What's the spiciest thing you've ever eaten?

I love spicy food, and I often eat it, but the spiciest thing I’ve ever eaten was probably this snack I had at a sleepover. It was peanuts with toasted garlic and lots of ‘chile de arbol’ peppers. It was so spicy I had to keep drinking milk.
I’ve also eaten quite a few spicy salsas at restaurants and at home.



Umm…literally anything spicy.


Umm… not sure. 'Cause I can’t handle food that is really spicy.

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I don’t know…things many people consider as not spicy, I think is extremely spicy…


I don’t think I have. I would say hot sauce from the chicken shack, but that’s not considered as a food.

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I’m the same.


My boyfriend just ate a spoonful of ghost pepper sauce. I think it’s the 3rd hottest pepper in the world.

Just chips that was kiiiiind of spicy and that was toooo much for me. Just no thank you, can’t even handle that

Thai curry, most food I had in Thailand wasn’t that spicy, but we ate at a restaurant more focussed on locals one time. It was delicious, but also extremely spicy, so spicy I couldn’t finish it sadly…

I don’t know tbh, I’ve been gatekept from spicey stuff for a while with my Mum always being like “oh this would be too spicy for you” even if I haven’t tried it which sucks because I’m 20 and even if I don’t like it I wanna try it first :joy:

But in terms of what I have tried, I had some spicy crisps that weren’t that spicy but still had a kick to them, they were literally red.

“Spicy” chips. It’s not that spicy if you ask literally anyone else but I just couldn’t… No thanks

Tuna Poke. Would 100% eat again, though.

The papaya salad my mom’s side of the family makes and likes to eat. It’s soooo spicy, I instantly feel a discomfort in my stomach and like my mouth is on fire, it’s way too spicy for me to taste anything let alone enjoy it. :smiling_face_with_tear:

It was something my mum made, forgetting that the seasoning mix had chili in it :sweat_smile:

I accidently put wayyyyy too much salt and chilli salt in my noodles, that was sad

But I’ve also eaten a raw chilli pepper


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it was there and I was curious

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It tasted like regular pepper until it didn’t

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I really like Takis now, much to my sister’s annoyance. I kinda nearly ate the rest of the bag. Oops.