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Jesse was thankful that he hadn’t gone too far with drinking the night prior as he emerged in the halls of their college. While he was confident in the solidification of his place at Wyndham, that being socially and academically, Jesse wouldn’t want a hangover on the first day to put that at risk. Though he was sure he couldn’t say the same for Renlin, whose fate had been left a mystery after being brought in by the headmaster for discussions after his impromptu speech. Jesse knew that for some, that speech probably would have been a perfect excuse for expulsion from the headmaster. He was sure he would find out soon enough, whether it be through his friend or his uncle.

Curiosity at that fallout was what led his footsteps as he walked past the row of lockers he assumed would lead him to his friend. However from a quick glance at the tops of peoples heads it was clear that Renlin wasn’t present from the lack of a towering figure. He dropped it for now, but as his mind floated to the events of earlier that night, Jesse heard his name being called which put him on edge for a moment. With his track record, he could never tell when someone was seconds away from confronting him.

False alarm though, it was only Lenore Ferrell. A friend, not one that he had seen at the masquerade, as she was mentioning. “Or perhaps my mask was just that good?” He considered out loud as she caught up with him. It may have been plausable, given the number of interactions he had with people that night unaware of their identities. But he possibly would have recognised her regardless of a mask. “In any case, I hope you didn’t miss me too much,” Jesse told Lenore, turning to her as she began walking alongside him. “Anything interesting happen on your end? Ah, did you catch any of that performance from me and Ren?” He questioned, with also genuine wonder as to how big their audience had been.

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The thought that Freya would be bringing someone home with her on the first night of Wyndham College was incomprehensible, yet here she was returning to her room with this nameless girl who could barely string words together to form a sentence. She wasn’t really sure of her plan for when they got inside, but improvising seemed to be working fine enough up until now, when using a very loose definition of ‘fine’.

As she turned the lights on, it was weird for Freya to see someone else in her room. Freya had hardly been moved in for long, but she had already become settled and used to it being her space. Now here this person was, sliding down her wall as she spoke to the back of Freya, just as she had been trying to think of what to do next. “It’s okay–” She attempted to interject as she turned around, though the girl appeared unstoppable in her pursuit of explanations and apologies. Even when she had finished, Freya felt at a loss for words. Somewhat because she wasn’t sure how much of this conversation the girl was to remember, but also at the bizarreness of the situation.

When silence had crept in for slightly too long, Freya raised some concern. “Are you… okay?” She asked, apprehensively, slowly approaching the unresponsive girl. As she got closer, she could see the girl was okay, but asleep. Freya wasn’t sure how these kind of things panned out, but she was pretty sure that she shouldn’t leave her to sleep sat on the floor. “Hey,” She attempted. Then a slight nudge. A light shake on her shoulder. “Helloo?” But nothing, the nameless girl remained fast asleep. Okay, this was going to be difficult.

Freya looked up to the ceiling for a moment, hoping her eyes would return to find this had all been some kind of dream - which found her no luck. Instead, she stepped forward, her hands under the girls arms to lift her off her feet. It was this moment she noticed the inconvenience of this girl being taller than her. Regardless, Freya led her across the room and onto the bed, exhaling with relief when the task was complete. With that, she took a spare pillow she had in her closet and returned to the space that the girl had been in before.

⋆⁺。˚⋆˙‧₊☽ next day ☾₊‧˙⋆˚。⁺⋆

Luckily, and also unsurprisingly, Freya woke up before the girl had. She wasted no time to gather her things, not particularly wanting the conversation that would come if her unexpected guest woke up. Just as Freya stood at the door, she realised something missing as she did a quick pan around of the room. Before she left, she took the glass from beside her occupied bed, filling it with water and returning it in aid to the hangover she was sure this girl would wake up with. Then a very fast escape.

Freya hadn’t even made it to the entrance of the college and there was already a commotion attracting an audience on the courtyard. As she gave it her attention for a moment, she could make out a fight going on between two guys. How could they already have something to fight about on the first day? Freya couldn’t help rolling her eyes at the number of people with their phones out, feeling compelled to have this on their camera roll.

It seemed as though Freya had seen the back end of the fight since the crowd began to dissipate, blocking her path to the entrance as they all started funnelling inside. After a moment of waiting, Freya eventually headed for the door. But she was stopped in her tracks once again, this time by a direct approach from a guy asking for a Kleenex. “I think so yeah,” She thought out loud as she searched her bag. As Freya retrieved the found tissues she handed them over to him, laying her eyes on him for the first time. “Ah, so that was you in the… wrestling match,” Freya observed, hiding her disdain. “I think you might need more than just that. Isn’t there a nurse or something?” She asked him, looking around hoping one would just appear.

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Amani’s response to Tae’s little comment, and the expression on her face while she spoke, told him that this was maybe not the best time to be making jokes. “Sorry, just trying to lighten the mood.” He apologized, even though she should know by now that humour, especially dark and often inappropriate humour, was one of his coping mechanisms. Regardless, despite what his actions might suggest, he didn’t have a death wish and wasn’t sure if she was serious or not. “If it makes you feel any better, I felt as bad as I looked, maybe even worse. Speaking of, what the hell did you do to me?” He asked, wondering exactly what it was that she did to make him not feel as if he’d been hit by a bus and then drowned in a lake, which was how he could best describe how he felt a moment ago.

“One would think you would be more inclined to take better measurements to make sure these type of situations do not keep occurring, but then again I suppose you know you body better than me.”

“You sound like my sister.” He muttered. He shifted his position slightly to test the limits of his mobility and to get an idea of whether or not he would have to take out the emergency bottle of pain medication. While his mom wanted him to rely on natural methods of pain relief, his dad had insisted that he have a bottle of actual pain medication as well, in case the other methods failed. In the six years since the accident, Tae could count the number of times he’d need to open that bottle on one hand but this might just cause him to add to that tally.

“I struck first but Renlin decided to comment on my family so really he started it.” Tae responded, fully aware that he sounded like a child. Then again, Renlin’s hatred for him was also pretty childish, so he figured that it cancelled out. He would have been flattered when Amani told him that he was more skilled than his cousin, if it weren’t for the underlying message of ‘you’re an idiot’, which wasn’t entirely false. Using his magic in the fight probably would have saved him from almost dying. “I don’t really have a good excuse. Adrenaline, I guess?” He answered, even though it was a sh*t answer. She then asked him if he got a couple hits in and he nodded. “I got some in before he overpowered me.” He wasn’t sure that he did much damage, but wasn’t exactly lying to her. He did get a few hits in before being strangled.

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Copy of Copy of Silas (1)

[[Musica ౨ৎ]

“An Amani original? Hmm, perhaps it is. I just have a knack for creating the best of sayings, don’t I?” she said playfully. “Or perhaps I just happen to know the essence of human curiosity—to seek out the hidden, the forbidden fruits of knowledge?” She leaned back, her gaze thoughtful. “We may not need to peek, Sellenova, but the temptation is always there, a whisper in our ear, a thrill in our heart. And sometimes, just sometimes, it’s that very peek that makes the show all the more captivating.” Her eyes twinkled with mischief. “After all, what’s a performance without its audience yearning for just a glimpse of the magic backstage? But I suppose since you so love your boring curtains,” she playfully rolled her eyes, “I must wait, though I hate to wait.”

As they walked more and more into the Botanical Conservatory, Amani realized something: Arya had been here before, meaning, Vincenzo had brought her here before. The thought of that caused a strange smile to latch itself onto her face, though her eyes were blank. She was happy, happy indeed, for this meant that between Amani and Vincenzo, there were fewer and fewer things that made their former relationship special. If this ‘special’ place of theirs had truly not been quite so special, it meant that just like the spheres in the Botanical Conservatory, their so-called relationship had been nothing but an illusion, and Amani had neither lost nor given up anything. As they continued to walk, Amani asked if Arya had seen the place, knowing the answer. Once or twice had been the answer, making Amani raise her brow.

She wondered just how much Arya knew about the ‘Eden of Enchantment’, perhaps about the same as Vincenzo or how much he had allowed her to see (probably everything, meaning the basics that he knew). This meant there were still a lot of things left unknown for Arya because really, when Amani had discovered it, she had gone exploring after Francis or was it Atticus? They had told her that there are a lot of hidden places in Wyndham, as after all, the Ninth House was nothing if not ‘magical’ and filled with hints and passages left by past students. Now, Amani had not been told what these ‘hints’ or ‘passages’ meant or were because she had not been concerned to find out. The Eden of Enchantment had been the first one she had found. It had not been easy to find, being kept hidden at all. But she had followed a person who seemed to be hiding something and walking down an unfamiliar path, and she had found the Eden of Enchantment and had explored deep within it, finding a lot of doors, a lot of special places. Amani, being selfish, had concealed some of the places that she had found within the Eden of Enchantment through magic. She had always been good at illusion magic and shadow manipulation, being taught by her father, and she had found a way to conceal a lot of these ‘hidden places within the hidden botanical conservatory,’ leaving only what the few people that knew about this place and had not decided to explore already knew about it. When she and the balding psycho (she really needed to stop referring to him by his name, even in her mind. It was not fun thinking about him) had come here, she had shown him the basics, and they had enjoyed it quite well.

As they talked about the poems hanging on the walls, Arya pointed to one of the poems, stating that she had been the one to write that one, causing Amani to smirk as she teasingly said, ‘pas étonnant que ce soit celui que j’aime le moins’ in French. Amani then asked, “Why did you decide to write it?” as she stared at the rest of the papers hanging on the wall. Though she had never truly taken the time to decipher the poems, she had always wondered what was the purpose of hanging the poems on the walls, or at least the words on the walls. She had noticed that some of the writings on paper hanging on the walls were not even poems or short stories; they were more like journal pieces, she supposed. “Or more like why did you decide to hang it? You thought yourself so deserving of your work being showcased on the walls of E.E., or was it the cipher in you that spurred that idea?” Her hands went for the poem, carefully removing it from where it was hung so as not to tear it. “Shall you read it to me, so I may try to guess what it is you meant by those words, or do you wish to tell me yourselff?” she playfully asked, raising a brow.

They ventured more, and Amani leaned against a statue—one she had bought herself—and asked Arya to guess what the statue was. Though she was not really just asking her to guess what the statue was, she was also asking her to guess what this whole thing was—what E.E. or Eden of Enchantment really was.

Arya began, her voice laced with playful curiosity, “a hidden sanctuary for wayward souls seeking solace amidst the chaos of university life?” She met Amani’s amused gaze with a playful glint in her eyes, her tone filled with subtle intrigue.

“Huh?” Amani raised a brow confused before spurring into fits of giggles, clutching her stomach with her hand. “Is that what your ex lover boy had told you this place was? I suppose if all this is the only thing you know about the E.E you might consider it by that dull corny stereotypical nature, that this place was ‘a breathe of fresh air, a place where you really get to be yourself’ and blah blah,” Perhaps, she should have let think that, turn around and go to their classes, in case they go late for it. It was for the best that only Amani and maybe Tae or Celestine in the future knew of the true nature of this place, but for some reason- say maybe due to the sparks that has been flying around them since today’s conversation- a reminisce of their childhood, Amani felt the need to show her something more, something that those that knew about E.E did not really know about it. “But see, The Eden of Enchantments is not just called that for fun,” She said as they continued walking, reaching a place. Amani had muttered something in Latin and then in French, flickering her hands, as a large door emerged from the grounds quite spontaneously with a loud noise.The word quattuor wrote itself on the front of the door, and as Amani pressed her hand to the door, a place for a key formed. The creature within her pocket, had given her the key and Amani opened the door, a smile on her face as she turned to Arya. “The Eden of enchanment is a living breathing entity of its own, where your deepest desires can come alive even for a just a moment. I don’t exactly know who was the first to discover it, but I know the Eden of Enchanment is a place for enchanmets- for illusions, for mysteries and for the brave to thrive, but especially illusions. It is not simply a hidden sanctuary for wayward souls to thrive,” As they dove deeper inside the room, countless of mirrors began to be appear, but the mirrors strangely did not show their physical form as they walked, almost as if they did not truly exist. She turned towards one of the mirrors, with a smile, “Instead, it is a place for you to live many lives, and at the same time none at all, and this place in particular within this section is called the room of reflections.”

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[[[ ౨ৎ]

Tae Seo Dunman, a name she had known ever since she was 9 or 10, ever since her ‘condition’ had been better. He was the son of ‘the home wrecker’ as Amani would often hear Sara Dunman be referred to by some adults, and her father’s ‘other close friend’ (her father being very close to both the Dunman brothers). Amani could not say that Tae and she grew up as childhood friends; they were family friends, yes. Family friends that were forced onto each other—the same way the other Dunman kids were forced onto her, except for Isaac, with whom she found herself quite close. Though Tae and Amani were not childhood besties, they had something going for them, even back then. Tae had just been someone she was naturally quite drawn to and intrigued by due to so many reasons. They knew each other quite well, and Amani knew he loved to mask his pain through unfunny jokes and his little smiles.

Usually, Amani wouldn’t care about him making these jokes, she was more likely to laugh (at or with him), her usual smirk in place. Perhaps, if he had not literally collapsed on her doorstep, a dead expression on his face, she would have laughed at the joke, making one of her usual ironic comments. “How is that supposed to make me feel any better?” She shook her head, letting the irritation slide off her shoulders as she focused on his next question, 'Mom’s technique," Her mother was a ‘doctor’ for people with magic, like Amani had previously said- she enjoyed using her magic to help others for some silly reason, either ways she was quite good at what she did, and she had taught Amani and her siblings the basics of ‘healing’, well she had mostly thought Atticus and Amani- Marium and Francis tended to escape the lesson, with the excuse that they were practicing with father. "Advanced healing magic, It’s a mix of alchemy and shadow manipulation. The shimmering liquid you saw is a rare concoction that accelerates the body’s natural healing processes. " She explained. “Let’s just hope there’s no side effect,” This was her first time using the concoction after all.

Amani had continued to tell Tae off for his actions, leading him to tell her that she sounds just like Felicity, causing Amani to arch a brow amusement. "I’ll be sure to tell her that during the rehearsal dinner, " Amani said her eyes twinkling with amusement, before it slightly dimmed as she blinked. “Has my dad or Azriel told you anything?” She asked. Her dad had not mentioned anything about the wedding in months, but Amani had a feeling, it was coming some months after she graduates from Wyndham, though not even Azriel had confirmed it.

Amani had then asked about the cause of his injuries, seeing that he was better enough to talk now. He had told her that he had struck first, but explained he had been justified in it, because Renlin had commented on his family. "Not childish of you at all,’ She had rolled her eyes, “Aren’t you supposed to be the mature cousin?” she had asked shaking her head, before she went to the corner, changing into a silk lace nightgown. “What did he say?” She asked. As she slipped into the delicate fabric, she called back over her shoulder, putting her cream on. "The same old thing about how you’re not a true Dunman I’m guessing? " Bigfoot had never really taken the fact that Uncle Wes was a big fat cheater well, and after Isaac’s death, he poured his frustrations out onto Tae even more- and little Nessa being the fcking sheep she was, never said anything against it or told him off, such a fcking coward. “One would think that after all these years he would have gotten over it and grown up. We are no longer 15 after all, but it seems he never got the memo- I heard he made a big fool of himself during yesterday’s ball.,” But then again last night’s ball had been strange. Amani had proceeded to ask if Tae had gotten a couple of hits back and he had responded, telling her yes, making a little smile crack. “Don’t think I would have continued to talk to you, if you let yourself lose that easily.” She had teased, walking back towards him. “Speaking about talking,” She sat next to him, a pillow on her lap. “I had that dream- that dream of that woman again,” Her voice was more serious now as she faced Tae,



Hayes New

{ class / with Inessa }

‧˚₊┈┈ ⋅ ∙ ∘ ⋆˖⁺˖⋆ ∘ ⋅ ⋅ ┈┈┈‧₊˚⊹

Hayes had always admired the bond between Inessa and Renlin, recognizing the depth of their connection as siblings. Yet, there was something in her tone that caught his attention, a subtle shift in her demeanor that hinted at some underlying uncertainties. ”I-“ He started, caught by surprise when she asked him is there was something he knew but wasn’t saying. Well… No. Maybe? Hayes just didn’t want to be the one to make Inessa feel like she couldn’t, in a way, trust her own brother. Hayes should be the one to know how that feels…

We’re not talking about not trusting his sister, Lenore, but knowing that she probably didn’t trust him at this point. He couldn’t remember the last time he had a genuine conversation with her and even tried to explain what was happening in his mind. But to him that was a protection - it had to be this way. ”No,“ he continued, forcing a smile he knew to make seem real. ”I was just curious. Don’t worry,“ he added softly, his concern evident in his tone.

‧˚₊┈┈ ⋅ ∙ ∘ ⋆˖⁺˖⋆ ∘ ⋅ ⋅ ┈┈┈‧₊˚⊹

As much as Hayes maybe wanted to keep holding Nessa’s hand, it can give off the wrong idea not only to her but students around them. It’s not that Hayes cared about what they think; he knew how he might look to other people and sometimes he quite liked the stories he heard about himself but didn’t want them talking about Inessa now.

However, for a short moment he let himself enjoy it.
Before it was too late.

”Not quite there?“ Hayes questioned quietly, glancing at Inessa after her question. After she broke the silence both of them seemed to enjoy. Gently brushing his thumb over his, Hayes let go of Nessa’s hand and placed his hands in his pockets. Her question was… He understood it, I think everyone would in one way or another understand it but he couldn’t help but wonder what it meant coming from her. Before he could really give it a thought and answer in the way she might expect it, they were already in front of the door and she tried to distract him from it. ”More than often,“ but he still wanted to answer. With that he offered her a soft smile, his voice quiet as he suggested for her to walk in and he’d follow her.

So Hayes was now officially back. Back in the room he was supposed to leave, seeing faces he was hoping never to see again… Except for professor Walsh. And the Muse (hehe) but she was not important at this very moment, because now he was in a music room. Music was never his strongest suit but at times he did enjoy his mornings here. ”Great,“ he mumbled to himself the moment others noticed the two of them walk in, hidden behind their instrument Hayes could still feel their eyes on him and couldn’t ignore the whispers. ”You should go catch up with your friends, huh?“ So that’s what Hayes added next, this time looking back at Inessa with a weak smile. Was that what he wanted? Of course not, but it can’t always be that way. It was just his way of telling her she was free to go if she wished for that, not wanting her to get dragged into any conversation and gossip about him.

‧˚₊┈┈ ⋅ ∙ ∘ ⋆˖⁺˖⋆ ∘ ⋅ ⋅ ┈┈┈‧₊˚⊹

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“Was that so hard to admit?” Mona teased her, and put her hands on her hips. After a decently long time trying to appeal to her, Thalia gave into Desdemona and admitted the truth, but even then she did not seem to fully confront it.

Thalia went for Mona’s weakness, and fixed her hair with a gentle hand. She pulled her closer to kiss her forehead, and Mona gave her a mushy smile like she was too warm that she melted. It became harder to stay focused on the objective when the girl placed their foreheads together. Thalia’s eyes looked huge, and she saw all of her features in great detail, feeling the slight breath she emitted from her nose before Mona giggled at the feeling. She took her own nose and aligned it with Thalia’s, but instead of doing something like bringing their lips together, she rubbed her nose on Thalia’s. She liked to call that a butterfly kiss. It may have been a bit silly, but she liked it anyway.

“My head feels fine,” Mona continued the conversation, completely forgetting her earlier point. “I’m sorry yours doesn’t, though,” She pouted, and then pulled back, not letting go of the girl’s hands. “I should have been with you.”
She sounded guilty. It was her job to look out for Thalia after all.

“It is a ballroom after all,”
Mona feigned a frown, and continued talking about her experiences.

She wondered if Thalia knew any of the people she had mentioned before. For the time being, Desdemona had yet to dislike any of the people that she met. They had not given her reason to, and she did not think they would, but that was also just her way of being. If Desdemona could befriend farm animals and reptiles, it seemed highly unlikely that she struggle with mere mortals.

Perhaps she would dislike those that Thalia disliked, though. Her best friend was surely capable of making mistakes, but Desdemona doubted she could ever perceive the girl as being an issue for anyone else. Even if she was, she wouldn’t hold it against her.

"She fainted?’

Thalia interrupted her monologue, and Desdemona nodded, continuing the minute gossip. “Yeah, pretty much everyone turned when they saw. Did you not?” Mona asked, trying to explain to herself how Thalia could have not noticed her heroic action. It was possible that Thalia had not been present for the event, but where else could she have gone? Surely not to someone else’s room, or at least not in that kissing, taking-off-clothes context she had only heard about in stories.

Sometimes it was hard for Desdemona to wrap her head around the way those things happened in real life; the scandal, the parties, the sex. Twenty two years of life, and she had never once observed the events unfolding. She had always lived in her own idyllic world, with grass and sheep ba-ing in the fields outside. It was quaint, and simple, but sometimes she had wondered if she was meant for more.

At wyndham, it felt like all of it was a snowflake on her nose, and she craved to stick out her tongue, seeing if she could playfully reach it.

But it was only a thought. In real time, she was still very far from it. At least now, she put the thought back away where it had come from. It was then she realized she was spacing out as Thalia started responding to the rest of her story, her chin nodding aimlessly before she blinked back into reality.

“You think so?” She asked innocently. “I wouldn’t know, I’m not sure how a lot of the people here live their lives,” she brushed her hair behind her ear sheepishly. “But I mean, I don’t know, they were dancing together after all.”
Reflecting out loud, Desdemona became lost in her wonder of what may have been the truth. Already, it was becoming hard to set herself apart from the storming herd of people in this new setting. It was the first thing her parents had warned her about; “people will try to stir you away from what matters,” they had said. “Don’t lose sight of it.”
In accordance to their advice, Desdemona chose to forget Atlas. He must have been joking.

Listening to her worries, Thalia was quick to comfort her. Even if she didn’t fully need it, Thalia still seemed to smooth pavement over those dents in her self-esteem, especially the ones she did not even detect.

Desdemona decided to focus on the second half of Thalia’s response, because it was the part that still plagued her mind.
“I didn’t want to use my magic!!” She exclaimed, knowing that she could release her little angers with Thalia listening to soothe her. “But I couldn’t not use my magic… That girl needed help!”

“That wasn’t the issue, though…” She paused.
“The main issue was the side effect it gave me for a bit,” Mona flashed a guilt-ridden smile, and she scratched her arm at her side. It wasn’t the first time she had gotten one of those visions, so she might just have had to deal with it, and ignore the pain. Perhaps she was stupid for bringing it up at all.
“It was nothing, really.” She lied, her voice smooth like honey.

In Desdemona’s dormitory, Thalia and her fed Kiki together after getting her snacks. Their kitchen interaction had been as bittersweet as all the rest, but Desdemona could not help but think of Thalia’s discomfort seeing her beets, what a disturbing way it was to percieve a vegetable.

On the bright side, she had Thalia’s jokes to ground her still in the present, causing her to snicker.
She just unfortunately had to ruin the fun by asking about her wellbeing, which caused Mona to be a bit embarassed. She did not intend for her distress to be noticeable by Thalia.
“Oh, nothing,” she smiled unconvincingly. “I was just nervous about my first day at school!”

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Aurora New

{ Hallway / with Kairo }
‧˚₊•┈┈┈ ⋅ ∙ ∘ ⋆˖⁺‧₊☽◯☾₊‧⁺˖⋆ ∘ ⋅ ⋅ ┈┈┈•‧₊˚⊹

“Thank you,” getting a compliment I the best way to start the day, isn’t it? It’s even more special when it comes from a person you just met who you think is attractive. Hm… Would he think the same about Aurora? That thought always crosses her mind whenever she is meeting someone for the first time and it’s not that she needs to make everyone like her and think she’s good looking she just… Wonders. “Kairo Hall, I know,” Aurora nonchalantly replied, thinking it was obvious she’d be the one to know everyone around here. In her mind it was not a strange thing to say so she behaved in that way - even offering him a sweet, innocent smile. “And it happens… quite often, especially when it’s someone’s first day so no problem and you’re welcome.” Another confident reply, a smile not leaving her lips. If she wanted everything to get well for everyone on this first day she had to help him and that’s what she planned to do with other new students but… She could stay here for a bit longer, would that be so bad?

Because can we just think about it for a second - was he flirting with her?! You don’t compliment someone this much when you just met them. Good at spreading sunshine? Yes… Keep them coming. “I-” She started but her own laugh cut off her words. This year sure was going to be a good one, will it not? “Are you naturally this charming? You know… That might be a problem around here,” she tried to return the same energy, letting him interpret her last words in his own way. What did she really mean when she said that? I don’t know, what do you think?

For a moment Aurora got lost when she heard Kai’s last question. Was she also in Enigma? No… She was… “Enigma? Oh… No, I’m in quantum. I’m Aurora,” that, that was her answer. How did he not know that? It was common knowledge, she is Aurora. Did he mistake her for some other Aurora around here she didn’t know about?? Her words were, of course, followed by another laugh trying not to sound as if she was offended by his question. “But you will have fun Enigma’s! Find Atlas, he is the best AND Inessa. Trust me on that one, you’ll fit right in. Or find someone you might already know I can’t tell you want to do,” another laugh following her words. “Do you? Do you know anyone who goes here?” There were many reasons as to why she asked him that but for now let’s say Aurora was just curious…

Why was this new guy really here now and who does he know?
That’s not something she could read in his documents.

‧˚₊•┈┈┈ ⋅ ∙ ∘ ⋆˖⁺‧₊☽◯☾₊‧⁺˖⋆ ∘ ⋅ ⋅ ┈┈┈•‧₊˚⊹

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Copy of Copy of Copy of Silas

[[𓆩⟡𓆪 𓆩⟡𓆪 𓆩⟡]]

Was that so hard to admit?

Yes, Thalia thought, but she did not voice it. Instead, a sheepish smile graced her lips as they drifted to the next topic. Thalia hardly needed a reminder of her colossal mistake; the throbbing headache and the acrid taste in her mouth was already a constant, unwelcome companion. Another unwelcome specter was her ex, whom she was assiduously avoiding. Thus, when Desdemona began to muse over where she had heard the name Dunman before, Thalia was swift to quash those thoughts. She ruffled Desdemona’s hair, telling her not to overthink it, planting a kiss on her forehead, and muttering a teasing remark as their heads drew close. She closed her eyes initially, but when Desdemona nuzzled their noses together, Thalia’s eyes fluttered open and she let out a small laugh before pulling away, squeezing Desdemona’s hands tighter.

“It’s not your job to look after me,” Thalia had said softly, “It’s your job to have fun and enjoy your life and be happy.” small smile played on her lips as she held Desdemona’s hands tighter. “Besides my head will be fine,” I’m used to this, Thalia thought but did not say. All she needed was some food, maybe painkillers, and coffee, her usual remedy. She wasn’t on the verge of dying, though she might have preferred that to attending her first class, Enchanted Music Composition. It wasn’t that she disliked the class; she simply wasn’t in the mood for the music. Perhaps she could feign sick and leave the class early, it was not an important class after all- and she would still be getting her attendance that sure will last just 5 minutes.

Thalia listened as Desdemona talked about her experiences, being quite the attentive listener and not quite the talker as usual. She was to wait for Desdemona to finish talking, but one thing that Desdemona said caught her off guard and Thalia could not help but to interrupt Desdemona’s monologue, She fainted? Thalia had asked, shock plastered on her fast. “I think I was somewhere else,” Or perhaps she was there, Thalia doesn’t really remember- a lot of things had happened last night and besides she was pretty hammered last night. “Was she okay though? Dd you ever find out why she fainted?” Thalia asked, her curiosity on the rise. She wanted- no need to know if that strange event had a connection to the Miles thing or the other thing, though it was probably more the former than the latter.

“It was a masquerade ball,” Thalia had pointed out, “They probably did not know they were dancing with each other,” But then again, there was a possibility that they did- the people at Wyndham lived very intertwined lives and yet very secretive- it was hard to pin point exactly who they were connected or not connected to, but Thalia, through careful observation and what she liked to term ‘research,’ stalking had mapped out most of these connections. There was no discernible link, as far as she remembered, between Esther and Atlas. “Besides,” she continued with a thoughtful tilt of her head, “I don’t think he would be Esther’s type.” She shrugged, a faint, almost cynical smile playing at the corners of her mouth. “I don’t really know him that well per say, but he’s just too… I can’t see Esther ever considering him a love match,” The very idea seemed ludicrous, almost laughable. Esther with Aurora’s childhood friend—it sounded more like the setup for a farce than reality. . “Besides he’s an enigma,” Thalia was well aware that Esther was too, “And someone whose quite the actor, he was definitely pulling your leg,”

Thalia watched with concern, she seemed to be in quite the distress, and gently to calm her nerves down, Thalia squeezed Desdemona’s shoulders. “Mona,” Thalia began softly, steady and calm, “You did what you had to do, you helped Esther and that-” Thalia did not get to finish her sentence as her mind had finally processed the later half of what Desdemona had told her, causing her to blink rapidly. "Side effects?’ Thalia’s eyes widened as she cupped Desdemona’s jaw, looking between her cheeks to see if there was something wrong with her, but not physically she looked as beautiful as ever. “What happened, tell me,” Thalia said, worry visible in her tired eyes, “Do you need me to take you to the school nurse?”

Thalia know there was something more than just being distressed about her first day at school, but she didn’t press, she would ask later- when her head and the mood was better. “You’ll be fine,” Thalia reassured, “The professors will love you,” she continued, sitting on Desdemona’s bed as she began to eat the bagel. “So…” Thalia began, wanting to lighten up the mood once more, “Do you want to see some of the pictures I took on my first day of school? Calm your nerves down a little and see that Wyndham is just like any other place,” Of course by those pictures, Thalia was not referring to the pictures she took of other people, but the pictures of the environment, and of whatever she found interesting.



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@Mouschi - Esther



{ Enchanted Music Composition class }

‿︵‿︵‿୨ ୧‿︵‿︵‿

Maria Walsh had always believed that music was the universal language, a bridge between souls. Turning 30 this year and being one of the youngest professors at Ninth House, Maria stood in her classroom, preparing for her first class of the term. This was only her third year as a professor and she believed a mix of excitement and nervousness she felt would never go away. Maria herself was a vision of grace and warmth. With her soft hazel eyes and gentle smile, everyone who comes across her would only describe her as kind and compassionate. She was dressed in a simple yet elegant dress that allowed her to move freely, her long hair cascading in loose waves. Maria’s presence was like a soothing melody; her soft-spoken nature made everyone feel at ease. She was a firm believer in positive reinforcement and always found something to praise in her students, no matter how small.

Maria had always been surrounded by music. As a child, her home was filled with melodies; her mother was a renowned pianist, and her father a passionate violinist. However, it wasn’t until she was thirteen that she discovered the magic within music. Fascinated and a little frightened, Maria confided in her parents. To her surprise, they revealed that her family had a history of magical musicians, individuals who could infuse their music with magic. Her mother showed her an old, worn book filled with spells and compositions, a legacy passed down through generations. It was then that Maria’s real journey began. Under her parents’ guidance, Maria learned to harness her magical abilities, blending them seamlessly with her musical talents. She discovered that certain melodies could heal, others could inspire, and some could even protect. By the time she reached adulthood, Maria was not only a skilled musician but also a powerful enchantress. Her path led her to many prestigious music schools and magical academies, however, it wasn’t until she was invited to Ninth House that she found a place that truly felt like home. Ninth House, with its rich history and commitment to nurturing both academic and magical excellence, was the perfect place for Maria to combine her passions for teaching, music, and magic. The offer to become the professor of Enchanted Music Composition was a dream come true.

As she arranged the sheet music and tuned the instruments, she hummed a melody that floated through the air. Her humming was almost habitual, a comforting sound that filled the room with her joy and passion for music. She had a habit of tapping her fingers in rhythm to an imaginary beat, a quirk that her students had come to find endearing. With her classroom now ready Maria took a moment to herself. She stood at the window, gazing out at the lush grounds of Ninth House. The early morning light bathed the landscape in a soft, golden glow, and she felt a deep sense of gratitude. She closed her eyes and whispered a silent thank you to the universe for guiding her to this place.

The sound of students entering the room brought her back to the present. Maria turned, her eyes sparkling with warmth and anticipation.She greeted each one with a warm smile and a cheerful ”Good morning!“ She made a point to remember everyone’s name, understanding how much it meant to be seen and acknowledged.



|| Hallway//With Aurora ||

“You’re very much welcome,” Kairo replied, his smile mirroring hers as he offered a light nod of appreciation. Aurora’s nonchalant mention of his almost full name raised Kairo’s brow in surprise, mingled with a tad bit of confusion. She seemed to possess an intimate familiarity with the academy that went beyond what he would expect from a newcomer. Perhaps she was a senior, he mused, her confidence and ease suggesting a certain level of experience.

“These halls are not going to explore themselves,” Kairo remarked, sweeping his gaze around the bustling corridors before returning his attention to Aurora with a playful smile. “And by explore, I mean get lost until I find my way somewhere.” His words were accompanied by a lighthearted chuckle, tinged with a hint of mischief. Despite the gravity of their surroundings, Kairo couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement bubbling within him.

As for why she knew his name and schedule, yes, it was a bit odd, but Kai decided to set aside his questions for the moment and simply enjoy the pleasant exchange. There was something refreshing about Aurora’s friendly demeanor and her eagerness to help, and he found himself appreciating the sense of camaraderie she brought to their interaction.

Kairo couldn’t help but chuckle at Aurora’s playful response, her laughter infectious and lightening the mood even further. “Well, I suppose it depends on who you ask,” Kairo replied with a grin, his tone light and playful. “I guess you’ll just have to stick around and find out,” hereplied with a playful twinkle in his eyes.
Then, with a smirk, he continued, “But hey, if my charm ends up being a problem, I suppose that’s a good problem to have, innit?” He flashed her a wink, his eyes sparkling with amusement. “I mean, if you compare it to other types of problems, charm really is a piece of cake.”

Kairo listened attentively as Aurora responded, a flicker of slight surprise crossing his features when she mentioned being in Quantum instead of Enigma. “Aurora, yes, I know” he repeated her name with a raised brow as she introduced herself again for some reason “I might not know all the names like you, but I definitely remember yours” he smiled and paused for a moment.

“Quantum, huh? Sounds interesting,” Kairo remarked with a nod, his curiosity piqued by Aurora’s house affiliation. “It’s a shame you’re in a different house, but I’ll definitely keep Atlas and Inessa in mind. They sound like a good time.”
He chuckled softly at Aurora’s suggestion to seek out familiar faces. “Hmm, well, I don’t think I know anyone here personally,” Kairo admitted, scratching the back of his head sheepishly. “I’m kind of flying solo on this one. But hey, maybe that’s a good thing, right? A fresh start and all that.”

Despite the twinge of loneliness that accompanied his admission, Kairo couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement at the prospect of forging new connections and friendships in this new magical place. “And who knows? Maybe I’ll run into someone familiar along the way,” he added optimistically, his smile brightening at the thought of the adventures that lay ahead.




{ Unconventional Psychology class }

Orion Longstone had been a fixture at Ninth House for as long as anyone could remember. Alongside his colleagues, Lola Novik and the Archivist, he had witnessed the evolution of the institution through various eras and changes in leadership, including the appointment of the current headmaster, Adrian Dear. This trio had seen the school through its trials and triumphs, becoming the pillars upon which its legacy was built.

As the first day of the new school year dawned, Orion Longstone was already awake, his mind sharp and alert. He sat in his study, surrounded by shelves lined with ancient tomes and manuscripts. Orion’s keen eyes scanned the notes he had prepared for his first class. Each year, he aimed to challenge his students, to push them beyond their comfort zones and into the depths of their own minds. This year would be no different. He had planned a series of lectures and discussions designed to unravel the complexities of human psychology, to explore the hidden fears, desires, and motivations that drive behavior.

With a slow, deliberate movement, Orion reached for his cane, the polished wood cool under his fingers. He rose from his chair, feeling the familiar twinge in his leg as he did so. The limp had become a part of him, a reminder of his past and the journey that had brought him here. He glanced at his reflection in the mirror, his sharp features and silver hair giving him an almost spectral appearance. Dressing in his customary dark coat, Orion prepared to face his students. He knew that his presence alone would command their attention, but it was his knowledge and passion that he hoped would ignite their curiosity and drive their learning. As he made his way to the classroom, the rhythmic click of his cane against the stone floor echoed through the corridors, a sound that announced his arrival. A sound everyone knew so well by now. In the hallways students would glance up as he passed, their conversations hushed and their eyes filled with a mix of curiosity and apprehension. They knew of his reputation, of the rumors that surrounded him, and they wondered what this year would bring.

Back in the classroom, as students settled into their seats, the door at the back of the room swung open with a deliberate creak, drawing all eyes toward the figure who stepped inside. Entering the classroom, Orion paused at the door, his gaze sweeping over the room. The students fell silent, their attention focused entirely on him. His gaze fell on every student in the room, for a second or two. ”Hm…“ He paused, letting that one word, one sound sink in, the weight of his presence felt by all.

Professor Longstone made his way to his desk, his movements were slow and deliberate, his tall frame slightly hunched, as if he were carrying the weight of countless secrets. The sharp click of his cane against the floor now echoed through this silent classroom. No one knew the story behind the cane or the slight limp that accompanied his steps, but it was a source of endless speculation among the students. Some whispered that he had been involved in a duel with a rival scholar, while others claimed he had ventured too far into the dark recesses of the human mind and barely returned.

He placed a stack of ancient, leather-bound books on the desk before him, their titles obscured by dust and age. ”You are here because you seek to understand the human mind,“ he spoke up, his gaze piercing through the dim light. ”But be warned: what we study here goes beyond the boundaries of traditional psychology.“ Orion’s eyes lingered on each student, as if he could see beyond their outward appearances and into the depths of their souls. His intensity was unnerving, yet it captivated the class. He began to pace slowly, the rhythm of his cane creating a hypnotic cadence. ”In this class, you will not only learn about the mind’s mechanics but also its mysteries. We will study dreams and nightmares, fears and desires, and the fine line between sanity and madness. You will question everything you know, and perhaps, you will discover something new about yourselves.“ His voice only becoming louder and louder after every said word.

Just as he was delving into the introduction, he heard a faint whisper from the back of the classroom. Orion’s sharp eyes immediately found the source: a student attempting to converse with their neighbor. He stopped mid-sentence, the room’s atmosphere growing tense. Orion raised his cane and pointed it towards the student, his eyes narrowing. ”You,“ he said, his voice cold and unwavering. ”Out. No one interrupts my class.“


─── ・ 。゚☆: ✦. Cloned .✦ :☆゚. ・ ───

Lenore liked strolling the school grounds at night. It helped her wind herself down and get ready to go to sleep. Usually, she found herself alone and unbothered on these little adventures of hers but not tonight. She saw the boys at the other end of the hallway and hoped that if she walked fast enough, she could pass them without engaging with them. Unfortunately, the opposite happened, the men sped up and came at her. However, what stopped her in her tracks was the third person with them, who looked like he had been dragged to hell and back.

Evening dear.

She tensed up as he got closer to her, resiting the urge to roll her eyes but unable to stop an expression of disgust for the proximity from appearing on her face. They began to explain what happened to him, an explanation which Lenore was less inclined to believe. The one part that didn’t surprise her was that they had come from the Umbra Coven. Everything new thing Lenore had learned about the Coven throughout her years at Wyndham made her more and more relieved that her brother belonged to a different house. She would never have been able to sleep at night if he belonged to the Coven. She couldn’t stop herself from rolling her eyes when one of them called her darling but she gasped when they let the boy’s body fall to the ground.

“Eejits.” She loudly muttered, rubbing her temples when the shock had worn off and she watched them scramble to pick him up off the ground. She became concerned for the boy’s well-being should he remain in their care, not confident that he would live to see the morning from pure stupidity and negligence. They asked her a second time to take him off their hands. “Fine. Give him to me. Gently. She agreed, stressing the last part as she was fairly certain that if they dropped him on the ground again, she likely wouldn’t be able to pick him up.

─── ・ 。゚☆: ✦. .✦ :☆゚. ・ ───

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─── ・ 。゚☆: ✦. .✦ :☆゚. ・ ───

“Perhaps.” She replied with a playful smirk when he suggest that she hadn’t seen him at the ball because his mask was simply ‘just that good’. She maintained that she would have recognized him mask or not but for a moment she would entertain his suggestion. “Your absence was noted but it didn’t keep me up at night, if that’s what you’re worried about.” She teasingly reassured him, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of hearing her say that she wished she had run into him, even if it were only for a moment’s conversation.

She paused for a moment when he asked her if she caught any of his performance with Ren, as if she were trying to recall the events of the ball. “I think heard some commotion at the ball but I didn’t know it was you and Renlin. I should have figured though.” She answered, letting a small laugh escape as she spoke. “You’ll have to fill me in on the subject matter of this performance. I spent most of the evening speaking to this very…interesting character. I think he was new.” She told him, curious as to what this performance of his and Renlin’s consisted of, knowing that neither of them were in her house, which was supposed to be the performers.

─── ・ 。゚☆: ✦. .✦ :☆゚. ・ ───

@novella - Jesse



{ first day }

The sun had barely risen over the Ninth House, casting long shadows across the hallways as The Whisperer made his way through the corridors. His footsteps were almost inaudible, a choice improved over years of practice. He thrived in the quiet, finding solace in the soft, almost imperceptible sounds of the old building waking up to a new day. His mind was a swirl of thoughts, plans, and memories. He had been at Ninth House for almost four decades, yet each day felt like a new opportunity to observe, to learn, to control. His reputation as the Umbra Coven Director was one of fear and respect, a blend that he had cultivated carefully over the years. Knowledge is power - it was the guiding principle of his life, the driving force behind every decision. He knew that fear was a powerful tool as well, but it was the secrets he held that truly cemented his influence.

He was a master of shadows.
He had spent his life perfecting his ability to manipulate darkness, creating shadows with a flick of his wrist. Wherever he went, the light seemed to dim, as if the very air around him responded to his presence. It was said that rooms always appeared darker when he entered, the shadows deepening as if in deference to their master. As he walked down the corridor he traced the stone walls with his fingers, leaving behind a trail of what seemed smoke, made out of shadows.

Reaching the dining hall, he paused in the doorway, his sharp eyes scanning the room. Usually the staff was never seen around this part of the institution, it was only for students and their lives which were separated from their classes but The Whisperer never considered himself to be just anyone. Students were just beginning to filter in, their laughter and chatter filling the space with a youthful energy that seemed at odds with the stillness he carried within him. The Whisperer just stood there, silently watching. To some, his presence was creepy, a reminder of the authority he had but to others, it was a challenge - to be the one who dared to meet his gaze. At times it seemed like it was a game he liked to play, as if he wanted to find that one student who dared to challenge him back, and with that was worthy of the knowledge The Whisperer could offer.

His eyes fell on a group of first year students, their excitement visible as the navigated the newness of their environment. He allowed himself a small smile. They were so full of potential, so ripe for molding. One student, in particular, caught his attention - a young girl with a determined set to her jaw, her eyes flicking around the room, taking everything in. She reminded him of himself at that age, though he’d never admit it. Perhaps she would be one to watch. As he moved deeper into the hall, his presence seemed to cast a shadow over the room. Conversations quieted, gazes fell. He stopped near the end of one of the long tables, his gaze fixed on a boy who was whispering to his friend, their heads bent close together. The boy looked up, meeting The Whisperer’s eyes, and immediately fell silent. The whispering continued, low and secretive, but The Whisperer did not react outwardly. Instead, he let the tension build, his silence more menacing than any words could be. “Disrespect,” he thought, but he did nothing. The fear of his potential reaction was punishment enough.

Suddenly, a burst of laughter from the corner of the dining hall broke his concentration. His eyes narrowed as he turned his attention toward the source of the disruption. A group of students, seemingly oblivious to his presence, were laughing loudly. With a fluid motion, The Whisperer walked over to them, his shadow seeming to grow and stretch across the floor, enveloping those students in a dark, suffocating embrace. “Names?” His voice was a whisper, yet it carried an undeniable weight. The students fell silent, their faces paling as they realized who stood before them. One boy, attempting to muster some courage muttered his name. But it was too late. The Whisperer’s eyes gleamed with a cold, unhinged light as he reached out, his fingers brushing the boy’s shoulder. “Remember this moment,” he hissed. With a flick of his wrist, the shadows around the boy deepened and wrapped around him. The boy’s eyes widened in terror as he felt the darkness closing in, his breath coming in short, panicked gasps.

“But don’t fear,” another whisper he added to the boy before he released him, the shadows disappearing as quickly as they had appeared. The boy collapsed onto the bench, gasping for air as his friends stared in stunned silence. The Whisperer straightened, his composure once again impeccable. “Let this be a successful year to us all,” he stated, his quiet voice carrying through the now silent dining hall. With that, he turned and walked away, the room seeming to grow darker in his wake.

Leaving the dining hall, he continued his patrol of the hallways. He had no classes to teach; that was not his role, not a role of any of the directors. They only met their student over the weekend so his, their position was of oversight, of guidance. The Whisperer’s was a position of oversight from the shadows. The Umbra Coven required a firm hand, and he was more than willing to provide it. As he walked, the whispers of students reached his ears - a mix of awe, fear, and curiosity. He knew what they called him, understood the rumors that swirled around his name. The Whisperer. It was fitting, really. He had spent a lifetime mastering the art of subtlety.

He paused by a window, looking out over the grounds of Ninth House. The day was just beginning, and with it, the endless possibilities of manipulation, of influence. He was the unseen force that shaped the destinies of those within these walls, and he relished every moment of it.


Aurora New

{ Hallway / with Kairo }
‧˚₊•┈┈┈ ⋅ ∙ ∘ ⋆˖⁺‧₊☽◯☾₊‧⁺˖⋆ ∘ ⋅ ⋅ ┈┈┈•‧₊˚⊹

Aurora’s smile deepened as Kairo responded, his playful demeanor and lighthearted comments brightening her already sunny disposition. His surprise at her knowing his name didn’t go unnoticed. Being well versed in the academy’s ins and outs was something she took pride in, a badge of honor she wore effortlessly. Of course there were many things Aurora didn’t know, don’t think she was like her father, but she got all the basic and necessary information she needed to be this welcoming person and get people to put some trust into her.

“Ah, exploring the labyrinth that is Ninth House,” she said with a chuckle, her eyes sparkling with amusement. “Trust me, getting lost is part of the charm. You’ll find some of the best hidden spots that way.” There was a mischievous glint in her eye as she added, maybe even a hint of her not minding if somehow she ended up in that same place with him. “Just be careful not to end up in the dungeons,” Aurora added in an attempt to joke, lightly nudging him with her elbow. And as much as she wanted to continue this lighthearted banter she was not sent here to flirt, so for a very short moment there was something that resembled seriousness written all over her place. “But there is so much time to do that… After classes, you don’t want to leave a bad first impression, do you now?”

Kairo’s infectious enthusiasm was refreshing, and Aurora found herself appreciating his energy. You don’t get to experience this every day, not around here anyway. More often than not Aurora’s day would only get ruined by people who didn’t appreciate her trying to make them feel good. But back to Kai - His playful remarks about charm being a problem made her laugh, a soft, melodic sound that filled the hallway. “Well, Kairo, if charm is the worst of your problems, you’re doing something right.”

“And yes, Quantum is… quite the place. Always buzzing with energy, ideas flying around like sparks,” only with a simple smile on, not moving a muscle in her body to illustrate her words Aurora made the light above them flicker for a few seconds. What a way to welcome someone then by showing them just a little bit of magic that’s always happening around. Aurora’s mind wandered briefly to her fellow Quantum housemates, wondering what they were doing now - were they on their way to their first class? And where was that new girl, Freya? Was she lost like Kai seemed to be? She will have to leave soon and check up on her… It’s always exciting when new girls arrive, especially new girls Aurora will have to keep checking on. “It’s a pity we’re in different houses and don’t have this first class together… But that just means we’ll have to make the most of these hallway encounters.” How annoying it is that her smile never left her lips?

She noticed the brief flicker of loneliness in his eyes and felt a surge of determination to make him feel welcomed. “Ninth House can be overwhelming at first but you’ll find your way. And who knows, maybe you’ll create a few legends of your own here.” With a bright, optimistic smile, Aurora extended her hand to Kairo. “To new beginnings, Kairo. May your journey here be filled with magic, mystery, and a little bit of mischief.”

‧˚₊•┈┈┈ ⋅ ∙ ∘ ⋆˖⁺‧₊☽◯☾₊‧⁺˖⋆ ∘ ⋅ ⋅ ┈┈┈•‧₊˚⊹

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Botanical conservatory || with Amani

As Arya strolled through the botanical conservatory with Amani, she allowed herself a moment to fully absorb the enchanting surroundings. The setting sun cast a golden hue over the vibrant foliage, creating an almost ethereal ambiance. The glass dome overhead, adorned with intricate stained glass, bathed the space in a kaleidoscope of colors. The air was fragrant with the scent of exotic flowers, mingling with the earthy aroma of the lush greenery.

She took a step closer, “Yes, of course. But you see,” Arya spoke, her voice a silky murmur, “while the allure of the hidden is undeniably tempting, there is also a certain charm in the art of patience. The curtain’s purpose is to heighten the anticipation, to make the eventual reveal all the more enchanting. If we peek too soon, we risk unraveling the magic before it’s fully formed.”
Arya’s eyes sparkled with mischief, her lips curling into a sly smile. “So, let’s not rush to lift the curtains just yet. After all, the greatest performances are those that build anticipation, where every act is a crescendo leading to the grand reveal. And until then,” she added with a playful wink, “I’ll savor the thrill of the unknown, with all its temptations.”

Arya’s gaze wandered over the lush greenery as she walked alongside Amani, absorbing the tranquil beauty of the conservatory. The air was filled with the gentle rustling of leaves, the soft hum of unseen insects, and the faint scent of blooming flowers, creating a serene symphony that only added to the magical ambiance. This place was a haven, a sanctuary where the noise of the outside world faded into a distant memory. It was peaceful, and it held secrets—secrets that the plants carried in silence, never divulging to a soul.

Arya’s gaze lingered on the poem she had written, a subtle smile playing at the corners of her lips as she recalled the moment of inspiration. Amani’s teasing remark in French did not go unnoticed, and Arya’s response was a masterful blend of elegance and retaliation.

With a graceful movement, Arya took the poem from the wall, her touch gentle yet deliberate, as if handling a delicate artifact. Her eyes met Amani’s, a glint of mischief dancing in their depths. “Ah, Amani, toujours la critique,” Arya responded in flawless French, her tone light yet tinged with a hint of playful defiance, a subtle edge to her words, a reminder of her own sophistication. “Mais peut-être que ton goût est juste moins sophistiqué que le mien”

As Amani questioned the purpose behind Arya’s poem adorning the conservatory walls, Arya’s lips curved into a thoughtful smile. She observed the other writings hanging alongside it, noting the variety of expressions captured in each piece. “Well, you know,” Arya began, her voice carrying a whimsical rhythm, “I suppose there’s a certain pleasure in leaving a piece of yourself behind, a mark in the tapestry of time. Or perhaps it was simply the desire to share a glimpse of my inner world with this sanctuary of secrets, who knows.”
She held the poem in her hands, Arya’s thoughts drifted to the deeper significance of the words, the emotions woven into each line. The conservatory seemed to pulse with a quiet energy, a sanctuary where secrets whispered among the foliage, hidden from prying eyes. It was a place of solace, where Arya had once found refuge in moments of contemplation.

When Amani posed her question about what this thing truly was, Arya’s response dripped with playful curiosity, offering sort of a whimsical interpretation of the sanctuary, suggesting it was a haven for lost souls seeking refuge from the chaos of university life. Yet, Amani’s unexpected burst of laughter caught Arya off guard, prompting a quizzical arch of her brow. “Don’t give him that much credit” she huffed and continued walking.
They wandered deeper into the mystical realm of the Botanical Conservatory, and Arya couldn’t help but be captivated by the aura of magic and mystery that permeated the air. Amani’s whispered incantations in Latin and French stirred a sense of intrigue within her, a silent acknowledgment of the hidden depths of knowledge that lay dormant within the girl standing next to her.

Amani’s sudden invocation of Latin and French, accompanied by an enigmatic gesture, left Arya momentarily speechless. She watched with fascination as a door materialized before them, the word “quattuor” etched upon its surface, sparking a flicker of contemplation in Arya’s mind. Four. Why four? Was it a clue, a hint to the mysteries lying beyond? The enigmatic nature of the door and Amani’s cryptic actions left Arya pondering its significance. Were there more doors like this one, each holding its own secrets and mysteries?
As Amani gracefully opened the door with a key that seemed to materialize out of thin air, Arya’s admiration for her companion’s arcane prowess only grew. Amani’s explanation of the Eden of Enchantment only added to Arya’s fascination. She couldn’t help but wonder how Amani had come to know of such a place, but she chose to keep her thoughts to herself for now, allowing the enigma of the moment to wash over her.

Stepping through the threshold, Arya found herself immersed in a surreal landscape of mirrors, each reflecting a myriad of possibilities and illusions. The absence of their physical forms in the mirrors intrigued Arya, adding another layer of mystique to the already enchanting ambiance.
With a subtle quirk of her lips, Arya regarded the mirrors, her gaze lingering on their ethereal presence. As Amani introduced the room of reflections, Arya’s curiosity piqued, her eyes gleaming with a quiet intrigue. “The room of reflections,” she echoed, her voice laced with a hint of wonder. “And what secrets do these mirrors hold?” Arya murmured, her voice barely above a whisper.




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A light laugh escaped him when she told him his absence didn’t keep her up at night, “It was noted though? I’ll take what I can get from you, Nore,” Jesse told her, his eyes drifting off to take in his surroundings, making note of any new faces, pinpointing where his upcoming classes were and checking the demeanour of the hovering faculty. Then back to Lenore, who had been a familiar face since beginning Wyndham. Despite being in separate societies, she had become someone he had entrusted over the last few years.

“Ah, you should have known it would be Ren and I, no-one can capture an audience quite like us,” He told her, an exaggerated tone of disapproval in the first sentiment. “Perhaps we could give you and Enigma Stag a few pointers,” He then suggested, with a very subtle tone of jest though his eyebrows raised as if proceeding with caution after telling that to her. “It was nothing worth stopping for, really,” Jesse then said, talking more seriously about the events. “Renlin just… he’d had a bit to drink. The kind that never ends well,” He vaguely told her, not wanting to talk too in detail about his friend’s business.

As they were discussing the night prior, Lenore also mentioned someone she had encountered. “You’ve intrigued me,” He joked at the ambiguous manner in which she was explaining them. “Did this ‘interesting character’ have a name?” Jesse asked, with an underlying curiosity about the people who had newly enrolled.

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Hayes New

{ after class / with Lyra }

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Hayes could say he had a lot of friends here at Ninth House. Had being a key word.
Sure, he still likes some people around these halls such as Inessa and… Was there really anyone else left? Left being yet another key word. Almost everyone Hayes was close with had passed away or simply disappeared - take Lysander, Lyra’s brother and Miles as examples.

Lysander was once Hayes’ close friend and Cipher confidant, and had been a significant part of Hayes’ life. Their friendship had deepened through shared studies and mutual respect for the arcane. They had even spent time together outside of school, with Lysander inviting Hayes to their family cottage one time. It was during these visits that Hayes met Lyra. Simply just met her, don’t mistaken this for Hayes knowing Lyra well, because he doesn’t. Right now she is simply yet another new face in class… A face that should’ve stayed at home and not stepped through the doors of Ninth House. That should’ve stayed focused on simpler times filled with laughter and peace, where magic was a tool for exploration and not the harbinger of doom it could become.

Miles was another friend who had simply vanished one day, leaving behind more questions than answers. A reason why Hayes was back. He had always wondered if there was a connection between Miles’ disappearance and the dangerous paths they had tread together. At times he felt like he was very close to uncovering what happened to his friend but he always ended up empty handed… Or with bloody hands in an empty, dark hallway when he thought no one would find him… Except for that one time when Renlin did.
If someone tells you Ninth House was a place where people could disappear without a trace, swallowed by the mysteries they sought to uncover then you should probably listen to them. And Hayes wished he could say that to all these new faces. But who would listen to him? Who was he to scare people? So don’t blame him if he says he was not happy to see Lyra. It had nothing to do with her, but he still felt the need to go up and talk to her. There was still hope. He can fix things.

From the back of the room he watched as the girl packed her things up, watched as other students were getting up and moving their instruments to the side before leaving. For a moment Hayes hesitated, an internal battle waging within him. Should he approach her? What would he even say? The weight of his guilt and the memories of Lysander’s tragic end still troubled him. Would talking to her even bring some comfort? As he approached, his steps were tentative, each one filled with a mixture of determination and apprehension. His mind raced with doubts - What if she blamed him? ”Leaving a good first impression,“ he said softly as he appeared behind her. It was meant to be a compliment, if she knew to take it that way, his gaze landing on the instrument next to her. While he was not that great of a musician the room was always filled with so much talent even he knew how to recognize. ”I’m sure Ms. Walsh is impressed with all you new kids,“ a soft smile appeared on his lips, a sign he was coming in peace and good intentions.

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After the emergency conversation with Esther in the toilet, and the realisation they had both been with the same guy, and Esther had been poisoned by Hayes. The name had rang a bell, it was like she knew who he was, but she couldn’t quite place it. Lyra felt a touch overwhelmed as she made it to her class, her very first class here. It was a lot to handle, not only was she here constantly being reminded of her brother, now on top of that, she had to deal with a guy who completely ghosted her out of nothing, while they had just taken a bit step together, Lyra had thought that had meant something, but clearly, it didn’t seem like it had. And if that wasn’t enough, people were getting poisoned. She wasn’t quite sure how she would navigate her education, when this far her experience at Ninth house had been nothing but a whirlwind.

The first class had been a good class however, enchanted music composition. Which for Lyra had meant an opportunity to take out her harp. This first class, it mostly had been a pleasant experience for Lyra, soothing even. The moments she could play, she felt like her fingers were gliding over the strings of her harp. It could not be denied that Lyra played the harp flawlessly, well, for the most part. One moment during class, she got distracted. Her eyes had met those of Hayes, a bit of shock hit her when she placed the name of the guy who had poisoned Esther with the face. He was a guy she wasn’t necessarily prepared to meet once again. Upon her glance at him, her whole body froze. Lucky enough, after a few seconds, she was able to focus again and play like nothing had happened.

It was only when she saw him approach her, her thoughts went back to him. Her brother’s best friend. The poisoned of her close friend. What if he poisoned her brother too? She studied him, and she quickly observed he looked nothing like he had looked when she had met him before. There was a darkness and heaviness she felt from him now, no, this was not the same guy as who her brother was friends with.

“Leaving a good first impression,” he said softly, catching her off guard. She blinked, processing the compliment, then glanced at her instrument and back at him. “Thank you,” she replied, her tone polite but cautious. She felt not quite at ease with him, especially with what happened with Esther. She wasn’t quite sure what his intention was, why he was talking to her. She nodded as he said he was sure the teacher was impressed with them, “Ms. Walsh is an amazing teacher. We’re all trying our best.” It didn’t quite come out with her usual soft and gentle tone, however, it was accompanied with a small smile.

With his soft smile, she could see he carried a lot of weight on his shoulder, that he was suffering, yet, slowly but steadily, she was also reassured that it seemed he meant no harm, at least not to her. She knew if she wanted to know what happened to her brother, she had no chance than to expose herself to the risk Hayes appeared to be. She seized the moment to steer the conversation. “Hayes, right?” she asked, recalling his name from when she had met him before. “You knew my brother, Lysander.” It wasn’t a question; it was a statement laden with meaning. Without waiting for his reaction, she turned around, opened her backpack and grabbed an item from it. After taking a deep breath, fighting to hold back a tear, she faced Hayes again. She grabbed his hand, and slowly, she let a necklace slide into his palm. It was not any necklace, no, it had been Lysander’s. Lyra had carried it with her since she heard the news of her brother passing, but in a split moment, as if guided by his soul, Lyra knew she was not the person who was supposed to carry it with her. “He would have wanted you to have this.” She said, her voice soft but resolute.

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