Astral Academy | Miscellaneous Thread

~ collab with @Kristi ; inspired by the show tvd: legacies ~

Hello!! Okay so here is the Misc thread!

Here, you can delve into scenes that don’t align with the current events of the official thread. Whether it’s flashbacks, unfinished conversations, alternate realities, or NPC interactions, this is the place to explore past events.

Just a quick reminder to please title each post to indicate when it takes place and the situation. Also just let your imagination run wild and use this space to develop your characters and their backstories further!



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Hesiod chuckled. He responded with “What are you new? Because it sounds like you’ve never had any exposure to mermaids or sirens, which would explain you being so … odd.”. He started stripping before continuing. “If you need proof of how wrong you are, I’m willing to show you how stupidly your mind works to assume the excrement you just spewed out of your mouth.” He was half naked at this point, wearing only his trunks (not the swimming kind) and jumped into the water. Surprising to Caspian, but not to Hesiod, he didn’t grow a tail nor wings nor the mix of the two. Surprising to Hesiod, however, he could see Siren boy’s back more clearly from here and he noticed nothing sticking out. “You haven’t got wings or anything, what kind of a siren are you?” Hesiod said, realizing he isn’t a siren but a mermaid, he decided to tease.

@idiot.exe - how about to make this the second to last post? I need to write him leaving and I can’t do that until you answer.