Your character's favourite beverage

A drink can say a lot about the type of person you are. Do they drink soft drink, alcohol, coffee or tea?
Do they like sweet or bitter, sour or just water.

What type of drink fits your character?
Why this drink?
Is this also their favorite drink or do they drink something else?



Ahnvi: Punch…?
Leonor: Orange Juice
Abelino: Lemonade
Sythaerin: Champagne

Aphrodite: Wine
Mikhael: Old Fashioned

zodiac rp
Scorpio: Whiskey…?
Libra: Frappuccino
Nylathria: Plain Soda

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Oooh, that’s my favorite drink!

From my story, I guess Ellie’s favorite drink would be lemonade, especially flavored lemonade, and Eduardo’s is mineral water with lemon juice in it, and no ice because he can’t handle cold temperatures very well.

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Tea, preferably hot and sweet. :eyes: Her favorite flavors are lavender earl grey, chai, raspberry, mint.

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Hedley - A colourful mocktail, or very occasional cocktail
Kenzy - Water, tea, or a glass of freshly squeezed orange
Vanda - Fizz, Spirits, and tomato juice
Xandy - COFFEE! Loves coffee so much but shouldn’t have it at all.

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for my Amoris characters (the RP will be happening, y’all, Chai, Cat and i have just been struggling with making some adjustments)

Abel - water, he’s the more practical type and always prefers to keep his water bottle with him, it’s the easiest thing to get no matter where, and a stable constant in his life
Laboni - tea, she’s a bit of a tea snob tbh, but it’s a type of drink she likes a lot, and she likes exploring different types of blends whenever she can
Nico - sports drinks, sometimes ey can forget about eir own needs, so a sports drink (hydrating, giving em sugar/carbs AND the necessary minerals) covers eir bases
Zahra - hot chocolate, or anything warm, really, the cozy feeling is very comforting to her


Chris (ExousĂ­a) - coffee, this dude may or may not be addicted to it, it does seem to help him with his messy *ss sleep schedule, tho


Clara - iced lattes
Xavier - hot chocolate
Athena - green tea
Niko - bubble tea
Leon - coffee
Evelyn - hot milk tea
Atlas - milo (a malted chocolate drink)

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camlyn’s a coffee addict. just straight black coffee, lol

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Hyun-ae and Niko bubble tea date.

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Tyler just likes water
Mia likes iced coffee
Ben…probably some energy drink.
Leah can literally only drink water because her parents are nuts.
Artemis likes Coke
Rin likes Oolong tea.

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Esther loves tea, particularly peppermint.