RP/SG guide and FAQ


What is an RP/Roleplay?

A roleplay is kind of like telling a story in multiple voices. Everyone couldrols a different character/s and you can make the characters interact with each other, play games, go on dates… whatever goes with the theme of the roleplay.

What is an SG/Story Game?

A story game (SG) is like a roleplay except more plot controlled by the owner. I wouldn’t recommend joining an SG if you have no experience Rolplaying as they can be hard to keep up with. Mostly, it’s the owner controlling the plot. All you would have to do is post for the characters thoughts and do as instructed by the owner of the SG.

What do I do if I feel excluded from an RP/SG?

First, contact the owner of the RP/SG and confide in them about your situation. If you do not feel comfortable enough, feel free to reach out to one of the mentors for help and proper guidance. Discuss the possible changes that could be made so that the RP/SG can be more inclusive for you and other roleplayers who feel left out.

What do I do if someone is criticising my work?

If they are doing it in a respectful manner, you can take their advice into account for future reference but if you feel offended or believe that the person’s comment is out of line then you should kindly ask them to stop.

Criticism should always be respectful and king with the aim to help not hurt.

(They should not argue with that person and if you want to discuss this, take it to the PMs).

RP/SG Etiquette and Rules

Terminology - What does FC, ORP, OOC, OORP, IC etc. mean?

FC = Faceclaim. This is a picture/artwork you use to give an idea of what your character to look like. It can be found on the internet using generic search terms such as “POC face claim” or “dark hair with brown eyes face claim”.

ORP = Out of Roleplay. This indicates that the comment made is by the RPer and not their character.

OOC = Out of character. Similar to ORP as it also indicates that the comment made is by the RPer and not their character.

IC = In Character.

AU = Alternate Universe. Used to indicate that you are roleplaying in a different universe with canon characters. e.g: The Powerpuff Girls in a Zombie Apocalpyse.

How do I format a RP post?

(There is already a post on this so link or quote it) This is usually up to you unless the owner of the RP states otherwise.

What is ‘Godmodding’ and why is it wrong?

Also known as powerplaying, this is taking control of another RPer’s character during a roleplay. This can ruin the experience for other roleplayers by making it difficult for the other RPer to respond and make the godmodder’s character overpowered.


  1. RPer A wants their character to go to a shop with character B so they write: “Character A grabbed Character B’s hand and went to starbucks with them.”
  2. (give a more extreme example as well)

Only the owner of character A should be able to control them.

Why do rules change for different RPs?

Different owners may have different requirements and rules for their roleplay as all roleplays are custom-tailored to fit their imagination. For example, some owners may want a more elegant and proper roleplay and will ask for posts that are at least two paragraphs long and such.

RP Etiquette? (General Do’s and Don’ts)

  • Do read all the rules in the community and roleplay before you begin posting.
  • Do make sure to be respectful to everyone and their characters.
  • Do understand that characters do not represent the player.
  • Do
  • Don’t take control of another player’s characters without permission.
  • Don’t kill off their characters without permission from the player.
  • Don’t derail the plot of a roleplay without asking the owner(s) of that roleplay.
  • Don’t be impatient. Unless the OP

Does the length of my post matter?

Unless there is a requirement made by the owner of the roleplay, it should not matter much! Write what you are comfortable with and have fun RPing!

  • However, always make sure to put effort into your posts and keep practicing!

##How do I make a roleplay post longer?

An effective way to make posts longer is to write about details in things such as the surroundings of the character or the person they are talking to.

Keep in mind that a longer post ≠ a better post. Do not worry if your posts feel short compared to others and unless there is a requirement, it should be alright.

What are the rules about explicit scenes?

About the Roleplays category

Character Creation/Sign Ups

How do I avoid making a Mary Sue character?

A Mary Sue character is a character that is essentially ‘perfect’ with no flaws. This does not mean your character cannot strive to be perfect or be a perfectionist, it simply means that your character should not be the best at everything and have no faults. Even ‘perfect’ characters can have issues and should be defined as more than just flawless.

How do I make a ‘good’ character?

There is no truly set definition of a ‘good’ character. This can be defined by your own standards but there is no universal way to determine it. As long as you know you gave it your all, any character will work and will be ‘good’!

What should I do if I don’t want to use a character anymore?

You could PM the owner of the roleplay to kill off the character if the RP/SG will allow it or you could ask to have your character be put up for adoption. Worst case scenario, you leave your character in the closet and ignore its existence.

Why are owners allowed to control characters?

An owner can be allowed to control characters as it is their roleplay the character is apart of. They may need to get every character ready for an event that can have a big impact on the roleplay or further the plot by using them as a conduit.

Help, I can’t find a face claim for my character(s)!

There are many useful face claim banks on Tumblr that are free to access and if that does not help, you could get some fellow roleplayers to hunt down the perfect one!
Pinterest is also a very good site to check out for pictures!
But remember to never use a picture of it has a watermark. Or is copyrighted.

Creating an RP/SG

How to Create an Organized Role-Play

What should I do if my RP/SG is dying?

If your RP/SG is beginning to die out, you could start a new event in the RP that attract interest to it once again or you could tag everyone involved in it and ask if they’d like to continue it. Just remember, if it begins to die out, it is not your fault in any way shape or form! Do not blame yourself!

Where do I post my RP/SG ideas?

RP/SG ideas can be posted in the New Ideas Thread to ensure it does not immediately die off after it is posted. It is a good way to see how many people are interested in your idea and can be a place to improve upon the idea before releasing it.

What should I include in the sign-ups for my RP?

(there is already a post on this so link it or quote it)

What if my RP/SG idea is similar to another RP/SG?

Many RP/SG ideas can be based off a concept and can end up being accidentally similar to another. An effective way to make it different enough is to put a twist on the idea such as that idea but in the apocalypse or in a world where magic exists. The only limits are your imagination!

How do I keep the Official Thread of my RP/SG organised?

For starters put it in the rules that you want this to be organised.
For example, if you want the official thread to only have roleplay posts then include the rule in your first post saying “no lone OOG’s, please attach them to a post.” This means that people will say their out of roleplay stuff at the bottom of a post, instead of clogging the thread with lots of random chat.


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