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The vacation of a lifetime, a three week transpacific cruise from Seattle, Washington in the United States to Sydney, Australia. Some saved up to pay for a luxurious vacation, others won free tickets, and then there were those who worked on the cruise. Nobody expected anything to go wrong. Who could have expected a sudden storm to push the ship off course, let alone for the ship to sink. With many passengers lost to the sea, some survived, stranded with no way to get home. With no way to call for help, or even knowing where they are, the castaways have to find a way to survive together for as long as it takes for them to be found. However in an unknown environment anything, or anyone, could be hidden in the shadows.

In this RP the characters will all have been on the ship and are now stranded on an unknown island. They will have to work together to survive whatever dangers there may be. Whether they get along or not, they are all anyone has.

I will watch through the RP, noting everything the characters do, even things like when/how they eat and drink water. I want to keep things realistic. Their primary focus is to survive and they will want to be rescued, but that doesn’t mean they can’t explore and see what mysteries the island holds.

  • Characters will be injured, and may be killed, please understand that when you sign up. If something happens, respect my decision and my RP. You can pm me and we can discuss the issue like civilized individuals.
  • Drama in the RP is perfectly fine, just no drama or fights with your fellow RPers outside of the RP.
  • Keep things realistic! Want your character to be an expert in something, explain it in their bio! I’ll let you do a lot, as long as you can give a realistic explanation or logical reasoning.
  • Stay true to your character. Think about how they would actually act in their situation.
  • Characters can be any age, just being extremely young or old can make things harder for the character though.
  • No Text speech unless it is something the character has written for example and it is supposed to be that way. (Type the actual words. ex. Use “you” instead of “u”)
  • If your character is searching for something, or something happens, such as a character getting hurt, Tag me.
  • Posts Must be no less than 6 full sentences.

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It was late afternoon, and the storm clouds had finally dissipated. Wreckage was visible from all along the beach. For some, the previous events were in perfect clarity, while for others, everything was in a haze. A few could even see the remains of their ship in the distance. None of them expected the sudden storm, there was no way to know. Everyone who had made it to dry land was exhausted and hurt, but they were the lucky ones. Many either didn’t make it off of the ship, or drowned without reaching land. Even among the lucky ones, a few were less fortunate than the rest. It was up to everyone to try and survive, and the only way they had a chance was to work together.

Everyone has some scratches and bruises, but a few have additional injuries. Even if I haven’t specified you can feel free to add more injuries to your character, just let me know.

The characters are concentrated towards two areas. They aren’t too far away from each other but the groups will have to look to find each other.

Group A

Crystal W.

Group B

Crystal B.


Group A:
Briar - Broken arm
Charles - Gash on his side and a second deep gash on his leg
Adella - twisted ankle
Group B:
Kailani - Significant injuries (you’ll find out more when she’s found)
Princeton - unconscious needs CPR
Christopher - sprained wrist
Lila - gash on arm
Ivani - Listed Here
Aaro - bleeding scrape on forehead and concussion

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Isabelle Corado

Thank god, I’m okay. Isabelle examined herself carefully, trying to see if she was seriously injured. Every part of her was sore, but all the scrapes that she could find weren’t bleeding heavily and didn’t hurt her too much. Although, she knew that leaving them untreated could be dangerous. Is there a first aid kit around?

She had been going on a trip with Charlie on a luxurious cruise. She was going to be able to relax and get him to teach her more about his business. When the storm arrived, she was terrified, but she refused to show it. The ship veered off course and sunk to the ocean. All she could really remember was swimming for her life trying to reach land.

Looking around, she saw Charlie laying on the beach near a pile of wreckage from the ship. Oh my god, is he going to die? He had clearly visible scrapes all over his body and deep gashes on his side and on his leg. He was the only person she knew here, and she was scared of having to be stuck alone on this island. She saw other people around and screamed. “Somebody, help!” Although Charlie could be annoying, this was certainly not what she imagined. Her face flushed with anger. “Come on, God, was it not enough to leave us here?” She picked up a small piece of wreckage from the ship and threw it into the waves. “Help!”

@unsungcheerio ~ Charlie



As he came to, the first thing that told him he was alive was the searing pain in his side and leg. He inhaled shakily, trying to sit up then being met with more pain and collapsing back onto his back. He put a hand to his side, where it hurt, and it came away bloody. He did not fair well with blood, not at all, and he gulped when he saw the amount of blood that coated his hand. He twisted to see his side, and visibly paled at the amount of blood that was soaking through his shirt. Charles took in raspy breaths, his eyes shut tightly as he breathed through the pain.

The voice of Isabelle, his girlfriend, cut through the fog in his mind. He turned his head to look at her, a ghost of a smile slipping across his face. “Isabelle…” he said, his voice coming out much weaker than he’d intended it. He wasn’t sure how much blood he’d lost, but he felt sweat dripping down his face and he could feel his breathing starting to become more rapid. He always thought he was pretty fit for his age and that he’d live a long life… but it seemed that he was gonna meet his end much sooner than he’d imagined. Maybe it was what he deserved, after everything. “Isa…Isabelle.” He tried again, the words harder to speak. “Please… Help…” What an odd sight I must be, he thought suddenly. So vulnerable and unlike the imposing figure I usually am.

@passionfruit - Isabelle
ORP: you can approach him if you want or you can let her stay away and try to find help whatever floats your boat (HAHAHA pun not intended)



I felt a sharp, strange feeling in my wrist as I lifted my head up from the sand. I stared at the huge ocean in front of me when I realized that I was now on a beach. "Man this is just like the movies.." I thought to myself. I was having a good time relaxing with a margarita when this had to happen. I stood up and the pain finally hit me. "Gah!!" I said as I held my wrist. It was hurting really badly. "Please don't tell me I have to crack it myself, please dont..." I thought to myself. I started slowly walking around my area to see where the heck I go from there.



He awoke with a start, breathing in a sigh of relief that he was even able to wake up. There were a few stabbings of pain across him, but he knew he didn’t have it that bad. He brushed off some debris that was on him and sat up, taking in the island where they had ended up. He didn’t remember much of the crash, just being on the boat and then waking up on this island. He racked his brain for more information about the crash, sure there was something he was forgetting. Right, he’d been on the cruise with his mom—MOM!

Alarm crossed his face, and he jumped to his feet, searching the surrounding area for anyone that looked anything like his mom. “Mom, MOM! Where are you!” He called, panic creeping into his voice. He and his mother weren’t on the best terms as of late, but he still loved her and didn’t want her dead, she was still his mom. He caught sight of his mom, Crystal, not far away and he ran to her side, calling out her name as she laid there. He did his ABCs like she’d drilled him to—airway, breathing, circulation. Since her airway wasn’t obstructed, he moved onto her breathing, putting his ear to her nose and sighing in relief as he realized the breath sounds were as they should be. Putting two fingers to her carotid artery, he checked her pulse, which was strong and even. She was fine. He let out a breath he hadn’t known he was holding and hugged her tightly.

She hugged him back.

Her arms around him, tears streamed down his cheek, feeling nothing but relief in his mind. Thank you thank you thank you God! “I’m alright, Carse, I’m alright,” she whispered into his ear. Carson leaned away from her, wiping away the tears that had streamed down. “I was so worried—I thought—” he started, shaking his head.

“I’m good, Carson, see? All fine and dandy.” She smiled at him, then sat up. “Have you seen anyone else out here, baby?”

“I wasn’t looking,” he admitted, shrugging. “I was only looking for you.”

With his assistance, Crystal got to her feet, scanning the area for any potential victims of the crash. “There are probably people who need more help than me, Carse. Remember your first aid?”

“Of course.”

“Then looks like today you’ll be assisting a doctor today!”

It was nice to wake up to her son’s arms around her. Their relationship had been rocky lately but it seemed the trip might still prove good for mother-son bonding… although not in the circumstances she’d originally thought they’d be in. She was thankful that he was alive, more than anything else. Thank you, God, she thought, gripping him tightly. She didn’t know what she would’ve done if he hadn’t survived the crash. At least now, he would be a-okay.

She walked around a bit with her son, coming upon a young, tall white man who lay unconscious on the ground. She and Carson lay near him, Carson checking his ABCs while Crystal tried to wake him up. “Sir, sir can you hear me?” She called, lightly shaking his shoulders. No response. Carson looked back at her with a grim expression. “Can’t find a pulse, Mom.” She sucked in a breath, before moving to straddle the man and beginning compressions on his chest. She looked to Carson, who had worry creasing his face. “Check for any signs of injury, look for why he has no pulse. Signs of a concussion, lacerations? Anything of that sort.”

He moved to check his body for any obvious forms of injury and she continued doing the CPR, looking down at the man with determination on her face. “You’re not dying on me today, not if I’ve got anything to say about it,” she murmured to him.

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The heat and light beamed down on Crystals face as she was laying down on the sandy shore with her face up to the sun. She slowly started to open up her blurry eyes and she was immediately covering them from the brightness flooding in her eyelids. Her mind was blank.


After covering my eyes and sitting up, I put my hands on the sand while looking around the area. All I remembered was the cruise ship shaking violently and me losing sight of my mom and…“Where’s Zara?” I whispered to myself while frantically turning my head. I saw some people standing up and laying down. I began to stand up and dust the sand off of my hair and body. She was no where to be found. My heart was pounding in my chest as I ran around to find her.




After laying for sometime, Zara finally opened her eyes. She was faced with a bright blue sky with clouds scattered around it. She also saw a bunch of vines above her. She quickly stood up and dusted off her clothes, feeling slightly confused. She turned around and around, trying to see if anyone was near. She didn’t see anyone yet. “Mom?” She called out in a low voice. “Where are they.” She thought. She started slowly walking around feeling frightened.




Princeton lay on a sunbed with a drink in hand as he watched other travelers on the ship. They were adults, teens, children, a whole colorful crew. Although now they belonged to one group, each of them dealt with their affairs as if the presence of others did not matter to them. And it didn’t bother Princeton. A conversation with an unknown company would be a nightmare for him. He turned sideways to look at his wife, who looked beautiful in the bright sun. Noticing the empty glass in her hand, he immediately stood up, taking it gently. “I will give you a refill. It’s very hot, you have to drink a lot.” He whispered not to interrupt her peace. “I’ll also check where Daisy and Mark are.” He walked confidently toward the bar, unaffected by the stronger gusts of wind that were running through his brown hair. He was only one step away from the bartender when the sky turned black and the sun hid under a curtain of thick gray clouds. Princeton started to run, squeezing between panicking people. “Ivani!” he exclaimed uneasily, searching for his wife, among the furiously panicked crowd. “Iva-” it was the last thing he managed to say until something with a loud bang hit his back.

Squeaks. Darkness. Pain. Princeton lay unconscious on the beach, and the sound of waves and cries of travelers rumbled in his head. In the distance, he heard his desperate voice, which, in an worried tone, tried to call for Ivani. All he could see in front of him was the spreading black canvas. The sounds he remembered started to slowly evaporate. He could feel that his end was right behind him.

Strong pressure on the chest made Princeton manage to open his eyes. He narrowed them when they met the scorching sun. The rest of the body began to remind him of his existence with terrible, piercing pain. Another pressure - a sudden attack of coughing. The water that was in his lungs began to leave its shelter. With a hiss, he rose on his shoulders so as not to choke on it. The liquid slowly began to soak into the sand and his shirt. Only now did Princeton look into the eyes of his savior. The woman looked like someone who would keep their feet on the ground. A determination was beaming from her eyes, and thick curls added a feminine touch to her fierce appearance. “Thank you,” Princeton whispered in pain. His throat ached from the excessive amount of salt that was in his esophagus. He involuntarily hugged the woman, quickly releasing her from his embrace.

“Ivani!” he exclaimed suddenly. He slowly stood up, inhaling air through clenched teeth to ease the pain. He looked around the beach for his wife. She must be here somewhere. She has to be.

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“Nothing big, Mom, just some scratches,” Carson told her, shrugging by the man’s side. “It must just be the water intake.” She nodded, continuing the compressions on his chest. “I figured as much, but I wanted to double check for signs of a concussion, just in case.” She paused the compressions, leaning in to check for a pulse and whooping when she found one. “He’s good,” she called to Carson, who rewarded her with a high-five. It was moments later that the man became conscious again, coughing up the water. Crystal beamed as he took her in, hugging him back. “No problem sir, all in a day’s work.” She moved off of him, watching him for signs of any further injuries.

He yelled for someone named Ivani, got up, and she followed him, alarmed. “Sir, you’ve been through a great ordeal, you shouldn’t be standing so soon. Sit, please,” she said soothingly, placing a hand on his arm as an attempt to placate him. “Need to make sure you’re alright, you did nearly drown. Just a few questions, I swear, and then you’ll be on your way? How about that, is that alright?”

@sunflower.flow - Princeton



He started walking, trying to ignore the pain. He took slow steps because his weak feet sank into the warm, soft sand. He looked around nervously but saw everything like through the fog. The beach, palm trees, and sea merged into one colorful mass. Despite his fierce determination… his body won the fight with a brave mind. He fell down on his face, and sand began to get into his eyes and nostrils.

He felt a hand on his shoulder and raised his head slowly, wincing as if he had just eaten the sourest lemon in the world.

The same woman who saved him from imminent death tried to stop him from the suicidal movement - running around on the beach in his state. Princeton knew she was right. He was too weak, and even if he found a wife, he wouldn’t do much. He would not be able to save her if her situation was critical. He sat on the sand, sighing helplessly. “Alright,” he muttered. He didn’t like the fact that he had to sit here idly. He couldn’t waste time like that. He looked around again, only now noticing the teenage boy standing next to his savior. He was probably her son. Princeton, with a hand gesture, suggested that the boy should approach him. “Hey there, buddy. Could you do me a favor?” he asked, forcing the sore corners of his mouth to smile. “Would you look for a pretty, slim woman with short brown hair. She is about 5’8 feet tall. She has scars under her left knee and around her right ankle.” He stared at the boy’s face with pleading eyes, hoping that he and his mother would have nothing against this proposition.

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He seemed to be moving along better than she expected, but although she was watching him, she wasn’t prepared for him to fall straight on his face into the sand. He was in the sand before Crystal could react fast enough. Behind her, she could hear Carson attempting to stifle his laughter and she threw him a stern look, turning back to whack him on the head. He rubbed his head, a rueful expression on his face.

Crystal turned back to the man, who’d decided it would be best if he did rest for a while. She was glad that he could see reason, he couldn’t be wandering around in his state. She understood that he’d want to find his Ivani, whoever she was, but he would be no help to her in this state. As he sat down, she moved with him, kneeling in the sand by his side. He called for Carson, and he moved into the guy’s sight as he asked him for a favour. Crystal listened carefully to this request, glancing at Carson as the guy spoke. This must be the Ivani he was calling for, she thought. Carson looked at her, a silent question, and she nodded in confirmation.

Carson looked at the man, nodding in response. “Yeah, I’ve got nothing better to do anyway and I’m not needed here.” A slight smile graced his face. “I’d like to help you too though, so if finding this chick is what you need, then yeah, I’m down.” He turned to Crystal, kissing her lightly on the forehead. “I won’t be long. Back before you know it.” She smiled up at him, patting his leg. “You know where to find me Carse.” A slight nod, then he moved away from the two of them.

“Alright then, let’s get started,” Crystal said, her eyes scanning over him. “Just a few questions. Your name? Age? Medical history; any recent surgeries or illnesses? Any pain anywhere?” She sighed slightly, frustrated that she didn’t have her tools to use to perform a proper examination. Pressing her hand against the left of his chest, she instructed him to take a deep breath.

@sunflower.flow - Princeton



Danger. That was all Ivani could hear and feel. She needed a vacation and wanted to spend time with her family, that was why she was here. She had mentioned everything that could possibly go wrong but Princeton had assured her that everything was going to be okay. Nothing felt okay. In the past year, about 7000 people have died by sea and if things go her way, they’d be counted amongst that number. She gulped down her drink in order to calm herself and push those thoughts away. She felt fingers brush her hand and take away her glass and then could hear Princeton’s voice but she couldn’t make out what he was saying and just nodded.

She turned to her side and tried to take a nap when she heard panicked screams. She sat up in her sunbed and suddenly realised the sun was no longer out but instead was replaced by a blanket of thick grey clouds. She stood up and tried to move but was frozen to the spot, shaking uncontrollably. She looked to her side for Princeton but he wasn’t there and a new wave of fear hit her. Princeton left her. It was happening. She was going to die here alone and Princeton was already probably dead. No. He promised he wouldn’t leave her and she promised the same. Pushing down the wave of nausea and the slight dizziness, she manoeuvred through the crowds. “Princeton!” she yelled at the top of her lungs.

By now the rain had started to fall and the boat floor was slippery. People were running around madly and screaming for their lives. Honestly, if they tried to be more orderly they’d find their family and friends easily. Someone knocked her back and she stepped on the hem of her dress and sent herself to the ground. She felt something pop and shift but ignored it. The boat was rocking madly and unhinged objects were sliding around the deck of the ship. As she got to her knees a table knocked the side of her head and causing her to fall down and blood to trickle down her face. This was Princeton’s fault. Yes. A very reasonable explanation of what was going on. If he had listened to her, they wouldn’t be separated and she wouldn’t be bleeding.

She wiped her head with her left arm and got up. She was still looking for Princeton when something hit the back of her leg and she fell on her front. She hit her face and could feel blood coming out the side of her eye but she couldn’t do anything because her eyes closed and she was suddenly surrounded by darkness. Princeton. The last thing she heard and saw.

A sharp jolt of pain sent a flash of white pain through her, blurring her vision entirely. After the white light passed she shut her eyes immediately, as she was welcomed by the sun. The stupid thing that left her at the most importune time. She realised that she was laying on sand and could hear the ocean when everything hit her. “Princeton!” she gasped out. She tried moving but everything felt numb and then she was encompassed by sudden darkness. She could feel tears streaming down her face but didn’t understand why she was crying. Everything felt painless but at the same time, everything felt painful. All she could do was call out to one person, “Princeton!”

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Carson wandered across the island, not setting off into any particular direction. He figured that she must be somewhere around here… if she was alive. No need to think like that, he told himself, shaking his head slightly. She might be perfectly fine. He couldn’t think of a worse thing than having to tell the man that this lady was dead. Yeah, no. She’s fine… I hope. He bit his bottom lip, worries rising in his mind. He ventured inland, but not too far, turning back when he saw no sign of anyone. Logically, she might’ve washed up and would then be near the shore, so that’s where he’d head next.

He walked towards the shore, moving across the coast and looking for anybody matching the description that guy gave him. He scanned the beach until he finally saw someone not too far away from him, sprawled out on the ground, calling out the name Princeton. As he got closer to her, he realized that she matched the description the man had given him. So then, was the man’s name Princeton? He couldn’t recall which name the man had called out, Vanya? Ivy? Something like that.

He got closer to her and noticed that she was crying. He blinked, standing over her for a moment without saying anything. Of course I had to get the crying one, he thought, shaking his head. Carson saw that the scars the man—Princeton, perhaps—had specified, and any doubt left in his mind was erased.

“Um lady?” He leaned down next to the woman, hesitantly tapping her shoulder. “Are you… okay?” Smooth Carson, obviously she isn’t okay. “Uh, I’m Carson and you’ve got someone who’s worrying about you, which is why I’m here. Listen, I can get you to the guy and my mom, who’s a doctor, but I’ve gotta know what’s wrong with you. So what’s up?”

@Yomama - Ivani


Cassian Walker

Cassian’s mind was in a haze, in a state of shock. Not necessarily due to the shipwreck, but due to the fact that he knew his mother could not have survived. He knew she was too weak. When everything turned to chaos he had tried to help her, but they were separated by the time Cassian had hit the water. The only reason he was remotely alright about knowing what likely happened to his mother, was that he had already come to terms with knowing he would lose her. Cassian’s mother was sick and dying. The cruise was what she wanted for her birthday, so that she could make some final memories with both of her sons before she died. Little did they know that this would happen, leaving the brothers without their mother even sooner than they had expected. Sore and aching, Cassian frowned as he looked out to sea. “I’m sorry mom…” he said quietly. After taking a moment, he began to look for other survivors. There was nothing he could do about his mom, but there could be other people who needed help. He soon heard a girl’s voice calling for help. Going from a walk to a jog, he quickly came across a younger brunette. “Hey!” He called out to her as he saw her. “What’s going on?”

@passionfruit - Isabelle (I wasn’t sure if she was near Charles still or if she had walked some distance away to find help)


Jason Walker

Before all of this Jason had been at the bar with a beautiful girl, while occasionally taking a glance at the attractive man at the other end of the bar. That was was before, with his perfectly combed hair, a nice dress shirt and suit jacket, ready to impress anybody with his charm. His only worry had been whether anybody would notice him looking at the attractive men. It wasn’t long before he had a million other problems to worry about.
Pushing himself off of the sand, Jason stood up, and dusted the sand off of his dress shirt and Now torn pants. Realizing he had only one shoe remaining, he groaned. Being in the outdoors was not his specialty. Washed up on the beach, hair a mess, a shoe missing, pants torn, Jason was extremely out of his element. Not having any clue as to the fate of his brother or mother, he started walking along the beach. Although he had not questioned whether his mother and brother were alive, he expected his brother would be and would have taken care of their mother.



Briar Evert

Briar was eager for her shift to end, due to the fact that today, the pool was filled with a surplus of snobby humans. She continued to make her rounds from the bar to the pool, and from the pool to the bar. It felt never ending, and people continued to order, and may she add, they were ordering the most complicated exquisite drinks. As Briar was heading towards the bar, she received a tap on the shoulder. Expecting it to be a customer requesting something, she turned around and said, ”How may I help-” due to extreme shock, Briar stopped. ”Kyler?! What are you going here?” she asked, in complete disbelief. If the two of them actually liked each other, this encounter would have been much different. But, it was the exact opposite. The last thing Briar remembered before the chaos hit was Kyler ragging on her and rambling on and on, not giving her a chance to speak. Nothing new though. As Briar stood there, blatantly ignoring him, people started to scream and panic. Looking out the window, Briar saw the black skies, and knew what was about to occur. Suddenly, a large table hit her roughly, knocking her out.

As she was waking up, Briar felt the waves of the shore constantly hit her. She was laying on her side, and as she looked over, she noticed a few scratches, some small and some large across her body. Not too bad, she thought as she attempted to stand up by pushing up on her left arm. As she did so, her head started to throb, and her arm folded on her. Next thing, she was back on the ground. Not only did she fall back on the ground, but she felt a piercing pain. Briar shrieked, and was clearly in pain. Knowing how her arm probably looked, she refused to even glance at it. She laid there for a few minutes, but finally made the decision to stand up. This time, she used her opposite arm to support her and she was successful doing so. Although she didn’t want to admit it, she did need help. Looking around, she noticed a tall figure walking around. “Hey you!” she exclaimed. “Yeah, you!” As she continued to look straight at him, she pointed to her arm, which was cut all over, bruised, and seemed slightly bent. “Can you help me out?”

@Littlefeets - Jason Walker

Kyler Evert

It’s a beautiful day to hang poolside, so I’ll leave the work part for tomorrow. It is vacation after all, Kyler thought to himself as he put his swim trunks on. Before leaving the room, Kyler looked at himself and winked in the mirror, admiring his own beauty. As he was walking over to the pool, his phone was continuously buzzing, but he knew it was his father, and he assumed that he had something to complain about. So, Kyler ignored every call. When Kyler analyzed the pool area to see who was around, he noticed someone in particular. No way that’s Briar, what a joke this must be, he thought to himself as he walked over to her. He tapped her shoulder, and as she turned around speaking, Kyler burst out laughing. “Me? Oh, dad sent me here to do some advertising, but for me, it’s vacation.” He looked at her up and down, judging her. “And you? This is what you’ve been doing for five years? I thought you’d be like Vincent Van Gogh or something by now. Whatta shame.”

Kyler woke up in the shallow water, laying on a piece of wooden debris. Luckily he didn’t feel any pain, and shortly after, he came to the conclusion that he wasn’t injured. Psh, I’m awesome. With that, Kyler started to swim to shore. Once he reached it, he realized that one thing was missing. His sunglasses. Kyler’s sunglasses were his most prized possession. Immediately, Kyler started to run around, and frantically look for them. You’d think that he’d start looking for other survivors, but Kyler didn’t care much about the others, and all he was thinking about right now was his sunglasses and himself. He did think of his sister a bit, but he reassured himself with his thoughts, She’s a tough cookie, she’ll be fine.

Approachable for anyone in group B.



This was terrifying. Lying here alone, incapable of moving and completely blind. If this wasn’t the definition of vulnerability she didn’t know what was. Nothing was in her control and it was frightening. She didn’t even have control over what her body was doing. F*cking stupid.

She felt someone walk up to her and she stilled. Her body going rigid with fear and panic. Who knew who he was, more importantly, what he wanted. She could feel fat, heavy tears fall down the side of her face and she cursed at her treacherous body. She couldn’t see him which made it all the worse but since he had not made any move to attack her, she paid attention, it was not as if she had a chance.

“Why yes, I’m perfectly fine, seeing as my face is bleeding and so are my legs,” she replied dryly. She really hated people asking questions that the answer was staring at them directly. She looked up at the sky, not sure if she was facing him and tried smiling. “So here’s the thing, I can’t move and I can’t see,” she told him. “I think I dislocated my shoulder and my old scars are open,” she replied wearily. Talking was becoming painful and she didn’t know why. “I don’t know what’s going on with my face and on my way to having a migraine.”

@unsungcheerio - Carson

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“Yeah, that was a dumb question,” he said, sheepishly rubbing the back of his head. “It just seems to be what you ask someone, even if they’re obviously not okay. And you don’t look too good.” After hearing that she couldn’t see, he nodded, then tapped her left shoulder to show her which side of her he was on. He couldn’t imagine being blind, he would hate to be so vulnerable. He’d try to be more considerate to her because he knew that she must be feeling so out of her depth.

“A dislocated shoulder, huh? I had that once, not fun. I’m not sure how to relocate it, but my mom would.” She said that her old scars opened, so his eyes sweeped across her, landing on her knee and her ankle, where there was some open cuts. “So I see. How’d you get these? And are they deep?” He ripped a piece of his sleeve off where the fabric was already torn, then tied it around her knee to make a tourniquet. He did the same with her ankle, tying it tightly. “Do you remember hitting your head? The vision loss and the migraine could both be a symptom of a concussion. I’ve had that before too, also not fun.” He ripped off another piece of his shirt, moved to the water to dip the shirt in it and re-approached her. “Here, I’m just gonna wash the dirt and blood off your face, is that alright?”

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How did everything go so wrong? They were on a cruise ship, him and his beautiful wife Daisy, Daisy Dawson. She was the famous painter everyone knew about and he was her biggest fan. They were on the cruise ship, along with her brother and his wife. It was supposed to be the perfect getaway from their lives of work and stress. He was waiting at the bar, staring intently at the bar with its many bottles behind the bartender tending to his customers. The other one was fixing up Mark the drinks he ordered: two cocktails just for him and Daisy. After thanking the bartender, his eyes traveled to where Daisy was as she talking to someone, presumably a fan finally being able to meet their favorite painter.

A strong gust of wind blew the cocktails out of his hand. The sound of the glass shattering was followed by screams ranging from every direction. He held his arms in front of him to protect himself from the winds. He glanced at where Daisy was. Both she and her clothes were hanging on to dear life as the winds kept blowing with storm clouds accompanying them. “Daisy!” he screamed out to get her attention, “Daisy!”

His eyes fought with the sunlight attempting to open. His hand shielded them from any more irritation from the light. Where was he? First, he was on the cruise screaming for Daisy and now he was lying on his back on the ground. Disoriented, he let out a groan and slowly helped himself up. He looked down at his clothes, some of the finest from his wardrobe. They were ruined by all the tears and dirt stains that came from being thrown overboard from a cruise ship onto wherever he is right now. Quickly, he turned his head side to side in search for Daisy. “Daisy!” he shouted only to get the sound of silence as his response. Where was she? He walked around, searching for Daisy and any other survivors.

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