want a pigeon. They poo everywhere >:T

Also I don’t want a pet slug or a roach either. My friend has a bunch of pet stick insects and they’re pretty cool so I’m fine with insects like those :3


I wouldn’t want to have slugs, snails, insects, frogs as pets.

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Honestly, I’d probably be cool with anything. Maybe not a goldfish though, they’re boring.

Honestly speaking, any large dog. They put me on edge. I’m a cat person.


A snake. Nope. Just no.


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Snakes and Spiders… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

A snake…I don’t like snakes :no_mouth::rose::two_hearts:

Any type of bug, because bugs are creepy and scary :disappointed_relieved:

I wouldn’t want to keep any insect as a pet. I would also never want to keep large animals, like elephants, as a pet, because I would definitely not be able to take good care of them.

Tarantula! I know some people that have them and… how?

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