Paranormal Class (OFFICIAL) đź‘»

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So the classes are kinda going to be a lot more fluid, we’ll make it up as we go kind of thing, and you can join into the exercises for whatever lesson whenever.

But here’s the basic structure so we don’t get confused (this may be changed later):

First Class: Getting to know each other, and what paranormal experiences we’ve had (if any), and what we believe/know regarding the paranormal.

Second Class: Getting into the basics of the paranormal. (You will also be looking up some things too)

Third Class: Spirits! Different types of spirits/ghosts!

Fourth Class: Angels and demons (or just very good spirits and very bad spirits) and what to be aware of when interacting with the paranormal.

Fifth Class: We may have a test on what you’ve learned so far

Sixth Class: The importance of meditation and things like that.

Seventh Class: Our first-class about how to communicate with spirits.

Eighth Class: Psychics and psychic abilities/testing yours out. This class will also be about different psychic abilities… Clairvoyance… Being an Empath… Seing ghosts… etc.

Ninth Class: More communicating if you can with spirits…

Tenth Class (this may be our last class): Wrapping up our knowledge about communication, and knowing how to communicate, and know how to build up our skills on that.

Not everybody will be able to communicate, but I want you to know how to do it, and how it works. It’s good to go into this with no expectations.

We may also skip a few classes if me and @AlissaGrace see that all of you already have abilities/know about the basics and want to get in deeper.

So with that…

Our first class!

Class 1- Getting To Know Eachother

Questions: (you can answer these or just ask questions yourself, or just talk about yourself, but here are some questions if you like this):

What’s something spooky that happened to you?

What’s your opinion on the paranormal?

Has anything paranormal happened to you?

What’s your fav color?

What are you going to be for Halloween (for Americans this is a holiday where you dress up and get candy lol, you’re usually a character, most people go for something scary)

Do you have any pets?

Have you ever been to a haunted house?

Fav food?

Are you religious?


Hi @Duckling, @Rose, @MeghanWrites, @StarMaryGoth, @Jass,, @Caticorn @WolfGamerGirl37, @BrookieK, and @RainyDay! I’m glad you guys have decided to join our class! Please introduce yourselves and answer the questions above :slightly_smiling_face::boom:


Hi guys! I’m Rose :rose:

I can’t really think of anything, so I’m just gonna talk about a freaky dream I had when I was little, lol. I think I was around 4 or 5? In my dream, it was pitch dark. I was all alone in my room when I saw a figure staring at me from outside. Then I realized the figure was my dad, and it was creepy, because he had glowing green eyes… then I woke up and started to cry lol.

I think they’re cool! I used to not believe in ghosts at all, but now I kinda do.

This happened like a week ago. My mom and brother were both sleeping, and my dad was in a meeting downstairs. I was doing homework in my room. It was pitch dark outside my room, and I felt someone staring at me… I thought it was my brother so I went to his room, but he and my mom were still sleeping. I went back to my room and felt like I was being watched again… I ended up putting the lights on outside of my room so I wouldn’t get creeped out lol. I’m not sure if this is paranormal or not… :sweat_smile:

Purple, blue, and green! :purple_heart::blue_heart::green_heart:

I’m not sure, I don’t even know if I’m going trick-or-treating lol. Last year was the first year that I didn’t go. I’m probably just going to ask my mom to buy me a million candies like she did last year. :joy:

Nope. I got a guppy in first grade but it died the next day :pensive: thenweflusheditdownthetoiletlmao I haven’t had a pet since then.

No…unless the Walking Dead Attraction at Universal Studios counts? :joy: That freaked the heck out of me.

Pasta! :yum:

I actually don’t know…lol.


There is a place/cafeteria where it’s outside and there are a lot of sports you can do decorated with flowers, plants, etc. Once we stayed there till night and i was cycling until i stopped near the plants and heard something like a vampire/ghost. I thought it was a cat and checked behind the bushes and there was nothing so i ran as fast as possible.

I think it’s an interesting subject to talk about and deal with, especially when you can interact with spirits.

Not really, i think there was a time where i was home alone and my mom and sister had gone upstairs to my uncle’s house and i heard a woman screaming or calling my name i don’t know if that counts.

Red and black

We don’t celebrate hallowen in greece but we celebrate something similar on February and we dress up too, so i am going to dress as a dark sith lord :rofl:

I have a rabbit

Nope, but im not sure if i want to lol

Chocolate and donuts

I kind of am, i am a Christian Orthodox


Hi, I’m Hanna :wave::eyes::sparkles:

This was less than a year ago: I woke up around 3am because my toothbrush started playing weird melodies. It only stopped around 5am…

It’s interesting to learn about it, but I’m not sure if everything we know is correct :eyes::sparkles:

I don’t know :thinking: there was one night when I as around 7 and I woke up at night for some reason. There was something that looked like a human standing next to my bed, but when I mumbled something like “good morning” it just disappeared… :eyes::eyes::eyes:

Blue and green :eyes::sparkles::smiley_cat::green_heart::blue_heart:

It’s not a big thing here in Germany, so I won’t dress up as anything and work on my physics project instead :eyes::sparkles:

Nope :crying_cat_face::eyes::sparkles:

Nope :eyes::sparkles::crying_cat_face:

Pizza :eyes::sparkles:

Nope :eyes::sparkles:


I saw a ghost once.

Pretty cool people. and… Not people

I dreamt about something and it happened at that exact time a week later

I dunno. Eating? Throwing a forum Halloween party maybe?

It’s close but probably black

Yup! I don’t know how many actually…

I’ve been to a house that was basically haunted but apart from that not really

Tasty food

Atheist and proud.


What’s something spooky that happened to you?
When I’m home alone, I sometimes hear noises that make it sound like someone else is in the room.

What’s your opinion on the paranormal?
I think it’s really fascinating and it’s something I’ve been interested in for a few years now.

Has anything paranormal happened to you?
(I don’t know if this counts as paranormal) I tend to emulate the emotions of the people around me and can generally sense the mood of the room. Whenever someone is arguing I find myself becoming irritated and sometimes angered, even though I wasn’t part of the argument to begin with.

What’s your fav color?
Purple and black

What are you going to be for Halloween (for Americans this is a holiday where you dress up and get candy lol, you’re usually a character, most people go for something scary)
A siren

Do you have any pets?
No, but I want a cat

Have you ever been to a haunted house?
Not a real one. (The student council at my school did one in one of the drama rooms last year on Halloween)

Fav food?
Ribs, chocolate and bubble tea

Are you religious?
Not really. (I was baptised and confirmed in the Lutheran church, but it isn’t a major component of my life)


Wow, where do I start? Seeing people/things that aren’t really there. Things in my house always move on their own and I always hear children/voice whisperings sometimes directly in my ears. (so does my sister)

I used to be pretty sceptic but honestly it’s not the most unbelievable thing out there.

Yes. Seeing/hearing paranormal stuff kind of runs in the family.

I like the color red.

A superhero.

Yes, two German Shepards.


Mac-n-cheese or chicken.

Yes, Christian. (Methodist if we’re getting specific)


I once woke up about 2 months after my Uncles death in my aunts house to the d=sounds of tapping on the window. I saw a shadowy figure with blue eyes near the kitchen
Also my mom and I have both seen a full shadow figure walk past our rooms in the same direction

I fully believe in the paranormal as my entire family has encountered something at leats once

Probably seafoam green or maroon red

I am planning on being an angel in the transformation process to devil. Like when Lucifer went from angel to demon

Yes, a 3 month old dog

No, never. And I dont plan on it


Yes, Roman Catholic

Random thing
When I was 3 years old there was a murder story on the news, they thought the girl was alive. Apparently I told my mom the girl was with God. When my mom questioned me I told her she was in the feild under the tree, and there was an eagle.

Turns out the girl was found dead under a tree in a feild and the killed had an eagle tattoo on his arm


I wouldn’t know where to start but one that i remember was having a shared dream with someone. I met them years later and they remembered me from the dream.

100% real.

A lot of things. Too many to count.


1920s flapper girl.

Three dogs and a cat.



No. I’m atheist.

Random Thing

I’m half sensitive (clairvoyant i believe??).


I’ll do it once I get off work in hour and half.


No rush, I just wanted to add the new people to my hello post at the top :slightly_smiling_face:


Ah okay!


Yeah lol, you can do it whenever you have time, we ask that you answer the questions so people are more likely to pitch in and start being like “woah i had an experience too” and then the convo starts lol


The cold chills I got yesterday when talking to @AlissaGrace about paranormal things…

I think I should believe it in but it’s still hard for me too fully accept it since I am someone who usually wants scientific proof for a lot of things…

Yes. Definitely. I am sure we will get to this more later but I feel like I have a way of seeing ghosts and get messages from them as in feeling an emotion or sometimes certain parts of my body start hurting when I feel there is a spirit…


No, I used to have Guinea Pigs tho

Not really, but I’ve been in rooms where I felt a negative type of energy, one time it was that bad I really didn’t want to enter the place.

Most of Italian, Indian and Mexican cuisine, I mean I couldn’t choose 1 thing.

Nope, I am an agnost I think :thinking:


I love how I’m apart of your first question lmaooo


So those are my answers so you guys get to know me!


Lol :joy: You aren’t creepy tho, the situation was :eyes:


I love purple too!


Nice! I already thought that by looking at your pfp!