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~ collab with @Kristi ; inspired by the show tvd: legacies ~

Welcome to Astral Academy! The academy stands as a haven for supernatural entities, a clandestine realm where diverse beings converge to study their unique powers away from human sight, safeguarding the secrecy of their existence. Within its hallowed halls, friendships blossom, cliques form, and alliances are forged, woven into a tapestry of camaraderie and rivalry. Sororities and brotherhoods transcend species, fostering unity among werewolves, witches, vampires, and myriad other beings.

Yet, amidst the pursuit of harmony, a veiled undercurrent of discord simmers. Hidden agendas lurk beneath smiles, and the quest for power tempts some to tread treacherous paths. Love blooms amid the chaos, but so does betrayal, casting shadows on the fragile balance of trust. The Academy’s purpose, to uphold peace among diverse supernaturals, faces constant challenges. Beneath the veneer of unity, old grudges and ancient enmities threaten to unravel the fragile peace.

As students navigate their studies, they grapple with the age-old question: Can true peace exist in a world teeming with supernatural diversity, where ambitions clash and secrets lurk in every corner?


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  • Character Limit: User is to create a maximum of 1-2 characters, which will remain fixed throughout the role play. Please reserve on this chat!

  • Gender Balance: Maintain an even distribution of genders among characters for fairness. Additionally, refrain from reserving the same creature type for multiple characters you create.

  • Respecting Character Autonomy: Avoid god modding or taking control of other players’ characters. This will also mean no hybrids of any kind ALLOWED.

  • Avoiding Overpowered Characters: Characters should not embody traits of a “Mary Sue” (overly perfect or flawless).

  • Respectful Conduct: Maintain a friendly and respectful environment; be considerate and kind towards fellow players. password: legacies

  • Content Rating: Keep the content within a PG-13 range, minimizing explicit language or inappropriate content.

  • Activity Requirement: Aim to post or remain active in the rp at least once a week to keep the storyline engaging and continuous.

  • Collaborative Posting: While it is not obligatory to write lengthy posts, aim for at least 1-2 paragraphs to allow other characters to interact and contribute to the story, enhancing engagement and continuity.


As the dawn breaks over the ethereal spires of the Astral Academy, casting a golden glow upon its ancient stones, we welcome you back, dear students, to another year of discovery, camaraderie, and boundless potential.

So, to the werewolves, the witches, the vampires, and all beings who call this sacred place home, we extend our warmest greetings and our sincerest wishes for a year filled with growth, enlightenment, and the unwavering pursuit of peace.

“Welcome back, dear students, to the Astral Academy. May your journey be illuminated by the guiding light of knowledge, and may the bonds we share remain unbreakable, now and forevermore.”

{ 𝐬𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 }

As the students return from their break, they are excitedly unpacking their belongings in their dorm rooms. Dorm rooms can be transformed and styled to your heart’s content! Just reach out to our campus witch Ravena for assistance, and she will effortlessly create your ideal dorm in no time!

Welcome back Astral Academy Students!



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With an eerie grace, she descended from the lofty perch of a gnarled tree limb, foreboding in its age and poised on the brink of decay. The ancient bough, frail and weathered, was her chosen descent into the abyss below. As she plummeted, the embrace of the aged branch gave way, and Sylvia’s ethereal form met the frigid, unyielding earth beneath. Yet, there was no gasp of surprise nor piercing scream—only the silent acknowledgment of pain and disappointment.

Pain, because even when she was a vampire by nature, Sylvia bore the weight of physical torment, an unholy communion between her immortal existence and the visceral reality of anguish. Yet, the disappointment that shadowed her was a different breed of affliction—an emotional tempest fueled by the bitter irony of her survival. She could not die and that was quite, quite disappointing for Sylvia wished to no longer exist for it seemed fun.

Her younger sister, Mina Cortes came outside and her eyes lingered at Sylvia still form on the ground with a sigh. “Father!” Mina yelled, “She has not yet left,” She yelled again and this time Sylvia could hear the thunderous voice of her kind but tired father telling her to leave to go to the academy.


It typically went like that, ever since her father had forced her to attend Astral Academy as if she was not a thousand years old and had no need for university. But she knew her father was not sending her off to university for fun or for her to learn, it was something more, because it was always something more with her undead fcked up family.

Entering her dorm room, she felt a twisted sense of comfort as her eyes drank in the familiar satanic and undead aesthetics that adorned the space. The air hung heavy with an otherworldly stillness, resonating with the essence of her kind. Sylvia’s lips curled into a sardonic smile as she beheld the familiar sight. She was not the most fond of Astral, but she sure was fond of her dorm room and the cobwebs on top that were yet to be cleaned, it reminded her of life before she was a vampire- meaning life from a very very long time ago.

Yes, Sylvia was quite old, a fact she was acutely aware of. Yet, in the twisted chronology of her undead existence, she remained, as her father often remarked, mentally young. The centuries spent ensnared in a deep slumber had preserved her mind in a state of perpetual youth, untouched by the relentless march of time. Her face, untouched by the ravages of age, bore a perpetual youthfulness that belied the weight of her ancient soul.

Disregarding the fragility of mortal belongings, Sylvia carelessly hurled her luggage onto the bed, the impact reverberating with an ominous thud. A bag, victim to her indifference, spilled its contents as the zipper surrendered to the force. A cursory glance revealed the damage, and with a nonchalant shrug, she resigned herself to the inconvenience. A new one would be acquired in due course—such trivial matters paled in significance to the tumult that coursed through her undead veins.

As she approached the window, its protest echoed in a haunting creak that seemed to harmonize with the eerie ambiance of the room. The morning sun, blinding in its brilliance, painted the world outside in hues of cruel clarity. A perverse desire for insanity, an insatiable thirst for the chaotic dance of the unknown, propelled Sylvia forward.

Without a second thought, she let herself tumble into the void, the gravitational pull of the abyss swallowing her form. Yet, just before succumbing to the inevitable plunge, she snaked her hand through the air, fingers grasping at the wisps of an ancient tree. With a silent defiance, she climbed down the gnarled trunk, her movements akin to a spider descending from its darkened lair.

Once safely on solid ground, Sylvia withdrew a cigarette from her pocket, its tip glowing like a malevolent star in the dim shadows. As the smoke curled around her, she surveyed the Astral Academy grounds with a predatory glint in her eyes. Ah, Astral Academy, good to be back for another year.

Though she refuses to admit it, she did in fact like the school and the people here were just so adorable, like rats waiting to be caged. She loved it.





As Guinevere stepped on the familliar steps of the Academy a surge of emotions could be felt. She was excited to take a break from her father, but she also felt fear of failure and the feeling of not belonging. She sighed, getting ready to just get it over with and see where this year leads. Taking her backpack she walked to her dorm and put her backpack on the floor. She walked back downstairs to get the suitcase from her car and bring it upstairs. After locking the car and turning around she noticed a familliar face approaching the school. “Niamh! Over here!” She called out to her friend.

Guinn's Dorm

@Ouijaloveletters - Niamh


Niamh stretched, cracking her back. Traveling to the school went off without a hitch, but Niamh was exhausted. She just wanted to unpack, curl up on her bed, and absolutely pass out. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you looked at it, fate seemed to have other plans. Hearing a name called, Niamh blinked wearily, trying to remember where and who the hell she was. Wait, that was her name! Turning, she rubbed her eyes, zeroing in on who’d called out to her. Spotting her friend Guin, she waved, heading over. Lugging her baggage behind her, she was slowed down, so it took her a moment to reach her friend. Once she did, she smiled tiredly, panting. ”Hey, Guin. Good to see ya. How was yer summer?”
@LunaticLeviTheSecond - Guinevere



Quinn chuckled at noticing Niam’s half closed eyes and dazed and tired look on her face. “Oh you know it was lush. Now, give us a cwtch and get to bed for a nap. You look apsolutely knackered. We’ll talk when you’ll recognize me and you’re less hangry and overtired. Don’t worry about me, I’m tired as well except since I drove all morning.”

ORP: Lush means lovely, cwtch is a hug


Niamh blinked again, smiling. ”’M glad you had a good summer. I’ll admit that I’m knackered, but I really just need a bit o’ coffee. Let me go put this stuff in my room, and we can go to the nearest cafe. I desperately need it…You know me, I really just need coffee, and I’ll perk right back up.” Niamh muttered tiredly, stretching to try and wake up. Picking up her baggage, she headed towards the front of the school, waiting for Guin to follow her. Getting her stuff into her dorm, she walked back out to Guin, doing a little hop. ”Right then. Let’s go, before I take a kip right ‘ere. She said, wasting no time in starting towards the cafe, muttering
“Coffeeeee…”, like some sort of bizarre zombie.
@LunaticLeviTheSecond - Guin



Quinn answered acknowledgingly “I know how tamping you can get when you don’t get your fix of coffee, but I’d preffer tea becuase I want to take a nap as soon as I get into my room. I could get decaf, but at that point what is the point of coffee?”. Niamh picked up her heavy baggage and walked to the front of the school and Quinn ran after her, showing a tad of annoyance in her countenance while saying “Don’t you dare.” She caught up to her and continued. “Don’t you dare carry that big heavy luggage around when I’m near to help you. You know one of my powers is strenght so why torture yourself when it’s 10 times easier for me to carry it for you.” Quinn chuckled in order to make it clear her reaction was an overreaction to make it more like a joke. Quinn took the luggage and carried both her own, which was lighter, and Niamh’s. When they reached Niamh’s bedroom, Quinn left the luggage in front of her door and told Niamh she would be right back. She then carried her light luggage to her own dorm and left it there withouth unpacking so she could be back immediately as she promised. As she returned Niamh threathened to drop asleep, and Guinevere returned. “Keep your knickers on, we’ll be there now in a minute. What’s important is where to go?”



~>>Hallway—With Hesiod<<~

Another year at this awful place. At least this would be the last one. His parents were beginning to get nervous. They had generously allowed him to spend the summer in London, hoping it would cure him of his longing for the human realm, but no such luck. To their dismay, it had only strengthened his resolve. He would be human.

In the meantime, he would learn. As much as Darius chafed against his ties to the supernatural, school was not bad. Learning was something he was good at. Even if the school years were lonely and friendless (not unlike the rest of the year) he took comfort in his writing and his other… projects. Besides, friends were bad. Friends would maybe make him want to stay. He would have friends, human ones, just as soon as he was out of this place. Only a year.

Darius threw his flip phone, pen, and notebook into his backpack and strolled towards the library. Underclassmen threw him suspicious looks and whispered to each other as he passed. They didn’t like him that much because they thought he was stuck up. That was okay. They could think whatever. They could all rot.
Dark hair and a familiar form caught his eye. Hesiod. Darius wrinkled his nose. The perfect golden son of the Dadophoros family. Last fall, when Hesiod had been an incoming freshman, Darius’s parents had not shut up about how Darius should be friends with Hesiod and could learn so much from Hesiod and blah blah Hesiod this Hesiod that. Darius had hated the guy before meeting him. And after meeting him too. He was the stupid perfect child.

Darius paused. Well, he could wait a little bit to go write.
“Hey, Dadophoros.” Darius walked up to him, eyeing his head. “You let your little sister cut your hair or something?” His hair was actually fine, Darius just couldn’t resist the little malicious voice telling him to do something provocative.

@LunaticLeviTheSecond (:



During the long ride from the airport Hesiod fell asleep and woke up just as the limousine was parking. He took a pocket mirror and fixed his eyebrows, hair and applied chapstick to his lips. After tipping the driver, he got out and took out his luggage. He only just got inside thinking maybe this year will be quieter and better, but of course, no such luck becuase Darius was already there. Hesiod in fact had a barely visible but still existing smile on his face, which immediately dispensed into a painful expression as soon as a familiar voice rung out form behind him. “Hey, Dadophoros.” Hesiod had a special nickname for his ‘friend’ only reserved for his thoughts. ‘What is the devil incarnate doing here so early?’ He thought. He turned around to face him, the urge to frown or to roll his eyes was almost too hard to pass on. ‘Oh what will he attack about me now? My family? My clothes? Artjoms?’ And then Darius came up only with a poor attempt.
“You let your little sister cut your hair or something?” Hesiod smiled. Partly because he found it mildly amusing how low this man would go to annoy him. He knows he combs his hair religiously and keeps it pristine and that’s why he chose that insecurity to mention, but also because they had the same curls, if the wind blew a certain way they’d have the same hairstyle. Hesiod does have a backbone, he’s just doesn’t want to say anything that can hurt his family, so instead he opts for something that can be a clap back but withouth showing any clear intent. "Nice to see you again Darius. No, I have my own barber. If you like the style you should’ve just asked. I assumed you wanted it form the state of your own hairstyle. I’d give you the number of the one that did my hair but he’s a bit out of your price range, so I suggest you find barbers who do simmilar looking styles. You really do need a haircut. He actually doesn’t think Darius needs a haircut, he thinks he needs any hairstyling product, but instead of shampoo it looks like he uses nothing on his hair, not even a comb.



Niamh thought for a second. Guin actually had a point. Tea would probably be better, because she could take a nap later. ”Tea actually isn’t a bad idea. Chai, probably. Coffee will just make me jittery. I’d rather not have a panic attack. That wouldn’t be good.” Niamh sighed. Chai would help. Besides, she liked it. Honestly, Niamh hadn’t found a tea she didn’t like. Hearing Guin speed up, Niamh turned to see her friend running towards her. She slowly set down her bags, exhaling as she straightened up. ”You have a point there. I must’ve forgot. Thanks.” She stepped away, letting her friend take the bags. After setting Niamh’s bags in front of her door, Guin left to take her bags to her dorm. She returned a couple minutes later, and Niamh snorted when Guin told her to calm down. ”Sorry. There’s a nice coffee shop nearby, actually. I’ve been. Want to go there?”
@LunaticLeviTheSecond - Guin


~>>Hallway–With Hesiod<<~

Darius was mildly frustrated that Hesiod didn’t seem bothered at all. To be fair, the hair comment wasn’t exactly original. He had definitely had better opening insults in the past. Sue him for trying something different.

“I’d give you the number of the one that did my hair but he’s a bit out of your price range, so I suggest you find barbers who do similar looking styles.”

Darius rolled his eyes. Hesiod just had to flaunt his wealth every time they spoke. Hesiod’s family was wealthy, yes, but it wasn’t like Darius’s was poor. Though since Hesiod obviously couldn’t see anything outside of himself, he probably assumed everyone was poor compared to him. What a spoiled brat.

“You really do need a haircut.”

“Do I now?” Darius ran a hand through his hair, which was unfortunately similar in texture and color to Hesiod’s. A piece flopped into his eye, and he blew it away. “I hadn’t noticed. I don’t spend that much time preening myself in front of mirrors like a narcissist.” That part was true. Darius didn’t even have a mirror in his room. “I’m not here to impress people with my wealth and looks, I’m here to learn.” Darius smirked at Hesiod.



~>>Home–to Astral Academy<<~

Glenna’s glare pierced through Ophelia. “I don’t understand why you would want to leave the wonderful life I’ve given you here, with private tutors and all the land you could desire to roam on the estate, for some dirty school with all those nasty creatures.”

Ophelia fidgeted with the handle of her pink duffle bag. Just a few more minutes. I can deal with a few more minutes.

Glenna continued ranting about all the various ways that Ophelia was a disappointment to, which had lost its sting after so many years. Of course Ophelia held out hope that one day Glenna would say, I’m proud of you, but while Ophelia might be sheltered, she wasn’t delusional.

The crunch of tires on the gravel driveway outside saved her. “Ma’am.” Glenna glowered at the interruption. “My ride is here,” Ophelia finished sweetly.

Glenna rolled her eyes. “I see you don’t wish to hear any more of my advice. Well, run off then, to your fancy school.”

Glenna rolled her eyes. “I see you don’t wish to hear any more of my advice. Well, run off then, to your fancy school.”

Glenna rolled her eyes. “I see you don’t wish to hear any more of my advice. Well, run off then, to your fancy school.”

There were so many people. People her age. Walking around, chatting, laughing, welcoming each other back. Ophelia gripped her duffle bag harder, suddenly nervous. What if she didn’t make any friends? What if she did end up pregnant? Her imagination spiraled.

“Miss?” The driver prompted. He was holding the door open for her

Oh. She was still in the car. “Thank you very much,” she said as she slid out.

“My pleasure.” The driver paused before getting back in the car. “And good luck, Miss Ophelia.” He drove away, leaving Ophelia alone.

I can do this. Ophelia asked around, eventually finding her way to her dorm room. It was bare, with only a small bed against one wall, but a note said that a campus witch could held her customize it. My ideal room. Interesting.

A little while later, Ophelia stood in the room of her dreams. Afternoon sunlight slanted onto her new larger bed from a window on one side of the room, providing sustenance to the dozens of plants scattered around. A simple desk and a couch were the only other furniture in the room. It was perfect. Ophelia tossed her duffle bag onto the bed, resolving to deal with putting her clothes away later.

She wandered back into the hallway, too unused to people her age and shy to strike up conversation, but desperately longing for the same relationships as she saw around her. She stared a couple deeply interested in each other as she rounded a corner and, not paying attention to where she was going, ran into another girl.

“Oh my stars, I am so sorry!” Ophelia cried. Great, I’m already screwing up. Is someone already going to dislike me? Why am I such a clutz? Glenna would be ecstatic about this. Agh, and she’s really pretty, too. Gosh dang it.



GuinevereZmajovaOgnjen Dorm hall w/ Niamh

“I just want regular tea.” She responded. “Sorry. There’s a nice coffee shop nearby, actually. I’ve been. Want to go there?” Asked Niamh. “Well I don’t know, is it any closer or any better than the spot we hung out at last year? Oh maybe I can ask them to make my tea Irish I am 21 this year.”



⋆。˚୨୧˚。⋆ 𝑑𝑜𝑟𝑚 𝑡𝑜 𝘩𝑎𝑙𝑙𝑤𝑎𝑦 ⋆。˚୨୧˚。⋆

⊹ ࣪ ˖ ꒰ঌ :heart: ໒꒱ ⊹ ࣪ ˖

As the golden ray of light flashed through the eyes of Callista, there was a sense in her head that it was finally the day where she would go back to reality and continue on with the trajectory of her life. Flashes of events blurred in and out of her shut-in eyes, her father reminding her of her purpose to go to this academy, her sister's final night together, and all the scenery she looked upon traveling back to the place she was bound to endure. Having the strength to jolt up, she looked upon the time to see that she had enough to focus on herself and her "first day" look. With the usual rituals she had done, she sat down in her dresser as she looked upon every crevice of her face to see any abnormalities that must be eliminated. Zits, dark spots, bumps, and all things horrendous were covered up to her liking.

With her heels clacking in the empty sound of her room, she closed her eyes as she hoped a certain form of resistance would be needed for her to go through this day. With that, the silent and often sulking version of her suddenly disappeared, leaving a bright-eyed girl with an aim to make her name known by the sea of nobodies. With every strut she made, she greeted every passerby she met alongside a matching roll in her eyes, as if she actually cared about them and hoped for a good morning.

As usual, she found no one interesting enough to talk to or even make fun of. She looked at every one of them, either dressed up to the nines or not giving any effort at all, giving Callista a chuckle at their desperate and careless nature. Of course, she had the right to judge; she made sure she found a balance between making an effort and being chill about the choices in her wardrobe. I mean, a glitter bow on the first day screams a cry of help and a lack of taste in fashion. So 80s, so Minnie Mouse, Callista thought to herself as she scanned the hallway for any possible candidates.

Her day of judgment would come to a close, however, as she noticed a striking face. She stared at her for a while as she looked up and down at her to see what to make of her. Such a beauty, she added, as she was both mesmerized and annoyed that someone could look so… amazing; Callista should’ve been the striking one in this hallway. Like a lion looking at its prey, she came closer to her as she geared up her glistening smile, “Hi there! I just came here to say that I love your outfit. It’s so you, so vintage.” She cleared her voice, then continued on, "Sorry for my manners, I’m Callista Dorothea Hoell, or Callista if you want. You should totally tell me where you get your outfit from, I mean like, black isn’t my thing, but who knows, I might rock it with some embellishments or some sht. Jeez, such a big school, and I’m still finding people I don’t know, crazy world we live in, right?

⊹ ࣪ ˖ ꒰ঌ :heart: ໒꒱ ⊹ ࣪ ˖

⋆。˚୨୧˚。⋆ @Mouschi - 𝑙𝑖𝑙𝑖𝑡𝘩 ⋆。˚୨୧˚。⋆




Lilith’s eyes flutter open to the distant tweeting of robins, the scent of rain amusing her senses as it drifts through the opened window. Sitting up, she pressed her hand against the glass while noticing a rainbow off in the horizon. She glanced back at the clock curiously, realizing that she’d woken up early. A smile spread across her face as she sprung to her feet, cigarette between her fingers. The open flame of the lighter case casted an orange hue on Lilith’s face, illuminating her dark eyes for a brief moment as she lit the cigarette. Each inhale felt like a breath of fresh air, preparing her for the day ahead. Feeling ready to tackle anything, Lilith ventured to the dorm shower, outfit laid out neatly on the bed.

She stood in front of the mirror, her reflection staring back at her with a mixture of excitement and uncertainty. Today was the first day back, and she couldn’t shake off the feeling of nervousness that had settled in the pit of her stomach. Lilith smoothed down her black skirt, refusing to break eye contact with herself, her intuition spoke to her while doing so, it told her that today would be okay and she’d better stop worrying. Lilith brushed her hair, taking in exaggerated breaths until she was finally ready to leave.

The air surrounding the academy was alive with friendly chatter, and the hallways were no different. In a strange way, the chatter was comforting, and Lilith felt as if she got all worked up over nothing. Amidst her hallway stroll, a warm voice spoke out to her, compelling her to stop. Lilith froze and wore an expression on her face like a deer in headlights, surprised that anyone would strike up a conversation with her.

”Callista . . .”, the name rolled off her tongue with an unsure tone. Callista’s confidence had taken Lilith aback, and so did her words. They were calculated and her mannerisms were too, something was off but Lilith could not pinpoint exactly what. But now, she was getting sidetracked by her own thoughts and needed to finish what she was saying. ”You have a pretty name, I’m Lilith and I probably stole this outfit from my cousin’s closet. It’s a big school, yeah, I’m surprised I haven’t met you until now”. Lilith hoped Callista would not notice her awkwardness, or the fact that she was fidgeting nervously with her hands. She found Callista to be extraordinarily beautiful and she was worried about her motive for approaching her.


@cordyx - Callista


⋆。˚୨୧˚。⋆ 𝑑𝑜𝑟𝑚 𝑡𝑜 𝘩𝑎𝑙𝑙𝑤𝑎𝑦 ⋆。˚୨୧˚。⋆

⊹ ࣪ ˖ ꒰ঌ :heart: ໒꒱ ⊹ ࣪ ˖

Seeing the pale-faced beauty in a static motion, Callista felt a sense of bliss, a sense internalized within her to see who she is, and the initial impression of a girl not used to such an energy… or maybe even a conversation. Keeping her sunny attitude, she scanned upon the girl very quickly to see if she could at least manipulate the situation so as to not easily make her a threat. With the tone of her voice as she echoed back her name, the jittering hands, a sense of being there physically but not mentally, and the position that she was in, I see it now, unsure of what to make of me as well, it seems. Assuming a sense of uneasiness towards her sunny disposition, she recalibrated her attitude slowly into a softer, delicate manner as to make her seem… relatable, or whatever that means to her mind.

With a pondering look on her face, she looked upon the roof as if remembering something before putting it into words, “Hmm, Lilith. Such a pretty name as well, like lilies on a pond, something you see by the patio on a midsummer’s day. I do wonder: Lilith is such a pretty name; is your name directly from the biblical stories? Well, the one not directly told from the book, but you get what I mean! If so, I think of it as cool. Names are something we bring in our backs, engraved from the graves you see strolling on the past legacies of the fallen.” Slamming herself back to reality, however, she chuckled with embarrassment after her own ramble, “I may have gone on with the name thing a little bit. I apologize. B-but going back to clothes, I’m sure you have great taste. I mean, it’s your… what I’m assuming, is your cousin’s clothes; but clothes have to be something you wear, not the clothes wearing you. And I am impressed with your styling!”

Looking both ways, the hallways were still filled with people going about their day. Her doe-eyed face looked back at Lilith, giving her a weak smile as she cooked up a plan to get to know her a little bit. Holding her hands, she raises them as she proposes back the idea she had thought, “Do you have classes as of the moment? If so… how many hours is it until it starts? I mean, I love crowds, but I want to get to know you better. I haven’t met with my friends yet, so It’d be nice to make a new friend for this school year. C’mon, I know a place. It’s not far from here, just a lil’ secluded, that’s all. I mean I wanna ask you all the questions, like…” Pausing a bit, she keeps up with her persona as she looked at the roof once more, and then back to Lilith, “What’s your fav color? No- what do you think is the best vacation? Or like maybe, do you have anyone that meets your fancy? Just basic questions. My fav color is pastel pink.”

Deep in her head, however, looking back at what she uttered, she had nothing in her mind but a ringing tone of: God, that was cheesy.

⊹ ࣪ ˖ ꒰ঌ :heart: ໒꒱ ⊹ ࣪ ˖

⋆。˚୨୧˚。⋆ @Mouschi - 𝑙𝑖𝑙𝑖𝑡𝘩 ⋆。˚୨୧˚。⋆



“Yes.” Hesiod responded seriously. “You do need a haircut, but not because your hair is bad. I seem to think curly hair is the most beautiful type of hair a person can have, making a beautiful face all the more beautiful. Curls around a face frame it better than any makeup or product. What I suggest is to change your hairstyle since it’s pretty simmilar to mine, so that next time you try to mock my hair you don’t insult yourself with it. Telling me ‘nice hair’ in that sarcastic, condescending tone is the same as telling your sister yo mama jokes, or calling your brother a 'son of a b*tch”

@Kitastrophe - Darius


Niamh thought for a second. She had to remember where in the hell the coffee shop actually was, as she was still tired. ”I think it’s pretty close by. I’m not exactly sure how far away, but if you think it’s too far, that’s fine. I’ve just heard that this place is really good, so I wanted to try it.” Niamh shrugged, rubbing her eyes. ”I vote we just start walking. I’m about to keel over. If we walk, I can get some energy back.” She started walking, putting her hands in her pockets. Niamh stretched, a satisfying pop emitting from their arm. As they walked, Niamh glanced at her friend. ”You meantioned Irish tea? I wouldn’t be opposed to that.”
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GuinevereZmajovaOgnjen /w Niamh - hall

“Oh I don’t mind if the location is far. I just ask in order to know more about it. I’m not suggesting we go to the same place we always go, a little difference would be good. Have you already been there? Oh and just to be clear, when I say Irish tea I don’t mean ‘Irish breakfast tea’ I mean asking for alcohol in my tea. Like a few drops of rum … I only want that becuase I’ve reached the legal drinking age in America. This year is going to be so much easier since I was able to drink home since 16 supervised by an adult and 18 alone so whenever I needed a beer to help me relax before exams or to celebrate afterwards I was unable to drink it as an adult! Ridiculus country. Come on, it doesn’t matter where it is so long as I get something warm, alcoholic and decaf.”

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