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Well, Well, who doesn’t like a good ol tradition? In the neighborhood of Beverly Shores, the residents do not only like a good ol tradition, they adore it and here today, do the rich, wealthy, celebrities- the people you beg to be but can never be and also the nobody residents of Beverly Shores (but I assure you!!! They’re our favorite nobodies) attend an annual tradition of Beverly Shores- a Thanksgiving Yacht party.

Since the founding of- actually, I do not wish to bore you people, so let’s get straight to the point. The annual Beverly Shores Thanksgiving party is meant to welcome the the new people into Beverly Shores- (if you’ve only been here for 3 years, yes we we’re talking about you, even though you came to last year 's Beverly Shores Thanksgiving party) and celebrate the old, through a good ol friendsgiving, because even though there is some hatred between some of our residents, heartbreak, sadness, what makes Beverly Shores such a special neighborhood ((well except for the fact that most people here are wealthier than you can imagine) is that we’re all friends here-oh well acquitted with each other. And we all love to play an annual game of shade or thanks . So grab a seat, and let’s have the best time of our lives!!

Warning Warning!!

As Beverly Shores residents line up to enter the yacht, interviewers and paparazzi await, snapping pictures of their outfits and asking them questions. Meanwhile, a big box filled with names of all the Beverly Shores residents is on the table, waiting to be opened to play a traditional Beverly Shores game of ‘pick a flashcard—no looking at the name—and say something they are thankful about to the person they pick.’ Though it seems that Beverly Shores might play the game differently this year, as, after all these years, Emiliano De La Cruz is back, and this year at Beverly Shores is bound to be chaotic.


:camera_flash::motor_boat: Let the games begin! Welcome to the Beverly Shores Thanksgiving Yacht Party! :motor_boat:


No more than 3 characters
Try to plot with other characters in order to develop your own
Cannot create 3 celebs in a row, come on have at least one bodyguard/manager
You are are allowed to create characters that are freshly new to the Beverly Shores and Characters that were born and raised in Beverly Shores
Characters shoudl be 30-45, no younger is allowed.
Have fun, plan with other users, feel free to cause drama


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Ok ok so this is only important for the celebs, is how we are going to be determining like the big big winner for the award show like ‘celeb of the year’ or some shxt like that. Don’t focus too much on this, it’s not really important and we have other ways of determining it, but the point system is we(Kristi and ixy) will give you ideas on what to do with your characters, like maybe have them to do this or that, nothing too serious And the ideas count as point. Most raunchy points will have highest chance of winning the big awards as they will be the most ‘famous celeb’ but like said don’t focus too much on this

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"“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that Emiliano De La Cruz might as well have been declared dead and revived.” -Jane Austen

Emilio was not going to say that he was surprised at the amount of questions the media had upon the release of the trailer Thorn of The Thornfields staring Emilio De La Cruz as Gabriel, because he was not surprised in the slightest. After all, he had disappeared for a long period of time and had not even announced his return- the upcoming release did that for him. People did not believe that he had returned, one would hear a rumor here and there, stating that perhaps the ‘movie was shot some years ago because hell this cannot be real?’ or ‘maybe Emilio was replaced by a clone of him because he died in Mexico’ 'was it Mexico? ‘I heard he died in Luxembourg.’ ‘no it was actually England,’

Really, the rumors were amusingly absurd, but he cannot say that he blamed them for thinking the news of his return was fake, because not even most of the residents of Beverly Shores knew that Emiliano De La Cruz was making his return to the infamous gated community. Though, contrary to beliefs his mothers did know of his return, he had texted them, especially his dearest mama Emilia De La Cruz, and again, contrary to popular beliefs- his mothers did know that he was going to be leaving for a while due to one singular reason- or at least they thought it was due to one singular reason. The true story whole story though, nobody knew and Emilio does not think he is ready to tell anyone- at least not yet, perhaps when the time is right and if never gets the chance to tell them, then well- he supposed the secret will just have to be buried inside him.

But one thing was true and it was that- Emilio De La Cruz did not want to leave, no, he had not intended to leave his parents, siblings, his best friends, his wife, her, his other friends and his fans, for the fun of it, no he had actually left due to… That.

“Emilio! Emilio De La Cruz! Is it true that you returned last year but were in hiding?” An interview asked, as Dejay - his bodyguard, best friend and one of the firsts of the Beverly Shores residents to know that Emilio was back in town pushed through a crowd of screaming fans as Emilio headed towards the Yacht.

“Is that what people say?”

He had responded, with a small smile. Though it has been years- dreadful years since Emilio has been ‘interviewed’, he still knew his way around answering a question.

“Yes,” the interview answered without hesitation, “Indeed. People also say-well, wonder where have you been for the past few years?”

It was subtle, the way Emilio had flinched, as if a ghost from the past had whispered a chilling reminder. He steadied himself, knowing this question would come sooner or later.

“Well, it’s been quite a journey”

Emilio began, his voice measured, his gaze somewhere in the distant horizon. “Life,” He chuckled, though the lighthearted-ness in his tone did not meet his eyes, “is a box of chocolates.” He paused, “Remember that, remember I said that, and support the new release of Thorns of The Thornfield coming soon” He said, before turning away from the interviewer, to the yacht party that he was already late for- though, he had told his parents that he shall be late and they should make sure the Yacht does not leave without him.

The phrase, ‘life is a box of chocolates,’ explained the events of his disappearance, though how might not be so easy to decipher and he did not expect to decipher his words, he hoped- in fact that they did not.

Emilio stepped onto the luxurious yacht, feeling the cool breeze of the ocean against his skin. As he entered the main area, he noticed the chatter and laughter of the guests, the clinking of glasses, and the soft music playing in the background. It felt almost surreal to be back in the midst of such a gathering after his long absence.

“Interesting,” Emilio had said as he stared at all of them, taking note on how they had changed or had not changed over the past few years and how many new people where in Beverly Shores now. It seemed that since he had gone, new mega celebrities had formed but of course was that not to be expected?

“What is?” Dejay asked.

“Being back,” With that, Emilio had asked Dejay to go sit down, act natural, as he took a minute to process all this, to think on how to deliver his ‘I’m back hello’ greetings. It shouldn’t be awkward- he should play it cool, fake confidence, fake how comfortable he was about being back after all this years after Matias had died, after he had disappeared without a word, leaving his wife and family alone.

He coughed- Emilio coughed rather loudly, drawing attention towards himself as he approached the table, deliberately walking to a seat near Winsley, “Hope someone saved a seat for me?” His voice was calm, yet carried an undercurrent of confidence. You wouldn’t think that Emiliano was nervous to be seeing all of them again or that he had disappeared for all this years with how casual his voice sounded.

“Emiliano,” Emilia De La Cruz began, a small smile on her face , she opened her lips as if she was about to say more but thought against it and Emilio smiled back at her and Catalina, greeting them as he sat down. in silence, though that silence did not last long, as he could feel the eyes of Sunny and Santiago- his siblings, gazing at him (technically more than those people where gazing at him, but their stares where the most intense.)

“Hello” He greeted, staring at Santiago, “How have you been?” he asked, his eyes turning to Sunny.

@raviola - Santiago
@Caticorn - Sunny


“Honey, are you ready for the Thanksgiving party yet?” Danny smiled softly, feeling a familiar sense of responsibility wash over him. “Yeah, mom, I’m good,” he said, placing a gentle kiss on her forehead. “Don’t worry, I can handle it,” he added, trying to reassure her. “We know son, we just don’t want to put too much stress on you.”

His dad waltzed in, his booming voice filling the room.“Yeah, son, we know you’re a big boy now, but we still worry about you.” Danny’s smile tightened slightly as he nodded. “I appreciate it, guys. You’ve always been there for me, and I love that.” Mom leaned forward. “Of course, dear. We know what’s best for you.” Danny’s eyes flickered slightly, but he pushed aside any doubts. He did love and appreciate all they did for him—the planning, the coordinating, the way they made everything perfect. They were the perfect parents, and he knew he should appreciate them more than he did sometimes.

“Speaking of which…” Danny’s mom glanced over at his dad, so Danny follows suit, looking to him. “We were looking at some photos from that party for [name] about a month ago.” His dad cleared his throat. “Well, your glass was empty before everyone else’s in the photos.” Moms eyes widened slightly as she chimed in. “Yes, dear, we did notice that.” Dad nodded. “Not a big deal, but we just wanted to mention it.” Danny felt his jaw clench.

“Oh yeah? What about it?” Danny tested.

Danny’s dad nodded solemnly. “Don’t drink so much son, bad press doesn’t need you looking like an alcoholic now.” Danny felt a bubble form in his chest as his parents chuckled. He forced out a laugh as well, trying to appear nonchalant. “We just want what’s best for you son,” mom said softly.

Danny felt a twinge of guilt and obligation wash over him. He knew his parents only wanted the best for him, but sometimes he felt like they were more interested in controlling every aspect of his life than letting him live it for himself.

“Okay, got it,” he said finally, trying to placate them. But as he left the room, he couldn’t shake the feeling that he was trapped in a never-ending cycle of never ending expectation.

Danny stepped out of his car and onto the driveway, the air a welcome respite from the chaos that was about to ensue. He took a deep breath, mentally preparing himself for the media frenzy that awaited him. As he walked towards the entrance, a cluster of reporters swarmed around him, their cameras and microphones thrust in his face. “Danny, Danny! Can you tell us about your upcoming album?” one of them shouted.

Danny’s eyes scanned the sea of faces, his mind racing for a way to deflect the questions. “I’m just focused on the music right now,” he said vaguely, trying to usher them away. He hated days like this, when the paparazzi seemed to be everywhere. He was used to it, of course - as the golden boy of Hollywood, he was always in the public eye. But it still got old.

But they were relentless. “What’s the real story behind your scandal with Evangeline Astor?” another reporter asked, her voice dripping with salacious curiosity.

Danny’s eyes narrowed, his jaw clenched in frustration. Why did they always have to make such a big deal about that one time? “It’s old news,” he remarked, trying to brush it off, with a fluttering smile. The reporter momentarily got lost in it all. Danny kept moving.

But when one fell two popped up. “We have footage of you saying you hate singing!” another one chimed in. “Can you confirm or deny?” The reporters surged forward, sensing blood in the water. “What do you mean it’s fake?” someone else asked.

But Danny had already had enough. He strode past them, into the up to the yacht. He was done with this day already.

Danny made his way to his assigned seat at the Thanksgiving dinner table, scanning the place settings to make sure he wasn’t sitting next to anyone too awkward or uncomfortable. Just to prepare himself. He spotted the name “Kavi Singh” next to his and raised an eyebrow. He had no idea who that was. He sat down, trying to remember if his parents had ever mentioned someone named Kavi. Danny’s parents usually took care of seating arrangements. Nothing came to mind. He waited for his table mate.

@Caticorn | Kavi
@sunflowerjm | Cam mentioned



prelude with the mrs

Through his open bedroom window, the brisk breeze of autumn rolled into the house, a perfect sample of the environment outside, muted green hills and an early-wintering sunset. On the other side of the clear glass, however, stood Santiago, who had been waiting rather… patiently for Thanksgiving dinner. Patiently as in there was not a fiber in his body that wished to go, and he had even left the window open so that the room would not smell like tobacco when he finished smoking to calm his nerves. He had barely found the energy within himself to prepare for the event, so he needed an additional bit of smoke to actually attend it.

He never expected to be a smoker, but after so many music videos and fake paparazzi pictures holding a cigarette, nicotine had become something like a friend to Santiago. His cigarette for today, though, had been already been put out, so he just enjoyed the breeze as he lifted his collar up. He was going to pick up his tie, but then he saw that on Eva’s vanity was his watch, and he realized he had not put on any of his accessories. With a raised collar, picked up the watch, and then with his eyes he looked on the top of the desk surface for his small chain as he put the watch on. He finished securing the watch, but there was no sight of his chain still. His earrings, he did not have to worry about, as he tried not to take them off because if he did, he might not put them back on again, and his rings he liked to wear mostly for style. With a small sigh, he ducked down to look under the vanity, in the small space between it and the floor.

Ducked down, his very tall, somewhat skinny knees pressed against the hardwood floor, and he tried not to press his cheek too far into it while he examined the area. After his gaze swooshed around once or twice, he saw the chain, and pulled it out with the tips of his fingers, the only thing that would fit through the slot. But behind it, he saw light reflecting off of a small metal ring that he did not usually wear. In fact, he had not worn it in years. It was his wedding band, something he had never gotten around to throwing away because after he divorced, he had still loved her and he did for a long time, as hard as it was to admit.

When he realized what it was, he bit the side of his lip and then got up. It was no matter to him anymore.

He fixed up his collar once more, and then picked up his tie from the vanity surface, wrapping it around his neck. He began to put the folds together, his movements focused and deliberate before he heard high-heel footsteps come into the doorway that made him feel much more at ease.

It was his girlfriend, Evangeline, better known as Eva to the world. She was a very impressive actress, but at first glance you would be more likely to notice that she was a model. She wore a frilly red dress, sexy and playful, like her. Her proportionately skinny, tall frame, and cocoa colored eyes enchanted him. He looked at her eyes first, smiling when she looked at him the way she always did, like she loved him. It was a feeling he did not get from many people, let alone something so special. He looked away for a second, chuckling because he did not know what else to do with his amazement. Three years, and she still made him nervous.

But he pulled himself together, pulling her in by her hands, and tilting his head, talking to her like she was a very cute thing that needed to be handled gently. “What did I ever do to deserve you?” And it was evidently just him musing, but the words were laced together like a genuine question. “Did it hurt when you feel from heaven?” He teased, softly running the back of his hand along her cheek, not thinking much of the line.

He expected her to play along with the joke, saying something like ‘Yeah, it kinda did but I’m fine.’ But instead, she looked at him very matter-of-factly, subtle mischief playing in her expression. She put her hand on his chest to pause him, and then quirked when she noticed that the knot of his tie was not yet fully done. She took matters into her own hands, and tightened the ends herself to finally answer his question, looking back up at him when she finished. “I’m no Angel.”

He laughed, knowing exactly what she meant, referring to the rivalry he had with rapper Saint Scantling. It was refreshing how easily she could make play out of serious drama, he needed that in his life.
“Damn straight you’re not.” A smile brimmed on his lips. “But what are you then?”
She smiled, the mischief not leaving her face as she responded. They exchanged a few words and decided they were ready to leave, but before they could, he eyed her lips, and leaned down to kiss her one last time before the chaos unfolded.

thanksgiving dinner

After they arrived at the scene, cameras flashed in their direction, catching shots of Santiago, Eva, and his sister Sunny by their side; she had joined them not long before leaving. They turned to see what was going on for a brief moment, and the flash of the cameras caused Santiago to squint his eyes. He was already missing home.

On the bright side, a mix of fans and press was better than fans by themselves, because they were much more opinionated. The average citizen had about a 35 percent chance of liking Santiago. His music was streamed by many many people, but a rap song had nowhere near the reputation of his previous movies, and the fans he lost to the status quo. The figure once loved by all of the families of America had become an acquired taste, reserved mostly for young people with loose morals. Anyone outside of that demographic would likely see him and immediately call him a flop, or an abuser, because who needed evidence when you had respect?

“Santi, how do you feel knowing your brother is making another movie after deserting yours?” “Do you think the Paradox Pair will come back?” Asked the paparazzi, but then the fans chimed in, only they weren’t his. “Stay away from Edith Rose! Abuser!” “He’s not even a real rapper, he was a child star!”

Their voices were only echoes, but he heard them clearly, and their words repeated in his mind as he tried to shut them off. He just kept walking, making sure that Eva and Sunny walked in front of him so they wouldn’t hear everything the people were saying about him. He wasn’t fazed, but he knew that he’d be getting called rude in the magazines tomorrow morning.

And it was all Emiliano’s fault. He had disappeared for four years, leading everyone to think he was dead up until a few weeks ago when the trailer came out for his new film. They had all been insane to think that he was truly gone, searching for his body in the woods for so long. They had been even crazier thinking that it was Santiago’s doing, but at least those eyes were no longer on him.

He still remembered watching the video for the first time. He had looked at the TV screen puzzled, sitting on the couch during another depressive episode, wearing boxers and his lazy beard. At first he thought that directors had been using old tapes of him for something short, but it only took a few clips to see how he looked older, different. But even then when he new that Emiliano was fine, he didn’t reach out. There was no reason to talk to someone who so clearly had no interest in speaking to him. The trailer had only been out for weeks, shooting the scenes must have taken much longer, and he never said anything, which meant his avoiding them was purposeful. In Santiago’s mind, Emiliano was still dead.

They passed the flashing lights of the cameras and went up the stairs to board the boat, his dress shoes meeting the metal plates on each step. He reached the top step and walked onto the wooden floor, staring at the decadence of the dinner party scenery. The shine of the decorative lighting was golden, and long tables stretched out across the deck, each with several plates and napkins, forks for salad and steak. Everyone was dressed to the nines, wearing dresses and suits that adhered to the glamorous Beverly dress code. He looked beside him at Eva, and took her hand, Sunny joining beside them as they looked for their place to sit. The night looked gorgeous, blue water reflecting the light of the full moon on the coast. Santiago suggested to lead them to the spot where Winslie sat, a dear friend of all of them, who had only grown closer after her decided widowing. Funny enough, their names were lined up well-enough with the woman, an empty spot whose place card he couldn’t read in front of them. Sunny sat across from the woman, Santiago and Eva beside her. He greeted the woman with a polite nod, and they caught up a bit. He and Eva asked how she was doing, they teased Sunny once again about releasing a new album. For a brief moment, the air felt sweet, the fresh, salty scent of the pacific blending in with the breeze. Until it was not.

“Hope someone saved a seat for me?”

The sound of his voice rattled Santiago’s head, and he immediately knew who was there. Truthfully, he was half-expecting the man to show up at the event. Perhaps he had no time to see his family, but he could always make some for the limelight. It seemed like proof that he had not changed at all, and was still the same egotistical ^sshole that Santiago always knew. He sat down, and Santiago tensed in his seat, his engaged posture reclining back until he felt at ease, as far away as he could get from the man whilst still seated. He raised a limp hand in front of his mouth to cover a laugh, shaking his head, riddled by the disbelief that the man still existed and was standing there before all of them. Anger coiled through his body, but he reminded himself that they were in the most open, public setting possible, so he had to keep his composure for his friends, since he didn’t really care about himself. He was a man of honor, but his brother possessed the ability to tick him off beyond a point of class.

Obviously, he spoke to him as if nothing had happened, and the last time he saw the man was yesterday for brunch; like they were both still married actors whose lives were perfect. He wondered if Emilio knew how much he had ruined his.

They met eyes, and the feeling of the hold was exasperating, like when the shark reaches your face and your body is telling you swing at its nose, debilitate it before it hurts you more than it potentially has, but he couldn’t. There was no room for imprudence when this was your life, so he did what any good man would try.
“Long time,” he said, adding no other words to the sentence. “We’ve got a lot to catch up on, Emilio.” He paused, looking around for some excuse, before giving him a false smile. “Maybe over some drinks, so I’ll go find a waiter. You can join me if you want.”

He pushed back, and got out of his chair, walking to the interior part of the yacht, the wind howled before snapping the door behind him sharply shut. He didn’t want to come off demanding, not in front of his family, but the offer had to stay, even if it just ended in him taking a breather and then relocating.
If Emiliano was a real man, then he would follow him, but knowing him, he could just as easily throw him under the bus and call him dramatic. The only thing he felt guilty for was his knowing that Sunny would be the one to surely follow him, because they were her siblings too. They did not share blood, but she was more family to him than Emilio ever had been.
Inside the boat, he saw a few servants swiftly leaving the room. They sensed that there was something they should not see. His mind would not shut off. Come on.

@Kristi Emiliano
@Caticorn Sunny
@sunflowerjm Eva
@Madilnel Winslie and Saint


Josie looked into the mirror while smoothing her dress down for the 5th time, then she tossed her platinum blonde wavy hair. Josie thought about the predicament she was in now with her album being on hold. She really disliked the fact that Beck put her album on hold and they had gotten into plenty of arguments over it.

“It’s just not ready to go out yet”

She would always say. Now it was time to just play nice in front of potential people, aka the paparazzi, so no one would know her music career was falling apart. She was so happy when Beck moved to Beverly Shores but now, it seemed as if their friendship was becoming worse than ever. “Josie…Come on…” Her Assistant’s voice echoed in the hallway. She sprayed perfume on her neck one more time then tossed her hair again before rushing out of her room, grabbing her bag that was on the chair. She walked down the long winding staircase with Francisco as they rushed out the door to where her friend and producer Beck was standing.

“What took you so long.” Beck asked, scoffing. She began walking to the car. “You were the one who wanted me to go with you.”
Josie rolled her eyes.

“Um, because I was getting ready? You know, because you have to look good for parties?” Josie got into the car, putting her purse in the passenger seat first. Beck got into the backseat and then Francisco started driving. During the drive there, they began talking about the party again, but they could still feel the underlying tension.

The car stopped and Josie pulled her makeup mirror out of her bag and took out her lipstick, adding more pink to her already glossy lips.

“Well, let’s get this show on the road.”

“I wonder how many people are there right now. Probably so many since we’re almost late.” Francisco said, squinting towards the house.

“Yes, fashionably late.” Josie smirked and began laughing with Francisco. She suddenly felt a hand grabbing her makeup and mirror. “Hey…”
“Let’s gooo…You already put your makeup on.” Beck said, still holding her things. She finally gave her makeup back to her.

They got out of the car and began walking into the yacht party. Josie tried to avoid the paparazzi as much as she could by hiding her face, but they were still swarming like fleas. Once they were in the party, she made sure to switch as much as possible while passing by the affluent partygoers, saying hi to some people she knew and having a huge smile on her face. Suddenly she saw the sight of a tall, red - haired woman in the corner of her eyes…Aisling. Josie pretended not to see her, instead paying attention to another person she knew.

After a while of hugging random members she picked up a glass of wine and stood by the bar with Francisco and Beck. Suddenly, Beck grabbed her arm. “Josie… oh my gosh. You’re not going to guess who’s over there.” Her smile seemed a mix of mischievous and shocked which made Josie immediately look over there. It was the actor Emiliano. He was just casually sitting on the couch. “Haha oh my gosh that’s hilarious. Where did he come from.” Josie and Beck started laughing while Francisco asked what was going on.


@Kristi Emiliano mentioned
@Caticorn Aisling mentioned



Beck stood at the bar with both Josie and her assistant Francisco. Drinking a Martini. She scanned the room for some people to talk to and then went up to a random guy she knew. A couple of days ago, Beck had just arrived in Beverly Shores, all of her suitcases packed right at the doorstep of her new home. It was a warm and sunny day filled with new possibilities. Beverly Shores was a change of pace. It was a place she always visited when helping Josie Montana produce music, so she figured why not, especially since the move could help her figure out what was going on in Josie’s career.
“It’s going to be great.” She said, “You’re going to just love it here.”

While Josie was right, she definitely wasn’t right about how much they would get along or how much time they would spend together. Their “creative differences” got in the way. That was all Beck could say to not hurt Josie’s feelings but she really didn’t want to release that album.

Even if their friendship was on the brink of destruction.

Josie’s ideas were really making her music sound worse. While she understood that her music career wasn’t “serious” it was starting to become too much of a joke.

Beck started heading to the bathroom with a flirty smile on her face, still eyeing the guy. Walking down the hallway with the Martini, she felt someone bump into her as she turned the corner.





Shaun, dressed in his finest attire, stepped up to the dock, his eyes scanning the gathered crowd of paparazzi with a hint of amusement. He knew they would be waiting for him, eager to catch a glimpse of the former Hollywood heartthrob.

One of them, a particularly persistent journalist, called out, “Shaun, what’s next for you? Are we going to see you back on the big screen?” Shaun flashed his famous smile, and his eyes crinkled at the corners. “At this stage, no, but never say never,” he replied with a chuckle. “I’m taking my time to focus on my management company and nurturing some incredible new talent. You’ll have to keep an eye out for some exciting names in the future.”

As he made his way through the crowd, he nodded to several acquaintances and fans, signing autographs and exchanging pleasantries. Shaun made his way onto the yacht. As he made his way through the throng of guests, he noticed a stunning blonde standing by the bar, sipping a glass of champagne. Her long hair cascaded down her back like a golden waterfall, and her bright blue eyes sparkled as she laughed at something one of her friends was saying. He noted the friend as Beck, another big name in the industry. He waited for her to leave first, as not to interrupt.

“Josie! Is that you looking as stunning as ever?” Shaun asked, his voice low and smooth as he offered her a charming smile. He looked over at Francisco who was probably very annoyed with how much Shaun flirted with Josie at any given moment and offered him a small nod, “Francisco.” He said by way of greeting.

@Kbail | Josie
Mentions | Beck & Francisco


Josie looked at Shaun, the actor who just walked up and started talking. There was some silence after his words but Josie snorted and started laughing with Francisco. She had seen Shaun a couple of times around and had even heard of a couple of his movies. She just remembered him flirting with her whenever she was around. She continued laughing and turned her head, hiding her face with her hair. When she was done she looked at him again, not being able to hide the tears welling up in her eyes. “Um…Sweetheart…I’m married.” She held up her hand and wiggled her fingers. “…but thanks.” Her smile was riddled with mischief as she continued drinking her drink looking him up and down. She noticed that he looked like someone Beck would like, which was not her type at all. His goofy smile never sealed the deal for her personally. Francisco let out a low chuckle “Yeah she’s taken honey, sorry.” Francisco had heard all about Shaun from Josie telling him how a famous actor keeps hitting on her, and that she’s never been interested. Sometimes they would laugh about it in their late calls.

@Tina.G Shaun



Shaun’s eyes sparkled with amusement as Josie’s laughter echoed through the air. He chuckled, unfazed by her initial response, and took a step closer to her. Sat next to her at the bar. “Oh? I don’t see him,” he said with a wink, his voice low and playful.

“Yeah she’s taken honey, sorry.” Said Francisco, and Shaun shrugged. He leaned in, his body language unmistakable as he continued, “Besides, I think you’re worth a little rebellion, don’t you?” He paused, his gaze locked on hers, his eyes crinkling at the corners. “After all, marriage is just a piece of paper, and I’m a man who loves a good challenge.” He waited. One Mississippi. Two Mississippi. Three… Shaun’s expression softened. “I’m sorry, Josie,” he said, his voice low and sincere. “I didn’t mean to intrude. You’re right, you are married.” He paused, looking at her hand in front of him. “And I respect that.”

But as he looked into her eyes again, Shaun couldn’t help but add, “That doesn’t mean I’m not going to try to make you blush again sometime soon.” His wink was unmistakable, he twinkled his fingers like Josie had but this time at Francisco. “So how’s your album doing, hun?”

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Winslie had gotten the invite months ago for the Thanksgiving yacht party. In all honesty, she didn’t really want to attend. It wasn’t that she didn’t like dressing up and going to parties; no, she just recently had been feeling a bit like an outsider again. This had happened before. It came and went, sometimes lingering longer than others.

She looked at the elegant invitation, gold-embossed and wrapped in a satin ribbon, sitting on her coffee table. The thought of mingling with Hollywood’s elite, with their effortless charm and perfect smiles, made her feel uneasy. Winslie had always been friendly and outgoing, but recently, a sense of not quite belonging had crept back into her life. It was as if she was watching her own life from the sidelines, unable to fully participate.

Her phone buzzed with a message from a friend, reminding her about the party and asking if she needed a ride. Winslie sighed and typed a quick reply, confirming she’d be there. She knew she’d have fun once she was there, but the idea of attending felt like climbing a mountain. She couldn’t shake the feeling that no matter how far she’d come, the small-town girl from Santa Monica was still inside her, sometimes overshadowing the rising star she had become.

Her team was here now, doing her hair and makeup. The usual team. They had been working with her for some time now and always did a wonderful job. As they fussed over her hair and applied the finishing touches to her makeup, she tried to push away the feelings of unease.

“You’re going to look amazing,” her stylist said, offering a reassuring smile. Winslie returned the smile, grateful for their support. She knew they could make her look the part, but fitting in was a different story.

Especially in the last few years, everything had seemed to happen so fast. Her rise to fame was swift—winning awards, making a name for herself, and even getting married quickly. It all felt almost too easy. But then it all fell apart for a while when Em disappeared. During that time, she didn’t know how to feel. Part of her felt a little lost since he was all she knew here. Yet, another part of her felt a sense of freedom, as if she was rediscovering herself without the shadow of his presence.

As her team continued to work, Winslie’s thoughts drifted between the past and the present, trying to find balance amid the chaos of her emotions.

Her outfit was hanging, and she slipped into the bathroom to change. It was all Ralph Lauren, her purse included. She had been dressed by him many times for events and always loved the work. The fabric was soft against her lotioned skin, the purse made of the finest leather.

The outfit she wore tonight was somewhat modest but still elegant and sexy. She had a cropped polo that matched the long red skirt, tight against her midriff and showing off her toned stomach. Good jewelry was matched, with earrings and rings that complemented her look perfectly.

As she admired herself in the mirror, Winslie couldn’t help but feel a mix of anticipation and anxiety about the night ahead. Despite her doubts, she knew she looked stunning, and that gave her a small boost of confidence.

Sticking her phone, lip liner, and lipstick into her bag in case she needed a touch-up, Winslie headed outside to meet her friend waiting in the car. The black Range Rover sat in her driveway, the driver stepping out to open her door. She gave him a smile and a soft thank you as she got in, carefully pulling the end of her dress with her to avoid catching it in the door.

When in the car, her smile became more relaxed, and she leaned into her friend, her hands instinctively wrapping around their forearm. She leaned in for a second to rest her head on their shoulder, taking in their warm, woody scent with a hint of sweetness. “Thank you for picking me up. The night is already off to a good start, I guess,” she said softly.

It wasn’t a long drive, well, long for LA, to get to the marina and then the yacht. Paparazzi were hard at work, asking questions, getting quotes, and taking pictures as fast as they could. The flashbulbs went off in rapid succession as Winslie stepped out of the car, her friend by her side. She took a deep breath, smiled for the cameras, and made her way toward the yacht, feeling a mix of excitement and nerves.

Everyone knew they were friends, and it was comforting to have her neighbor by her side. But they were separated for a while as Winslie turned to smile for the cameras. She put on her best red carpet smile, posing gracefully as the paparazzi called out her name.

"Did you enjoy diving into the fantasy genre for Enchantress?"

Winslie smiled warmly, reflecting on her experience. A
“Absolutely! It was so much fun to feel like I was a part of a different world. The costumes, the sets, the special effects, it all transported me to a magical realm that was both exhilarating and enchanting.”

The movie Enchantress only just came out not too long ago and did very well at the box office. Winslie had dyed her hair briefly purple for the role, and even went dark for a while afterward before returning to her blonde hair that everyone expected from herr

“How are you feeling after Emilio’s reappearance?”
everyone is so thrilled.

What’s your secret to staying grounded?

Good friends for sure! Which I would love to go see and enjoy sometime with now. Thanks, have a lovely night. win answered with a little wave of her fingers.

She soon found her friend again and let her eyes find his. I don’t think that will ever get easy,” she admitted softly.

As they walked in to find their seats, Winslie smiled as her small request to the event coordinators, which her assistant had worked on making happen, had indeed come to happen. Next to her seat at the table was her friend’s seat.

“I made a special request for tonight. Took a lot of batting my eyes and saying please!” she joked. Soon, others joined them at the table, people she had found comfort in over the last few years. She considered these individuals her closest allies and family.

She took a drink of her already filled water glass and almost choked when Emilio sat down and started talking to Santiago. She subtly moved slightly away from her friend seated next to her and straightened her posture, avoiding meeting his eyes. She had to appear nonchalant now, not giving away her actual thoughts in this moment about him.

Santiago stood up to get a drink, and Winslie hoped Emilio would follow suit. Turning her head to her friend, she asked, So tell me, did the twins wish they could come tonight?” She had gotten to know his family well since they have been neighbors for quite some time. She attempted to make small talk, pushing all her feelings deep down.
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Evangeline had a busy day before tonight’s Thanksgiving party. Fittings and rehearsals for upcoming fashion shows continued even on party nights. Not a day of rest for her.

As she was finally free to head out, it was almost time for the party. Once she got home, the first thing she did was hop in the shower. She was glad she didn’t have to worry about rushing to get her makeup or hair done because, once she was out of the shower, someone was already waiting to take care of it.

After finally getting ready, she went to check on her boyfriend, Santiago. It was still such a crazy word for her to say: boyfriend. Eva was never the type to fully commit to someone, let alone be in a relationship, but something about Santi made her feel secure. If it weren’t for him, she would be lost in this world that he seemed to know so well. In a way, she always felt like she owed him for always protecting her. After their playful chatter, she made Santi aware of the time, letting him know it was time to leave for the party. Eva enjoyed parties; it was not uncommon for her to be at one, even in her younger years.

As expected, when they arrived at the entrance of the yacht, paparazzi surrounded them. Eva immediately turned to see if Christian, her bodyguard, was close to them, and without fail, he was already in position, as always. Catching his eye, she gave him a small smile before turning her attention back to what stood in front of her. Paparazzi: just a bunch of fools trying to get every scoop on a person they hardly know, always twisting things their own way. Eva despised paparazzi, always letting them know how she felt, which is why she tended to make the front pages of gossip magazines. But tonight, she promised her manager, Aisling, that she would try her best to be on her best behavior, especially with rumors already circulating about her and the well-known singer, Danny Gray. His parents were already wanting to cancel her for showing their perfect little star boy a good time—not in that way.

“Eva! Eva! Over here! Oh, you know you love us, smile for once, dear!”

“Is it true that you are trying to bring down one of the greatest singers just for your convenience?”
“I wouldn’t doubt it. I mean, she is not Miss Innocent after all.”

“How does it feel to be with an abuser, Eva? Does he make you stay quiet?”

Everything they had to say was just a blur for her. It was something she heard every single day of her career. So no, she did not care, but as soon as they mentioned Santi, she could not contain her silence anymore.

”Oh, how about you f^ck off,”she said as she extended her middle finger at one of them. Well, there goes her attempt at being on her best behavior.

Eva was glad when they finally got on the yacht. All she could think about was getting herself a drink, but she knew she had to wait, so she followed as Santi led them to their section. She immediately began talking to Sunny, a dear friend of hers, but the conversation was cut short as she heard a familiar voice. A voice she had not heard in such a long, long time. It was like a movie as she felt everything around her freeze as she slowly turned to look at the source of the familiar voice. Emiliano De La Cruz, oh how she hated that name. Before she could gather her thoughts, she heard Santi break the silence, and she quietly sighed as she avoided eye contact. Eva could not tell if he had recognized her at all, but she hoped he did not.

As Santi got up from his seat and suggested that his brother follow him, she did not wait for any of the siblings to get up. She excused herself quickly from the scene. Eva made sure to create some distance from them as she walked toward the side of the yacht to catch her breath.

⋆。˚⭒ ⋆ 𐙚 ⋆⭒˚。⋆

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Isla had moved to Beverly Shores two weeks ago and still felt like she didn’t fit in. She still felt like something was missing within her. Something that a woman named Isabella had given her, but whatever she gave her had been gone for a while for almost 4 months. Still, it was missing and she wanted it back. She wanted Isabella back. When she first moved to Beverly Shores it was supposed to be a fresh start. Living in a safe gated community seemed promising. But really deep down it was because she wanted to be closer to… Her. She missed the way her silky dark hair would slip between her fingers, the way that she would speak to her in encouraging words. The way that she was always there for her, but they didn’t end well. She still remembered wanting to speak to her and how she needed space. And that was the last time they had talked. She didn’t even know Isla had moved to Beverly Shores.

After being in Beverly shores for a couple of days her mindset started to change a little and a lot of things happened. She was able to get closer to her estranged uncle Blake since he lived in Beverly shores too and now they had a great relationship. She was also able to find another celebrity to bodyguard instead of just being Josie Montana’s. She still remembered the sight of Celeste Wallace. The mansion door slowly opened and the sight of her smile as she greeted her instantly lit up her features. Her light blue eyes and Raven black hair instantly captivated her. Isla had seen the famous Celeste Wallace in a few movies but had never really paid attention. Seeing her in person was…different. She still remembers looking around her luxurious house and seeing a picture of her husband posing with her in a frame. The bodyguard interview went well and she surprisingly wasn’t nervous at all. Just in awe. At her beauty yet humble and friendly demeanor. Over the next few days her mind would land on Celeste and she would feel an unexplainable feeling she had never really felt. Tonight was the night Isla would officially start being Celeste Wallace’s bodyguard, and she was nervous. She felt like a shy high school girl which wasn’t usual.

Throughout the time of getting to the yacht party, she tried not to stare at Celeste but dang was it hard. When Isla and the Wallace’s finally arrived in the yacht she was able to branch off a little and mingle. She felt like she could breathe but wondered why she was this affected by Celeste. She shook her head and stood against the wall, drinking a lime daiquiri. She closed her eyes for a bit but when she opened them, she saw Isabella standing there. Her eyes widened and she swallowed even more.

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“…Gordon Ramsey, the way I be cooking this btches up” -Real Shit, Dasin Mami, on album Season Weed

Everyone knows that it is not easy to make it big in the entertainment industry—in fact, most people do not—but Silas Pierce Murray was not most people. With four Grammy nominations, winning the VMA’s New Artist award before she ever truly made it big, countless accolades for her sophomore album, and becoming rich enough to live in Beverly Shores, Silas had undoubtedly made her mark.

And Silas was going to enjoy that mark and enjoy Beverly Shores.

“How does it feel to be celebrating Thanksgiving here in Beverly Shores, on such a beautiful yacht?” That was the question the interviewer- Jake Thomas from the local celebrity magazine had asked to her, as she approached the yacht.

“I feel rich as f*ck” Silas had laughed, “Still can’t believe it, sometimes I be feeling like i’m still dreaming.” She let out a laugh.

The Thanksgiving Yacht party had been just like Silas expected- fancy ASF. With butlers all around, refilling their water 24/7 even if it had only been drank to the halfway point. The decor was nothing short of extravagant, with shimmering lights reflecting off the pristine waters of the marina and lush floral arrangements adorning every available surface. The appetizer for Silas was a Smoked Salmon Canapés and an onion soup, and as soon as she was about to take a bite of the Smoked Salmon, a voice-one that had a strange effect on all all of the people in the room- appeared.

“Jesus has risen,” Silas muttered, putting down her fork in amusement as she stared at no other than Emiliano De La Cruz- the lost actor that was ‘found’ two weeks ago when he dropped the trailer and not going to lie- Silas had thought the trailer was fake. No, she didn’t think Emilio was dead, or that he was cloned in Mexico or was it Peru? The stories about him where too confusing to keep up, but she still did not quite buy the trailer and that Emilio had return, because if he had truly return then why didn’t he come to Beverly Shores first? Like ok, Silas doesn’t know shxt about Emilio except from what she had heard from the media and from people in Beverly Shores- but ain’t Emilio got a wife? The one he just sat right next to? Then again this hollywood so probably trouble in paradise? Eh, either ways this shxt was not her business- entertaining yes, but not her business.

So she slouched back into her chair, turning to the person next to her and said, “'You think anything anything interesting going to happen?”

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Josie rolled her eyes at Shaun and looked the other way once he leaned into her. She didn’t really want to talk to him but after some thought she realized that it would be interesting to see what he had to say. And what he said next made Francisco let out an “omg” gasp and laugh. He then turned the other way talking to the bartender. She laughed as well at his words, somewhat flattered by his persistent but nevertheless turned off. Marriage was just a piece of paper, sure. “Marriage isn’t just a piece of paper hon. It shows that someone values you and truly wants to spend their life with you and, you know, give you things like this.” She held up her hand again showing off her ring. “Would you be able to even do that for me?” She sipped her drink, glancing at a couple on the other side of the bar, unimpressed. “How many movies have you been in this year sweetheart.” She heard his question about her music which seemed like a subtle dig. She laughed a little. “Um… my music career Is going just fine. I’m just wondering about your acting career.”

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It’s been a long day without you, my friend
And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again

Dejay had never been one for big events in Beverly Shores such as Beverly Shores annual’s thanksgiving. Most parties in Beverly Shores were the same for him- a place where the rich will mingle, and for him to be on the watch out- looking for any possible attacks, mistakes or perhaps enjoying a good talk with his friends, while he spent his time wondering how his daughter was handling things at home without him. If not for the fact that he was Emiliano’s bodyguard, then he would never really go to most events at Beverly Shores. See, Dejay, says that, but even when Emi was gone for about almost 5 years, he had still gone to those events, but that again, had been not out of his own true choice but because his daughter would ask him to go and bring something for him or because he wanted to have a nice chat with his friends and pretend everything was normal- pretend that Emiliano was not gone to God no where, without telling him he was leaving, or calling him to tell him where he was at and that Wylan- that Wylan was also not so far away- leaving the ‘golden squad’ as they used to be called to just Cameroon and him.

It was strange really, how when Wylan left, Emiliano followed suit but see the difference was that Dejay knew where Wylan was, but he had no idea where Emiliano was for all of this years, not even a clue and for years- Dejay had accepted his worst of fears, ‘Emiliano De La Cruz was dead’ , dead just after his uncle had died. He didn’t want to believe it, in fact, he tried every other possibility for why Emilio might be missing-kidnapped possible- but then why was there no call for Ransom? Maybe he was in jail- but Emi would never do anything to land him in jail and besides, he could be easily bailed out, perhaps he was lost in a different country and he didn’t speak the language and had no money with him? Possible, could be that, he hoped it was that and Emilio would someday come back to them.

When Dejay had said that he hoped Emi would someday come back to them, he had meant straight- straight back to them, instead of apparently planning out a movie first, he was going to be starring in a f*cking movie and he was apparently living in hotels now instead of Beverly Shores. Something that Dejay could not truly believe, he thought it was a joke, Emilio could not truly be back, he would have told him of his return, he would have come to Beverly Shores first- talk to his moms and siblings, talk to Cameron, talk to him but he didn’t and because of that, Dejay chose to ignore the ‘return of Emilio’ it was’t until he had gotten the text at 11 am in the morning to, ‘I met up with Wylan, come’ than Dejay fully accepted Emiliano De La Cruz was back.

He didn’t know what to do at first when he saw Emiliano again, he didn’t know whether to go and hug him, freeze in the spot or sigh. Most people in his position would perhaps be angry, but Dejay had never truly learnt the meaning of anger- he couldn’t be angry for too long, especially not at Emilio who looked guilty, so he went with his first choice, hugging Emiliano.

“How’s my godaughter been,” Emiliano had asked on the ride back to his hotel.

“Dara is at home now,” Dejay replied, “She’s been well, she missed you, you know, we all did.” Emilio had not said anything for a while, and Dejay knew not to push, he didn’t try to get the answers out of Emilio, because he knew Emilio well enough to know that he will tell him soon- he will tell him the whole truth, and maybe Dejay would forgive him- or maybe he won’t, but there would still be the same ol Emilio and Dejay, nothing new, nothing different- he hoped. 4 years was a lot of time, 4 freaking years, Emilio was bound to not be the same.

“Dara is turning 16 soon isn’t she?” Emilio asked breaking the silence. “I’ll throw her a sweet 16 party.”

"You don’t have to

"Did you forget she’s my goddaughter? Emilio had replied with a smile, “It’s what I have to do, besides I missed my favorite goddaughter. How’s life going for the kid?” Dejay smiled at that.

“She’s been well, she started dating, she’s dating a Wallace kid.”


“Claudia’s son, Orlando Wallace,”

It’s been a month since then, and it Emilio had told him he was coming back to Beverly Shores and he should come pick him up for the Thanksgiving feast and Dejay did, driving his daughter to his sister’s house first then going straight to Emilio’s hotel to pick him up.

They had arrived late, but Emilio didn’t seem to mind, and Dejay knew he was perhaps going to make a big grand entrance, as usual.

“Interesting,” Emilio had said .

“What is?” Dejay asked.

“Being back,” With that, Emilio had asked Dejay to go sit down. He was perhaps planning what to do, how to make his entrance, and Dejay was a little tensed about this, because things were not like before, there where new people now, people who didn’t understand hat his sudden reappearance might mean for Beverly Shores and even Dejay, who has been here for 13 years did not know. How was Beverly Shores going to be now with the return of their ‘golden boy’ as Emilio was crowned by the media. He took a deep breath, adjusting his tie and scanning the room. The familiar faces of the old guard were there, but so were many new ones, people who had come into prominence during the years of Emiliano’s absence.

Dejay found a seat near the back, where he could observe without drawing too much attention. His eyes flickered to the corner where Emilio hid and was not yet noticed, and as he took a sip of his water, Emilio made his grand entrance and obviously people where shocked. It was a long pregnant silence, before Emilio decided to break it again by talking to his siblings and Dejay sigh.

“Perhaps you shouldn’t have done this Emilio,” Dejay muttered to no one in particular as he took a sip of his water.

He waited to see what Emilio would do next, would he follow Santi like instructed or not? He was busy wondering the next move of Emiliano that he did not notice when Marco Manzo sat next to him. It wasn’t until he noticed the sound of someone’s fork falling under the table, and he had bent down to pick it, cleaning it with the wipes that were neatly placed on the table, turning to the person with a, “Here, It’s clean now” That he noticed it was Marco whose fork had fallen.

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“Would you be able to even do that for me?” Shaun smiled. He swallowed. “Of course,” he said. His voice was smooth, but his eyes darted away, betraying a flicker of discomfort. He cleared his throat, trying to regain his confident tone. “I mean, I’m a man of means, Josie.” His gaze drifted back to hers, his eyes lingering on the diamond ring before snapping back to her face. “But I suppose it’s not just about material things, is it?” He paused, his expression thoughtful. “I’m willing to bet that you didn’t marry him for the bling alone.” His smile was charming, but it didn’t quite reach his eyes.

“How many movies have you been in this year sweetheart.” Shaun chuckled and leaned back in his chair, unfazed by her blunt response. “Ah, none, hun.” He leaned back in his chair, his body language becoming more relaxed, more natural. “I’ve been keeping busy behind the scenes, as you know. Managing some amazing talent, and loving every minute of it.” He paused, his gaze drifting away from hers, as if collecting his thoughts. “But I do miss the spotlight, I won’t lie. It’s a thrill like no other, being on set, bringing characters to life… But I’ve found a new passion in management. It’s a different kind of challenge, but one that I’m excited to take on. It’s new. It’s exhilarating, honestly.” Shaun turned his attention back to her, his eyes locking onto hers once more. He smiled proudly, his eyes sparkling with enthusiasm. He paused for a moment, taking a sip of his own drink. “But hey, I’m not one to dwell on the past. I’m excited about what the future holds, and I’m confident that my decisions have been the right ones for me. Even if it means I don’t get to be in front of the camera as much anymore.”

But Shaun’s expression turned curious, and he leaned back in his chair, his eyes narrowing slightly as he sensed that something was off. “Ah, come on Josie, don’t be like that,” he said, his voice light and teasing. “I know you’re stalling. What’s going on with the album? Is it not going as well as you hoped?” He pushed a bit more, his tone gentle but probing.

He leaned forward again, his eyes locked onto hers, trying to read her expression. “I’ve heard rumors that the release date got pushed back again. Is there something going on that I should know about? Is everything okay? I… I have connections in the industry if someone’s needs a little… push.” His concern was genuine, and he genuinely wanted to know what was going on with her music, as a friend.

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Kavi looked in the mirror as he finished tidying up his hairstyle, his long hair in a half-up style which almost completely covered the processors of his cochlear implants. He had eliminated most of his insecurities surrounding his implants when he was in college but at events like this, where he wasn’t sure if he would know everyone in attendance, he preferred to not have them be the first thing people noticed about him. He had spent enough of his life being judged for his disability would much rather be judged for his work.

Satisfied with his appearance, he left his house, greeting his housekeeper on the way out. Despite his insistence that he didn’t need one, his sister had hired her for him and she was so sweet that he knew he would feel bad if he let her go. He entered the car that was waiting for him at the end of his driveway, handing his driver the invitation with the address. As the car neared the destination, he could see the swarm of paparazzi waiting to harass the guests as they arrived for the event. He didn’t consider himself worth their attention but just as a precaution, he took off his processors and put them in his pocket. He wouldn’t be able to hear their questions coherently anyways so he figured he would save himself the trouble of dealing with the overstimulation.

As he exited the vehicle, he shielded his eyes from the camera flashes but he made sure to give the paparazzi a quick acknowledgment as he boarded the ship. Once he was safely on board, he put his processors back on. He scanned his surroundings as he approached the table, looking for his assigned seat. When he found the place with his name, there was already someone who looked to be around his age sitting in the seat next to him. He seemed nice enough and so Kavi waved at him as he sat down. He looked over at the name card in front of his neighbour. “Danny Gray?” He asked, making sure that was actually who was sitting next to him. “Kavi Singh, pleasure to meet you.” He introduced himself, offering the man his hand.

· · ────── ·𖥸· ────── · ·

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Isabella had been looking forward to the Thanksgiving Yacht Party. She couldn’t wait to mingle, drink and have a good time. She did truly love the events here in Beverly Shores. Isabella has been living in Beverly Shores for two years now. It has been eventful to say the least. Rowan, her manger helped her pick out the perfect outfit for this event. She knew he was around here somewhere. Isabella met Rowan one year before moving into Beverly Shores. She still couldn’t believe how many managers she had been through in her career. However, she has been acting since she was six years old. So, at the same time, it wasn’t a big surprise to her. Her last manager just wasn’t doing their job right she felt. She thought about everything that had happened over the last few years as she got dressed for the party. She was happy she had Rowan to help her pick out her outfit out of the three she was thinking about. She knew he wouldn’t steer her wrong.

She slipped on her dress after doing her hair. She of course had to have the perfect shoes and accessories for her dress. She was so excited to be looking good today, or she hoped she looked good at least. She put on her shoes. Then she added her accessories. She then left to go to the party. She had stepped onto the yacht not fully knowing what to expect. She did really like the vibe though when she stepped on. She decided to go to the bar first and get a drink. Along the way she said some polite hellos and gave some handshakes. She was sipping her drink when she saw her. She saw her ex leaning against the wall. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She felt like Isla was stalking her or something. She marched over to her. Isla had her eyes closed. So, Isabella stood there and waited for her to open them. Isabella held back a chuckle when Isla’s eyes widened, and she swallowed hard. Isabella had a huge smirk on her face when she spoke. “Well, hello there Isla. What brings you to my side of town?” She said kind of in a cocky way. They hadn’t seen each other or spoken since the breakup.

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Lucy and her husband Steve just moved to Beverly shores with their four kids not long ago. Luckily the kids couldn’t come to the Thanksgiving Yacht Party. She was excited to have a day and evening away from them. Steve even stayed at home with the kids so Lucy could enjoy herself. It seemed like it took her forever to get ready, but she had to have everything perfect. She did her hair. She checked her makeup. She put on her dress. She than put on her accessories. She checked herself in the mirror to make sure everything was perfect. She then sat on the bench at the foot of her bed to put on her shoes. She put them on. She stood up and kissed her husband bye before telling the kids bye as well. She then stepped out the door. She closed it behind her, and she left for the party.

She arrived at the Yacht. She was so excited for this. She stepped onto the Yacht and felt the atmosphere. It was lively and fun. As she made her way further on the yacht, she said some hellos and flashed a smile a many of faces. She didn’t know too many people yet. However, she did know a few since she has lived in L.A for eighteen years now. She decided she needed a drink. So, she walked over to the bar. There she found Blake. She had known him a little. She flashed her award-winning smile. “Well hello stranger.” She smiled at him as she ordered her drink. “So how have you been? I feel I haven’t seen you since I moved in here.” She giggled as she took her drink from the bartender.

@Kbail Blake



2 hours before the party

Blake stepped out of the limo with his manager in tow. Sometimes at events like this with affluent attendees, the event would offer stylists to prepare for the party. Well, after choosing an outfit and getting dressed, Blake walked down the long hallway with his manager at his side showing him where to go. His manager told him that he needed to try on some outfits and to get his hair spruced up since it was looking more and more frizzy lately. Blake just said oh what the hell, let’s do it. As soon as he opened the white door, he saw a stylist standing there and Blake immediately greeted him by extending his hand, wearing a huge smile on his face. “Hello, my name’s Blake Palamo.” The stylist wore a red outfit that revealed his chest which was covered in tattoos. His eyes had a mysterious darkness to them from the dark eyeliner. Blake took in the way he looked but made sure to remain professional, trying not to have his eyes trail down too much. Instead, he held his friendly smile.

Once they finished greeting each other, Blake sat down in the chair facing the mirror. Their eyes met each other’s.

Time skip to the party.

Blake posed for some pictures outside and started answering some of the paparazzi’s questions. Some were good, some were bad and some were just a way to start controversy. “Is it true that your sexuality is more of a marketing ploy?” That was the one question Blake physically cringed at but he still walked off with a smile.

The glitz and glamor of the party was unmatched. There were nice sparkly jewelry, dresses dripped in diamonds,and suits covered in white. Everyone was dressed to the nines and the yacht was supremely decorated as well. Blake ran his fingers through his hair, which reminded him of the tingles from the stylist’s fingers on his scalp. Marco. That was his name. He would remember that. His flirty smile and the way their eyes met in the mirror he couldn’t stop thinking about. It made him want more.

Blake somehow left his thoughts behind and enjoyed the party. His loud laugh boomed through the room, probably shaking and breaking some glasses. A few more winks and smiles here and there, He ended up walking to the bar, sitting down to get a drink before seating began.

“Well hello stranger.”

Blake looked up from his whisky on ice beverage and smiled, his eyes twinkling. It was Lucy. “Well hello to you too.” He had known Lucy from listening to some of her country music. He did an Instagram live where he played one of her songs and sang to it in an exaggerated way. Since then, they had gotten along and he even met her husband before, but it was true that they hadn’t seen each other in a while.

“I’ve been doing well actually, I just finished filming a movie so life has been pretty chill for me I would say. How has you music career been going? Tattooed freak.” He playfully pushed her arm, letting out a hearty low laugh.

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Tommy has been living in L.A for a while now. He has been in Beverly Shores for now for six years. He loved living here. All the events. Not to mention his clients and possible clients. He was so ready to go mingle and see everyone. He couldn’t wait to see who all shows up. He kind of wondered if any secrets would come out at this party. It always seemed that a secret of someone came out at these events. He knew drama usually happens at parties and events. He did love him some good drama. He took a shower and put on some deodorant. Then he got dressed. Once he was dressed, he left for the party.

He arrived at the yacht and smiled. He was hoping to see people he knew. He really hated showing up alone. However, the only person he would want to show up on his arm well she didn’t know he existed. Well technically she knew he existed, but that wasn’t what their relationship was about. He knew his feelings for her were one sided. He couldn’t help but think of her, her long brown hair, her beautiful brown eyes and her kissable lips. He froze at the entrance as he thought of her and how bad he wishes things were different with them. He worked close with her though. So, he knew they shouldn’t date even if she was interested. He shook his head and came back to reality then stepped onto the yacht and welcomed people by saying how are you or nodding at them as he walked.

He knew he would probably run into his ex-here. he was kind of hoping not to, but at the same time he knew it was inevitable since his ex has lived in Beverly Shores for nine years now. He went and got a drink from the bar before finding a seat. He sat down and sipped his drink as he waited to see who would come and talk with him. He smiled as he drank.

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