Hogwarts: A Tale of Sorting and Sorcery! [OFFICIAL ROLEPLAY]


You see a majestic phoenix with vibrant crimson and gold feathers that shimmer in the light. His wings span wide, and his fiery eyes hold a wisdom beyond his years. Despite his imposing appearance, He exudes a calming presence, radiating warmth and serenity wherever he goes. He dips down to your home as a letter releases from his claws.

On the letter you see a stamp with the bold print Hogwarts, glancing right back at you. You open the letter. :email:

NOTE: Roleplay created by - @KayaWaya , Formerly @ForeverAngel


Welcome back to Hogwarts! In the midst of a new school year at Hogwarts, rumors begin to circulate about the discovery of a cursed ancient artifact hidden somewhere within the castle grounds named the Mirror Of Hope, once owned by a former Hogwarts student named Ramona Fenrin who went rouge, A former Ravenclaw. Now her name is forbidden to be mentioned within the school walls, As students come into their new dormitories and classrooms, whispers of the lost treasure echo through the stone corridors, sparking curiosity and intrigue among the young witches and wizards. Legend has it that the mirror has the power to grant a single limitless wish of those who gaze into its reflective surface, although if the mirror doesn’t see the wisher as worthy they will curse themselves and will meet a painful demise.


If you get the refrences, woohoo. In this Roleplay you’ll be a freshly new witch/wizard in Hogwarts! This roleplay is semi-fixed meaning their will be slice of life aspects but in a fixed storyline, this roleplay will have a sort of “final battle” and end. Everyone will start as a first year student, and continue through the years until their last being the end. and conclusion of the roleplay! There are also no canon characters in this roleplay, all of their roles have been replaced by NPC’s! You can have 3 OC’s, Only 1 can be a prefect. And you are open to 1 NPC/Teacher Character, Every student also starts off 14-15 and age each year.

Example: 1st Year (14-15) 2nd Year (15-16) 3rd Year (16-17) 4th and Final Year (17-18)

Please take one so I won’t be every teacher- :pensive:

Roleplay Rules!
  • No Mary Sue’s or Gary Stu’s it’s impossible.
  • Please be respectful of everyone in the role-play.
  • Real Faceclaims ONLY!
  • PLEASE Be active! A post every 4 days is required, If you give an excused reason as to why you need more than 4 days please pm me. After a week of inactivity, you will receive a nudge warning pm. After 3 weeks your character(s) will be put up for adoption.
  • Relationships are allowed but make sure it’s nothing too intimate especially since you start young, Make it minimal with a trigger warning, Anything too descriptive take it to PM.
  • Do not attempt to kill characters this roleplay has a fixed storyline if anyone wants their character to die they’d need a good reason for the plot.
  • Please add location to your character’s name so it wont be confusing on where you were if you take some time off the rp.
School Rules!
  • Respect for Fellow Students: Treat all fellow students with kindness, respect, and understanding. Bullying, harassment, or discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • Respect for Teachers and Staff: Show respect to all teachers, staff members, and authority figures within the school. Follow their instructions and guidelines at all times.
  • Attendance and Punctuality: Attend all classes and activities on time. Tardiness without a valid reason is unacceptable and may result in disciplinary action.
  • Academic Integrity: Uphold the highest standards of academic honesty and integrity. Plagiarism, cheating, or any form of academic dishonesty will result in severe consequences.
  • Use of Magic: Use magic responsibly and ethically. Do not use magic to harm others or for personal gain. Unsupervised magic outside of designated areas is strictly prohibited.
  • Respect for School Property: Respect school property and facilities. Keep classrooms, dormitories, and common areas clean and tidy at all times. Vandalism or destruction of school property will not be tolerated.
  • Forbidden Areas: Respect the boundaries of forbidden areas within the school, including the Forbidden Forest and off-limits corridors. Venturing into these areas without proper authorization is strictly prohibited.
  • Curfew: Adhere to curfew hours and dormitory regulations. Students must be in their respective dormitories by curfew unless participating in supervised activities or with special permission from staff.
  • Quidditch Safety: Follow all safety guidelines and rules during Quidditch matches and practices. Respect the authority of Quidditch referees and abide by their decisions.
  • Communication: Communicate openly and respectfully with teachers, staff, and fellow students. Report any concerns or incidents to the appropriate authorities promptly.
  • Hogwarts Crest: Wear the Hogwarts crest proudly and adhere to the values and traditions of the school. Represent Hogwarts with honor and integrity in all endeavors.
  • Special Events: Adhere to additional rules and guidelines during special events such as feasts, tournaments, and school trips. Respect the authority of event organizers and follow their instructions.
School Clubs!
  • Dueling Club: Learn the art of magical dueling and hone your spellcasting skills in friendly competitions and training sessions.

Leader [0/1]

  • Potion Brewing Club: Explore the intricate art of potion-making under the guidance of experienced professors. Experiment with different ingredients and techniques to create magical elixirs and remedies.

Leader [0/1]

  • Charms Club: Delve into the fascinating world of charms and enchantments, mastering spells to enhance everyday objects and perform dazzling magical feats.

Leader [0/1]

  • Magical Creatures Appreciation Society: Study and interact with a variety of magical creatures, from hippogriffs to nifflers, learning about their habitats, behaviors, and magical properties.

Leader [0/1]

  • Wizarding Photography Club: Capture the magic of the wizarding world through the lens of a camera, learning about composition, lighting, and magical effects to create stunning photographs.

Leader [0/1]

  • Hogwarts Choir: Join fellow students in the joy of music and song, practicing choral arrangements of wizarding tunes and performing at special events and gatherings.

Leader [0/1]

  • Herbology Club: Explore the wonders of magical plants and herbs, learning about their properties, uses, and cultivation techniques in the Hogwarts greenhouse.

Leader [0/1]

  • Literary Circle: Discuss and analyze wizarding literature, from classic texts to contemporary works, fostering a love of reading and critical thinking among members.

Leader [0/1]

  • Quidditch Fan Club: Cheer on the Hogwarts Quidditch teams and discuss the latest matches and strategies with fellow fans of the beloved wizarding sport.

Leader [0/1]

  • Muggle Studies Club: Explore the fascinating world of Muggles and their technology, culture, and customs, gaining insights into the non-magical world beyond the wizarding community.

Leader [0/1]

  • Ancient Runes Society: Study the ancient language of runes and symbols, deciphering their meanings and unlocking the secrets of ancient magical texts and artifacts.

Leader [0/1]

  • Artisan’s Guild: Channel your creativity into magical arts and crafts, from wand-making to potion bottle decorating, unleashing your imagination and crafting unique magical creations.

Leader [0/1]

  • Illegal Frog Fighting Ring: This one is not an official club, more of an underground group. Don’t let the professors find out about this ring where students make bets on whose frog would win a fight.

Leader [0/1]

Daily Schedule!

NOTE: For the first day, Students will focus on unpacking and socializing to get to know eachother and their professors, afterwards school will begin.


  • 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM: Orientation and Welcome Feast in the Great Hall!
  • 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM: Introduction to Charms with Professor Dovetail
  • 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM: Herbology with Professor Twigs (Greenhouses)
  • 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM: Lunch Break (Great Hall)
  • 1:45 PM - 2:45 PM: History of Magic with Professor GoldWinch
  • 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM: Your House Common Room Orientation with Prefects (Your House Tower)
  • 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM: Free Period, After School.
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM: Dinner (Great Hall)
  • 10:00 PM: Curfew, Every Student must be in their dorms.


  • 6:00 AM - 9:00 AM: Breakfast
  • 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM: Transfiguration with Professor McNiel
  • 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM: Potions with Professor Leon (Dungeon)
  • 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM: Flying Lessons with Mistress Chalks (Quidditch Pitch)
  • 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM: Lunch Break (Great Hall)
  • 1:45 PM - 2:45 PM: Study Hall - Library Orientation with Mr Sweetleaf (Hogwarts Library)
  • 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM: Free Period - Exploring Hogwarts Grounds
  • 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM: Free Period, After School.
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM: Dinner (Great Hall)
  • 10:00 PM: Curfew, Every Student must be in their dorms.


  • 6:00 AM - 9:00 AM: Breakfast
  • 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM: Defense Against the Dark Arts with Professor Mandrake
  • 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM: Astronomy with Professor Fluke (Astronomy Tower)
  • 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM: Care of Magical Creatures with Ibex (Ibex’s Hut)
  • 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM: Lunch Break (Great Hall)
  • 1:45 PM - 2:45 PM: Quidditch Rules and History with Mistress Chalks (Quidditch Locker Rooms)
  • 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM: House Points Ceremony and Announcements (Great Hall)
  • 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM: Free Period, After School.
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM: Dinner (Great Hall)
  • 10:00 PM: Curfew, Every Student must be in their dorms.


  • 6:00 AM - 9:00 AM: Breakfast
  • 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM: Transfiguration with Professor McNiel (Transfiguration Classroom)
  • 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM: Potions with Professor Leon (Dungeon)
  • 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM: Astronomy Observation Session (Astronomy Tower)
  • 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM: Lunch Break (Great Hall)
  • 1:45 PM - 2:45 PM: Magical Creatures Care and Feeding (Ibex’s Hut)
  • 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM: Exploring the Forbidden Forest with Ibex
  • 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM: Free Period, After School.
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM: Dinner (Great Hall)
  • 10:00 PM: Curfew, Every Student must be in their dorms.


  • 6:00 AM - 9:00 AM: Breakfast
  • 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM: History of Magic with Professor GoldWinch
  • 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM: Herbology with Professor Twigs (Greenhouses)
  • 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM: Defense Against the Dark Arts with Professor Mandrake
  • 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM: Lunch Break (Great Hall)
  • 1:45 PM - 2:45 PM: Free Period - Exploring Hogwarts Castle
  • 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM: Your House Meeting with Prefects (Your House Common Room)
  • 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM: Free Period, After School.
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM: Dinner (Great Hall)
  • 10:00 PM: Curfew, Every Student must be in their dorms.

Please note that this schedule is subject to change based on unforeseen circumstances or special events. First-year students are encouraged to check the notice board in Your Common Room for any updates or announcements.

  • Gryffindor - Female [0/1] Male [0/1]
  • Slytherin - Female [1/1] Male [1/1] @KayaWaya @Tina.G
  • Ravenclaw - Female [0/1] Male [0/1]
  • Hufflepuff - Female [1/1] Male [0/1] @Jass
NPC Roles!
  • Headmaster [1/1] Cynthia Angelbane - @KayaWaya
  • Professor Dovetail [0/1]
  • Professor Twigs [0/1]
  • Professor GoldWinch [0/1]
  • Professor McNiel [0/1]
  • Professor Leon [0/1]
  • Mistress Chalks [0/1]
  • Mr Sweetleaf [0/1]
  • Professor Mandrake [0/1]
  • Professor Fluke [1/1] @Tina.G
  • Ibex [0/1]
How To Earn House Points!

I will be randomly noting when your character’s do something in line with the ways to earn house points, you’ll earn +5 towards your house and I’ll have a personal tally sheet so by the end of the semester whoever has the most wins, goodluck :wink:

Academic Excellence: You can earn house points if you’re punctual and attending class on time.

Good Behavior and Conduct: Acts of kindness, compassion, and consideration towards others, including helping classmates and volunteering for school-related tasks.

House Unity and Cooperation: Participating in house events, competitions, and activities that promote unity and camaraderie among housemates.

Extracurricular Involvement: Joining and actively participating in school clubs, societies, and organizations that contribute to the enrichment of Hogwarts community.

Acts of Bravery and Heroism: Demonstrating courage, bravery, and selflessness in the face of danger or adversity, such as standing up to bullies or defending fellow students from harm.

Potentional House Rewards!

House Cup Trophy: Present the winning house with a grand trophy, engraved with the house crest and the names of past victorious students. Display the trophy prominently in the house common room as a symbol of achievement and honor.

House Celebration Feast: Host a lavish celebration feast in the Great Hall, exclusively for members of the winning house. Decorate the tables with house colors and banners, and serve a sumptuous banquet of magical dishes and desserts.

House Banner and Flags: Award the winning house with a magnificent house banner and a set of colorful house flags to display proudly in their common room and around the school grounds.

House Common Room Upgrade: Grant the winning house special privileges or upgrades to their common room, such as new furnishings, enchanted decorations, or additional comforts to enhance the living space for house members.

Exclusive Access: Provide members of the winning house with exclusive access to certain areas or activities within Hogwarts, such as after-hours library access, reserved seating at Quidditch matches, or priority registration for popular classes or events.

House Points Trophy Case: Create a dedicated trophy case in the winning house common room to showcase their accomplishments and display previous years’ house cup trophies, along with certificates and awards earned by house members.

House Quidditch Jerseys: Commission custom Quidditch jerseys for members of the winning house, featuring the house colors and crest, to wear during matches and practices as a symbol of their victory.

House Pride Parade: Organize a festive house pride parade through the corridors of Hogwarts, led by the winning house’s Prefects with music, cheers, and house-themed decorations to celebrate their success.

House Points Champion Award: Grant each student with a special award or prize, such as a personalized certificate or a magical artifact.

House Points Ceremony: Host a special house points ceremony in the Great Hall to formally announce the winning house and distribute rewards, with speeches, applause, and recognition for all house members’ contributions to their house’s success.

I will spin a wheel and your house will recieve one of these rewards.

Weekly Cafeteria Menu!

Welcome, dear witches and wizards, to the Hogwarts Castle Cafeteria!

Monday: Magical Munchies Day

  • Breakfast: Enchanted Pancakes with Butterbeer Syrup
  • Lunch: Dragonfire Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Pumpkin Soup
  • Dinner: Mystical Meatball Pasta with Pixie Dust Garlic Bread
  • Dessert: Chocolate Cauldron Cakes with Fizzing Whizbees Ice Cream

Tuesday: Fantastic Feast Day

  • Breakfast: Hippogriff Hash Browns with Golden Egg Omelettes
  • Lunch: Phoenix Flame Grilled Chicken Sandwiches with Firewhisky BBQ Sauce
  • Dinner: Whimsical Wizard’s Stew with Gillywater Bread Rolls
  • Dessert: Butterbeer Floats with Exploding Bonbons

Wednesday: Whimsical Treats Day

  • Breakfast: Pixie Dust Pancakes with Rainbow Fruit Salad
  • Lunch: Unicorn Horn Pasta with Magical Marinara Sauce
  • Dinner: Mermaid’s Delight Sushi Rolls with Seaweed Salad
  • Dessert: Honeydukes Cupcake Bar with Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans Toppings

Thursday: Enchanted Eats Day

  • Breakfast: Flying Broomstick Waffles with Maple Syrup
  • Lunch: Enchanted Forest Veggie Wraps with Fairy Dust Hummus
  • Dinner: Dragon Egg Curry with Buttered Cauldron Cakes
  • Dessert: Golden Snitch Cake Pops with Pumpkin Pasties

Friday: Quirky Quidditch Day

  • Breakfast: Quidditch Quinoa Porridge with Quaffle Berry Compote
  • Lunch: Bludger Burger Sliders with Snitch Potato Chips
  • Dinner: Nimbus 2000 BBQ Ribs with Snitch Soufflé
  • Dessert: Firebolt Fudge Brownies with Quidditch Cupcake Cones

Don’t forget to check out our magical extras, including Pumpkin Juice, Butterbeer, and a selection of House-themed treats! Enjoy your meal and may your day be filled with wonder and enchantment!


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The School’s start time is September 1st!

If you have any questions regarding any information here, please don’t hesitate to ask!

NOTE: Locations are there for role-play purposes. YOUR CHARACTER CAN BE FROM ANY COUNTRY.

Sign Ups Closed: Never, Always Open





The train has arrived, as students pile into the school. Running through the halls with excitement as their wands wave around closely behind. Some faces are happy and filled with youthful joy while others are…afraid, or nearly doubling over in tears and cries of how they want to go home, either way. The new school year of Hogwarts will begin with a bang.

In the venerable halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where ancient magic hums in the very stones and legends are woven into the tapestry of everyday life, there stands a figure both feared and revered, a paragon of authority and elegance: Cynthia Angelbane, the enigmatic Headmaster of the prestigious institution. Tall and regal, Cynthia commands attention from the moment she enters a room, her presence like a tempest, simultaneously awe-inspiring and daunting. With a gaze that pierces through pretense and illusion, she holds the weight of knowledge and responsibility in her piercing eyes, eyes that seem to carry the secrets of the the school within their depths. But it is not merely her imposing stature that sets Cynthia apart; it is the ethereal beauty that envelops her like an aura, a radiance that seems to illuminate even the darkest corners of Hogwarts. Her features are sculpted with an otherworldly grace, her skin kissed by the brightest sun, and her hair woven in locs, framing a face that seems both timeless and ageless.

As Headmaster of Hogwarts, Cynthia Angelbane is a figure of unparalleled influence, a guardian of tradition and a harbinger of change. Her tenure is marked by unwavering dedication to the school and its students, as well as a fierce determination to uphold the values of magic in a world that is constantly shifting and evolving.

Cynthia shifts to the podium, as a microphone hovers over it.

“Good morning, students of Hogwarts,” Cynthia began, her voice a melodic blend of firmness and warmth. “As we embark upon another year of learning and growth, it is imperative that we all understand the responsibilities that come with being a student here.”

Her gaze swept across the assembled students, each one feeling the weight of her words settle upon them like a comforting cloak. “First and foremost, remember that your time here at Hogwarts is not merely a privilege, but a sacred trust. You have been chosen to walk these halls, to study the ancient arts of magic, and it is your duty to honor that legacy with diligence and dedication.”

Cynthia paused, allowing her words to sink in before continuing. “As witches and wizards, you possess extraordinary abilities, but with that power comes great responsibility. You are stewards of the magical world, guardians of its secrets and traditions. It is your duty to use your gifts wisely, to uphold the principles of kindness, compassion, and integrity in all that you do.”

Turning her attention to the school schedule, Cynthia outlined the curriculum and extracurricular activities that awaited the students in the coming year. Her voice remained steady and reassuring, guiding them through the intricacies of their academic journey.

“Furthermore, there are certain rules and regulations that must be observed within these walls,” Cynthia continued, “Acts of disrespect, dishonesty, and cruelty will not be tolerated. Nor will any form of dark magic or misconduct. Hogwarts is a place of learning and enlightenment, and it is imperative that we all treat each other with kindness and respect. Even down to the smallest Niffler

Finally, Cynthia’s expression softened, her eyes alight with genuine warmth as she spoke of her hopes for the students’ success. “Above all else, I wish for each and every one of you to succeed,” she said, her voice filled with genuine sincerity. “You are capable of achieving greatness, of unlocking the full potential of your magic and becoming the witches and wizards you were always meant to be. Remember, the path to mastery is paved with perseverance and determination. Work hard, believe in yourselves, and never forget the incredible journey that lies ahead.”

“Your schedules will be given to you shortly, as for now, feel free to mingle. Class will not begin until tomorrow so this is a wonderful time to meet your fellow classmates.” Cynthia added.

“Ah, and…hm.” Cynthia opened a small scroll, reading the contenents- “We will be having Roast Dragon Steak with a Firewhiskey Glaze alongside a Butterbeer Latte to soothe the kick of the steak after students has concluded mingling.” Cynthia finished, as she rolled up the scroll and quickly dismissed of it.

With a final nod of encouragement, Cynthia concluded her address, leaving the students inspired and ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities that awaited them in the magical world of Hogwarts.




Sèarlait quietly looked around the huge room, rather annoyed at how loud at was. It was like their high school cafeteria, but on steroids. Not to mention, everything was huge. Welp. They were going to get lost. Whoever decided they were magical must’ve been crazy. Well, they were used to crazy. They could handle this. Probably. Considering everything they’d already seen, there’s no way this wasn’t real. Poking at the supposed dragon steak, Sèarlait took a hesitant bite. It was surprisingly good. Looking at the people around, they tried not to make eye contact, really just wanting to observe.


# Bailey Lacework

Bailey was digging into the Roast Dragon he hadn’t spoken for a good solid ten minutes. As it felt like his throat was closing, he took a long sip of the Butterbeer Lotte in front of him. He glanced around the Great Hall, taking in the sights and sounds of his first ever Hogwarts welcoming feast. The enchanted ceiling above shimmered with stars, and the long rows of students chattered excitedly amidst the long tables filled with delicious food.

Bailey couldn’t help but feel a sense of wonder and excitement bubbling up inside him. He had been pumped ever since he received his acceptance letter to Hogwarts. Yes, he was legacy so it made sense he was here but it still was a wonder. He wiped his lips with his sleeve, casting his eyes to the kid across from him. “Hey,” he tried to call the noise. He poked the kid with the tip of his shoe under the table. “Isn’t this so amazing, mate?” He asked, wanting to share his excitement, with a big smile across his face.



Sèarlait had just taken a bite of their steak, when they felt their foot nudged. Looking up, They made eye contact with a boy that looked like an Angel. No, they weren’t flirting, the boy literally looked like what you’d imagine an angel to look like. He had curly blonde hair and a cherubic face. Sèarlait nodded. ”Oh, hello. Yeah. I never even knew this world existed, and my poor parents practically had a heart attack when I told them. Heck, so did I. I didn’t think phoenixes existed, yet there you go.” They took a sip of their latte, closing their eyes in bliss. It tasted like a cream soda. ”I’m Sèarlait, by the way. You can just call me Charlie. That’s easier to pronounce, and gender neutral. You?” They asked, taking another bite of their steak.
@Tina.G - Bailey

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didn’t think phoenixes existed, yet there you go.” Baileys face lit up. “You’re a muggle!” He declared, more as a revelation to himself. He sometimes dreamed of a world without magic. How much harder that life would be. How blissful. “That’s so cool!” Bailey exclaimed, unable to contain his excitement. He realized just how different their perspectives must be, coming from two completely different worlds. “I want to know everything. What kind of birds live by your house?” He asked, completely awe struck.

“Bailey. Bailey Lacework, it’s a pleasure, Charlie.” Bailey said, standing up to reach over the table to shake hands. He was rather short, so it didn’t make a significant difference. He just hadn’t hit his growth spurt yet.


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Sèarlait blinked. ”Sorry, I’m a what? Wondering if I should be offended or not.” The poor boy looked like he was about to have an aneurysm from pure excitement. ”You alright, mate?” They gave him a concerned look as he babbled. Sèarlait blinked. ”Birds…? Uh…I know we have a lot of robins. Chickadee’s too. I like their calls.” This guy was really weird. Though, to him, they were probably the weird one. Weirdness was all in perspective, they thought. What was normal to one person, was crazy to another. The boy introduced himself as Bailey, and Sèarlait leaned across the table to shake his hand. ”Likewise. You seem to know what’s going on, so could you get me up to speed here? I’m more than a bit confused.”
@Tina.G - Bailey

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It was done. The letter was read, the train was boarded, and Miyu stood. Her camera in hand, and wand in the other. “This is it, Lumos.” Miyu signaled her beloved pet ferret that was formerly sleeping in her sleeve. As Lumos crawled his lanky body out reluctantly to gaze upon the Hogwarts halls. “We’re officially a Hogwarts student!” She nearly squeezed Lumos to death as he hurried back down in her sleeve for protection.

Like all the other witches and wizards, Miyu hastily entered the school building, Most students were mingling or hulking down huge bites of dragon steak. Which honestly wasn’t Miyu’s favorite, blegh. Although she happily accepted the butterbeer latte and took a sip to warm her taste buds after the long train ride. No one admits it but it’s freezing on that stupid train after a while, She clicked many photos of the scenery before plopping down on a chair. She was excited but mildly worried…mainly about the potions class. She didn’t even want to step foot inside that room. Hopefully It won’t be taught the first day.

After Headmaster Cynthia’s speech- Miyu clapped as a few others did and quickly jotted down the daily schedule, after tucking her journal back in her bag she went to sit down at the cafeteria table. Who would she talk to? What would she even talk about? She had so many questions, she huffed whilst sipping her latte.


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As the morning sunlight was shining brightly through the window of her cozy bedroom in Wales, Eira Awbrey awoke to the soft rustle of leaves outside. Stretching her arms as she let out a yaw, she blinked sleepily. In that moment, her gaze was drawn to the envelope resting on her bedside table. With trembling fingers, she reached out and gently picked it up, her heart was racing with anticipation. Was today the day it would finally happen?

As she studied the letter, and recognized the elegant script and the seal showing a crest she was all too familiar with. Her letter from Hogwarts had arrived, the letter carried the emblem she had only ever dreamed of seeing up close. With trembling hands, she broke open the seal, her heart racing with excitement and disbelief as she read the words that would change her life forever. She had been accepted into Hogwarts. She could not wait for the day she could start, she had been looking forward to this day as long as she could remember.

In the weeks that followed, Eira threw her full attention into her preparations for her journey to Hogwarts. With the help of her parents, she set about crafting her own wand. Venturing into the ancient woods that surrounded her family’s home in Wales, Eira was on the hunt for the perfect wood from which she would be crafting her own wand. Her fingers traced the rough bark of the trees, seeking a connection with the essence of the forest itself. And then, she came across the perfect piece of wood - a sturdy branch of English Oak, its wood imbued with a sense of loyalty and strength that resonated with her soul.

With careful hands and an unwavering focus, Eira set about shaping the English Oak branch into the form of a wand. The handle of the wand remained untouched, carved from a sturdy knot, it retained the rough, weathered texture of the wood, the subtle grooves and ridges that fit perfectly in her hand. Contrary, the shaft of the wand was smooth, adorned with intricate symbols and runes. The wand began to take shape before her eyes, a testament to her skill and determination as a young witch and wandmaker.

But the wand needed more than just wood to truly come alive. In their family’s collection, Eira sought out the perfect magical core to infuse her creation with power and potential. After much consideration, she discovered a strand of unicorn hair - a rare and noble core known for its purity and strength.

With the English Oak wood and unicorn hair prepared, Eira and her mother set to work combining the two elements into a harmonious whole. They wove magic into every fiber of the wand, coaxing it to awaken and reveal its true nature and power. And when Eira finally felt the surge of energy coursing through her creation, she knew that her wand was complete. As she held her wand, which measured just over 10 inches, in her hand for the first time, Eira felt a sense of pride and accomplishment wash over her.

Finally, the day of departure arrived, and Eira found herself standing on the platform of London King’s Cross Station, surrounded by many excited students and bustling families. With her wand tucked securely into her robes, her trunk filled with all necessities and Tilly loaded in the vintage cat carrier, she boarded the scarlet steam engine of the Hogwarts Express, her heart pounding with anticipation as the train chugged to life.

As the train hurtled through the countryside, Eira watched in awe as the rolling hills and verdant forests gave way to the towering spires and turrets of Hogwarts Castle at last. With a sense of wonderment, she disembarked at Hogsmeade Station and followed the crowd of students up the winding path to the castle gates.

Entering the Great Hall for the first time, Eira’s breath caught in her throat as she beheld the magnificent sight before her. The enchanted ceiling reflected the starry night sky above, while the long tables were adorned with flickering candles and gleaming silverware. Hogwarts truly was truly as special as all the tales she had heard had made it out to be.

Taking her seat among the other first-year students, Eira listened intently as the headmistress delivered the opening speech, her heart swelling with pride at the thought of being part of such a prestigious institution. The headmistress words brought out an even deeper excitement about all the opportunities this school provided.

As she glanced around at her fellow students, she wondered what was going through everyone’s head, what were their hopes and dreams. What house would they be sorted in, and who would be her house mates? Eira couldn’t help but wonder what the Sorting Hat would see in her. Would it recognize her courage and determination? Her thirst for knowledge? Her ambition? The kindness she possessed? Eira knew what each of the houses entailed, yet, she had tried to figure out which house would become her home, to no avail, she truly was clueless what the sorting hat would pick for her. And would it select her to become a prefect, allowing her to guide her peers with wisdom and compassion?

With a deep breath, Eira turned her attention back to the headmistress, a touch of disappointment hit her as she realised the sorting ceremony would not be taking place at this moment. However, she reminded herself that no matter which house she would be chosen into, this would be the most special years of her life. For now, she decided to worry about meeting the other students from her year. She took a deep breath as she realised these kids might become her friends for the next years, leading to a significant amount of pressure on these first introductions.




It had been a few weeks since Rowan received their Hogwarts letter. The letter, with the Hogwarts crest prominently stamped on it, arrived in the middle of an ordinary every day. It had been the shock of their lifetime, and for their parents too. While Rowan knew their mother was magical, they themselves had not considered for a second that they could be magical too.

Quite frankly? Rowan had seriously doubted whether to board the train to Hogwarts. What was the point of learning magic, when it certainly hadn’t been a part of their earlier phases of life? The concept of magic had always felt distant and detached from their reality, mostly exclusively related to the fairy tales their mother used to tell them at bedtime when they were a child. And yet, here they were, standing on the platform, on the edge of entering a world they never knew existed. Uncertainty gnawed at their Rowan, casting doubt upon the path they were about to embark upon. What if they didn’t belong at Hogwarts? What if they couldn’t grasp the intricacies of magic? These questions lingered in the shadows of their mind, threatening to undermine their confidence.

As Rowan stood on the platform, their mind swirling with doubts and uncertainties, a soft voice broke through the tumult of their thoughts. It was their mother, her expression a mix of pride and reassurance as she gently laid a hand on Rowan’s shoulder.

“Rowan, my dear,” she said, her voice tinged with warmth and encouragement, “I know this might seem daunting, but Hogwarts offers you a chance to discover a part of yourself you never knew existed. Magic is not just about spells and potions; it’s about understanding who you are and what you’re capable of.”

Her words resonated within Rowan, stirring a flicker of curiosity amidst the sea of doubt. Could Hogwarts truly offer them a path to self-discovery? Was there more to magic than just the fantastical tales of their childhood? Taking a deep breath, Rowan gathered their courage and stepped onto the waiting train. Giving their parents a single wave in goodbye.

As Rowan settled into their seat at the far end of the Great Hall, they couldn’t shake the feeling of isolation that seemed to surround them like their shadow. The murmurs of excitement and anticipation from their fellow students buzzed around them, but Rowan remained detached, their gaze distant and unfocused.

Only half-listening to the headmistress’s speech, Rowan’s thoughts drifted back to the words that had caught their attention: “feel free to mingle.” The idea of engaging with their classmates filled Rowan with a sense of unease. The thought of small talk and forced interactions made their stomach churn, and the prospect of forging new friendships felt like an unbearable challenge. “Do I really have to?” Rowan whispered under their breath, their voice barely audible amidst the chatter of the hall.


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Miyu’s legs swung idly, as she combed through her camera film admiring the photos she took, “One day, My pictures will hang in this very school Lumos.” Miyu stated glancing down at her ferret who was snacking on a discarded piece of dragon steak, “Or at-least in some fancy art museum.” Miyu added, “Gross, Lumos.” Miyu took away the piece of steak that someone had dropped on the floor and tossed it in the bin only receiving what could only be a death glare, or as much as a ferret could death glare you in the first place.

As Miyu scanned the room, her eyes landed on a ginger-haired girl. Her face was filled with freckles but she looked a little off-put, probably shaken from the ride here. Miyu eagerly walked over, She couldn’t help but notice her wand securely in her hand, nice wood, and it looked neatly crafted too. “Nice wand, What material is it made out of?” Miyu asked, as she plopped down next to the girl.


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As Eira was about to find someone to talk to, she saw a girl approach her very eagerly. She greeted the girl with a warm smile. She was so excited to talk to new people, and build connections. But when the girl brought up her wand, Eira’s smile growing even wider.

“Thank you!” she said, her voice warm and friendly, “It’s 10 inches, made from English Oak, with a unicorn hair core,” she answered her question, before adding with a touch of pride in her tone, “I crafted it myself!” She tried to spot the girl’s wand, without success, so she decided to inquire, “What wand do you have?”

“I’m Eira, by the way,” she introduced herself, before giving the girl a chance to reply to her earlier question, and she extended a hand in greeting. “Are you excited about starting classes tomorrow?” she asked, extending the conversation with a question of her own.

Miyu - @KayaWaya

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“Ooh, I’ve heard unicorn cores are very stable. A lot of people like them but don’t get them often I think.” Miyu nodded, admiring the sleek wood. “You crafted it!?” Miyu buzzed, quickly snatching her camera from off its clip and snapping a photo of the girl’s wand faster than lightning, a light flash from the camera quickly followed. “Sorry! I get so excited when I see unique material, I want to be a photographer.” Miyu added her former relaxed expression as she smiled from ear to ear.

“One moment…my wands in here somewhere, Aha! Here it is.” After a quick dig around her bag, she pulled out a thin wand, “It’s made of Sugar Maple Wood and Thestral Tail Hair. It’s 9 inches and quite springy.” She noted, gazing her hand over the material. “Here, see for yourself!” Miyu handed the girl her wand but a slight flicker of fear shuddered over Miyu’s eyes as the ginger-haired girl asked her last question. Her brain snapped to the potion’s class she welled over earlier, but Miyu quickly fixed her face back to her bright and cheery expression.

“Yeah! Classes should be fun, I can’t wait to meet our professors. I wonder if Professor Asha is as crude as they say.” Miyu continued.


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Eira’s eyes lit up with interest as Miyu spoke about unicorn cores. “Yes, they are! Unicorn hair cores provide such a reliable and steady magic,” she agreed, nodding enthusiastically. When Miya aksed whether she made it in surprise, “Yes, I did! It’s a skill I learned from my parents, who are wandmakers themselves. I’ve been surrounded by the magic of wandcraft since I was little, so it felt natural for me to make my own.”

She chuckled as Miyu snapped a photo of her wand, her excitement contagious. “No problem at all! I’m flattered you find it interesting,” Eira replied warmly, her smile unwavering.

As Miyu explained what her wand was made of, and handed Eira her wand to view. Eira ran her fingers over the wand, and studied it for a moment, before saying, “Oh, that’s quite a unique combination! Sugar Maple Wood and Thestral Tail Hair. They’re quite contrasting, aren’t they? Sugar Maple Wood is known for its warmth and creativity, while Thestral Tail Hair is associated with understanding the mysteries of death and the afterlife. It’s fascinating how these two elements come together in your wand!” Handing the wand back to Miyu with a smile, she remarked sincerely, “It’s beautiful!”

Eira tilted her head slightly, intrigued by Miyu’s comment about Professor Asha. “Hmm, I haven’t heard much about Professor Asha yet,” she admitted, her brow furrowing in thought. “But I suppose we’ll find out soon enough. It’ll definitely be interesting to meet all of our professors and see what they’re like.” She paused for a moment before adding with a small grin, “And who knows, maybe Professor Asha will surprise us.”

Miyu - @KayaWaya


“Wandmakers? I wish. My family’s a bunch of stuck-up jerks who wave their wands in people’s faces.” Miyu rolled her eyes, pretending to put a finger in her mouth to form a “gross” expression, “Anyone going through that can handle a little Thestral hair.” Miyu added, tucking a light tuft of hair securely back into her hair clip.

“I think every professor here is their own…character. Check out the pamphlets, they have their introductions listed on page 3!” Miyu swiftly snatched a pamphlet from one of the nearby shelves for students to memorize the school layout amongst other things. She chucked it at the ginger-haired girl before pausing momentarily. “I forgot to introduce myself! Sorry!” Miyu realized they’d been talking for a bit without even knowing each other’s names. “I’m Miyu Lumina, I’m 14.” she gave the girl a playful curtsey before taking Lumos out of her sleeve.

“And this is my favorite- well only ferret and loyal companion. Lumos! Like the spell. Sadly he isn’t magical just lazy and greedy.” Miyu chuckled, before taking her slinky pet and plopping him down on the cafeteria table.




Eira listened attentively to Miyu’s words, a mixture of empathy and concern flickering across her features as Miyu spoke about her family. “I’m sorry to hear that,” she replied softly, her voice tinged with sympathy. “Family can be… complicated sometimes.” But Miyu’s theatrics and comment on the Thestral hair drew a chuckle from Eira. “You’ve got a point there,” Eira said with a chuckle, mirroring Miyu’s playful tone. “Dealing with a bit of Thestral hair might be easier than navigating through family gatherings with those stuck-up relatives.”

As Eira observed the wand in Miyu’s hand, Eira gained a level of respect for Miyu due to her wand having a Thestral hair core, which was known for its difficulty and complexity. Eira, being passionate about wandlore, appreciated the challenge and skill required to handle such a wand core. It immediately told her she had a witch in front of her who might turn out quite powerful and resilient. It was evident that Miyu possessed a strength of character that resonated with the qualities valued in Gryffindor House. With a warm smile, Eira decided to voice her thoughts and turned her attention back to Miyu by looking her in the eyes, and asked, “What house do you want to be in? I think you would make a good Gryffindor!”

As Miyu mentioned the professors and handed her a pamphlet, Eira accepted it gratefully, flipping through the pages to find the introductions. “Thank you for the tip,” she said with a smile, appreciating Miyu’s helpfulness. She scanned the page where the professors introduced themselves, seeing quite some intriguing characters.

“Wow, there are so many fascinating professors here! I can’t wait to learn from each of them. Professor Tydeus seems a bit intimidating, but I feel like he’ll make charms class a blast, and Professor Twigs’s enthusiasm for herbology is contagious. Oh, and I’m really intrigued by Professor McNeil. I’ve heard she’s a very respectable teacher!”

She already knew she couldn’t wait to meet her, as she was thoroughly intrigued by Transfiguration. The meticulous approach to magic, and the fact that in Transfiguration, the wand played a significant role, further heightened her curiosity to meet Professor McNeil. Eira felt like she wouldn’t be the softest or kindest teacher, but Eira could respect that, Tranfiguration was an important and difficult subject, that warranted a serious approach.

“And look,” she said as she pointed at the part about a mysterious looking man, “Professor Leon’s achievements in potion making are truly impressive.” Her eyes then landed on Professor Asha GoldWinch, she had something quite strict about her, but she didn’t seem as bad as Miyu had exclaimed, “And Professor GoldWinch, she does not seem that bad! Let’s keep an open mind!” She then put down the pamphlet in the pocket of her coat, it was good to keep it for future reference.

When Miyu introduced herself and her pet ferret Lumos, Eira’s eyes lit up with delight. “It’s nice to meet you, Miyu,” she replied warmly. “And hello, Lumos!” she greeted the ferret with a gentle smile, “Oh, you’re so adorable!” she exclaimed in admiration. Then, with a hopeful expression, she asked Miya, “Can I pat him?”

Eira’s eyes sparkled with interest as Miyu mentioned he wasn’t magical. “Oh, I’ve always been fascinated by magical creatures,” she remarked eagerly. “I have a Kneazle named Tilly. She’s quite clever, but unfortunately, she wasn’t allowed in the Great Hall,” she added with a hint of disappointment.

“I bet Lumos is quite the character, though,” Eira continued, turning her attention back to the ferret. “Even if he’s not magical, I’m sure Lumos brings plenty of personality and fun to your days,” Eira remarked with a playful grin, acknowledging Lumos’ role in Miyu’s life despite his lack of magical abilities.

Miyu - @KayaWaya

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"Sorry, I’m a what? Wondering if I should be offended or not.” Bailey shook his head, “oh no, nothing to be offended by. Muggle is just how… magical people? No, not because you’re obviously ‘magical people’ too. I guess people in the wizarding world refer to normal non-magic using people. I mean–I suppose some people might mean it negatively, but its really just a name.” He shrugged. ”Birds…? Uh…I know we have a lot of robins. Chickadee’s too. I like their calls.” He nodded along. “Anyways! Yes! Birds! Looooove them! I collect feathers, say where are youfrom anyway?” He asked, trying to place lots of robins and chickadees. Pretty much–anywhere is the world.

”Likewise. You seem to know what’s going on, so could you get me up to speed here? I’m more than a bit confused.” Bailey smiled. Did I just make a friend? He nodded, looking I bit less ‘I’m going to scream about birds and am usually this crazy’ happy at his revelation. “Yeah, of course, anyone question feel free to ask.”

@Ouijaloveletters - Charlie

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Raine Elana Elm

As Raine sat on the Hogwarts Express, gazing out the window at the passing trees and fields, she couldn’t shake the bitterness that had consumed her since her mother had sent her away. It was supposed to be an exciting trip to a magical school for witches and wizards, but all Raine could feel was resentment towards her mother.

Her mother had insisted that it was for the best, that Hogwarts would provide Raine with a secure future and the skills she needed to succeed in the world… and other. But Raine couldn’t help but feel like she was being cast aside, unwanted… unloved. It’s not like her mom had much time for her anyways.

Now, as Hogwarts grew closer with each passing mile, Raine realized that this trip was a chance to put some distance between herself and her mother. Maybe being away from her would give Raine the space she needed to figure out who she was, independent of her mother’s expectations and demands. Yes, Hogwarts was a place of magic and wonder, but for Raine, it was also a place of escape and freedom. As the train pulled into the station, Raine felt a sense of relief wash over her. Maybe, just maybe, this was the fresh start she needed, away from her mother’s suffocating influence.

Raine was in awe. She didn’t know when she fell in love–with the building, the bustling students, the excitement in the air, the prospect of magic–but her anger had ebbed away. Which might have been how she got lost, until a set of older students found her and realized even before she had. They helped her find the way to the great hall, the headmistresses speech had already started. She stood in the back and listened.

“Do I really have to?” Raine scoffed, suddenly realizing how close she was to the kid who mumbled it. She cleared her throat, her eyes scanning them and the students among them. She would not apologize. “I think it’s a good idea,” She noted, not so loud just in case the kid didn’t want to engage. “But wouldn’t wanna be friendless, would ya?” She couldn’t help it, she locked eyes with them. The edge of taunting a reply.

@Jass - Rowan

Charlie nodded, looking pensive. ”I think I get it. Muggle is kind of like slang. In layman’s terms, someone who can’t practice magic. Is that right?” Charlie asked. Bailey said he collected feathers, and they nodded. ”Any magical birds? If so, I’d love to see them. It’ll help me learn more about both you and the wizarding world. I may seem extroverted now, but that’s because you’re talking to me and I don’t feel like ignoring you. I actually rarely talk to people. That’s just how I am. No, I’m not lonely or anything. People can just get too much at times. Don’t you agree? Sorry, I’m talking too much. I guess I’m getting comfortable with you. Pretty fast, I might add.” Charlie took a breath before answering his question. ”I’m from Ireland. Dublin, to be specific. You?”
@Tina.G - Bailey

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“Hmm. I can see myself being in Gryffindor too! Although It wouldn’t surprise me if I ended up a Hufflepuff either, they’re mainly guided by reason and hard work and I’ve worked my butt off.” Miyu chuckled, “What about you? I can tell our personalities are similar in some ways. Think you’d be a Griffie with me?” Miyu added, before finally settling down on a seat herself, the conversation continued.

“I’ve heard a good bit of gossip about the professors, apparently Professor Tydeus is half-giant which is more obvious than not the man’s a beast, Professor Mandrake and Mr.Sweetleaf- The librarian are related but there’s some bad blood between them. So, I’m rooting for Mrs. Chalks, She’s a little kooky but I can’t wait to get my very own broom!” Miyu beamed, she’d never flown- as most of her other peers probably haven’t either. “Tilly, huh?” Jeez, that isn’t far from how magical creatures aren’t allowed in. Next time, we’re doing a prison break. mark. my. words." Miyu huffed, as much as she loved photography she loved animals just as much, plus Lumos needed a buddy too!

“Yeah, he’s been with me forever. He’s been my best bud through thick and thin.” Miyu cracked a small smile glancing at her fluffy companion who was now chewing on a button from Miyu’s bag.

“Oh, I never asked. Why’d you want to come to Hogwarts?” Miyu decided to throw in a question to discuss interests, she felt like she’d been babbling about herself a little too long.


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