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empty town

It’s a seemingly normal morning in the sleepy town of Glimmerbrook. Parents are dropping their kids off at school to then head in to the bigger neighboring city for work, the children are catching up with their friends while barely listening to their teachers. Everything is normal. Boring even …

Until everyone above the age of twenty start violently shaking, as if they’re all having seizures. They’re met with concerned stares from everyone else, but those stares soon turn into panicked screams when those shaking people disappear into thin air. They leave no trace behind. It’s as if they were never there at all.

This leaves the children and teenagers to completely fend for themselves. But how will they ever manage to survive in a world without adults? Will they ever be able to figure out what actually happened to everyone?

The only thing that seems clear to them - is that they have to find some way to all get along. Because surviving is nearly impossible, if you’re doing it alone.


* I would really prefer if you read everything in this first post, as it explains a lot of things that might confuse people. If you ever have any questions about anything, please let me know!

* Do NOT start drama in the chat with other roleplayers. This can easily happen, since our plot is one where drama and conflict is inevitable. But I cannot stress enough that you need to keep that drama in the roleplay and make sure that both parts are comfortable with how it is approached. It’s just a roleplay people, don’t start actual fights about it!

* Do not sign up/reserve if you don’t plan on submitting your character at most one week after reserving.

* Once the roleplay starts, you need to post at least four times a week!

* Don’t do anything that would stray too much from the pre-planned story. If you want your character to do something drastic (like start a revolution or something) you have to check with me first so we can come up with a solution for how this can happen in a way that works with the plot.

* Do not include scenes that are too violent or too sexual in your posts.

* If you sign up as two characters, they have to be of different genders, so it’s more even.



Do you find putting things like furniture, motorized vehicles, or even little trinkets, together? Then you might belong to the craftsmen! Tasked with building, repairing and repurposing, the craftsmen make sure that the technical side of things run as smoothly as possible.

Will do things like build houses and furniture or repair things when needed.


Does injustice anger you? Do you want to make sure the people around you are as safe as possible? Then you might belong to the protectors! Their job is to insure the peace and safety of the community.

Will work as a police force and sometimes a fire brigade.


Do you like caring for children? Do you feel sympathetic for the ill? Does the sight of blood not scare you? Then you might belong to the carers! The carers’ calling in life is to help the sick, weak and young.

Will care for the sick and/or hurt, and also make sure the young members of the community are properly cared for.


Are you weirdly good at finding things? Do you prefer to be outdoors? Are people amazed by your patience? Then you might belong to the foragers!

Will make sure there is always food on the table, either by raiding abandoned grocery stores or growing/hunting food.

All groups will be regulated by The Four. Information about The Four can be found further down.


As previously mentioned, there will be a few roles available that are extra important for the plot. These characters aren’t necessarily more important than anyone else’s, they just require more responsibility from people in charge of them. There are different requirements for each of these roles.

More roles might be added later on.

The Leader

This character will act as the leader for the community for the first couple of weeks. This position can be given to someone else later on.

This character’s owner needs to …

  • Be active at least every other day.
  • Send in an approved example of their writing in the sign-up form.
  • At all times keep an open conversation with me about their next move regarding the community in the roleplay.
  • Not instigate any unnecessary drama.
The Opposer

This character will disagree with the leader and want to take the power for themselves. This position can be given to someone else later on. This is a rather complicated role to have, and requires great skill, patience and above all - calmness.

This character’s owner needs to …

  • Be active at least four times a week.
  • Send in an approved example of their writing in the sign-up form.
  • At all times keep an open conversation with me about their next move regarding the community in the roleplay.
  • Not instigate any unnecessary drama. Extra important for this role
The Four

This will be a kind of jury that consists of four members of each group. They will democratically come up with solutions to any problems the community might have, along with the leader. To start off, one of my characters will be one of these four, so I can set the tone for how I’d want the group to work. But as the roleplay moves on, that won’t be necessary.

These characters’ owners need to …

  • Be active at least four times a week.
  • At all times keep an open conversation with me about their next move regarding the community in the roleplay.
  • Not instigate any unnecessary drama.
The Seers

These two characters will soon discover that they have been given a very special gift. They can see the adults. But only sometimes, and only in blurry visions that are awakened by other events. Their abilities will be discovered during the roleplay. The full extent of their abilities and why they have this gift will be made known to the owners of these characters right away, but will be revealed to other roleplayers later.

These characters’ owners need to …

  • Be active at least every other day.
  • Send in an approved example of their writing in the sign-up form.
  • At all times keep an open conversation with me about their next move regarding the community in the roleplay.
  • Not instigate any unnecessary drama.


For this roleplay to work, there needs to be some guidelines for what will happen in it. Some are more immediate, while others can happen later on the roleplay. The different events can take up different amounts of time, and might intertwine sometimes. There’s no real stress to get any of them going.

Most Relevant Events

These are written in order.

  • All humans over the age of 20 disappear.

  • The children/teenagers who are left understand that they need to stick together to survive.

  • The groups are formed.

  • The leader and the four are ”chosen” (although they will have already been revealed to all roleplayers beforehand).

  • The opposer subtly makes it known that they are displeased with the leader.

  • The groups start doing their tasks and finding out how to approach them.

  • One of the seers discovers their gift and tells everyone about it. Some people start trying to figure out what it is, why they have it and how they can use it.

  • A mysterious sickness affects many in the community and results in some people not being able to carry out their tasks.

  • The opposer makes it known that they think that the leader is handling this problem wrong and challenges them to a re-election.

  • The other seer discovers their gift, but keeps it hidden.

  • One of the members is able to find a cure to the sickness.

  • Most people are no longer sick, but the disapproval for the current leader still exists among some in the community.

  • A re-election is organized.

  • The first seer gets a message from one of the adults that says that they need to leave the place they’ve made home as it’s dangerous, and they will die if they stay there.

  • The different sides in the election disagree on whether they should believe the seer and leave, or not believe them and stay. [spolier]Which side thinks what can be decided later.[/center]

  • The community choses whether to stay or leave, and then picks whichever leader agrees with the decision they agree with.

Future Events

These are not written in order, and can happen at any time after the other events have been done.

  • The community finds out there is another group of young people that have also survived. The two groups soon become enemies and the other group kidnaps one of the seers after learning about their gift.

  • Some people join the other community.

  • A war starts between the two communities.

  • This war ends (or is at least put on pause) when the other community’s leader’s sibling gets the same sickness the first community had before. They therefore need to call a truce to get access to the antidote.

  • There is now peace between the two communities, and it is decided that the two should join forces in order to survive, but some still don’t trust one another.

  • More will be added as we go ….





Please follow this when posting!

Character’s first and last name - Character’s group (this can be in any font you want)
Character’s location

Paragraphs …


OOC: Anything you want to say that isn’t part of your character’s post.


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Chapter 1

The Disappearance

As far as anyone knew, nothing interesting had ever happened in Glimmerbrook. The closest thing to excitement and action the residents knew, was when Alessandro Fenderson tried to go shopping with all of his nine siblings, or when Struan MacInally got busted for underage drinking, or perhaps when Kira Mikhailova publicly berated some poor sucker.

When the town awoke that fateful Monday morning, no one could even begin to imagine the surprise they would be in for just a few hours later. One that would change everyone’s lives forever. Instead, the only thoughts in their heads were about the first day of school - what everyone would be wearing, who had gotten prettier and who had gotten uglier during the summer, or what teachers they would have this year.

Yes, as far as anyone knew, this day would be just like any other … Oh, how they would regret having such foolish and superficial thoughts on the last normal day of their lives.


At home

”Melanie, I swear to god if you don’t get up right this instant I’m going to-”

”Going to do what?

Melanie opened her bedroom door just hastily enough to give her step-mother Deborah a slight nudge that forced her to take a couple of steps back. Melanie preferred it that way. She had a habit of getting up in Melanie’s face way too often. Today obviously wasn’t an exception. Deborah and Melanie’s dad Harry had gone on and on about how very important it was that Wendy got to her first day of school in time. Melanie had nodded and promised to get her there in time. She had promised at 2 PM, when she came home from hanging out with Kira and Isolde, she had promised again at 5 PM, when they were having dinner, she had promised at 8 PM, when Deborah came in when she was watching Netflix, and she had promised at 11 PM, when she was brushing her teeth. Harry and I need to get to work early, she had said all those times, not everyone can lay around in their PJs and lock themselves in their rooms like you. Melanie had stopped trying to respond to her insults many years ago. It just wasn’t worth the chaos that usually erupted afterwards.

”Oh …”

Melanie seemed to have caught Deborah off guard. She seemed to completely lose her footing.

”Uh, well, good! I have to hurry off to work now. Remember that she has to-”

”That she has to be there at exactly 8 AM? Yes, I remember”

Melanie tried her best to smile genuinely, to not appear threatening. Anything avoid her dad’s usual if you were only nicer to Deborah, we would be a happy family, you scare her-spiel. It seemed to have a lukewarm effect on Deborah. She nodded, suddenly looking at her feet, instead of looking at Melanie. She cleared her throat.

”Wendy? Mommy is leaving now! Have a good first day of school!”

Melanie’s tiny half-sister emerged from her bedroom, dressed in a purple dress with her blonde hair put up in two lopsided pigtails. She gave her mother a hug and a peck on the cheek before placing her hand near Melanie’s, eager for her to hold it. Melanie did, but mostly to annoy Deborah, who pressed her lips together in an unimpressed expression before running out the front door.

”Well, I guess we better get moving if we’re gonna make it in time” Melanie muttered, quickly letting go of Wendy’s hand.

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At school

Jacob was one of the first people who showed up to Glimmerbrook High. His mom and grandmother had wanted to drive him there, to make sure he was really on time. Which wasn’t really needed, since Jacob was always on time, no matter the circumstance. He didn’t even miss a second of his classes the time he broke his foot on the way to school in sixth grade. Strangely, he had actually liked that day. People had stopped him to ask what had happened, and had wanted to sign his cast. It had felt a bit weird to be getting all of that attention, and it wasn’t necessarily something he wanted to become a part of his everyday life. It had just been nice to see what school was like for the more extroverted kids. The ones who had to drag two tables together at lunch, so their whole clique could sit together.

He put his feet up on the bench he was sitting on, so he could rest his head on his knees. There weren’t many students here yet. Only teachers whose quick steps on the concrete could be heard from miles away. Especially the female teachers who for some reason felt obligated to wear heels everyday. Jacob had never understood that mindset. He always chose comfort over style. He had never worn a pair of heels, but his mom and grandmother whined about how uncomfortable they were whenever they wore them. He wondered who the teachers were trying to impress. People could be so shallow sometimes.

OOC: Approachable!

On the way to school

Alessandro woke up to the sound of Starboy by The Weeknd - the song he always had as his alarm. He felt it put him in the right mindset. It was, however, unusual that his alarm wasn’t met by at least nine voices yelling at him to turn it off. His parents and siblings had left yesterday to go to his aunt Sylvia’s wedding. Alessandro han’t really seen the point in going with them. It was Sylvias fifth marriage and she was getting married on a Monday. It sounded like a recipe for both boredom and disaster, somehow. His parents had agreed with him, and let him stay behind to watch the house while they were gone. Little did they know, he was planning to throw a party either tonight or tomorrow night and then just call in sick to school the day after. He was sure it was going to be awesome. His parties generally always were. To set the mood for the next couple of days, Alessandro turned up the volume on his phone as far as it could go, and started going through his closet to find something to wear. It was the first day of school, after all, and he wanted to look his best, just in case there were any new hot freshmen around. He was getting tired of the girls in town. He had gone through them all, whether it was just in his head or in reality. They were old news at this point. Alessandro was not the type to go in for seconds. Not unless the girl was really something special. But no one really was.

After getting dressed, eating quick breakfast and working his way through about ten different hairstyles before deciding on his signature look, he was on his way - with The Weeknd still blaring in his headphones. This was going to be a good year, he could feel it.

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Forager - On his way to school

Stru opened his squeaky door in the break of day, looking like he was half eaten by the zombies and managing to only have the name “Coffee” on his lips.
His foster parents would be shocked to death weren’t they used to this sometimes happening.
“Didn’t sleep again?”
“Oh no I slept.” Said Struan. He was right, he did sleep, but not as long as he hoped for before the toll of his alarm clock woke him up. He acidentally put his alarm for an hour earlier, but now he’s wide awake, even though he doesn’t want to be, and there’s nothing he can do to go back to sleep, all he can do is yawn and moan for coffee before he falls asleep minutes before he’s supposed to go to school. Stru feels like it’s the perfect time for a temper tantrum. ‘I don’t wanna go to school! I don’t wanna be woken up after a 1 hours sleep! I don’t wanna have to be productive! I don’t wanna be looked down on by people who determine my fate!’ all ringing in his mind, he decides that, no, he will miss school today if it means he has the choice to shift in his bed for another hour waiting to sleep before he does have to get ready for school, or he can wait it out, try drinking coffee and fall asleep in the middle of the lecture he probably felt horrible listening to. He decided to lie and say he had something bad yesterday.
“What’s the matter honey? Why are you up so early if you slept?” The foster mother asked
“I’m sick.”
“Shut up.” Said the already fed up mother.
“You’re going to class and we’re going to work. Now goodbye!”
“Yeah, fine, whatever, goodbye.” Struan said as he drank some coke. There was no coffee left so the next best caffeine induced thing was coke. He drank coke and watched some tv. Just in case he put his alarm on and it looks like he needed it because minutes after turning the tv on, he was asleep on the couch with his arms spread on the sofa and his head drooping down behind with his mouth open. He snored too but he looked mighty comfortable.
Well he at least got about 50 more minutes of sleep before he had to get ready. He walked out wearing
this outfit. He put a pair of sunglasses on his head to shield it form the sun and he waited to get to school so he can sleep again.

ORP: Approachable

Jeremy Townsend

Early in the morning Jeremy was already up and waiting for his father to wake up so he doesn’t have to be careful and could make some noise making breakfast.
He gave up on waiting and started making some breakfast for himself.
“Why are you up so early, son?” Jeremy almost dropped his spatula when he heard his father’s voice suddenly speak out behind him.
“Getting scared by you. Jesus Dad announce yourself, or try walking normally, you’re not a ninja. But I couldn’t sleep … which is weird because even though I haven’t slept I feel great.”
“Well, I have to get to work. Can I have some of what you’re making?”
“Sure, just grab a seat and have some of my morning disaster.” He smiled.

After Jeremy’s father left for work, and Jeremy finally found a good outfit. Now he was ready to head to school and with a few minutes left he could walk as slow as a zombie and still get there. The sun outside didn’t surprise him because he watched it rise from his bedroom when he wasn’t able to fall asleep. As he was staring into the sky (not the sun) going down hill he didn’t notice a girl in front of him going the same direction as him and he acidentally bumped into her and caused his jacket pocket button to get stuck to a few strands of her hair.
“Oh my god I’m so sorry!” He exclaimed.
@Ouijaloveletters - Natalie


Carer - going to school

Natalie Samson rolled out of bed. Literally. She hit the floor with a thump, standing up and grabbing her glasses. She got dressed, padding downstairs, where her mom was making her an omelette. “Morning mom. Thanks for the omelette!” She said, as she grabbed the plate from her mom. She are, running back upstairs to brush her teeth and do her hair. She headed out the door, calling goodbye to her mom. She headed down the street, yelping when a boy with curly hair bumped into her. She picked up her glasses which had fallen off. She tried to move away, then realized her hair was stuck in his jacket. “Oh!” She quickly untangled herself, standing up. “Are you ok?” She asked worriedly.
@LunaticLeviTheSecond - Jeremy



//Forager //Junior Year //

Location : At School

Monday morning had begun with the alarm set in the phone going off in an usual manner with the sweet sound of chirping birds but the only difference was that Jade woke up earlier today to shut it off immediately. Probably the first time in months their parents had no work on Sunday, well that was mostly due to Jose whining to spend more time with mom and dad. But they had a good time, meaning a break for Jade too. Stepping into the kitchen she noticed that her mother might had some time to make breakfast for her and Jose , before she had to rush to her workplace early in the morning. That was rare and that made her smile to herself. While serving the breakfast on plates for them, she put them on a tray and went upstairs into Jose’s room.

“Good morning, Jay”, the 7 year old grinned, walking out of the bathroom.

“Morning, Josie. Have you taken your pills?”, Jade queried and Jose nodded his head affirmatively with a smile of self-pride.

Jade straightened her attire a bit scanning through the hallway as she could notice her classmates showing off their style, how much they had changed in the summer vacation, how someone got a nice tan in Hawaii. She made her through these typical crowd of High school students nonchalantly. Even on the first day of Junior year, the morning so far was nothing out of ordinary. Jade firstly could not afford that luxury, and more importantly had no interest in showing off.


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Jeremy Townsend

“Okay, don’t make any sudden movements.” he exclaimed when he noticed her pull away only to grab her head noticing her hair is stuck to his jacket. He tried grabing a hold of where the jacket is to maybe relaese any hair withouth pulling some of it off or having to cut it. “Hang on, I’ll try something.” He said as he took the clump of hair from the jacket, or at least the hair that was still attached to her head. “I didn’t hurt you too much, did I?” He said as he looked at her which caused him to notice she’s wearing glasses. “You’re lucky your glasses didn’t fall off and break, with the way I must’ve yanked your head. But seriously, no harm done? You all good?” He asked.



At home

As the sun rose, it was the beginning of yet another mundane, uneventful day for Kira. Ever since she was grounded, she hadn’t seen a single day of freedom for months. Though with good intentions, her actions were punished in the end, leaving her to stay locked up in her room, with limited contact to the outside world.

However, Kira had forgotten that today was different. The first day of school, if I might add.

A song was heard echoing through her room, jolting Kira awake. Her tired eyes wandered across the room, trying to find the source of the music. And then, her eyes landed on her phone, placed on the bedside table. It was an incoming call, and early in the morning at that. Who else could it have been, other than her annoying brother? With his tendency to wake up early in the morning and get his day started, Kira couldn’t possibly understand how he was functioning in any way.

“Whaaaat?” she picked up the phone, her voice groggy. And then, with a just a few words from her brother, her eyes widened. “School!? Today!?” Kira took the phone off her ear, checking the date on her phone. He was really telling the truth. She facepalmed, putting her phone aside, as she quickly browsed through her wardrobe for an outfit. However, she completely forgot to hang up, leaving her poor sibling to yell “hello?” and “are you there, Kira?” as if she’d answer.

After a few minutes, she put together her outfit. Pretty simple, but comfortable. Putting her phone in her bag, she went to the kitchen to grab breakfast, before heading on her way to school. Her parents had work early, so Kira was left on her own. She was happy about that, though. She didn’t need to ignore their useless questions on where she’s going and who she’s going with, because they won’t ask in the first place.

On the way to school

She then walked out, locking the door, as she headed on her way to school. Because of her little incident, she wasn’t even allowed a phone, so now she was left to walk the streets alone, with no way to contact her friends.

However, it didn’t have to be that way. She spotted a guy walking the same direction as her, presumably on his way to school. Kira had seen him at her school before, though they never really spoke.

“Heyyy, wait up!” she waved, as she walked closer to talk to him. “Nice outfit, by the way. I’m Kira, you?”

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At home

Every year, it was all the same. On school days, Haoran got up late, then had to rush to get ready and arrive on time to class. He had always followed the school rules, but getting up in the morning was hard. He had trouble falling asleep at night, and now, the guilt of disobeying the school rules added to it.

However, the day before, Haoran had set around six alarms, all five minutes apart. He was not going let himself oversleep, not this time. He had his morning carefully planned, so that he had enough time to get ready, meet up with Ciara and get to school.

It was going to he different.

Or so he thought. Somehow, he managed to sleep through all the alarms, leaving it up to his stepmother to wake him up. His mother had left for work, so he had to endure breakfast with his stepmother. She wasn’t a bad person, not in the slightest. The problem was, Haoran just wasn’t too close to her, considering the marriage was pretty recent. He just had to suffer awkward silence during breakfast, as he avoided questions about his plans for the future.

And at last, the agony ended. It only lasted five minutes, but it felt like hours. He went up to his room, taking a short shower, then putting on his outfit. Then, he took out his phone, dialing Ciara’s number. They’d been friends for a few years, so they were used to walking to school together.

“Hey, Ciara! How are you?” he spoke, as he put his bag across his shoulder and walked out of his room. He waved goodbye to his stepmother, smiling, as he left the house. He wasn’t too late, there was still plenty of time to make it thanks to his stepmother. “So, where are we meeting up today?”

@Kristi - Ciara Forg

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Forager - on his way to school /w Kira

He was minding my own business, walking down the street, until from his headphones he hears somebody behind him yelling. He takes one earbud out to hear better but she’s already caught up with him and started complimenting his outfit. In all honesty he hadn’t had the time to pause the song so he couldn’t hear her very well, even as she said her name. He finally managed to pause but it was too late and he had to guess what her name was from the info he heard which could be misleading.
“Thanks for the compliment. I like your name … Kida, was it?” He asked, but decided to introduce himself first “I’m Struan.” He said in a numbed down scottish accent, numbed down of course so people outside of Scotland can understand him.

@idiot.exe - Kira

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“Ciri ciri wake up!” Her younger siblings (Kali and Dali who were twins) jumped on Ciara’s bed in an attempt to wake her up. Ciara shifted a little at the noise in her dream, she was having a pretty good dream. She was a princess in a fairytaled kingdom and was kissing her prince charming when

*bang *

Ciara fell down from the bed, “Ouch!!” Kali and Dali stopped jumping, they turned and looked at each other with wide eyes. “SORRY!” They both screamed apologizing, Ciara placed her hand on her face sighting she stood up. “It’s ok” she said. She walked up to her siblings and placed a kiss on their heads, “Good morning Ali twins” Ah yes Ali twins, the name Ciara had for them since they both have ‘ali’ in their names. “Morning big sis” they gave one final jump on her bed before running off to do what ever they have to do. Ciara shook her head chuckling, “They can be quite bothersome but I love them”

After bathing and brushing her teeths, Ciara began walking to school.

*ring * * ring *

Huh? I wonder who it is, Ciara thought. She picked her phone from her jacket and saw it was one of her friends Hoaran. She was glad they remained friends even after she had left somewhere.

“Hey, Ciara! How are you?” Ciara smiled, “Peachy” she said. “So, where are we meeting up today?” Ciara thought about it for a second before finally deciding “I guess we can meet up at the par-”

Today seemed like Ciara’s lucky day because she crashed onto someone. She stood up and began to apologize “I’m so sorry” she looked up at the person who she had fallen onto “HOARAN!” she screamed.

@idiot.exe - Hoaran


On the way to school - with Struan

Although, Kira had approached him to start a conversation, she failed to notice he had headphones in. “Oh, it’s Kira, not Kida.” she corrected him. “Nice to meet ya, Susan.” Kira laughed.

Though, after thinking about it, the name seemed familiar. “Say, are you that drunk guy?” she asked. Kira had heard of rumors of some underage kid getting arrested for drinking, their town wasn’t remotely interesting so news spread fast.

@LunaticLeviTheSecond - Struan MacInally

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Forager - /w Kira

Oh. Kira. Well it wasn’t his fault he didn’t hear the name. Susuan? Did she just call him Susan? Oh no, we’ll have to fix that.
“Say, are you that drunk guy?” She said.
“Drunk? You mean the one caught drinking? Yes, that I am. A drunk, I am not. See there’s a difference between culture shock and an addiction.” He coninued “But there’s something more important I should speak to you about. Don’t call me Susan, okay Kidagakash? Say it with me … Stru … an … just like it’s written.”

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On the way to school

Upon seeing his friend, Haoran’s face immediately lit up. “Ciara!” he offered her a hand to get up. “Don’t be sorry, I’m glad to hear you’re doing okay!” he chuckled, continuing the conversation from their phonecall. He felt guilty for not having noticed her, but it was already done. The least he could do was help her up.

“So, anything interesting happen? How are you feeling about school?” he asked. Haoran wasn’t particularly good at conversation, considering he hadn’t spoken to many people apart from his family and friends. The only thing that came to his mind was to check up on the people he cared about, no matter how boring it may have seemed. People’s smiles after being offered kindness were worth it, after all.

@Kristi - Ciara Forg

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On the way to school - with Struan

“Ah, I see.” Kira nodded. “Typical excuse for drunk people, but don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.” she laughed.

Ki… Kid… What now?

Considering he gave her a nickname minutes after having met her, Kira could tell he was going to be fun to talk to. Well, the “crime” also played part.

“Right, Sally. I get it now.” she nodded. “You know, I’m kinda a criminal myself.” Though, telling everyone she met probably wasn’t the best thing to do, what was the worst that could happen? She’d either get to see his horrified face, or a face of amusement. No downside to that.

@LunaticLeviTheSecond - Struan MacInally

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Forager - /w Kira

“Okay Kidagakash, you still don’t get it, but maybe you’ll get this. Unless we start walking right now we’ll be late.” He said “Are you coming with me or staying there?” Struan said as he turned to walk away no matter if she joins him or not. He has his music, he doesn’t need her company, but it’s not unwellcome. “So Kimmy the Kid, join me if you want to keep of talking about your criminal record because I’m fascinated in what you think is enough to call yourself a criminal.” He said as he walked, being harder to hear the more he walked away from her, but he had to say this to not make her think he doesn’t want to talk to her, he just wanted to emphasize they have to get a move on.

@idiot.exe - Kira

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On the way to school - with Struan

As he got further and further away, Kira ran after him to make sure she catches up. She wasn’t about to go alone, it was too boring for her. “What’s with the rush? School’s not going anywhere.” she asked, eyebrow raised.

It appears as Struan wanted to know more about her “criminal record”. Though, it wasn’t anything moderately impressive, her parents seemed disappointed enough for it to count. “About my crimes–” she started, cracking her knuckles. “–I failed a robbery.” she shrugged, before laughing. “In my defence, I was like, 1 month younger, basically a little baby. Kids do dumb things, don’t you think, Stevenson?”

@LunaticLeviTheSecond - Struan MacInally

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“So, anything interesting happen? How are you feeling about school? Ciara smirked and dusted herself off, “I just hope the new students are hot. I heard we are getting new students.” Ciara was excited to meet the hopefully ‘hotties’ and have a fling or two with them. Ciara grabbed Haoran’s hand began running, “We don’t want to go late now do we?”

@idiot.exe - Hoaran

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Forager - /w Kira

“Well if the school isn’t going anywhere, it surely isn’t going here, so I don’t know why we’re sticking around here knowing we’ll be late unless we hop to it.” Struan said back.

Struan listened as she spoke about her criminal record. He thought she meant something minor because she cosidered his arrest as something criminal and said she’s a criminal like him, but he never suspected a robbery. “A what? A roberry?” He said “You don’t look like a robber. But maybe you did when you were … Did you say 1 month old? Oh my god who brings a baby to a robbery?” He asked confused.


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