What's your current mood?

Here in this thread, feel free to add your mood music to express your feelings on the song.


Since in the previous thread we were talking about cutting out toxic people from our lives, this is how I feel at the moment.


So pretty often I hear songs and I am like. I know that song why dont I know the voice. answaer because some of the songers I follow makes covers of them



Jonathan Young does really good covers


Well rn I’m in this mood:


In between missing someone and feeling lonely.

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i’m trying to do homework at 10 o’ clock at night… so…

Tired , but that’s just because I’m kind of an insomniac :new_moon_with_face:

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I’m chill atm so:

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Very mellow and focused…

Me when parents bring up certain people I couldn’t care less about

Current mood even though I’m a crazy leopard

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Cause it’s a bittersweet symphony for sure

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I love my eye army! :gun::eyes::gun::eyes::gun::eyes:


2 (It’s a dare so please don’t flag me for spam :rofl:)


LOL ahhaha

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Irritated and sick

(the original video got deleted smh)